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    Bound to be Forgotten (Part 2/14)

    Bounded by Glory?

    Or Bound to be Forgotten?

    Hello ladies and mostly gentlemen my name to your disdain is still Canadian Crippler and welcome to a fourteen part column series beginning with TNA’s inaugural premier event Bound for Glory in 2005 and ending this upcoming November with Impact! Bound for Glory 2018. What inspired me to highlight the least favorable super, super card in IWC lore was quite simply the fact that WCW piggybacked NWA’s lineage of Starrcade and looking back on the 10-11 Starrcade PPV’s that took place under the WCW banner, you can see how that company simultaneously held NWA history in higher prestige for many year's and tarnished the future of it’s “greatest night in the history of our sport” (said the disguised monster on commentary) by placing bad matches on the card year after year with appalling main events.

    The fact of the matter is Bound for Glory has been held by four different company transformations in NWA/TNA, TNA Wrestling, GFW Impact and today Impact! Wrestling and I would like to revisit the companies elite program by October of this year and compare it NWA/WCW Starrcade to ultimately decide which show can claim to be the modern age number two supercard in pro wrestling history. With both federations sharing a near equal amount of transitional periods of backstage booking, creative and management; which one can better say that they delivered on making the matches, culminating storylines and segments both meaningful and important. This is where I cheap plug WCW: The Legacy Series, Youtube and WWE Network for you all if you would like to brush up on your Southern wrasslin’ history.

    Tonight TNA comes to you live from “Detroit” Plymouth, Michigan on October 22, 2006, for the first time in company history and was sold out with a full capacity 3,600 fans in attendance for the second edition of the “greatest event in professional wrestling” according to professor Mike Tenay. I did some studying and it turns out Tenay is legit! I know for a fact he a PhD in professional wrestling history from California Institute of Technology and has his doctorate in thuganomics! It’s been 365 days since the debut of Impact! Wrestling on Spike and TNA was able to reach and maintain 1 million viewers inconsistently as of January 28 with the debut of Sting on Impact! We’re also just 1 month away from Impact! Wrestling getting their primetime slot on Thursday night programming so the company has already surpassed ECW in terms of heights and success in less than 5 year’s time.

    I did a little research for proper historical context that I thought would help you all better understand the emotionally important investment into the main event match. Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle both share the record for most companh World Championship reigns a piece with 6 each. Kurt Angle is the longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion in Impact! Wrestling history at 608 overall days in 10 year’s, where as Jeff Jarrett was NWA World Champion for 1006 days total! Don’t bitch about Okada’s 720 consecutive days reign when for four year’s Double J was the top guy of ‘his’ own company for two months shy of 3 non-consecutive year’s from November 2002 to October 2006. With the exceptions of both of Christian Cage’s NWA World Title reigns at 4 months each and AJ Styles first reign became 2nd longest NWA/TNA World Champion reign at 133 days in that era: the remainder average reign lengths were 1-3 months for everyone else.

    Recorded history shows that Jeff Jarrett was the most despised heel in the business second only to Triple H in IWC hatred and after viciously gripping the alternative to WWE in a stranglehold for year’s, the boiling point was ready to erupt. Now equip that knowledge with the fact that TNA had just signed a doped up and drugged out Kurt Angle fresh off a requested release to make his debut, and Sting had made his return/full time debut with the aspirations to re-do Starrcade ’97. It's ashame that Impact! Wrestling will sooner acknowledge their 11+ year’s World Championship history than the initial 5+ year’s alignment with the NWA. I’m here today to highlight the last NWA/TNA Bound for Glory until Impact! moves past that WWE “get the ‘F’ out” philosophy or when that Billy Corgan lawsuit wound heals.

    If you’ve been a fan of TNA/Impact! Wrestling for a short period of time then I strongly suggest you look go subscribe to the Global Wrestling Network to see this show in HD unless you’re poor like me, then I also suggest some nefarious means via google searching and Youtube features a few matches in their entirety. The visual production was superb and eerily reminiscent to ECW on TNN but with financial value and pyro, it makes me wish Impact would go back to this style of staging, camera work and quality. Alright now that the show is over let’s get to the meat `n` tayters of the show.

