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    Bound to be Forgotten (Part 1/14)

    Bounded by Glory?
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    Or Bound to be Forgotten?

    Hello ladies and mostly gentlemen my name is still Canadian Crippler for the moment and welcome to a fourteen part column series beginning with TNA’s inaugural premier event Bound for Glory in 2005 and ending this upcoming November with Impact! Bound for Glory 2018. What inspired me to highlight the least favorable super, super card in IWC lore was quite simply the fact that WCW piggybacked NWA’s lineage of Starrcade and looking back on the 10-11 Starrcade PPV’s that took place under the WCW banner, you can see how that company simultaneously held NWA history in higher prestige for many year's and tarnished the future of it’s “greatest night in the history of our sport” (said the disguised monster on commentary) by placing bad matches on the card year after year with appalling main events.

    The fact of the matter is Bound for Glory has been held by four different company transformations in NWA/TNA, TNA Wrestling, GFW Impact and today Impact! Wrestling and I would like to revisit the companies elite program by October of this year and compare it NWA/WCW Starrcade to ultimately decide which “show of shows” can claim to be the modern age number two supercard in pro wrestling history. With both federations sharing a near equal amount of transitional periods of backstage booking, creative and management; which one can better say that they delivered on making the matches, culminating storylines and segments both meaningful and important. This is where I cheap plug WCW: The Legacy Series, Youtube and WWE Network for you all if you would like to brush up on your Southern wrasslin’ history.

    I can’t share my means of streaming however Impact does have a streaming service you pay for to watch the entire video library with as well for Twitch if you have a gaming console as they’re updating that page frequently with a plethora of past matches in their entirety. Also I don’t exactly review matches so you’ll have to wait for Mizfan to deem someone worthy of doing TNA: The Legacy Series if you’d like an unbiased TNA review that doesn’t involve the phrase “Russo Fails Again” anytime soon. Now then, finally onto the actual PPV... You know, most of the PPV can be found of Youtube in full match parts...

    Bound for Glory took place on October 23, 2005 in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios Impact Zone arena to a sold out 900 attending crowd. TNA coincidentally had also just debuted Impact Wrestling to Spike TV the previous Saturday night with very little advertisement portraying Bound for Glory as the second coming of WrestleMania nor did they do a very good job of convincing anybody that Bound for Glory was barely a super card when looking at the advertised matches that were booked. Holy fuckin’ shit! I forgot Kevin Nash was originally scheduled to face Jeff Jarrett! I remember not liking Kevin at the time because I always saw him in segments instead of matches during the early 00’s but as an adult, I now understand why that was and am very grateful in hindsight for it.

    MATCH #1
    Samoa Joe (vs) Jushin “Thunder” Liger
    WINNER: Samoa Joe

    If PWG’s Mystery Vortex and ROH’s Supercard of Honor are considered their respective premier events than TNA already is vastly superior to them both based on the spectacular quality on the beginning of the show to the opening entrances. If you just see the entrances of this opening match and nothing else, you would be left to believe that you’re watching something special like a spectacle of sorts. Joe versus Jushin though, did not live up to any dream match hype that may have existed prior. It was okay but coming off the white hot Unbreakable PPV before this makes Joe look inferior to his opponent as Jushin got too much offense in on the Samoan Submission Machine in my opinion. When you see Jushin catch Joe on the top rope for a powerbomb, tell me that didn’t suck, because I really think that one spot sucked and licked all the clits in the world. Just took me right out of the match. Definitely not a curtain jerker, and definitely not a good match when one of the combatants has an undefeated streak and aura to maintain.

    Now… Being dead serious and completely honest here I truly feel like these next three matches are completely (making up words now) skippable. Just like any decent to bad WrestleMania or Starrcade; Bound for Glory has a lot of “down time” on this PPV which means a lot this show can be very skippable. So if you’re like Mizfan and can’t waste life on mediocre matches then I’d advise you in my opinion that these next three matches are very, fucking, skippable.

    MATCH #2
    Six Man Tag Match
    David Young, Simon Diamond & Elix Skipper (vs) Apolo, Shark Boy & Sonny Siaki.
    WINNERS: Diamonds in the Rough

    What the fuck is this doing here? It’s the most important night in the history of our sport (apparently) and the second match is an improvised team taking on Simon Diamond’s group for the purposes of Simon feuding with a Baseball player and…. Who cares? Diamonds in the Rough win. This really was a throwaway match with nothing to highlight.

