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    Amazon Lord of the Rings

    A few more details are emerging about the Amazon TV project on Lord of the Rings. It sounds like it focuses on a Young Aragorn, which means it'll be outside of the work written by Tolkien, although given how fussy the estate have been in the past I suspect they'll have some consultants on hand to make sure it all fits with the mythology.

    Peter Jackson is also not going to be involved, by the sounds of it. And it's still quite a way off. But there is already a fair bit of chatter about it.

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    I am a massive Lord of the Rings fan and am very happy with a young Aragorn he has a fantastic backstory that can certainly be fleshed out and can help expand a number of settings that are only touched on in the movies. Seeing him come of age and come to terms with who he is will be very cool.

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