    The opening video package features Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy playing the song ‘Enemy’ spliced in with highlights of the build to BFG and it really sets the mood for the show if you’re watching at home. Recommend if you haven’t already to seek out this song and video on YouTube, it’s really well done compared to Impact! today. Followed by that is me coming to the realization that I found almost everything TNA put on TV enjoyable to watch at 10 going on 11 so I’m watching this show nostalgically for the first time in 11 year’s (dvd) and I’m both eager to see if this show holds up the entertainment value it had once before and simultaneously afraid to see if I was just an impressionable kid who marked out for everyone who did something remotely talented.

    MATCH #1
    Kevin Nash's Invitational X-Division Battle Royal

    Sonjay Dutt (vs) Frankie Kazarian (vs) Austin Starr (vs) Alex Shelley (vs) Sirelda (vs) Shark Boy (vs) Maverick Matt Bentley (vs) D-Ray 3000 (vs) Elix Skipper (vs) Jay Lethal (vs) Zack Gowen (vs) A-1 (vs) Short Sleeve Sampson (vs) Petey Williams (vs) Norman Smiley (vs) Johnny Devine
    WINNER: Austin Starr

    First off this wasn’t a battle royal it was a glorified cruiserweight Royal Rumble with no explained on the fly. I’ve come across many of these TNA style Rumble matches and it seems like the rules change very frequently over the year’s despite them doing this match perhaps over 4 dozen different occasions! Austin Aries hadn’t been recognized as the star he was/is at this time resulting in TNA repacking the former ROH World Champion as Austin Starr. A cross breed of the Young Bucks and Jimmy Jacobs without any gothic makeup. Aries made is re-debut as Starr here and really established himself as the breakout competitor of the X-division alongside Alex Shelley during that amazing Paparazzi Productions run. Loved seeing and hearing how loud the place popped for Petey Williams as he was the crowd favorite of the match and a definite pillar of the X-division. Still wish he got so much as a James Storm/Rhino default reign as company Champion whenever I see his early work.

    Once again Vince Russo was asked to do his job and “well God damn pal” he did it, like Bruce Pritchard quotes incessantly. I respect Zack Gowen and Chris Melendez but I didn’t care to see a one-legged man perform nor did I want to see a little person midget wrestler any more than a desire to witness Shark Boy. Slick made a surprise return and got two eliminations more than 1/3 of TNA competitors. What the consenting fuck was that about? I’ve seen lady live before a few times in BCW, but what the hell is she doing here and why? I’ve forgotten about Sirelda’s existence until now and I probably won’t remember again but I’m just shocked to see some local talent at BFG 2006! Her performance sucked by the way as well for the match in my opinion. Jay Lethal and Austin Starr are endearing in their efforts tonight if you think it’s worth revisiting however, this is bound to be forgotten as the only redeeming value in this was the amount of BCW / Canadian talent involved in the match along with Kevin Nash’s commentary and his bowling trophy awarded at the end.

    Chris Harris, Gail Kim & James Storm are backstage threatening LAX for attacking them and seeking vengeance after Hernandez gave Gail Kim a Border Toss powerbomb on Impact! Wrestling prior too this show. On (apparently) the most imoortant PPV in company history the top tag team of the last five year’s in Harris & Storm make no point about the upcoming match or display any consideration to competing tonight.

    MATCH #2
    Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match

    Team 3-D (vs) Voodoo Kin Mafia (vs) America’s Most Wanted (vs) The Naturals
    WINNERS: Bully Ray & Brother D-Von

    I liked this match once again but I know see it for what it is, and it is just a throwaway match to get the former Dudley Boys looking strong against LAX even though America’s Most Wanted had the biggest bone to pick against the Latin American Xchange. Back then Road Dogg & Billy Gunn got a boner every time they took shots at Vince McMahon or WWE for reuniting DX so they repackaged themselves as ‘VKM’ which is a reference to Vince’s initials but nonetheless stupid. After the conclusion of last year’s BFG event, Chase Stevens got injured on the second episode of Impact! in a taped match that didn’t make airing. Shane Douglas returned to the company to vouch as the mouthpiece manager of the Naturals but the company had already given up on the Naturals long before this if you were to go back to reflect on 2006. Shane couldn’t franchise Ric Flair’s ass in WCW and he even franchise Andy & Chase In TNA. Shane is fucking terrible at marketing!