    MATCH #3
    Lance Hoyt (vs) Monty Brown
    WINNER: Monty Brown

    These are actually two guys I really liked back in the day (it’s been 13 year’s already?) when the Alpha Male had the second sickest finish in the business (Canadian Destroyer/Spiral Tap were amazing back then) and for some reason I’ve always thought of Lance Hoyt in the same light as what others saw in Diesel back in the nineties. Before that bell rang, I was really looking forward to this match but then, suddenly, the bell rang, and everything went to shit soon thereafter. Monty Brown in 2005 had nothing but limitless potential and charisma but TNA had nothing else for him to do than this? You’ve got a 7 foot tall athlete that (minus the tramp stamp) looks like a fuckin’ badass and they couldn’t find something better for him to do than this? Sad. Just sad. This needed more and better build up.

    MATCH #4
    Six Man Tag Match
    Konnan, BG James & Ron Killings (vs) A-1, Eric Young & Bobby Roode
    WINNERS: Team Canada

    Again there isn’t anything redeeming or noteworthy happening in this match that is worth mentioning. It’s slightly above formulaic basics but that’s only because the story of the match was “Will 3LiveKru break up?” Historically speaking, this storyline was the precursor to the eventual arrival of LAX which in both formations can be considered TNA/Impact! greatest tag team ever behind America’s Most Wanted and Beer Money.

    MATCH #5
    Ultimate-X Match
    Petey Williams (vs) Maverick Matt Bentley (vs) Chris Sabin
    WINNER: Petey Williams

    I’m certain every promotion that has ever existed worries about talent going into business for themselves and changing a work finish to an improvised one but who the hell could’ve imagined that a prop would cause the finish to go off the script? … Wait, hold on… Sorry folks, forgot about HBK (vs) Razor at SummerSlam ’95 and whatever the fuck kind of match Booker T and Jeff Jarrett did back in WCW that involved boxes in every corner. Fuckin’ pole matches…

    Anyways this particular Ultimate-X match is one some of you may have seen in those botch compilation videos, as this match is infamous for the “X” prop falling off the cables directly into Petey’s hands down below which was pretty funny to see if you haven’t. He just stood underneath the ‘X’ as it was wobbling from the cables and it just falls into his hands so randomly and Petey’s reaction is a classic “oh shit, I won?....Yaaa!” moment of disbelief. This is a traditional Ultimate-X match meaning the wrestlers weren’t reliant on the structure for spots but instead would do wrestling moves first before climbing the structure which I appreciate and overall the right man won in the end, and by “right man” I am of course referring to the Canadian destroyer. Decent match but far from good.

    MATCH #6
    NWA World Tag Team Championships
    Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens (vs) Chris Harris & James Storm (champions)
    WINNERS: America’s Most Wanted

    This is only the second time in thirteen year’s I’ve ever seen the Naturals Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas and I still can’t figure out why the hell they’re so largely forgotten in TNA lore. The Naturals debuted in 2004 defeating AMW for the NWA World Tag Team Championships in a twelve second match to begin the feud and battled against each other for the better part of a year when the Naturals abruptly turned face after the death of there manager Chris Candido. Originally the Naturals were the peripheral members of Jeff Jarrett’s stable but left due to babyface reasons. Jarrett responded to that by screwing the Naturals out of their 2nd Tag Championship reign by helping AMW get the victory on the very first episode of Impact! On Spike TV 24 hours prior to BFG which was the first and only time I had ever seen the tandem until now. Anyone else see some CM Punk similarities?

    Best match of the night thus far as you can hear the crowd really getting into this and rightfully so. This was one of those blood feuds culminating to a breaking point where respect for the adversaries is gone, and replaced with blood lust. Honestly thought the Naturals did a better Death Sentence than AMW and the match looked and felt dangerously visceral. The Naturals really compliment AMW’s move set as these two teams has incredible chemistry with each other. The Naturals dominated most of the match however AMW retained by handcuffing Andy Douglas and winning the match in cheap fashion with a beer bottle to Chase Stevens. Bloody, bloody good stuff

    MATCH #7
    Monster’s Ball Match
    Abyss (vs) Rhino (vs) Sabu (vs) Jeff Hardy
    WINNER: Rhino

    Holy shit did any of you know what the original concept behind the Monster’s Ball match was? The premise was that all wrestlers are locked in a dark room all alone without light, food or water for 24 hours before the match. Who the fuck came up with that kayfabe concept? That’s fucking awesome! They become more savage, and make you think you’re gonna see the unhuman side of these fucking superstars. Today it’s so diluted to the point where it’s just a hardcore match. Sabu was the M.V.P. of this match just for the pure reckless abandon style he displayed and his triple jump moonsault remains the only wrestling move in his repertoire. This match was fucking extreme by all means and features that famous clip TNA showed for forever and a day spotlighting Jeff Hardy doing a swanton bomb off the titan tron onto TNA’s version of Kane (misused is an understatement) which he literally could have crippled himself from, if he overshot or undershot it anywhere but on top of Abyss. There was also an absurd amount no-selling involved, so that’s a thing that happened.

