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    Fact or Fiction: Forum Edition

    Itís often said that one of the main reasons people write in these forums is to become a featured writer on the main page. Whether you agree with that sentiment or not, one thing that canít be argued is these forums have often provided great contributors to one of the regular column series on the main page, Fact or Fiction. As such, I figured it was time we had our own forum edition of the Fact or Fiction series, something that can hopefully become a regular thing and can provide a new way for the main pagers to contribute to the very forums that earned them their slot.

    For this inaugural Forums Fact or Fiction column, Iíve recruited what I consider to be a good mix of people from the forums as well as current and former main pagers:

    DynamiteBillington: (Intro provided by MizFan)Ö DB is LOP's Xavier, though whether he means the forgotten ROH champion or the Professor variety is anyone's guess. A huge fan of the British Bulldogs, he has devoted his life to honoring their greatness, including extensive plastic surgery to make himself resemble their mascot, Matilda.

    TypeItInMaan: Representing the main page, mostly by accident. I started thinking about doing this before the old forums died, and the plan formulated in a conversation between Type & myself. Then he got promoted and the rest is history, I had stumbled across my main pager.

    Mizfan: Talking of main pagers, hereís an ex-main pager. Now the forumís COTM God and all round wresting-fan machine. How he manages to keep up with everything he watches is beyond me.

    KingZak: When I decided to do this column, there was one contributor I wanted above all others. Obviously to get Zakís dog, I had to include KingZak as well. And his Dad.

    Each of us has suggested a topic, and each of us has given an opinion on each of the topics. With 6 potential votes for each, in the event of a tie the Dogís vote wins.

    Are you ready? I said AreÖYouÖReady? (Does DX chop while nobodies looking).

    Fact or Fiction: John Cena breaks the title record by next year's Wrestlemania

    DynamiteBillington: Thereís no doubt in my mind this is a FACT, and something WWE will schedule for the main event of one of the Big Four PPVs. They wonít waste such a momentous occasion on anything less, as itís bound to come with a lot of ceremony and Ric Flair will undoubtedly come out to congratulate John to mark the occasion. My thoughts are that if itís Summerslam, Survivor Series or the Rumble, this is just a moment featuring Cena and Flair. If itís WrestleMania (probably the least likely option), the likes of Hogan, Rock and Austin will be there too. I say this happens as the Main Event at Survivor Series.

    TypeItInMaan: I will go with FICTION. I think WWE is committed to their full time roster, especially after all the stuff they've put us through with Lesnar as champion for 18 months or whatever it ends up being. Not sure there's a way to squeeze a title reign in there. Though Wrestlemania may be the time and platform to do it, I have feeling we won't see him with the title around his waist until late 2019. If it were up to me, he'd take the belt off Reigns as the only way he may be universally cheered in his quest.

    MizFan: Iím gonna go with FICTION on this one. Cenaís increased absence has put him out of the title picture, and while I think he will make a run for #17 at some point, I donít see it happening this year. Look at the way he was used at the past Wrestlemania, for whatever reason WWE clearly seems in no hurry to rush him into another big match. I also think, the next time he gets a title shot, heíll come up short, so the story will be drawn out down the line. I could be wrong, but thatís the way I see it playing out.

