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    The Exotic Adrian Street

    The legacy series had me thinking about this little guy. I think he did the gay gimmick better than anyone except Gorgeous George. It was broader than being gay as it had a bit of a narcissistic element. He was just a funny, entertaining little dude.

    Seems like all his imitators: Lenny, Lodi, and Rico fell on their faces. I'm sure Goldust and Adonis borrowed from him, but they had their own thing going, for sure
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    I've only seen a little of this guy but it's pretty much always been positive. Love bringing a bit of his history out here to the spotlight.

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    Interesting time here with Adrian fueding with Savage. You see Miss Elizabeth as a host, back then. Then, we go to the match with Savage and Adrian Street. I believe Savage took some or Adrian's dynamic with Miss Linda. Adrian's always using her as a sheild. Though, I'd say Miss Linda was more progressive than Miss Elizabeth in some ways. She was a wrestler always physically getting involved in Adrian's matches. Adrian was definitely one of the most revolutionary wrestlers to never be in the WWE.

    One of his trademarks was painting up his enemies
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    Isn't there a movie or a documentary about him released soon? Sure I saw something about that.

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    Hell of an entertainer in my opinion

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