    This was originally scheduled to be a #1 Contenders match at Hard Justice back in August 2006 but a fire broke out in the Impact! Zone during the conclusion of Eric Young (vs) Johnny Devine, resulting in the match being canceled due to time restrictions and rescheduled for a later date. Somehow the star power makes this acceptable for a premier event but the quality of the match was lacking in many area’s. Feels like the Naturals were only a part of this just to take the pin fall for thr victors which is sad to see how far from grace they’ve fallen just over 2 short year’s. This was apparently an extreme rules as well unless the referee just gave up until everyone settled down from chaotic brawling around ringside. The crowd was eating everything that happened to my disbelief which always seems to enhance a match by default so it has that going for it however, by the time D-Von kicked out of the Naturals tag finish the crowd stopped caring until Team 3D picked up the victory. AMW and James Gang were just kind of around for the duration making this a Dudley Boys spotlight match I guess.

    Backstage before the next match Jeremy Borash interviews Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and I’m only mentioning this because Jake cut a promo where it sounded like he wanted to sodomize Jeremy’s ass or something and I was like “WHAAAAT??” I’m not even joking, it got pretty awkward after that.

    MATCH #3

    Monster's Ball 3 Match

    Samoa Joe (vs) Spike “Brother Runt” Dudley (vs) Abyss (vs) Raven
    WINNER: Samoa Joe

    This match was awesome as fuck to watch as kid who beloved WWE released ECW comp videos but as an adult I see now that TNA’s monkey’s in in backstage have hard on for Jake Roberts, whom might I add did a terrible job as a referee… So Samoa Joe stole the NWA World Championship from Jarrett demanding a title shot since he was undefeated and actually defeated Jarrett in a non-title match just to add fuel to the fire. Abyss went from feuding with Team 3D, to Spike Dudley in some hardcore matches which lead to Raven coming to Brother Runt’s aid and began another feud with Abyss and Sinister Minister as a result. Somehow that meant these four should be put in MB3 with Jake Roberts being guest referee instead of Samoa Joe (vs) Jeff Jarrett, so here we are now… then?... Forever!

    The first 5 minutes you’re just going to have to accept was a thing that happened but eventually Abyss gorilla presses Spike over his head and the Michigan fans went nostalgically nuts asking Abyss to throw Spike over and to my surprise Abyss did! Still blows me away to see crowd involved spots any time. Abyss get knocked out of the ring by Raven who goes over the top rope terribly flying onto Abyss. As all three get up to fight to the opposite entrance way, Samoa fuckin’ Joe starts running and does an effortlessly well done corkscrew dive over the top rope on top of all three guys and lands on his feet as the crowd goes bonkers! Joe brushes the dirt off his shoulders and shouts out “Do you know who the fuck I am?!” as the crowd continued to go wild in amazement. A llittle while after Raven and Joe fight on the ramp where Raven pushes Joe over the ramp and Joe falls backwards into a table, I remember being scared shitless the first time I saw that. The table is barely visible so you hear him crash through it before you see it.

    Spike Dudley starts randomly climbing the scaffolding against the entrance set and Abyss follows him up a good 6 feet before Abyss clutches Spike’s throat and choke slams him onto a flat black platform. Looked nasty, but the fuckin’ camera guy decided to focus on Jake Roberts face instead of staying on Spike and Abyss because they missed the live camera capturing the moment when Abyss does a Mick Foley influenced elbow drop from the scaffolding on to Spike, smashing through the platform. Don West has to call for the replay to see what happens because Jake’s uninspired facial expression was more important. The crowd loved this though and broke out the infamous “TNA” chant instead of “ECW” which really good showed the influence the company had during this golden era. Eventually after a sickening thumbtacks to the face spot by Samoa Joe to Abyss saw the conclusion with Joe remaining undefeated at 17 months en-counting.

