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    I don't know if I'm looking forward to the next year so much but will stick with a few episodes at least. Think it definitely has to get better though.

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    Not long now. But in other news this is something I cribbed from a story about the new Picard series, on Stewart's place in the writing room.

    "The novelist-turned-screenwriter went on to explain the exact role Stewart had in the writing process. According to Chabon, Stewart showed up for a few weeks to brainstorm with the writers to get ideas flowing.

    "That time with Patrick as a resource and as a very willing and literate resource, I think its going to make the show"

    So yeah, sounds like they are using him and his experience on TNG as a way into the character.

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    That's a really positive sign. I dare venture all these early signs are - they seem to be approaching the project with a real reverence for the material and no clear desire to just craft something poppy and post-modern for the sake of it.

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