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    Tag Team Wrestling

    I just stumbled across a random website that ranked the 28 greatest Tag Teams of all time. The Website is New Arena, and their rankings are as follows:

    28. The Rock N Sock Connection
    27. The Brothers of Destruction
    26. The Natural Disasters
    25. Money Inc.
    24. Los Guerreros
    23. The Kings of Wrestling
    22. The Rockers
    21. The Shield
    20. D-Generation X
    19. The Young Bucks
    18. Harlem Heat
    17. The New Day
    16. The Wild Samoans
    15. The Steiner Brothers
    14. The Von Erichs
    13. Demolition
    12. The New Age Outlaws
    11. The Fabulous Freebirds
    10. The British Bulldogs
    9. The Brain Busters
    8. The Midnight Express (all members)
    7. The Outsiders
    6. The Rock N Roll Express
    5. The Hardy Boys
    4. The Hart Foundation
    3. The Dudley Boys
    2. Edge & Christian
    1. Legion of Doom/Road Warriors

    While this is a really good list, I would have changes some of the top ten. I know there is wrestling terminology called "Road Warrior Pop", but in my opinion, I think that the Dudleys have had more success world wide, won more titles, and were a tag team for a longer period of time. To me, the Dudleys are #1, and the Road Warriors are #2.

    Also, the Outsiders are ranked too high, over the likes of the New Day, Harlem Heat, and Demolition.

    Same for Edge & Christian, they should be ranked a little lower.

    My top 5:

    5. The Rock N Roll Express
    4. Edge & Christian
    3. The Hardy Boys
    2. The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom
    1. The Dudley Boys


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    this is definitely an interesting list - i think i've seen it before. It's going to be all about personal preference here methinks. I would put the Midnight Express in the top 5 for sure. I feel the Hardy Boys are a bit overrated in this list as are the Hart Foundation. I would slot the LOD at 1, Dudley Boys at 2, E&C at 3, the Midnights at 4 and I guess the Rock N Roll Express at 5, though I have a hard time not including the Brain Busters due to personal preference. The Steiners get the shaft on this list too, I don't see any world where they are not a top 10 team.

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    The list strikes me as being too skewed towards the present. The 1980s is really the golden age of tag wrestling and I'd say the top five should be pretty much dominated by the period, and there should be more teams from there generally. For my money, The Fantastics are a better team than most of the people on that list.

    I suppose at some level it depends on whether greatest just means 'best', or does it also factor in something like 'biggest'. I'd guess it would have to, in order to get this list in this order.

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    I mean right off the bat, The outsiders in the top ten of tag teams of all time? They probably wouldn't even make my top 50. I don't think i've ever seen a good a outsiders tag team match.

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    I do wonder about the criteria for that list, if there was any. Definitely American-centric too, no Holy Demon Army even. Some merit but my list would definitely look completely different.

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