    MATCH #4
    Loser Gets Fired Match

    Eric Young (vs) Larry Zbyszko
    WINNER: Eric Young

    This match was really a quick dud that resembles Jerry Lawler (vs) Michael Cole in terms of historical comparison to WrestleMania. Eric Young was the TNA / Canadian version of Colt Cabana at this time but is first portrayed as Scotty Goldman before that persona ever existed. ‘The Living Legend’ Larry Zbyszko is older than trees so I don’t understand how him being heel as a motherfucker did anything to better the outcome of this match when it comes to getting Eric over. If Randy Orton was in this scenario with Larry I can near guarantee you that Zbyszko’s name would have been left off Randy’s ‘Legends Killed’ t-shirt. It was less than 3 minutes long and I think Eric hit Larry with a bar of soap to the get the victory… I can’t even remember watching this as a kid so this should be best left forgotten.

    MATCH #5
    NWA/TNA X-Division Championship

    Chris Sabin vs Senshi (champion)
    WINNER: Chris Sabin

    My favorite match of the entire PPV and perhaps the best overall match of the night depending on how I feel about the next match on a later date. This would be your hybrid pro wrestling strong style match of the night for the X-division athletes. Rough slams, stiff kicks and hellacious spots made for an incredible battle that gets the crowd unglued for the entirety. I thought twice for sure Senshi was winning this but Sabin shocked me yet again with his upset victory. Honestly felt like the main event match and certainly could have been on any TV taping. I got introduced to Low-Ki as this persona during 2006 so I feel like I’m the only person who refers to him as such. Nice to see Sabin getting some well deserved home state adulation. This is one of those matches I can’t review because I too busy watching it to take notes.

    MATCH #6
    8-Mile Street Fight Match

    Christian Cage (vs) Rhino
    WINNER: Christian Cage

    This felt like the first match of the night that belonged on TNA’s ultimate super card since it provided a deep friendship coming to an end culminating in a no disqualification environment. Throughout the night commentary kept referring to Plymouth, Michigan as "Detroit" and by the time this match occurred it got really annoying how intentional they keep screwing this up. Rosemont, Illinois isn’t Chicago and Plymouth isn’t Detroit, Michigan…Fuckin’ morons man. The video package was great along with Christian’s entrance being cool and different way to start a match. I was really feelin’ the Instant Classic gimmick at this time and Rhino was a lost cause since losing the NWA World Championship without even getting a run or redemption nor revenge.

    This match reminds me so much of WWF’s hardcore division era as it began backstage and it goes even more ridiculous from here, featuring Rhino driving an incapacitated Christian into the arena on a Zamboni to get the fight going officially? Last year’s BFG event didn’t have any storylines matching the importance of this standard bearer of excellence and thankfully the match delivered with many ECW reminiscent moments like fighting through the crowd or Rhino throwing Cage into the penalty box! Totally forgot this was a hockey arena. Again Rhino is a fuckin weird man biologically, last year he bled from the elbow after a guitar shot to the head and in this match Christian hits Rhino dead center with an “8-Mile” street sign and the beastly man beast gets color…

    What amazes me is this match features an incredibly unintentional double turn in this match by the time Rhino gets released from the straight jacket by the referee. The crowd boo’s the shit out of that and shows audible remorse for Christian so loudly for the rest of the much, so much so that Christian may have received the third loudest pop of the night when he overcame the ‘War Machine’ and picked up the victory after doing the most vicious concerto ever performance by (the original “CC”) ‘Captain Charisma.’

    MATCH #7

    NWA World Tag Team Championships
    Six Sides of Steel Cage Match

    LAX (vs) Christoper Daniels & AJ Styles (champions)
    WINNERS: Homicide & Hernandez

    I have considerably mixed feelings about this match purely because it was a cage match that was treated like a tag match and on more than 3 occasions felt like the referee was going to disqualify LAX which drove me mad to see a fucking steel cage match portrayed as a glorified lumberjack match starring Konnan and a fuckin’ cage! Konnan was sneaking weapons into the match behind the referee’s back! On the other hand though every one in this match contributed to a four star effort match full of memorable moments, highlighting, death defying (and provoking) spots and dives, alongside the televised attempt murder on AJ Styles by Homicide when performing the cop killer/Vertebraeaker finish at the end. AJ and Daniels I believe made for a complete tag team and the double team moveset they created for themselves this year was phenomenal to say the least, 2006 was a career high point for both men.