    KingZak: Let's take a look at Cena right now.
    Right now, Cena is working on Bumblebee and promoting that, and then has something with Jackie Chan to do. When is Cena going to have a period of consistently wrestling for the rest of the year? While he could quite easily win it and then go do whatever is involved in promoting a film, but I donít think Cena would be okay with taking the title away from wrestling, he actually cares about wrestling instead of just lots of money (at least he has given that impression). So I guess this is FICTION.
    So while I doubt he will win it any time soon, could Cena win a world title at WrestleMania (and since it is by next WrestleMania, this is technically out the question zone) well the problem there is that he no longer seems to appear post-mania, and like I said above, he probably isnít going to be winning it there either.
    I am actually not sure how long until Cenaís next title reign. He has gone part time which makes title reigns a lot harder to have. I honestly think the only way we are going to see Cena win title number 17 is if he gets a few months off over winter and spring and is around to do it properly. Win the title at Survivor Series and defend it like a real champion over the coming few months until he loses it at WrestleMania to the next big star. That is the only way I see him winning another title, he wins it for one last run and puts over the big star with it, I pretty much expect it to be a copy of his feud with The Rock (at least the 2013 part).
    Anyway, Cena isnít winning the title any time soon. So this is pure FICTION.
    Dog: To make things difficult, he took the fact paper out from under the ham, ate that, then ate the fiction ham. I donít know what this means, but the rule is this is based on Ham, so FICTION
    Zak: FICTION
    Dad: Most probably (FACT)

    Final Score: 4-2 in favour of FICTION.

    Fact or Fiction: A superstar will main event WrestleMania for the first time at WM35

    DynamiteBillington: To determine this, you have to predict what that Main Event will be. Miz v Bryan? Cena title match? Reigns v Lesnar (again)? Shield Triple Threat? A womenís match? At this point in time, I canít really picture any other options. Since writing the first sentence, itís been announced that Reigns/Lesnar is headlining SummerSlam, so I guess I can rule that one out. The women are a good outside bet to get the main event slot to complete their #FirstTimeEver gimmick, but my opinion is that wonít happen yet. The Shield match is possible I guess depending on Ambroseís return, but I have to go with either Miz/Bryan or a Cena title match. Obviously this depends on who Cena wins the title from, but that means at least 3 of the 4 potential competitors in those matches have headlined WrestleMania before, so statistically this one defaults to FICTION.

    TypeItInMaan: I will say FICTION, but again I guess it depends on how you define main event. If by main event you mean a superstar goes on last for the first time, I don't see it happening. Wrestlemania has turned into an event that tries to lure the casual fan back, so I expect they go to the part time well.

    MizFan: Gonna have to go with FICTION on this one too. WWE has made impressive strides in the past few years in developing new talent, but when 'Mania rolls around they still seem stuck going around the same circles again and again. When, besides Reigns, was the last guy to be a new main eventer in the 'Mania scene? Rollins hardly counts, so I guess it would be Bryan, and that's more years back than I care to think about now (where does the time go?). Expect some more guys to repeat the experience this time around!

    KingZak: This is a pretty tricky question when you think about it, there is no real indication of what is going to be the main event for the show of shows, we can assume Roman Reigns may be in the main event but at this point it is beginning to look as though WWE have somewhat given up on him since he hasnít beat Lesnar. And we can assume Lesnar will hopefully be gone from WWE by the time that WrestleMania 35 is here.
    So what does this leave us with, well if you look at the current world title scenes we could potentially have Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, The Miz, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley. Those are the superstars I can see being pushed for WrestleMania.
    As you may quite clearly remember, The Miz and Daniel Bryan have previous main evented WM (27 and 30 respectively) and if you are being technical, Seth Rollins did main event WrestleMania 31 when he joined the match. So that leaves us with new main eventers in the form of AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman. So the question is do I see any of those three in the main event?
    Well I can see Braun getting in the main event, but truthfully I canít see either of the other two having anything other than a side main event match. Braun is the only one I can see in the main event. And that is a pipe dream if you ask me, but I am gonna cling onto that dream and say Braun is in the main event this year (or he isnít but he should be) FACT
    Dog: Instantly choose FACT
    Zak: FACT
    Dad: At least One of the two will be new (FACT)

    Final Score: We have a tie! 3-3, with The Dog voting fact, therefore FACT wins.

