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    Kingzak presents: Money in the Bank/Takeover Predictions 2018

    Hooray for NXT

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. It is finally time for a new round of predictions, and the first of the brand new forums. We are at another NXT/WWE double weekend and for once, WWE has a chance not to embarrass themselves by sucking compared to the ďrookiesĒ I still expect NXT to be better, but that is just because NXT is the best promotion in wrestling (prove me wrong)

    Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream

    First thingís first, make this a number one contenders match for either the world or the North American championship. Both deserve a shot at one of these titles in the near future. Speaking of the North American title, why isnít it being defended, UE have enough to defend the tag gold without Cole needed.

    I am optimistic for this match, Velveteen is straight up fire in the ring and Ricochet has looked pretty good too, on any other night this could be match of the night, but at Takeover this match is just standard fare, 3.75 stars. As for time, I reckon this will be a quick hot opener, going about 12 minutes to get the crowd excited for the night ahead.

    As for the winner, I can see this going either way, the match is basically deciding who faces Aleister next and these two are odd choices if you ask me. Velveteen lost to him before and Ricochet is too new for a title match (unless he is going to the main roster after SummerSlam, but I doubt it), so to who I am picking, Iím gonna say Ö Ö Velveteen wins, literally based on seniority and a good match with Aleister last year.

    Zak: Velveteen
    Brother: Rick OíShay
    Dad: Velveteen Dream is the most ridiculous name I have ever heard of (he picks Dick OíShay)
    Dog: Ricochet
    Mum: Ricochet

    Shayna Baszler vs. Nikki Cross
    NXT Women's Championship

    It is a real shame about the drop off here, remember when the clash for this title main evented a PPV, and now this title is somewhat of an afterthought, every other match on this show has its backstory while Cross just showed up one week to get a match. So this is basically a throw away match for the womenís division, Iím sorry to Nikki but she is never going to win the NXT Womenís title, she seems destined for the main roster considering her tenure in NXT is a rather extensive one, and Shayna is definitely gonna be heading down the dominant champion route, like Brock Lesnar but actually shows up to work and is respected by her peers outside the ring Ö so nothing like Brock Lesnar really.

    Dad:How many Xís does she have in her name
    Zak: None
    Dad: What sort of porn star has no Xís in their name

    Zak: Shayna Baszler
    Brother: Shayna Retains
    Dad: Nikki Cross (even without the Xís, sounds more pornstar-ish)
    Dog: Nikki Cross
    Mum: Nikki Cross

    The Undisputed Era vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch
    NXT Tag Team Championship

    My interest in the tag division has been waning since the debut of The Undisputed Era last year, it was pretty much expected that they were gonna win the titles from debut onwards. The Undisputed Era vs Dunne and English wrestling has got me interested but this match just feels like a stepping stone to the climax of that feud (somehow it will last till November and theyíll have another Wargames match, because WWE own the structure so why not)

    I do have optimistic feelings for this as a match, I reckon that if treated right then we could see the best NXT Tag team match since the days of #DIY. That is a big praise to heap on a match. Something around 4 stars is probably the upper limit for this one, as for time I am gonna say this goes for 15 minutes.

    Onto the winner and I can see this going two ways, either we are going to see the UE retain after heelish tactics or help from Cole. Alternately that is attempted, only to see Pete Dunne come down and stops it from happening to allow Oney and Burch to nab a win and the titles. I like the second option but I feel the first is more likely.

    Zak: Undisputed Era
    Brother: Oney and Danay
    Dad: The Uncomputed Error
    Dog: Undisputed Era
    Mum: The same as brother

    Aleister Black vs. Lars Sullivan
    NXT Championship

    Iím not sure on this one, Lars really proved himself as more than just another muscly dude at New Orleans but that was with a wide cast to work with, his one on one matches in the past have been lacking, but then again I reckon the same was said about Strowman in 2016 and then he was awesome, so you can never judge what a wrestler is gonna do, one guarantee for this one is that we are going to see two dudes smack shit out each other here. This is gonna be a very physical match. I canít say much on the quality, but if Lars has a chance of being anything on the roster, this will be fifteen minutes. Itíll be interesting to see him in the longer big match environment.

    As for the winner, well I think this is pretty obvious, Aleister has reached the peak of wrestling and is holding the title on the number one wrestling brand in the world, so the thing to expect is that we are gonna get a few more months with Aleister on top before his title is in jeopardy (he retains in Brooklyn, calling it now), Lars could see a rematch then but this time is not gonna be his moment.

    Zak: Aleister retains
    Brother: Lars Sullivan
    Dad: Lars (it sounds slightly more better than Aleister)
    Dog: An
    Mum: Lars Sullivan

    Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano
    Street Fight

    So before we begin I need to ask, what is the difference between an unsanctioned match and a street fight? I need an adult to explain this to me. Iíll be honest, I am still excited for this feud, however, I think the problem is going to be that expectations are too high after the two had one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time (fight me slags)

    While I still do think this going to be a top notch match and probably match of the night I donít think there is the same hype as their previous encounter had, I am also willing to bet that this one isnít going on last this time around. I donít actually know what is, none of the feuds have that main event feel to them, so maybe everything happens in the midcard or something.