    The ECW die hard in me totally believed Homicide was the reincarnation of New Jack, with talent nonetheless, but seeing Hernandez fall incredibly high from the top of the structure essentially face first in the mat was enough to revoke it from being match of the night but can still be argued as such due to the unbelievable stunts AJ does in this match. How in the blue hell is that man still wrestling? When AJ & Daniels came out to boo’s, I knew before I heard it again that the most thunderous pop of the night was impending and it goes to LAX when those pistols fired off; the fans lost it, just erupted with cheers and went crazy for Homicide & Hernandez. Holy shit I cannot stress how ridiculously over Konnan’s crew is at the time. No fucking wonder Homicide is a former ROH World Champion, he could’ve been TNA World Champion easily, if he just learned how to hit Daniel with a fork then nothing would’ve stopped him!

    MATCH #8
    NWA World Heavyweight Championship

    Sting (vs) Jeff Jarrett (champion)
    WINNER: Sting

    What I failed to mention earlier was TNA went all in on the Kurt Angle investment so much that they debuted him in Bret Hart style on the “biggest night in company history” said Tenay, to be the special guest enforcer of the main event similar to the Starrcade ’97 main event. Instead of booking Kurt Angle (vs) Samoa Joe here, or even Samoa Joe (vs) Sting (vs) Jeff Jarrett, we’re left with a nightmarish dream match that already happened 6 year’s before in WCW. Why? Because Sting committed to re-branding his legacy as an iconic wrestler to prevent any exposure of the fucking moron he once was, who relied on his opponents to control the pace and dictate the flow of every match. Sting made his return to pro wrestling in 2006 and progressed phenomenally throughout the year, advancing fast without any problems is afforded a title shot opportunity against Christian Cage with the winner facing Jarrett at Hard Justice.

    Sting should’ve won that math in my opinion but, Christian turned heel and hit Sting with Jeff’s guitar, costing him his title opportunity and providing reasoning for Kurt Angle’s role at BFG. So on first viewing as kid I didn’t enjoy this at all and maybe never watched the main event again until I decided to do this shitty series. Today I am amazed at how well of a ’92 WCW style match these three participated in because of how fucking great Sting and Jarrett work together. Jeff has the best entrance of the night for spectacles sake and Sting came out dressed in a really silly looking glittered up black & silver robe. Apparently it’s a throw back to his early days but I couldn’t imagine him wanting to wear that Sgt. Peppers knock-off ensemble more than once.

    The crowd is heavily booing Jarrett and favoring the fuck out of Sting. I thought Mizfan was in the crowd when I saw that “screw Sting sign but I realized that looked like my dad so I’m just gonna shut the fuck up now. This match was crisp, the started off at a modest pace which evolved into a path and forth sequence until Jarrett get the better of Sting and tosses him out of the ring to remind fans that he’s t greatest. . . Greatest what? He referee in this match was comical without over exaggerating at the action performed in front of him. He clearly was trained by that John Finegan who referee’s the famous Taz (vs) Bigelow match where Bam Bam slams Taz backwards threw the ring causing a gaping hole followed by “holy shit” chants.

    Sting looks good and lean now that he’s not putting needles in his butt and he’s keeping up with a good pace busting ass as the match progressed. The match was for the most part two evenly matched and wrestled completely clean. Thee match breaks down to more back and forth action outside and up and back down the ramp seeing a chair shot by Jarrett to add more drama to this but Sting was ultimately enough as his charisma was just explosive in every action. You could tell he felt like Daniel Bryan when he cleared to wrestle earlier this year. Absolutely no wasted time or motions ever and Kurt Angle getting involved actually made me laugh this time. Kurt’s all like “fuck you ref” and Olympic slams his ass to a comatose state and becomes the new referee, showing more heart than Bret ever did.

