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    Philosophy Videos

    First off, I don't expect this will be the most popular thread on the board. But it might attract a little group who'd be interested in this sort of thing.

    I got into these videos when I was having some trouble sleeping. I found there's enough content to keep you interested but it's presented in a pretty light way so it was good for that time of night, and at the same time it's taking the difficult subject matter and putting it easily enough that most people will be able to follow it. And the videos are all around 9-10 minutes long so it shouldn't be impossible for anyone keen to find the time to watch them.

    So yeah, thought I'd try posting them maybe a couple a week and seeing if they prompt any discussion of the issues that are raised. Or the first couple will sit here with no replies and I'll give up in a couple of weeks. Either way, no harm done. But here's the first one, which is pretty introductory so probably a good way in if you're not used to this kind of subject matter.

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    I started watching some of this...I wouldnt give up too quickly on it...there was a Jordan Peterson thread that I think sir Sam put up that I never got time to reply to before it was taken down...some of this stuff has more value down the road.

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    I actually immediately thought of a video I recently saw of a debate with Peterson, a well known Christian Philosopher William Lane Craig and Rebecca Goldstein, a well known naturalist philosopher when I saw this thread. I though I should probably watch PT's video first but I'll chuck it up here and comment on the first one too when I have a watch.

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    I tend to agree with the lady in the center. I believe conditioning teaches us religion there's universal truth which every person would learn through experience and then there's rules that separate their faith from the world. Usually the extra rules are either silly or even stifling to people. I think generally religion gives folks universal morality that we would find anyway but with the extra rules not grounded in empathy it can actually separate people over trivial false moralities such as you see Amish being shunned...or those who.dont believe in interaracial relationships turning on their children for engaging in them...or things the Bible says about gays for instance hurt their progress

    While I agree with her, I will say Peterson and Craig are more brilliant and articulate their views better.
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