    As for the winner, well I reckon we have round three still to come at Brooklyn where these two will literally fight until the other one is dead in some sort of No DQ Ironman death match (if Brooklyn was just three hours of these two fighting I donít think I would complain). However to have a third match, we need to keep this feud going, and how do you make feuds continue I hear you ask? Well simply have the bad guy win and then the story continues. So I reckon Tommaso wins this one.

    Zak: Tommaso Ciampa
    Brother: Johnny Gargano
    Dad: Johnny Gargano sounds sensibler
    Dog: Johnny Gargano (in the most eventful prediction possible)
    Mum: The name you canít pronounce

    Dog Predictions

    ē When offered the womenís match, he managed to get Nikki, her ham and Shaynaís ham at once, I count this as Nikki
    ē he managed to get Sullivan and his paper, shortening his name to ďAnĒ
    ē In possibly the most back and forth match ever, the dog bit Gargano and ripped his name in half (implying he will be cloned soon, making Johnny and Gargano) he then grabbed Tommaso and his ham, and ate those, he spat out Tommasoís paper and accidentally the ham as well, he quickly ate Garganoís ham from my hand. I discovered Tommaso and his ham on the floor seconds later.

    And that is all for the predictions on this Takeover, it is far from the peak of Takeovers that previous takeovers have had but this is one of the B-show Takeovers (The A-shows are Brooklyn and the WM ones with the rest as Bís) so the best is not expected, but like most NXT Takeoverís I am gonna enjoy this show as I always do.

    And that is all for the first part of our predictions for the weekend. For those wanting more, we of course have tomorrows MITB predictions and more NXT on Sunday with the Royal Recap for this show. But for now it is time for me to bid you all a fond farewell. As always I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you tomorrow for more.

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    Your columns have been so much fun to read. I love your dad's comment about porn stars, he's a real class act. My predictions to Takeover were at least spot on to your which was a random surprise to say the least. I like your stuff, hope you find the time to get some more consistency with these, as thry are just really fuckin' fun to read.

    Also, do you know where that cover photo at the top of your column was taken? Is that Warped tour, Lollapalooza or Woodstock?

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    Money in the Bank 2018 Predictions

    Feedback time

    CanadianCrippler: Glad to see you are enjoying the columns, Takeover are usually somewhat predictable but not in a bad boring way, more in a sensible sort of way.
    Regarding the banner, I honestly have no idea where the crowd is from, I had that made over ten years ago from someone asking for ideas to test out his art skills and just had it saved on my hard drive until I started writing and remembered I had it. So I honestly don't know.

    Thanks to everyone who has read thus far, now it's time for Money in the Bank

    Boo for WWE
    Hang on I think I did this joke before

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action for the second set of predictions. Money in the Bank has in the past been a phenomenal show (11 and 16 spring to mind immediately), last year it was a brand exclusive in what I consider the dumbest decision of the brand split (not counting the chosen world champions of course), Money in the Bank has become a show that, much like the Royal Rumble, doesnít need a big build to feel important. The ladder matches basically guarantee that someone wins their respective title.

    That said a good undercard does help the build to the show, we have not got that this year. I think the best way to describe it is fucking abysmal. Of the ten matches on show, only five of them have me interested (not counting the ladder matches since I am not interested in the build, just the people beating each other with ladders) and unfortunately those five have received so much less build than the other matches, if Carmella/Asuka had as much attention/time as Lashley/Zayn then this show would be much better.

    Despite my qualms, this show does have that aura to it that shows like the Rumble and SummerSlam have and despite myself, I am somewhat excited for the show. So without further ado, letís begin.

    Dad: So what is this show?
    Zak: Money in the Bank
    Mum: Is there a safe and everyone has to get into it
    Dad: No, everyone has to make a deposit in Sasha Banks.

    The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
    SmackDown Tag Team Championship

    Remember last year, when it was the first chapter in the amazing feud between The New Day and The Usos. These titles have fallen a long way since then. If I am honest, I donít remember which brand The Usos are on anymore, did they get drafted, if not then where the fuck are they because I canít remember seeing them since WrestleMania. The tag divisions have sadly fell apart since they peaked this past winter.

    Onto the prediction and I will be answering this question with a question of my own. When was the last time Gallows and Anderson won anything. I donít think they have had a PPV win since they beat Enzo and Cass at Fastlane 2017. And they have not done anything to show that this time will be any different.

    Zak: The Bludgeon Brothers
    Brother: Bludgeon Brothers
    Dad: The ones that arenít ZZ Top
    Dog: Gallows and Anderson
    Mum: Gallows people and the other guy, bcause The Bludgeon Brothers sounds like a 1940 films

    Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

    I would really like to puppy over this match, and I imagine that a lot of you would prefer it too, but this is the best place to try and get this message out. To anyone in attendance, go to the bathroom now and take all your friends and family with you. The fans leaving and returning when the next match begins, it seem the only way WWE will listen to anyone these days is if it affects their bottom line, until then it is completely okay to spit in the fans faces. This sort of bullshit needs to stop. We donít need to fire Roman, just stop giving him every opportunity, let other superstar develop and then things will get better.