    Sting no sold the shit out of a guitar shot and hulked up from it to effectively apply the scorpion death lock and get the victory for his second NWA World Championship victory defeating the horrible boss heel with Kurt Angle as the referee and the crowd invested start to finish and popped loudly for the finish. Say what you will about the match as it’s definitely not for everyone however it was planned out well, performed perfectly and created an unforgettable moment to those in attendance as for every Sting and TNA fan who wanted to escape Planet Jarrett. I wish this was Samoa Joe but you cannot deny Sting and Jarrett wrestled this match with undeniable passion and provided a feel good end to another lackluster supercard.

    Ending Thoughts

    2006 is arguably the best year of in ring competition ever in TNA’s short history but, there should be an asterisk next to that stating “Fucking terrible storylines” were very visible in between the matches and moments of gratification. This time last year TNA was firmly establishing themselves as the #2 pro wrestling company in North America, but, in less than one year’s time TNA began recruiting ex-WCW/WWE talent very heavily and taking the main event scene away from the homegrown stars with the aspirations that established top guys will continue to draw. This show features 3 rematches from previous pay per views which were all built up solidly and each one paid off tonight in LAX (vs) AJ & Daniels, Sting (vs) Jeff Jarrett, and Christian Cage (vs) Rhino, as well for the Monster’s Ball competitors fighting in a triple threat match at the previous PPV sans Samoa Joe.

    This show was great to watch as a child but I believe that TNA clearly misconstrued the meaning of “importance” by replacing young home grown talent with star powered superstars. The NWA World Tag Team Championships match, the X-Division Championship match, Monster’s Ball 3 Match and the main were great matches in their own respective rights which I highly recommend you all seek out on YouTube if still available or just give the whole show a go and see if this connects to you better than it did with myself. This was the first TNA pay per view held outside of the Asylum\Impact! Zone which the Plymouth, MI fans seem to deeply appreciate that they got to be the fortunate test crowd. This was the rabid sounding ECW crowd that instead chanted for TNA during aerial assaults and extreme moments.

    Unfortunately for this historical retrospective I found it very distasteful how TNA reserved Angle (vs) Samoa Joe as the main event of next months Genesis pay per view which would become their highest grossing PPV off all time, with their highest buy rate of 60,000 roughly domestic. The closest they would reach to that peak again was at Lockdown 2008 which coincidentally had the same main event as Genesis, but would only reach 55,000 roughly. The highest drawing match in company history was left off of Bound for Glory which is just terrible to take into considering the fact that the only two PPV’s still active today are Slammiversary and Bound for Glory and neither of Impact! Wrestling’s top two events have ever matched the financial success of the aforementioned defunct PPV’s.

    This main event is remarkably similar to Starrcade ’97 so I may have to rethink my original opinion of BFG 2005 but I’m satisfied comparing this show to Starrcade ’93 because they both featured 3 outstanding bouts, 2 good matches, a very well fought main event deserving of preservation, Eric Young (Shockmaster) versus Larry Zbyszko (Awesome Kong, not that one) was the dud of the night and a decent curtain jerker with endearing qualities. BFG 2006 is more of a pleasure to revisit than Starrcade ’90 and WrestleMania 2 respectively in my opinion and will bring you delight upon first viewing aside from the previously stated Zbyszko (vs) Young match.

    I would consider this a very good show to say the least since it went with the grandiose concept of bigger names to sell to the event, however I didn’t appreciate how little they began to follow the WCW methodology of re-establishing established stars of the past instead of continuing to create their own brand of talent. Hopefully 2007 will be less WWE inspired and more storyline driven but I cannot take away the fact that Jarrett (vs) Sting was a feud that essentially began in February which finally paid off here tonight, Daniels & AJ (vs) LAX paid off here after a series of gimmick matches throughout the past three months to keep it extreme and relevant, and Rhino (vs) Christian Cage which had the most emotionally driven narrative in their battles and the most creativity displayed as well.

    I’ll be back in 365 theoretical days more or less to revisit the strange year of 2007 was regarded as the clear cut number two professional wrestling organization in North America as they began would begin their company destroying conquest to usurp the WWE of it’s rightfully undoubted number one top spot throne.

