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Thread: UFC/MMA

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    BUT...what happens if/when Lesnar loses the UFC fight and doesn't win the title? The shine is off Lesnar for Wrestlemania.

    The upside of having Lesnar with both belts and co-promoted as champions for both is awesome, but if he loses in the UFC, then that goes down hill.

    Also, IF Lesnar wins his UFC fight and the title, then how can he possibly LOSE as Wrestlemania? Lesnar a legitimate fighting champion gets beat by a "fake" wrestler? Yes, I know, scripted outcomes, but you all get my point.

    This is why Lesnar should not be the Universal Champion right now. They should have held off until after the Cormier fight. If Lesnar wins, then he goes into WM with the UFC title around his waist and then wins the Uni Title. If he loses the UFC fight, then he also loses at Mania.

    The timing of the UFC fight is really not great for the WWE. Perfect for the UFC, as they have no down side. They get their buys and their fight regardless of the outcome, but the WWE needs to plan their narrative and the legit sport's outcome can and should greatly affect WM plans.

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    I don't necessarily think so. There's no reason a loss needs to kill him. He can show up on Monday the 4th by coming out during a match (preferably a match with some upper midcard guys) and killing everyone.

    Then Paul can cut the promo that on that one night Cormier was the better man, nobody can win them all, Cormier has to retire because he's so afraid of facing Brock a second time, etc. Then pivot to "there will never be a 'better man' again, Brock isn't going to beat them, he's going to hurt them, etc.

    You don't lose all your luster with one loss, especially if you can spin it. That's the beauty of pro wrestling.

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    My issue is this isn't 2014 and the shine on Brock has worn off on both sides except for the people in charge. Remember, a few years ago, it could be argued that Brock was the biggest star in WWE.. Fans loved when he showed up. Now? its stale and that's hard to get back. In the UFC, it was a big moment when he returned but he beat Mark Hunt and then popped on a drug test. The buys will probably still be good for another Brock fight but I feel like he hurt his legacy with that failed test.

    they're probably going to need to do Brock/Batista and hope Batista has the fanbase behind him. Brock has made Braun look like a chump and they have no one else ready.

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    Copying these last few posts across from the Lesnar thread because they obviously have a bearing on what might be going down in the UFC in March....

    "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."

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    Happy that Cerrone got the win in his hometown. His last few losses have been been brutal and Mike Perry, while not super well-rounded, does have scary power.

    That last second knockout of the Korean Zombie will go down as a thing of legend. Sick, sick, KO

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