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    Feast or Fired: Starring - DynamiteBillington

    Feast or Fired: WWE Edition

    CC Ė Hello ladies and mostly gentlemen my name surprisingly still Canadian Crippler and welcome to a one-off column featuring the master of the one-handed bulldog, Dynamite Billington! I constructed this column with the idea to divide the WWE Raw and Smackdown rosters into two categories. Feast is for those who deserve a push or deserve tenure and Fired which is quite simply those you feel would either do better in the NXT developmental system or better off out of WWE. Dynamite was kind enough to retort with his own thoughts to my opinion on who should stay and who should go.

    DB - This column started life when I contacted the Canadian Crippler to be a part of a new Fact or Fiction column here in the forums. That will be coming soon, but his idea of doing Feast or Fired as a topic grew to the point where it earned it's own place in the forums, becoming a column in it's own right. I suggested it was posted as such and offered to feed into it. What you are about to read is the result. Its something everyone will have an opinion , so hopefully it will spark a lot of discussion in the comments about those we feast, those we fire, even those we don't consider for either.

    CC Ė Due to the lack of female WWE Superstars I didnít add them into the categorization, I feel theyíre all deserving of their spots and more women would be better than worse if their roster was taken seriously again. My final note worth mentioning is that I commented exclusively on the people I thought were worth discussion, where as youíll find out the universally liked Superstars arenít mentioned because they are where they should be. Now without further delay!

    Feast on RAW

    Akam, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, Bobby Roode, Bray Wyatt, Chad Gable, Curtis Axel, Dash Wilder, Dean Ambrose, Drew McIntyre, Elias, Finn Balor, Fandango, Goldust, Jason Jordan, Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens, Konnor, Matt Hardy, Mike Kanellis, Rezar, Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn, Scott Dawson & Seth Rollins

    Fired on RAW

    Apollo Crews, Bo Dallas, Big Show, Brock Lesnar, Curt Hawkins, Dolph Ziggler, Heath Slater, Kane, Mojo Rawley, No Way Jose, Rhyno, Titus OíNeal, Tyler Breeze, Victor & Zack Ryder

    Feast on Smackdown

    AJ Styles, Alexander Wolfe, Andrade Almas, Big E, Cesaro, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Eric Young, Harper, Jeff Hardy, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Karl Anderson, Killian Dain, Kofi Kingston, Luke Gallows, Miz, Rusev, Samoa Joe, Sheamus, Shelton Benjamin, Shinsuke Nakamura, Tye Tillinger, Xavier Woods

    Fired on Smackdown

    Aiden English, Big Cass, Epico, Primo, R-Truth, Randy Orton, Rowan, Sin Cara

    CC - Raw Feast Thoughts:

    Curtis Axel has a personality and a basically untapped well of potential in the pro wrestling department that I feel hasnít been utilized properly. Fans can probably remember Shelton Benjamin defeating Triple H on consecutive RAWís after debut than Axel, because Curtis was pushed into that position no different than Jinder; unprepared and undeserving. Iíd like to see more from him than teaming with Bo Dallas.

    Konnor debuted in NXT remarkably well in my opinion and the original Ascension run was cool to see progress, now though I feel the Ascension should split and Konnor should be redesigned as an actual badass monster. Fandango is just a guilty pleasure in comedic terms. Goldust has had a renaissance this decade that I hope will see one more run with any championship. If WWE repackaged Mike Bennett sans his wifeís last name and love gimmick then youíve got a great worker on your TV screen worthy of the Intercontinental Championship.

    Chad Gable could work as the Greco-Roman Olympic giant killer? Seriously though he can either look and/or work better than a lot of the future endeavourís. Roman Reigns.... I think I like Roman but Iím not fan of is non-wrestling related segments so heís very much ready to be thrown the fuck out of my WWE 2k14 roster. Strongly recommend you all take a listen to Colt Cabanaís Art of Wrestling podcast with Jinder Mahal if you have any criticisms towards WWE for making Jinder relevant. Youíd be amazed how getting to know someone can change your perception of them and he has a fascinating story.

    DB - Raw Feast Thoughts

    For the most part, I totally agree with this list. Akam & Rezar and Dawson & Wilder, in addition to Gable & Jordan in a reformed American Alpha team are great long term contributors to what could be a thriving tag team division. On that note, Iíd also have to remove Fandango from this list and keep the Fashion Police going. They certainly arenít a ĎFeastí, but theyíre definitely not Fired either. A thriving tag division needs lower ranked teams just as much as a thriving singles division.

    Breezango have a proven record of being entertaining both in and out of the ring, and while they may not be the top of the division that tag division would be a weaker place without them. Same goes for Axel & Dallas. Whilst discussing Tag Teams, Iíd move Konnor to the Fired section alongside Victor. Get them back to NXT rebuild them as the monster team they were in their initial run, then promote them to the opposite brand to AOP.

    Moving on to the singles division, I totally agree with Feasting Corbin, Strowman, Roode, Wyatt, Ambrose, Elias, McIntyre, Balor, Owens, Zayn and Rollins. Mike Kanellis gets Fired & sent back to NXT to start again with a new gimmick. Maybe he makes the Feast list in the future, but he isnít there yet. For me, Lashley, Hardy, Mahal & Reigns make neither list. They continue as strong contenders, but thatís it. I do like the idea of Goldust getting one last run with a title though Ė obviously not the top title, but an IC/US title would be great.

    CC - Smackdown Feast Thoughts:

    I have yet to see Sanity on Smackdown so I will give them a pass until further notice. After seeing Y2J still listed on the SD roster, I would hope they book him for SummerSlam to compete against AJ for the WWE Championship if they need a good title match with history and decent build up.

