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    Chair Shots Presents: Bullet Club is NOT Fine!

    Cody went into Best in the World in Baltimore with an opportunity to become the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion. His fellow Bullet Club stablemate Marty Scurll had the same notion in mind. In fact, all the members of Bullet Club went into Best in the World with an opportunity to win themselves Ring of Honor gold and cement their legacy as one of the greatest factions in wrestling history. They’d have Ring of Honor bowing at their feet, or more appropriately, kissing their rings. With the exception of the Six-Man Championship, Bullet Club would have been in possession of all the hardware in RoH.

    Except that didn’t happen; not even a little bit.

    As part of Cody’s introductory video, the words flash brilliantly across the entire screen much like Bart Simpson at the chalkboard:


    Don’t be fooled by the words you see on your screen dear readers for Bullet Club is NOT fine. In fact, Bullet Club may be in the worst shape it’s been in years, with in-fighting over leadership, fractured allegiances, and a vainglorious “leader” who believes the role of everyone else is to do what he says. That is not, and has never been, the way Bullet Club works, and while the factions on either side of the world are struggling in regards of who their true leader is, the rest of the wrestling world is taking advantage of their disarray.

    Adam Page came into Baltimore with anger, hatred, and violence on his mind in regards to his unfinished business with Punishment Martinez. The two were set to brawl one way or another, but a mere week or so prior to the event, Martinez knocked off Silas Young to become the RoH Television Champion. All of a sudden, The Hangman found himself in a title match, now officially a Baltimore Street Fight. However it seemed Page was more concerned with creating chaos than winning a championship for Bullet Club. Perhaps a clearly focused leader would have been able to center Adam’s gaze where it should have been. Instead chairs were thrown, tables were broken, and thumbtacks were pierced firmly into skin. Sure The Hangman was getting his revenge, but in his fervor he forgot to actually secure the victory. With one giant choke slam through a table, the Bullet Club would pick up their first loss of the evening.

    It wouldn’t be their last.

    The Young Bucks find themselves in a rather unenviable position within Bullet Club. They’re arguably the most “over” of the entire faction, and their loyalty has swayed like a willow tree in the wind storm. Once firmly behind Cody, the Bucks have in recent months made peace with Bullet Club’s “other leader,” the IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega. That certainly can’t sit well with Cody, a man that almost requires complete servitude or else. Without question, Matt and Nick Jackson could win any championship belt on any given day. They’re just that damn good. At Best in the World, they’d have to be that damn good and then some as they took on the best tag team in Ring of Honor history, The Briscoes. Yet confusion weighs heavy on the mind, and it only takes one small mistake in a match pitting greatness against greatness for the lights to go out.

    “BE THE ELITE” rang through the UMBC Event Center, loudly and strongly for The Young Bucks. Jay and Mark Briscoe at times seemed perplexed at the ingenuity of the Young Bucks offense, but without fail came back time and time again. Two men who at times appear to have skipped a portion of the evolutionary chart, The Briscoes know nothing but survival, and their base instincts keep them fighting when normal men would have long since given up. It only took a moment, and one can only imagine what was going through the minds of Matt and Nick when that moment came. Did the thought of Cody’s arrogance cloud their vision? Did they worry what would happen should they win and take the belts back to Omega in Japan? Only The Bucks will know the answer to that, because as quick as that thought was, the count of three was just as quick. The Young Bucks would take Bullet Club’s second loss of the evening.

    Again, it wouldn’t be their last.

    Marty Scurll did all the right things, at least as much as a true Villain can do. He earned his title shot against Dalton Castle for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship. The enormous ego of Cody wouldn’t let that happen. It was one year prior that Cody had captured his first Ring of Honor World Championship, and he was determined to relive that moment. So Cody got himself added to the match at Best in the World, and he fully expected his stable mate to help him capture the title. He almost demanded that Marty Scurll give up the opportunity that he rightfully gained in order for Cody become Ring of Honor Champion. Let’s just say things didn’t exactly go as Cody expected.

    As the competitors made their entrances, the outside of the ring was as crowded as the inside was. Castle was led down by The Boys, while Cody had his wife Brandi and Bernard the Bear by his side. Perhaps not totally trusting Bernard was who he said he was, he sent the Bear packing, entrusting his betrothed to be his lone second at ringside. Early on it became apparent that while Cody wanted The Villain on his side, Marty Scurll wanted something entirely different. Whether it be Castle or his so-called “Leader,” he wanted to capture World Heavyweight gold and put himself among the greats that have held that title in the past.

    Cody seemed quite annoyed at this.

    The match broke down, the Champion watching in amazement as his opponents seemed more interested in their internal strife than with actually winning his belt. Angered by his disloyalty, Cody struck out at Scurll, but the tables were turned and Cody found himself on his knees begging for The Villain’s forgiveness, holding out his hand in peace and solidarity. The Villain snapped Cody’s fingers. As chaos took over outside the ring, the NWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis attempted to get involved as well. Losing control, referee Todd Sinclair sent Aldis, Brandi, and The Boys from ringside. Losing his edge, Cody once again looked to Scurll for partnership, but again was rebuffed. Taking advantage of the situation, Castle was able to retain his title with a Bangarang on Scurll, as the defeated egomaniac looked on helplessly from the floor.

    Bullet Club had lost once again.

    And they would continue to lose, as Cody had another opportunity the following night in a Fatal 4-Way to claim the title. It was not to be, as Jay Lethal became the 2-Time Ring of Honor Heavyweight Champion, and Bullet Club continued to fail in their attempts to capture RoH gold. Meanwhile in Japan, Kenny Omega sat quietly, polishing his newly won IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Cody will have yet another chance when he goes “All In” against Nick Aldis, as he looks to become NWA Champion, but the real battle is within Bullet Club itself. Omega and Cody will meet, and like two teenagers fighting over the cute girl in school, only one will come out the victor and true leader of Bullet Club.

    Disregard anything anyone tells you about the state of Bullet Club. The truth is this:

    Until next time,
    Rob Out!
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    Loved this, Rob! Great review and storyline breakdown. I've never been as wild about the Bullet Club as some are but it's impossible to say they aren't doing a great job telling a layered and interesting story with all this. Love that Cody is at the front of the pack, he's really come into his own in a whole new way. Really dug this, thanks for dropping it man!

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    After the Cali show last night, the majority of them might be now, bar the obvious G.O.D. lol

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    Great stuff here Rob, I tried to write a column about this story for most of last week and just could not get it onto paper. You both explained the greater story and brought the characters to life here and I really enjoyed reading it. For me this story has been my gateway drug into NJPW and I've really loved how they combined in ring action with blog stuff on Being are Elite. I think Cody in particular has really defined his character and has thrived since turning on Omega and his progression has been so logical, this is a guy who took a big risk leaving the wwe and he didn't do it to be the second best singles wrestler in his group, he did it to see his name at the top.

    I haven't seen the match yet but I'm really keen to see who finally wins in this battle between such a clear hero and villain.


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    Thanks for the feedback guys and thanks Sam for putting this on the MP. I would say that even after the Cow Palace show, Bullet Club is certainly still not fine. Sure things have changed, but there is still a fracture there, albeit an entirely different one now. Despite all that, I think the drama playing out in the faction is actually quite intriguing, all the way down to them having little success recently winning their title matches.

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