    I feel like Jeff Hardy and Abyss were the favorites to win this match although Sabu gave a stellar performance in his own right. Storyline suggests that since the man/beast Rhino main evented the previous PPV losing his NWA World Title match to champion Raven that someone else would get the main event push, however, they continued on with pushing Rhino as a main event guy and showcasing him tonight as survivor more so than an iron man. I remember really caring about Rhyno back in WWE circa 2003 when he was involved in Benoit or Cena matches so seeing TNA treat him like he was important in 2005 was a refreshing surprise when I was 9 or 10. I had never seen BFG 2005 until now so I know if the younger me saw this live at the time, I probably would have marked the fuck out to the most important night in Rhino’s career. By the way his pile driver off the ropes is fucking sick looking!

    MATCH #8
    NWA/TNA X-Division Championship
    Thirty Minute Iron Man Match
    (Champion) AJ Styles (vs) Christopher Daniels
    WINNER: AJ Styles

    Match of the night right here folks and perhaps the best match ever contested between Styles & Daniels in there decade long series of matches. These guys are in such great physical condition and the energy of the crowd perfectly encapsulates every moment, reversal and bump performed. This match defines what made the X-Division itself as the highlight of every show when the main event scene gets crammed with lacklucker bullshit. He pacing was impeccably timed throughout the course of the match with Daniels hitting AJ sparsely with his signature maneuvers over in the middle 20-10 minute mark. AJ gets knocked out of the ring at the 9 minute mark where you can see he takes a nasty accidental landing on the steel stairs.

    The last ten minutes of this match alone are worth watching if nothing else from this event, it was absolutely phenomenal seeing these two test each others stamina and endurance. The Fallen Angel delivers a back body drop on AJ from the apron to the ground and it looked like Christopher landed next to the mats instead of on them. Fuck. I wonder if Bayley and Sasha Banks seen this match before just by the way it was equally innovating as the ladies were in NXT. They went 29 minutes without a single victory over one another. The crowd got hot and the final minute of the match was breathtaking. AJ does an absolutely brilliant sequence in the final 17 seconds and nails the only Styles Clash and gets the pin fall with 1 second to spare. If you disagree about my opinion, fair enough, but, then you don’t have a heart or a soul.

    MATCH #9
    Number One Contender Gauntlet Match
    Samoa Joe (vs) Ron Killings (vs) Lance Hoyt (vs) Monty Brown (vs) Kip James (vs) Jeff Hardy (vs) Rhino (vs) Abyss (vs) Sabu (vs) AJ Styles
    WINNER: Rhino

    I was into this match from start to finish and it was at least above generic sans some shitty camera angles. Everyone wanted Samoa Joe to win this and I noticed Samoa Joe absolutely decimated Ron Killings in the first minute of the match. Fuck, damn, shit what a knee strike! Did Monty Brown accidentally eliminate himself or what, that planned? Looked like a botch to me. When it came down to the final two the crowd favored Abyss over Rhino which shows TNA missed two opportunities to make the fans happy as Rhino eliminated the Monster, you could hear the deflation. To my surprise they near immediately began the main event right after.

    MATCH #10
    NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship
    Special Guest Referee Match [Tito Ortiz]
    (Champion) Jeff Jarrett (vs) Rhino
    WINNER: Rhino

    What do TNA and WCW have in common? Two things specifically: Vince Russo as a writer and a convoluted Jeff Jarret main event match with all the heel tropes. The match really wasn’t that bad but, it’s a bit repetitive if you’ve seen more than one Jeff Jarrett NWA World Title match in your life since Double J tried to win by any and every means nessesary but Tito did more than his days pay intended by maintaining control. Rhino got a bloody elbow from the guitar shot to the face which didn’t make much sense to me, but, overall was better than the Starrcade 1994 main event and the Starrcade 1997 main event combined. Rhino got his gore finish in pretty quickly and won the match in surprising fashion but Jarrett no sold the gore immediately after the bell rang… Following that came the Russo wrestle crap.

    AMW come in and kick the shit out of Rhino with the assistance of Jarrett, then 3LK came out together to even the odds but Team Canada decided to enter into the fray in their entirety and help Planet Jarrett (dumbest fuckin name for a stable) to tip the scale back in Jeff’s favor. They put Rhino in a casket to symbolize his burial as Jarrett stands on top on the casket holding the NWA World Championship he just lost. Team 3-D made the save somehow by attacking perhaps 9 guys at once when Killings, Konnan & Kip James make there way back in the ring to help with the save. Some stupid ass booking to end your most important PPV of the year. Although it is worth mentioning that Rhino did the Daniel Bryan before Bryan Danielson did the Daniel Bryan by overcoming a three match obstacle in one night similar to Randy Savage but nowhere near as impressive.