    Zak: The Inevitable Roman Reigns
    Brother: Roman Reigns
    Dad: Anyone but Roman
    Dog: Jinder Mahal
    Mum: Jinder Mahal (there were Indians on the TV when she was asked)

    Brother: Money in the Bank is gonna be a shit show, so Iím just picking the worst case scenario.
    Zak: There is a main page columnist who is gonna call copyright infringement for that.

    Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn

    Itís time

    Zak: Lashley
    Brother: Bobby Lashley
    Dad: Sami Zayn
    Dog: Sami Zayn
    Mum: Bobby Lashley

    Seth Rollins vs. Elias
    WWE Intercontinental Championship

    This has been a good feud, it has been exactly what to expect from a midcard feud, the build has been interesting, the characters have gone back and forth to a degree and this does promise to be a good match too. The problem is that there hasnít been a large amount of build, so there isnít much to comment on, sometimes a good match can still be a bit dull, but still, this is a match worth discussing.

    I am torn on whether this or the WWE Championship will be the match of the night, Iíd give the edge to the WWE Title because Last Man Standing. Even still I expect this to be a 3.5 star match anyway, because Seth is amazing, and Elias is no slouch in the ring either. I reckon this should be given about 15 minutes to play out.

    As for the outcome, a lot of us have looked at Seth winning the IC title with the idea of him being a long term champion. However, I look at this feud and it seems that Seth has been pretty in control through out, and while the reverse momentum theory isnít always right, I do get the feeling that Seth is destined for something else (See below) I reckon Elias may actually win this one, though Seth retaining wouldnít shock me.

    Fantasy Booking time: With no obvious contender for SummerSlam, it would make sense for the Raw to find their new number one contender for Lesnar at SS. So the next few weeks would be a tournament to find the next number one contender, and in the end it comes down to Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns. Seth wins the match and goes on to face Lesnar at SummerSlam, and in story Lesnar will want to face Seth because he has never beaten Seth in a match, that one mark stains his ego.

    That sounds infinitely more interesting than Roman vs Lesnar part whatever the fuck it is.

    Dad: Elias needs a surname
    Zak: He did have one
    Dad: what was it
    Zak: Elias Sampson
    Dad:Thatís a good name, whyíd he change it.

    Zak: Elias
    Brother: Seth Rollins
    Dad: Elias Sampson
    Dog: Seth Rollins
    Mum: Elias

    Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass

    I donít think this match necessarily needs to happen again, however it is stalling us from the amazing matches that Bryan is gonna have at the big four shows. This is a good choice for Bryan because Cass seems to be a safe opponent, heís yet to injure anyone and isnít gonna have an overly long and exertive match for Daniel. While it may suck as a feud, at least we can rest easy knowing that he is fine.

    Onto the match and as mentioned above, I doubt it will be very long, Iím gonna say somewhere between 7 and 9 minutes, a bit of a wide margin but itís hard to predict the shorter matches. Iím not expecting anything great but not anything offensively bad either, probably 2.5 stars, thatís my safe bet.

    As for the winner, well I reckon that Bryan wins again, though this time more likely by Cass being DQíed or something than by clean means. I donít think this feud should continue for a third PPV, this feud has run its course, letís move onto something new for both gentlemen.

    Zak: Daniel Bryan
    Brother: Daniel Bryan
    Dad: Mamma Cass
    Dog: Daniel Bryan
    Mum: The big guy I never remember

    A small rant on Daniel Bryan and roster positioning

    Since he has returned, Bryan has been mostly in a midcard sort of position and that is completely fine with me, how else should momentum be built, if he won the world title immediately what the hell does he do next? The fun is in the buildup, the ending and post ending is never as good. The hero winning in the end isnít any good if he hasnít struggled to get to that point. Fact.

    Sure Bryan could have faced someone higher up for his return, but there is a simple truth here.

    Bryan is not a main eventer.

    Before you make an angry comment, I think he may have done that thing that many main eventers and legends before him have done and transcended roster positioning. He doesnít need the world title to be interesting because he is bigger than it. Take a look at John Cena, he doesnít need a world title for people to pay attention, they pay attention because he is John Cena. The same theory applies to Daniel Bryan, people will pay attention whatever position he plays on the card.

    So what I am saying is that Bryan hasnít been mistreated or buried by where he is on the card, he is important no matter where he is. And in the long run this is gonna be better than him being at the top immediately.

    Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey
    Raw Women's Championship

    Gonna be honest, Nia has pretty much failed to reach the upper echelon of womens stars. Her temporary face turn slightly worked but then got itís leg cut out from under her at the very next opportunity after being done with Alexa. I think she may be the best example of a female Big Show in the WWE history, she has the size to be a threat but inconsistent booking and random turns leave fans somewhat apathetic towards her. Still, if she can last as long as Show did, then fair play to her, there is nothing wrong with being an upper midcard act.

