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    Things Trump Says

    This will probably get political but that's not my goal. Whether you are a fan of his or not, President Donald Trump says a lot of things that make you scratch your head or laugh.

    This one about Elton John in particular was hilarious:

    Campaign speeches seem to be the best for soundbytes. He really goes off on freestyle riffs in those. Feel free to share other things this guy says that makes you go, "huh?".

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    I swear that guys a secret crackhead, that's why he's the most bizarre president ever. Only crack could explain it, either that or he injects bleach into his scrotum daily.

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    I wonder if we can change it to presidents instead of just Trump. It would be more "bi-partisan" and Trump is NOT the worst speaker I've heard as president. This guy is.

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    I'd rather it stay with Trump, but that's up to the mods. We've all made fun of George W. thousands of times.

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    This guy predicted his victory. Trump may go off rails but he's really a genius in manipulating the media and popular opinion, whether you like his policies or not.

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    Oh no doubt. I was wrong on my prediction for the first time in my life, I usually always predict the primary then general elections before the primaries. I predicted Obama/McCain in 2004 with Obama winning because I saw Bushes presidency falling. Once the general election started, everything that told me Trump was going to win started to go off. Always look for the candidate that is in charge of the story of the election. 1992 Clinton beat Bush because he made it about the people, 1996 the Republicans made the election about Bill, so Bill won, 2000, George made the election about how likeable he was, and Gore reminded people how stiff he was with that kiss, 2004 was all about George, 2008 and 2012 Obama made the election about how great the nation could be, and 2016 Trump made it about being an outsider who will shake up things. In 2020, the Dems can't make the election about Trump, because they'd lose.

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    given how much attention the left has given Trump like every single moment, without Trump, Democrats is running on nothing.

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    And if that's all they have to run on, they'll lose. History has shown, the candidate who controls the message wins the election. Reagan didn't beat Carter because he tore down Carter, he beat him because he offered a true alternative to Carter's policies and sold them. Carter was crushed in the debate because as he's trying to sell health care, he attacked Reagan, which allowed Reagan to offer "There you go again." Even Carter made the election about Reagan, and Reagan won. When Clinton beat George Bush, Clinton was offering ideas like "the kid from Hope," and he offered a Southern voice for the Democrats for the first time since LBJ. He didn't attack Bush for the recession, instead he offered ideas on how to get out of the recession and how we can move forward to the "bridge of the 21st Century."

    If all the Democrats have is to attack Trump, they'll lose, and they'll lose big. Trump is exposed as a racist, sexist, and bad with money, and this was pit in the open before 2016. He still won because the election was about him, and Hillary gladly made it about him. In 2008, she lost because she let the primary be about Obama, after all, "he's likable enough." Where as Obama was offering ideas of "Hope and Change," "A more perfect union," and in the general he really didn't attack McCain at all, instead allowing McCain to hit him with "That One," and standing above it all.

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