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    Here is a guy who only got respect from WCW. He didn't from WWE or tna in his time with them. Yet, he's taken addicts in his home to make them better. What a fucking entertainer. What a fucking man...What's your opinion of the master of the diamond cutter?

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    Just read something really interesting about DDP... for his whole career he avoided doing flat back bumps, which Flair also always avoided doing, and despite being a lot older than other guys his body held up amazingly well. At 46 years old he came into WWE with basically no health issues. They told him to change his bumping style, and in less than a year he was so beat up he had to retire. One more point towards the greatness of DDP, practicing a sustainable style as long as he could and remaining great late into his career, which is still impressive even though he started later in life than most. If WCW hadn't closed when they did, he would have been one of the main pillars they rebuilt around, alongside Goldberg, Booker, and Steiner.

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