    Zak: Ronda Rousey
    Brother: Ronda Rousey
    Dad: Ronda Rousey
    Dog: Ronda Rousey
    Mum: Ronda Rousey

    Carmella vs. Asuka
    SmackDown Womens Championship

    This makes sense in a way, after Charlotte who is the next most important women in the WWE, the one with a three year winning streak that only recently broke. Carmella is theoretically doomed, I may still be in the thoughts of the invincible Asuka but even still this is arguably Carmellaís biggest challenge to date. Iím excited for this one.

    I donít expect overly great things from this one, while Carmella may be an on point character, she is not the best wrestler, but I have yet to see anything that I would describe as pure crap. I am gonna go with a 3.25 star rating for this one, though a soured ending will drop that to 2.75. As for time, I canít see this going much more than 10 minutes, somewhere between that and 11 minutes is my bet.

    As for who wins, I notice I have reached a point in wrestling where I am always expecting a same night cash in and think of scenarios to match that, I can see Asuka winning here but I get the feeling that if she does, then it is quite possible that someone cashes in on her, I can honestly see either Sasha or Alexa winning and switching brands and winning this title just to brag about beating Asuka. I will say that an auto cash in doesnít seem likely but I canít see Asuka getting the title any other way. I honestly expect Carmella to retain by some form of countout or something, maybe she gets Asuka counted out and brags that she beat Asuka too Ö I actually like that idea, so I am going with that

    Brother: I pick Asuka
    Zak: What happened to worst case scenarios
    Brother:I got bored

    Zak: Carmella retains
    Brother: Asuka
    Dad: Carmella (for obvious reasons)
    Dog: Carmella
    Mum: Asuka

    Ember Moon vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Lana vs. Naomi vs. Sasha Banks
    Money in the Bank ladder match

    Honestly this may be the most balanced set of Money in the Bank matches I have seen in possibly ever. I can see a scenario for every one winning.

    Ember: Gives her a time to develop her main roster persona and maintain relevance, Money in the Bank isnít so much for people who are already ready, but who could be ready in six or so months.
    Charlotte: Poetic justice on Carmella. This would work better if they had a longer standing feud but those sort of circular things are story telling gold.
    Alexa: Bliss is one of WWEís best heel, regardless of gender, and Money in the Bank is quintessentially the most heel accessory in wrestling history. Just imagine her cashing in after Ronda wins the womens title and the bragging that she is the first superstar in WWE history to beat Ronda Rousey.
    Becky: Sheís something of a dark horse candidate, shes been away from the spotlight a while and this is a great chance to take it back.
    Natalya: There is a story with Ronda being built on Raw, I can already tell that these two are gonna clash at some point and while I hate the idea of Natalya as champion, I can still see WWE going with it since she is a loyal veteran.
    Lana: Imagine Carmella but with less wrestling competence and more chicken shit heel stuff. I reckon Lana could be a modern Honky Tonk Man, someone who cheats to win and just escapes with their title
    Naomi: Okay not everyone, but seven out of eight ainít bad
    Sasha: this would give her that opportunity to finally turn heel, and then maybe the feud with Bayley can start to mean something.

    Of course only one person is gonna win this match, so lets start eliminating people from this list.

    I am gonna start with Naomi since I donít see any positive way for her to win. Next up I am gonna get rid of Ember, she is just in the match to look strong (maybe) and do an eclipse off the ladder. Next up is Charlotte, and while I can see her getting another title by years end, I doubt she will be using Money in the Bank for that. Iím also gonna get rid of Lana because we already have Carmella as the ďundeservingĒ champion, and it would be asinine to go from one to another.

    This leaves us with Becky, Natalya, Alexa and Sasha. So next up, and it makes me a bit sad to do this, but I am eliminating Becky, SmackDown had the womens briefcase last year so I reckon Raw is gonna have it this year. Next up I am removing Natalya, I am not expecting an auto cash-in this year (I mean I always am but as much as I think it could, I donít think it will be) and the only sensible option is to stop Ronda winning it and she can do that without the briefcase

    This leaves us with Alexa or Sasha. Probably one of, if not the, most difficult decision of the night for me. Both have lots of potential for the briefcase and as champion, I guess what this boils down to is ďwho needs it?Ē Sasha could use it to kickstart her new heel run but despite our want for her to turn, she is a pretty good face for the kids. Meanwhile Alexa has never been a shortcut sort of girl, however given the issue she has had beating Jax, a sneaky advantage seems destined for her. So I reckon we see Alexa claim the briefcase Ö well either her or James Ellsworth.

