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    The Spoiler Free Thread

    Want to talk about the hot new movie or TV show out there, maybe gauge opinions on whether you should watch it, but not run the risk of spoilers? This is your thread.

    Feel free to discuss any movie or TV show you wish here, from the latest Star Wars or massive comic book flick to The Walking Dead or Marvel's Netflix shows and everything in between. The only rule (besides the regular forum rules, naturally) is that there can be NO SPOILERS included in the discussion. Most of the major "event" shows and movies have their own threads full of spoiler chatter should you wish to engage in that sort of conversation.

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    Steve said Marvel Netflix shows... watch both seasons of DareDevil and Jessica Jones. Both are quality. Skip everything else if you want, other than The Punisher. Jon Berthnal is great in that, too.

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    You didn't care for Defenders?

    I agree that DD 1/2 and JJ 1 are the must see stuff, though honestly I always thoroughly enjoyed Iron Fist. I know I'm in the minority mind.

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    I enjoyed them all, 'Plan. General consensus is DD and JJ are the only ones worth watching. I disagree, with that, though.

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