    Fact or Fiction: Ronda Rousey will leave WWE before the end of her contract

    DynamiteBillington: I think Iím the only person here who had never heard of Rousey before she appeared in WWE. I donít claim to have heard of every celebrity out there, but Iíd be surprised if Iím alone in that. Even so, apparently sheís a big star. Sheís already had some time off to go film another TV show and I highly doubt that will be the end of it. Maybe things wonít become so bad sheís a female Brock Lesnar, only appearing on occasion, but the best case scenario is that she ends up with a limited schedule. If her claim to stardom is genuine, other projects will happen with increased regularity and no matter how much she claims to love WWE, sheíll move on. This one is a definite FACT for me.

    TypeItInMaan: I will say FICTION. I think she has exceeded even the best of expectations and I have a feeling that will be enough to keep her wanting to stay, and the WWE will pony up to do so. She's the perfect "special attraction" for the women's division and many intriguing match ups await her. I don't think she's going anywhere.

    MizFan: Iíd like to believe this is FICTION as well, so thatís what Iím going to go with! Rousey has her detractors, some reasonable, many seemingly hell bent on finding a reason why a woman shouldnít succeed on her level, but she seems to be very earnest about making this WWE thing a reality, and WWE is clearly happy to jump on the mainstream attention it provides them. Whether she stays on board when that contract ends depends on how things go, but I think sheíll stick with the commitment she made and give her best shot at reaching her peak in the world of pro wrestling.

    KingZak: Initially this was a tricky question to think of, mostly because of the fact that I have no idea how long Rondaís contract is. Thankfully, I am a lazy shit and while slowly writing my answers over the last couple weeks, an article popped up where Ric Flair talked about Charlotte vs Ronda potentially happening, and he implied it would have to happen by WM (not exact but pretty much) so Rondaís current contract goes to WrestleMania 35, I am gonna assume this is right until she armbars someone the night after WM35.
    So Ronda has a contract till WM35, now do I think she will see that whole thing out. Well sheíd have to be a pretty shitty human being to be paid a few millions (probably, but point still stands if it is only a few hundred thousand) and walk out on that without fulfilling all the commitments, unless they plan on completely ruining her by having her lose in a minute to Dana Brooke or something, I reckon she will see the contract out.
    Dog: Struggled to obtain Ham here, eventually after licking my hand several times, he chose FICTION
    Zak: FICTION
    Dad: Sheíll see it out (FACT)

    Final Score: Another 4-2 in favour of FICTION.

    Fact or Fiction: Daniel Bryan will be a world champion again before the end of 2018.

    DynamiteBillington: I think it goes without saying that Bryan will be champion again, but they wonít throw it away on a smaller event, theyíll try to recreate the end of WrestleMania 30. That means it happens at either SummerSlam or WrestleMania, even the Rumble & Survivor Series arenít big enough. As itís looking like weíre getting Reigns/Lesnar at SummerSlam, Bryan waits until he finally gets that Rumble win to earn the WrestleMania slot, making this FICTION.

    TypeItInMaan: I will say FICTION. This is pure speculation at this point, but I think after Rusev, they're going to give Samoa Joe a crack at it and it's possible Joe gets his first title reign OR it's possible The Miz begins his climb back to the top. If I had to put a date on it, I think 2019 Royal Rumble is when DB wins his first title, possibly over The Miz.

    MizFan: I must be a skeptical guy, because Iím gonna have to go with FICTION once again here. Bryanís return to the ring has been a real pleasure to watch, in fact itís one of the few things Iíve actually tuned in to WWE to watch this year, but there are too many questions circling around him to believe heíll get the nod so soon. Heís still super popular, but his health could still be a question, as could his contract status. And even though WWE has changed a lot over the course of the decade, he still just doesnít seem like the kind of guy they want to make their go-to person. I do think heíll be champion again at some point, if he stays healthy and doesnít leave the company, but not quite so soon.