    Zak: Alexa Bliss
    Brother: Ember Moon
    Dad: Sasha Banks (because she is the quintisential porn star name)
    Mum: Natalya

    Braun Strowman vs. Finn BŠlor vs. The Miz vs. Rusev vs. Bobby Roode vs. Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe vs. The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, or Xavier Woods)
    Money in the Bank ladder match

    Letís list the scenarios again shall we

    Braun: I can honestly see him announcing a cash in for SummerSlam. He underestimated Brock once, and got outsmarted by him, he is a wiser man now, and he can beat Lesnar. Braun finishing Brock would make up for the fact he should have been in the world title scene at WrestleMania
    Finn: I am unsure about Balor if I am honest. He seems a bit to clean cut to cash-in on anyone, but that could be solved as a bit of character development thing, he goes from Borin Balor to a friendly man with a devious side and a demon that I think is dead now (havenít heard about it since ).
    The Miz: Much like I discussed with Alexa above, this is one of WWEís best heels and he did great holding the Money in the Bank briefcase before, and this time WWE will give him actual competition instead of Orton and old people. The Miz cashing in is the scenario I am hoping for most, give him a dominant heel run until WrestleMania 35 where he faces Daniel Bryan, that is probably the only match that will make me okay with Roman main eventing WM35.
    Rusev: he is over, and with a couple of big match wins he could be ready for the title. Honestly I would like a Rusev world title run, but I just get the feeling that he may be stuck as a midcarder for life, a shame but so long as he keeps having good matches and getting over then he at least has a guaranteed job
    Bobby Roode: Use the briefcase as an ďuncrowned championĒ gimmick and have him act arrogant with it, Roode should be heel and this is a good way to turn him.
    Kevin Owens: This fits perfectly with who Owens is. He will take any and all advantage to make money for his family, he was basically handed the title by Triple H and had no qualms with it. The MITB case gives him that title once again.
    Samoa Joe: Joe is dangerous, the coquina clutch will fuck anyone up, from the lowest jobbers to fucking Brock Lesnar, Joe knows he can take out anyone in less than 30 seconds with it, so something that gives him the title after that is gonna work great with him. Also has anyone cashed in Money in the Bank and won by submission? Would be an odd first but itís still a first.
    The New Day: it hasnít been announced as I write this so I have any of them as the potential competitor. That said, any of them are valid to hold the briefcase in my opinion, the three have developed greatly together and this could be the moment to turn one into a serious singles competitor. Also, I do like the idea of keeping their opponents guessing.

    As I did with the ladies, it is time to start eliminating them. And I am going to start with Rusev, Bobby Roode and Kevin Owens, all for the same reason, I reckon WWE has them set in the midcard for the coming future and that unfortunately means no briefcase. Nextly I am eliminating The New Day, while I do like the idea, I donít think WWE are ever gonna split The New Day at this rate, sure they could stay together while one goes title hunting, but it is doubtful.

    So we have The Miz, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe left. Iím gonna get rid of Finn next, he seems like he is gonna be in the midcard for a little while, I donít see him getting the title back any time soon. Next off the list is gonna be Joe, I honestly canít see WWE having Joe beat Brock for the title, and I get the feeling that the cash in is one of the only things that can get the title off of him.

    So we have The Miz and Braun Strowman left. Honestly can they split it and just get the contract for their individual shows, either one as world champion makes me really happy. I honestly canít say which one is going to happen, if I had to guess I would say The Miz because

    ē As much as we all think Strowman should beat Lesnar, I donít think WWE want that to happen because they have too much money and need to cut down or something.
    ē The Miz as champion is somewhat fresh, with Lesnar gone all the time, Braun has been Rawís main event the last year
    ē Giving Miz a second briefcase means that another record is taken from CM Punk as he is no longer the only man in history to win two briefcases, and if we know anything about WWE, it is that they are the pettiest corporation in the history of sports entertainment.
    ē Alexa (a raw superstar) has the other briefcase if my predictions pan out, WWE tends to split the briefcases to one a show. Though maybe with different genders that rule has been thrown out.

    So yeah, I am gonna say that The Miz wins this

    Zak: The Miz
    Brother: Kevin Owens
    Dad: The New Day
    Mum: Samoa Joe

    AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
    Last Man Standing match
    WWE Championship

    I know this should be the obvious choice for main event but somehow I donít trust WWE to make the choice because that would mean that something other than WWE stuff can main event wrestling. I hope it will, but I remain worried that somehow Roman vs Jinder is gonna be.

    I do expect this to be the best match of the night, the prior matches have been pretty alright, they havenít been the same as the overrated NJPW matches that everyone wants from them, I reckon about 4 stars over a twenty three minutes period is the likely scenario.