    Columns formatted for mobile devices, i have no idea what they look like on a computer so all apologies in advance if things looks out of place or against the norm.

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    Really like the idea of this, I read through the first edition as well and I enjoyed both a lot, and not just because of the Human Suit shoutout! We will get the truth out there!

    In some ways these are the best days of TNA, even though there's still way too much Jarrett. I personally prefer the 2012-2017 era but you didn't have the same hype as you did in these mid 00s day, which was sometimes deserved and sometimes not. I really like your attention to detail here, I've only seen some of the classic BFG matches so some of this is new-ish to me, and you provide a lot of opinion that I appreciate a lot. Still seeing a lot of typos though, so if I haven't mentioned it before I do recommend writing these first in a word document or something if you can, where spellcheck will be your friend. I noticed you mentioned writing it on a mobile device, so if that's all you have access to you'll want to rely a little more on proofreading.

    I find the comparisons to Starrcade a bit hard to follow at times, I will admit. Starrcade '93 features an all time great main event, and though I respect that Sting and Jarrett tried it's hard to imagine them being in the same conversation. I do think TNA was smart to more or less finish off the Jarrett reign of terror here and give the rub to the always popular Sting, but I think you're spot on that Samoa Joe was the right guy for the job. If he blew through Jarrett here and then went on to Angle you could create something even more special, potentially, though you still have the issue of Angle potentially defeating Joe, which still felt like a mistake. Maybe give Joe the win and keep Angle away from the title until the next BFG? That'd be a hell of a build. Ah well, who knows.

    Fun stuff CC, looking forward to the rest of the series!

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    Mizfan - Once again I appreciate you taking the time to read my column and I genuinely appreciate you calling out any typos, errors and misspelled words. Clearly I do in fact need Grammarly and Word Perfect as I did in fact read through this after completion and previewing and was satisfied with my work. I can admit that I only have high school level education which needs improvement and I will continue to better grasp the English language. If I fuck something up, by all means, say something.

    As for the TNA side of things, I'm surprised you weren't a casual viewer at this time. TNA and ROH were all the rave in around rhis time, both positively and negatively in PWI and Wrestling Observer. I haven't gone back to rediscover anything more than what I need too for this, so I'm still of the adolescent opinion that TNA was firing on all cylinders and doing more for me in 1 hour than Smackdown and ECW combined. It's been a nostalgic thrill to see TNA in it's prime but I almost feel cynical about having a more defined taste for wrestling than I did as kid, so I can't enjoy everything about it for the most part, I just see it for what it is and hope it doesn’t bring me life regrets! hahah

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    You know something that always bugged me about TNA? They made a big thing of Bound For Glory being their biggest event, but Slammiversary was always the better name. Bound For Glory could have been anything in any form of entertainment, Slammiversary could only be a competitor to WrestleMania.

    And that Hard Justice PPV with the fire evacuation....didn't the X Division guys do a match in the car park while they checked the building?

    Another great write up of this event, well structured but could have done with an extra bit of proof reading - quite a few mistakes in there
    FACT or FICTION: Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.
    PM me to get involved.

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    You may be surprised to know I really didn't watch much outside the WWE before 2013 or so! Obviously I've made up for a lot of lost time since then.

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    Holy shit that does come as a surprise, man you could probably have an in depth conversation with Bill Apter and Mike Tenay about modern wrestling for how much knowledge you've garnered in such a short period of time

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    I'd follow mizfan's advice but there's a lot to like here, and it's good to see the work that has been put into it. Definitely a future in the series.

    If I could add a piece of advice on my own, use shorter sentences. Break them up like this. It'll allow you to control the pace of your argument a lot better. And it lets you control what your reader focuses on, so they can take in the point you are trying to make far more easily.

    "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."

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    Thanks PrimeTime, I took what you've commented along with Mizfan's notes of critique and I'm applying it to my next column. It's been a long time since I brushed up on my "anglish" so hopefully with the amount of feedback I've received, you guys can expect marginally better writing from me to come in the not so distant future.

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