    KingZak: As much as I like Daniel Bryan, this is absolutely FICTION. WWE know this is something that we want and the tease and the build is gonna be the part we want to see . The most likely scenario seeís Daniel Bryan getting the Rumble win and then winning the title at WrestleMania, filling the prophecy fans have wanted since 2014, it took an extra five years but thatís just suspense. So yeah this is complete FICTION, and I dare anyone else to provide me a plausible scenario that proves me wrong.
    Dad: Youíll need to show me a picture
    *showís picture*
    Dad: Nah, heíll never win, heís too small and looks too hipster. Like you
    Zak: I can either look like Daniel Bryan or I can look like Roman Reigns, but you can't do both.
    Dog: Reached for FACT instantly, pushed it away on accident, kept trying until he obtained FACT Ham.
    Zak: FICTION
    Dad: No (FICTION)

    Final Score: It would appear the Dog has been outvoted, with an end result of 5-1 in favour of FICTION. A shame, because it seems he was really determined to get that ham.

    The Final Word:
    Some interesting topics here, none voted in unanimously, and most being a fairly close thing. Iím hoping to do this regularly, so get thinking about your topics and let me know youíre interested in joining in next time!
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    Thanks for putting this together DB, it was fun. Looks like most people agree with my takes, except that people have more faith than I do in WWE using some fresh faced main eventers when WM35 comes around. We shall see!

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    Great questions Dyno,, it is harder than I thought it would be coming up with these questions for this series.

    With the John Cena question I would love to say FICTION but I do not trust the WWE right now and for better or worse he is always just one match away or even just an impassioned promo away from a championship match he could very realistically win, particularly on Smackdown. I would love to see him stay equal to Flair for the 16 time record and really make that number special and I believe enhance the legacy of both Flair AND Cena by them sharing the record but there is absolutely no way WWE has the self control or long term vision to roll with that.

    It is interesting that you have gone with FACT for the Rousey question too Dyno as I think you are looking at her as very much a mercenary when I personally believe that pro wrestling blood flows through her in a far more profound way than MMA ever did (as good as she was at that).

    With DBry I absolutely have an interest in him getting a high profile and hopefully bolstering my current series but would also go with FICTION as well. Unless he is going to be screwed out of it he is best in a chase, that is when the crowd loves him and is most behind him. I actually tried booking the Yes Movement with him as Champion and it was far harder to put together because you have to put him up against the odds somehow but at the same time you don't want him to just be a Rey Mysterio underdog.

    Anyway, awesome that we have a forum version of FOF now, as I said in the Block, anyone interested in the main page one please let me know. Oh and I HAVE to have Zak's dog on at some point.


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    Sam - Zak's dog was top of my list!! When I decided to do this, I wanted a way of making it stand out from the main page format and I figured that was a great way to do it. Not sure if the main pagers would get it though, we're obviously familiar with the dog (and the rest of Zak's family) so we get it, but without knowing Zak's columns it may not work? It was a great way to have a tie breaker too, so I was glad when one of the topics actually resulted in a tie so the dog got the final word.
    PS - Zak, if you're reading I hope you don't feel the dog is overshadowing you, I appreciate the effort you put into it too!!

    That Rousey topic was mine - I actually weakened on what I was originally going to say, my original thought was to discuss the potential that she'd leave early without ever winning a title, but given how WWE hands out titles I figured it was too unrealistic.

    Do you come up with all the ideas yourself for the main page one? I let all the participants suggest a topic each to spread the load, even with 4 different minds suggesting the topics you could probably link most of them into an overall theme this time round. Another time there may be more of a spread of topics.

    Miz - thanks for participating! Maybe if everyone agreed with you it means you weren't controversial enough? Sometimes the obvious answer is less entertaining.

    Given how long it took to get this one together, I should probably start thinking about next month's already! If you guys are interested in being involved, start thinking about potential topics!

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    Thanks for having me. Sorry I took ages getting these done.

    We need more of these group collabs in the Columns Forums, it's a lot of work for the host but they are great.

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    Just means we need to plan the next one further in advance! Are you up for doing it again next time? Get thinking about another topic....

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