    Onto the winner and I think the obvious answer is that we are gonna get Shinsuke winning here, he turned and to justify it he needs to win here. Though that said I do think there is an alternate scenario here. If The Miz wins Money in the Bank then he could theoretically cash in on either of them (though in this scenario it is ideally AJ who is still champion, since we really donít need to make Shinsukeís time in the main event worse at this point)

    Zak: AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura
    Dad: Again, these two are always fighting
    Brother: because, Shinsuke hit AJ in the nuts, and then they fought again and they both got hit in the nuts
    Zak: This is basically the worlds longest game of Ro-Sham-Bo

    Zak: Shinsuke Nakamure
    Brother: AJ Styles
    Dad: AJ Styles
    Dog: AJ Styles
    Mum: Shinsuke Nakamura

    Dog Predictions

    ē Bit Luke Gallows and pulled until the ham fell off my hand Ö the paper didnít rip, this is a sign of a strong bond
    ē Rollins and paper

    Zak: Any final comments
    Dad: BBCís World cup intro is better than ITVís
    Mum: Nah
    Brother: Nah

    Okay, after going through that whole show, I got a lot more excited the further in I got, I started a bit uninterested but there are a lot of interesting scenarios that can come from the show, and the story is what I live for, I am curious to see where a lot of this stuff goes on Sunday. But for now it is time that I bid you all a fond farewell, Iíll be back tomorrow with the Royal Recap for Takeover which is starting very soon. As always I hope you have enjoyed todays columns and I will see you next time.

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    Royal Recap: Takeover: Chicago II

    Feedback time Ö Ö Well it is the weekend I guess.

    Onto the next column

    No jokes here, this show was phenomenal

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. Takeover was last night and it was quite simply amazing. Takeovers are the event for wrestling these days, nothing compares to them. NXT is the best brand in wrestling, that is an undeniable fact. I canít really think of anything else to add to the intro, so letís just dive into the wrestling.

    The Undisputed Era beat Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch (Pinfall)

    All things considered, I expected Ricochet/Velveteen to start the show. That said, this was absolutely the right choice for the opener, the crowd were into this and the two teams gave everything. It is really hard to rank the matches from tonight. As far as what is next for both, I can easily see a rematch in their future, but I can also see a six man elimination tag with Cole and Dunne as well.

    Zak: 1-0 (Undisputed Era)
    Brother: 0-1 (Oney and Danay)
    Dad: 1-0 (The Uncomputed Error)
    Dog: 1-0 (Undisputed Era)
    Mum: 0-1 (The same as brother)

    Ricochet beat Velveteen Dream (Pinfall)

    This too was a quality match, I finally can say I understand all the positives I saw about Ricochetís former indie self. I do sense a problem for Velveteen as I can see him taking a route of a Tyler Breeze NXT route, in that he is gonna have some great matches but never get a chance at the gold.

    Zak: 1-1 (Velveteen)
    Brother: 1-1 (Rick OíShay)
    Dad: 2-0 (Dick OíShay)
    Dog: 2-0 (Ricochet)
    Mum: 1-1 (Ricochet)

    Shayna Baszler beat Nikki Cross (SubKO)

    As always, I am gonna profess my love for the submission Knock out finish. You literally canít have a bad one, just so good.

    As for the match, this was about what I expected, Shayna looked tough as did Cross, Cross seemed completely insane as she smiled into unconsciousness from Shaynaís hold (I canít spell it). I donít know who is next in line for Shayna, but I think that Nikki may be off to the main roster with the rest of Sanity, especially since the name is a mash up of their names, and without her it is Saty.

    Zak: 2-1 (Shayna Baszler)
    Brother: 2-1 (Shayna Retains)
    Dad: 2-1 (Nikki Cross)
    Dog: 2-1 (Nikki Cross)
    Mum: 1-2 (Nikki Cross)

    Aleister Black beat Lars Sullivan (Pinfall)

    Despite the fact that this is probably the least talked about match on the show, it was still pretty solid. I donít really know what is next for either man, I feel like it could be a rematch, but I get the feeling that both are gonna be onto something else for Brooklyn, there isnít much to comment on here, the NXT title has surprisingly fell to the secondary menís feud in NXT, possibly even the tertiary.

    Zak: 3-1 (Aleister retains)
    Brother: 2-2 (Lars Sullivan)
    Dad: 2-2 (Lars) (it sounds slightly more better than Aleister)
    Dog: 2-2 (An)
    Mum: 1-3 (Lars Sullivan)

    Tommaso Ciampa beat Johnny Gargano (attempted homicide)
    Attempted homicide actually sounds like a good name for a finisher. A bit violent but with the right character itíll work.

    I donít think there is much to say here, it went exactly how I expected. Both men beat the shit out each other (things did get a bit more BDSM than I expected with the handcuffs and belt whip), the ring spot was fucking incredible douchebaggery. I also love the addition of the pad-less ring, the moment you see that come out you know that someone is trying to kill their opponent. Now we can wait and see how they kill each other at Brooklyn.

    Zak: 4-1 (Tommaso Ciampa)
    Brother: 2-3 (Johnny Gargano)
    Dad: 2-3 (Johnny Gargano)
    Dog: 2-3 (Johnny Gargano)
    Mum: 1-4 (The name you canít pronounce)

    It is getting harder and harder to have a favourite Takeover; they all have their great bits that are just so rewatchable. I canít pick a favourite bit of the night, nor can I really name a match as a favourite, there are just so many good choices that I canít have a favourite. That said, for a favourite superstar Gargano just rules the list. Heís likeable and can wrestle, I honestly hope he never goes to the main roster, no one should have faith in the main roster writers to keep things good. I just want him to stay in NXT and stay awesome forever. And on that note, it is time that I bid you all a fond farewell, as always I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you next time.

