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    Starting this because Mighty Molly is returning to the promotion, I've heard.

    The bits of commentary I've seen suggests that they have been struggling to hit the heights lately but I imagine Molly is the sort of person who'll play well with their audience, especially in that sort of gimmick.

    Mizfan will be pleased anyway!

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    You have no idea man, because I'm going to be live in the front row that whole weekend!! I am beyond psyched for this.

    It's true that CHIKARA this year hasn't excited me as much as it has at other times in their history, but they're still doing a lot of things right and I'm enjoying the season. The big block right now is the fact that they delayed the release of their Infinite Gauntlet show on chikaratopia, so it's been a little while since I've caught up with everything.

    But YEAH, Molly Holly!!!

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