The thread to discuss al things related to Drew McIntyre.

So. Drew has been back on the main main roster for a few months and he has impressed me, and quite a few others. I know that hi will eventually be inline for a major push and a title run. However, I think there is a great built in story to be told with Drew.

The WWE can re-issue the “chosen one” moniker to Drew and have him feud with Roman Reigns. All Drew has to do is attack Reigns and then cut a promo saying that “he was the chosen one lone before you ever were in the WWE!, And when I left, they gave that slot to you? And what have you done? Nothing. Well I am back, and as you can see, I am the true chosen one of the WWE.”

I think the story writes itself. But the twist is that Drew actually comes out on top of this feud, and is the chosen one, and goes onto to eventually win the Universal Title in 2019. Why 2019, well:

1. First the WWE needs to have Strowman take the title off Lesnar at SummerSlam
2 Drew needs to feud with Roman over the summer and build up his main event push by defeating Reigns at SummerSlam
3. Drew needs to have another main event level feud after SummerSlam...maybe against Rollins or Even Cena?
4. Have Drew win the EC to give him the title shot at Mania (why not win the Rumble? Be I think. That it is Daniel Bryan’s Rumble to finally win to challenge the Miz at Mania when the Miz wins the title from AJ either at Survivor Series or NOC, then he successfully defends at the Rumble)

Regardless, I think that a Drew vs Roman feud should be where the WE Should go in the near future.