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    These are always a good read, I think you know I'm a big fan of your dog!

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    Royal Recap: Money in the Bank 2018

    Feedback time

    @Dynamite: Glad to hear you enjoyed the column, hope you enjoyed the shows aswell.

    I can't think of any jokes to put here

    What’s up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column despite my injury earlier today. For those of you that aren’t stalking me, I received a paper cut on a finger joint earlier today, and still I write my recap. I am a true hero of column writing aren’t I? anyway enough about me, let’s take a look at the first PPV to be more than subpar since the first half of WrestleMania 34 (well more like all but the last half an hour or so, but still), so without further ado, let’s begin.

    The Bludgeon Brothers beat Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (Pinfall)

    Real talk … anyone give a shit about anything from this match?

    Zak: 5-1 (The Bludgeon Brothers)
    Brother: 3-3 (Bludgeon Brothers)
    Dad: 2-4 (The non beardy ones)
    Dog: 2-4 (Gallows and Anderson)
    Mum: 1-5 (Gallows people and the other guy)

    Daniel Bryan beat Big Cass (submission)

    This worked better than their previous encounter, Bryan came off less lucky and more as a veteran knowing how to take down the bigger man (in fairness Bryan has many wins over Big Show, Cass should be no problem). Cass looked good too, but there is no way he could beat Bryan, Cass can beat Enzo, and while Enzo and Bryan may be similar in size, one is about ten times more experienced and a hundred times more talented. As long as they don’t go too quick with Cass, he has a bright future ahead of him.

    Zak: 6-1 (Daniel Bryan)
    Brother: 4-3 (Daniel Bryan)
    Dad: 2-5 (Mamma Cass)
    Dog: 3-4 (Daniel Bryan)
    Mum: 1-6 (The big guy I never remember)

    Bobby Lashley beat Sami Zayn (sisters)

    Quote Originally Posted by kingzak13 View Post
    Real talk … anyone give a shit about anything from this match?

    Zak: 7-1 (Lashley)
    Brother: 5-3 (Bobby Lashley)
    Dad: 2-6 (Sami Zayn)
    Dog: 3-5 (Sami Zayn)
    Mum: 2-6 (Bobby Lashley)

    Seth Rollins beat Elias

    All things considered, I am okay with the fact Rollins isn’t gonna win a contenders tournament. This was a quality match; I would rank it up there with the Takeover matches for best bits of the weekend. That sounds like a good idea for some sort of highlight compilation, the best matches of the weekend in one playlist, only problem is that basically mean watching Takeover with a few WWE bits cut in.

    Either way this was a great match, I look forward to what we see from both men next, Elias is probably gonna feud with Roman while Seth faces Jinder, because the Shield is all about sharing their conquests.

    Zak: 7-2 (Elias)
    Brother: 6-3 (Seth Rollins)
    Dad: 2-7 (Elias Sampson)
    Dog: 4-5 (Seth Rollins)
    Mum: 2-7 (Elias)

    Alexa Bliss won Money in the Bank

    I am surprised to see so many people annoyed at this and the later actions, but I don’t mind (more on that later). Everyone in the match showed some phenomenal talent in various moments. This is one of the few times I have actually seen Naomi be a deserving talent so that is something too. Twitter complains that Alexa didn’t do much during the match; well that is how heels win dipshit. The heel ducks out and lets everyone else beat fuck out each other and then steals the win at the end, that is how it is done.

    Zak: 8-2 (Alexa Bliss)
    Brother: 6-4 (Ember Moon)
    Dad: 2-8 (Sasha Banks)
    Mum: 2-8 (Natalya)

    Roman Reigns beat Jinder Mahal (Roman powers)

    Since it is more interesting to me than the match, can I just say that I hope Inevitable Roman Reigns is the next version of the surprise John Cena meme. It would be fitting, to say the least.

    Zak: 9-2 (The Inevitable Roman Reigns)
    Brother: 7-4 (Roman Reigns)
    Dad: 2-9 (Anyone but Roman)
    Dog: 4-6 (Jinder Mahal)
    Mum: 2-9 (Jinder Mahal)

    Carmella beat Asuka (Ellsworth)

    I am glad to see Ellsworth back, he was a solid comedy character and actually did make Carmella better. I wish I had posted my scenario for his return. I would have preferred it to what we got just for comedy sake. I am okay with Asuka losing, Carmella threw everything at her and it took a big surprise to take down the empress, heel beating a face via underhanded tactics is never an issue in my book.

    Zak’s scenario for Ellsworths return: Tonights Raw, Alexa has the briefcase having not cashed it in (do remember this was though up on Friday/Saturday), Ellsworth appears backstage and offers his services as a valet after doing so well to manage Carmella to the title. She declines, Ellsworth starts to argue why he should, Braun appears, throws Ellsworth through a wall or something. Would be nice to have his career come full circle in that sort of way.