    Harper proved to me back in 2014 that he can really deliver on great singles matches and his dirty looking image worked better for me alone than with the ginger bearded dragon, Rowan. Been waiting since November 2009 for someone to take Kofi Kingston serious enough to push for world title contention. #NeverLostHopeForKOFI ..... Tye Dillinger is my biased pick to not be fired since heís just a really fuckiní good guy who never gave up or lost his motivation to work for WWE.

    DB - Smackdown Feast Thoughts:

    Surprised to see Jericho here, even if he is still listed on the roster. The time for his Feast has been and gone a long time ago, now heís the best example of the benefits a part timer can add to the product. Beyond that, I really canít disagree with anyone on this list although to follow my RAW theme of keeping those tag teams together, I guess I have to add Eric Rowan to the Feast list. Trouble is, Iím not a fan of the Bludgeon Brothers gimmick. Get them back with Wyatt perhaps?

    CC - Fired on RAW Thoughts:

    Apollo Crews, Curt Hawkins, Bo Dallas, Victor, Mojo, No Way Jose and Rhyno could all use some more NXT brand polish to enhance each oneís respective career. Rhyno being a prime example back in 2015. I feel they would all work better in NXT now and later on in WWE when the time is right. Iím not gonna buy a ďplease retire Big ShowĒ shirt for obvious reasons but I find it strange how neither Paul nor Vince want him to fully exit. Brock should be gone already since heís clearly forgotten how to do anything unrelated to a suplex. I genuinely like Zack Ryder and have since he was one half of the ďMajor BroísĒ tag team but it is really depressing to be a fan of a jobber, so here I pray for his release. Kane I thought was gone already so it came as a surprise to see him still employed as an active wrestler while currently running for Mayor. The remainder of the lost I just personally do not enjoy watching for lack of care and entertainment quality. Sorry Breeze but even your Canadian roots canít save you from irrelevance.

    DB - Fired on RAW Thoughts:

    A few of these Iíve already discussed, so wonít repeat myself. Suggesting Rhyno goes back to NXT for polishing is an odd suggestion, but heíd be a solid addition to the roster in a kind of active trainer position. Kane and Big ShowÖ.yeah, maybe give them a retirement tour, just get them away from the glass ceiling.

    The one here I most strongly disagree with though, is Lesnar. OK, we could do with getting the title off him asap, but once thatís done heís a really good attraction to add to the bigger events Ė just getting him back to wrestling the classic matches we know heís capable of and phase out Suplex City.

    CC - Fired on Smackdown Thoughts:

    Everyone Iíve heard from WWE speaking on RKO have all stated repetitively that Randy is the best in the business but doesnít care a whole hell of a lot of the time. In my opinion for every great year Randy has, will be followed by a forgettable year after. At this point, Iíd like to go without Randy Orton moving forward with our lives in WWE. Since Colin Cassidy split up with Enzo he didnít prove himself to me that he was ready to work alone, and still hasnít since returning from injury. He reminds me of the last Tough Enough winner, that Yeti guy... Heís on my chopping block.

    Hunico did better with the persona than the original Sin Cara, however, if they arenít going anywhere with Sin Cara then they should do an unmasking angle or release him. If Ron Killings were to leave right now I guarantee heíd be Impact Wrestling Champion by Slammiversary, guaranteed. Heís a TNA original and a WWE alumni, what more would they want? I think Aiden English is a much better manager than a wrestler so he should be fired as an active competitor and resigned to a management position, where as Primo, Rowan and Epico are all equally talented just as they are unimportant. I never cared about this trio at any point so there services are no longer needed but a shout out to Erick Rowanís singles run entrance theme song, its actually kind of cool to listen too.

    DB - Fired on Smackdown Thoughts:

    I think Big Cass is the only one here Iíd actually get rid of. Without Enzo, he doesnít have anything going for him. Maybe Sin Cara as well, attempting to create a new Mysterio obviously hasnít worked Ė but thereís probably a whole column to be written about the failures of recreating a gimmick.

    Epico & Primo? See my comments above about Breezango Ė that tag division needs jobbers. Aiden English is proving to be a good mouthpiece, the manager/valet role needs to be used more throughout WWE so he needs to stay. R-Truth is another potential active competitor / trainer for NXT, I donít think heíd have the role he used to have in TNA if he went back there. At his age, heís in the best place.

    As for Orton, I donít think he fits in either Feast or Fired. Transition him into a part time attraction role perhaps, definitely keep him away from the main event, but donít get rid of him.

    CC Ė Thank you for the contributions Dynamite Billington, itís very appreciated. As for anyone reading do you agree or disagree with anyone in particular or completely overall? Who would you like to see from NXT called up to take the place of those who were released? Do you think both respective brands would be better off without an extra 5-10 Superstars? Let us know your thoughts below and thank you for reading.

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    Sole good picks here,some interesting ones too, Konor from The Ascension really raised my eye brow but each to their own I guess.

    Can anyone remember the last time the actually sacked a bunch of people. I remember back in the day at least once a year there would be a week where they completely cleaned out a whole bunch of dead wood.


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    That one surprised me as well when I saw the initial list...

    That future endeavors week was normally shortly after WrestleMania wasn't it? Thing is, I don't think they can afford to do it now. They have so much weekly content to put out, the more they have on the roster the more they can keep filling that TV time.

    And that's why I was pretty conservative with my 'Fired' choices, like someone or hate them, you need people at all levels to fill that TV time.

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    Did you make your font smaller? It's a pain on the eyes, I must admit. Good concept, where you're actually discussing I think this works well. My note would probably be that if I'm honest I just skimmed straight over the list and moved into the good stuff so maybe think about using that kind of thing as notes for yourselves but don't necessarily make it a part of the actual column and consider just putting the product of the discussion in the final piece?

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