    Ending thoughts:

    This isn’t a great start to the BFG history books however it does watch better for me than Starrcade ’89 and WrestleMania 1 respectively. I thought based on storyline reasons that the Naturals deserved to win back the NWA World Tag Championships but in hindsight TNA was building towards Team 3-D versus America’s Most Wanted. Undercard and mid-card were very underwhelming although the Ultimate-X match entertaining, just not that great. It made sense for Petey to have the victory despite the botch because he was a heel and because AJ was retaining against Daniels.

    I don’t like how animated the referee was acting when the “X” fell from the structure, he was figuratively tripping balls! I’ll admit referee’s deserve names and acknowledgements but they should never be the center of attention to this guys extent. Rhino achieved the greatest accolade in his career and it ranked by TNA as there 21st greatest moment in company history. The feud between Nash and Jarrett were nixed prior to this event because Kevin Nash was suffering from chest pains and was admitted to a local hospital to be checked out.

    I can’t find definitive confirmation on his condition but many believe it was a staph infection. It makes no sense to me why TNA built Rhino up so well only to diminish his push in the middle of his NWA World Title match. The end of the show was really disappointing in my opinion even if it did lead to and end on Rhino getting to celebrate his overdue victory. I didn’t appreciate how Jarrett defeated him for the NWA World Championship rematch on the following episode of Impact! On Spike. There were so many world title contenders in this era but Jeff was really hell bent at this time to create the greatest legacy possible for himself.

    Overall I would place the first ever Bound for Glory 2005 as the (near) equal counterpart to Starrcade 1997 based on how the show underwhelmed throughout a lot of night, featured one great match and rested solely on the main event story of the lone soldier fighting against the company’s top faction leader and subsequently defeats him for the federations top singles Championship. This is the only time you’ll ever read Jeff Jarrett compared to Hulk Hogan and Rhino compared to Sting (which is an insult to Rhino).

    I’ll be back in 365 theoretical days or so with part 2 of 14 in the crazy age of 2006. Until then I hope you all take care and stop blaming Canada for all of you’re personal problems.

    This column was formatted to fit mobile devices, I have no idea what my work looks like on a computer screen so all apologies in advance if the text just jumps out at you. Also did an hour of formatting and proofreading, so don't gimme no fuckin' shit about errors and mistakes! I'm 99% certain I finally got this down.
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    TNA were awesome back in the day, I thought I'd seen things right from the start but I have no recollection of this event whatsoever! The only match which sounds familiar is AJ v Daniels, but they had so many classics in TNA I'm probably remembering a different one...

    Looking forward to the rest of these, hopefully we'll get to some I remember soon!
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    DB - Thanks for taking the time to read my (lack of) review sir. I grew up watching the peak period of TNA (2005-2009) as well but as I look back at this era I realized that I was very impressionable as a child. Didn't give much of a fuck for the actual wrestling side of pro wrestling until Gail Kim versus Awesome/Amazing Kong began the women's revolution.

    It's amazing how revered TNA and ROH are in the middle of the 2000's to so many, even I thought they were firing on all cylinders in real time but as you thankfully read above, they were mirroring WCW before they became "WWE-Lite". Thank god for the X-Division. Really looking forward to seeing if 2006 is better with the arrival of Kurt Angle, Sting & Christian Cage

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    Good on you, CC, for getting a TNA/Impact column series going.
    Been a while since that's been done in the CF.

    Great start, too!
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    Thanks for the shout out. It's funny, maybe one day before you wrote this I saw the thread for BFG, and I laughed out loud. I had long forgotten the event exists and surely it is too much to claim it has any trajectory towards glory. There were times I loved TNA, deeply, but I'm too removed to remember more than a faint glimpse of hope so long ago. I echo J Cooooooool, my man: Good on you to put in the work.

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    Jcool - thank you sir, just trying to give people something to read alternatively to a WWE product.

    Mystic - I fell hard for TNA during 2005-2009 so I had originally thought walking into this that there would never be a dull moment, good lord was I wrong! I'd love to see if they deserve more credit in the hierarchy of pro wrestling history but when I look back on NWA/WCW everything is reflected upon with such mixed reactions that I don't know whether or not these Starrcade events maintain historical importance after the way WWE spent a decade burying it. I use WCW TLS as a reference when I need proper retrospective because I'm just judging each show and comparing BFG with a Starrcade that resembles the same amount of entertainment value or if it surpasses all of them.

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    I'm not down here anymore, and I definitely don't watch TNA, but I still liked the read. Looks like you just keep getting better and better with each column. Keep up the good work!

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    Type - thank you sir, I appreciate you making an exception on my part as well for the kind words. I hope that you will give 2006 TNA a whirl once if you're ever looking for alternatives. Particularly any AJ Styles match from this year, and Slammiversary may prove to be a better watch than any of the past two BFG events combined when just viewing them on paper and reputation's sake. Round 3 coming your way in 3-4 days, with more definition and revisions.

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