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    He signed a three year deal. A lot of why this is happening now is because the luchadores all had their deal negotiated by AAA (who made sure it was all seven season deals) while the US indie guys were able to get them for a shorter amount of time. That's why you're seeing guys like PJ Black and Sonny Kiss roaming freely; they only signed one to three year deals.

    The other reason this is happening right now is because Cuerno, Ivelisse, Joey Ryan and Thunder Rosa want to go elsewhere. You are wildly off base Coach when you suggest these people aren't working elsewhere. Ryan has been everywhere on the indies. Ivelisse is a regular for Shine. Thunder Rosa has been working Ring of Honor tapings for the last several months. Cuerno, under his regular name El Hijo del Fantasma, has worked several US indie dates, Impact and obviously AAA. And all of that is before we get into how Impact and several indies have been built around LU stars the last several years, while LU was going on. These people haven't been sitting at home; they've had the ability to work elsewhere for awhile, with the exception of WWE. The thing now is that Ryan and Rosa both have exclusive, probably well paying offers from AEW and ROH respectively on the table, Ivelisse wants a shot to go elsewhere and Cuerno, who did have a WWE offer two years ago that he had to turn down cause he was under LU deal, is trying to get to either there or AEW (the latter of which he has access to now due to AAA and AEW's agreement). None of these four have the stroke Pentagon and Fenix (who can work everywhere they want because they're that big of names on the circuit) to get pay per date deals with everyone, so the only power they have is to get out of their contracts, which is by filing the lawsuit. It's 100% the right play; LU doesn't have the money for a long fight, so this will be over really quick and they'll all be free to go wherever.

    But no, this isn't a situation where LU has been telling talent "you can't wrestle anywhere when we aren't taping, stay at home!"; everyone on the roster, including these four have been able to work with whoever wants to book them. And this is where I will call out at least Fantasma because the reason he's being booked isn't because of LU; the reason he isn't being booked is because he coasted during his runs with Impact and some of the smaller indies. He had those opportunities and unfortunately he didn't perform well enough to get over in those stops, whereas guys like Pentagon and Fenix did and thus built enough power to go anywhere and everywhere. So while I definitely support Ivelisse (who hasn't worked a ton either, but those are largely for bullshit "SHE'S GOT A BAD ATTITUDE" reasons), Ryan and Rosa completely, Fantasma's case to me, at least from the class action suit standpoint, isn't as strong.

    But that said, in terms of the first lawsuit he filed seeking pay for missing work, he's spot on. And that's where you can clearly tell how flawed the LU business process was. On screen I'm not sure anyone could touch what they did over the first three seasons at least. But off screen they never developed a proper business model, didn't re-negotiate once it was clear they had to, completely failed at getting house shows or proper merchandise off the ground and when they did, were awful at promoting it. And that's just a few things. The bottom line here is if LU had found a way to keep things moving in between seasons or just kept the gap between seasons shorter (like they did between season's 1, 2 and 3) we aren't here; by all accounts the wrestlers loved working in the Temple when there. But they didn't, people have to make a living and here we are.

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    I'm sure Coach is aware Joey Ryan still works the indies.

    I would think the problem isn't that these guys aren't working, it's that they want the bigger money that comes with more exclusivity. With AEW, ROH, and (obviously) WWE requiring exclusive TV rights in most cases, being tied to LU is hurting their ability to make the kind of sure-thing money they can reliably live on.

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