    Zak: 10-2 (Carmella retains)
    Brother: 7-5 (Asuka)
    Dad: 3-9 (Carmella)
    Dog: 5-6 (Carmella)
    Mum: 2-10 (Asuka)

    AJ Styles beat Shinsuke Nakamura (disappointingly not by a phenomenal forearm to the groin)

    I guess AJ is still champion, that’s both good and bad. I enjoy AJ though his reign has been quite lacklustre so far, hopefully a new rival will help rebuild SmackDown. However Shinsuke is not looking good right now, he chose the match and lost, but he also can’t beat Styles at all it would seem. Had they not had a match on SmackDown a few weeks back then it would have made a bit more sense that he just can’t beat AJ.

    As for the match, I enjoyed it, two guys beating shit out each other is always gonna be a plus from me, I don’t think this was the best of it’s kind, but … hang on, I don’t really remember any great Last Man Standing matches … why the fuck does it enjoy such a fond place in our heads.

    Zak: 10-3 (Shinsuke Nakamure)
    Brother: 8-5 (AJ Styles)
    Dad: 4-9 (AJ Styles)
    Dog: 6-6 (AJ Styles)
    Mum: 2-11 (Shinsuke Nakamura)

    Alexa beat Nia Jax (Pinfall)
    Also Ronda Rousey was there

    Honestly I expected Alexa to wait till Ronda won the belt to beat her, but honestly this works too and works with Alexa’s charecter. Think about it from her perspective, she was betrayed by her friend and then took her title away, revenge is needed. So Alexa takes her briefcase and sticks it right in her face. This is a good little arc there.

    Zak: 10-4 (Ronda Rousey)
    Brother: 8-6 (Ronda Rousey)
    Dad: 4-10 (Ronda Rousey)
    Dog: 6-7 (Ronda Rousey)
    Mum: 2-12 (Ronda Rousey)

    Braun Strowman won Money in the Bank

    If I am honest, I was tempted to say can I split my choice between Miz and Strowman and get a half point if either got the win. Ah well, another time maybe. I did see a good comment about this that Strowman was the obvious choice considering how dominant he had been going into the event, but then naturally everyone just assumed someone else would win. I really hope Braun goes the non-traditional route and announces the cash in. It wouldn’t help Braun’s ego to beat a half tired Brock, if he can finally beat Lesnar, then that is the moment he becomes the man.

    Zak: 10-5 (The Miz)
    Brother: 8-7 (Kevin Owens)
    Dad: 4-11 (The New Day)
    Dog: 6-7 (didn’t predict)
    Mum: 2-13 (Samoa Joe)

    Honestly, that is the most watchable WWE show since the rumble and who knows how long before that. I am actually feeling optimistic for the WWE at this moment in time, which is rare because they are so good at dashing hope and optimism. I guess we have to wait and see what the direction they go with on SmackDown and Raw for the next month before we begin the road to SummerSlam. Just one more month and things are gonna get so very interesting. But for now it is time I bid you all a fond farewell. It is once again time I disappear into the ether of the internet … only for a little while this time, I have the LOP Top Trumps to work on and hopefully get the March and April sets out soon. As always I hope you have enjoyed today’s column and I will see you next time.

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    I know we aren't supposed to necrobump, but conversation & feedback has been a bit slow in here since the reset, so I'm going to do it anyway!

    Only just got around to finishing watching MITB, it's been a busy couple of weeks. Finally finished last night and you know what? The thing that sticks out most in my mind from reading this is how little I remember the matches from earlier in the night. When you see a good PPV, the matches stick in your head for a while, often making you want to go back & watch them again. As I was just reading through the recap, far too many of the matches had already disappeared from my memory.

    Maybe I'm getting old which is causing the memory loss, but when the best thing you can say in a PPV summary is that it's the "most watchable" in over 6 months, you know quality is dropping with the product in general. We should be raving about how great the show was, but "most watchable"? Trouble is, I can't disagree - I'd love to say this match was great & that match was great, but when you consider how well MITB has done over the years as solidifying it's place as the final part of a potential Big Five PPVs, this year was certainly a disappointment overall.

    The good thing is I don't think it's undone the positive vibe the event has from those previous years. Yet. The current Big 4 are marketed such that they attempt to bring in casual fans & the general public. So far, I don't see that in MITB, it's primarily marketed towards the regular fans, those who are around all year. One bad year won't hurt our anticipation of next year's event. Another bad year though? Maybe it just becomes another unnecessary gimmick PPV.

    This was a great write up as always Zak, hope the lack of comments doesn't discourage you - it's obviously going to take time for the number of contributors to get back up to where we were before the reset, so until then we just need to keep pumping outthe columns that will hopefully draw new people in. Much like the WWE's PPVs, LOP columns on the main page are for the casual fans, here in the forums we're hitting a smaller but dedicated audience and even when we don't get so many comments, I believe the work is appreciated. I certainly appreciate the work you put into these with your family.

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