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    Let's talk about... The G1 Climax

    What's up, guys? The G1 Climax is approaching fast, and i'm gonna break it all down for you guys. I'm gonna discuss the history behind it, why it's such a big deal, the time for each event and the participants this year. Let's not waste any more time, so buckle up and lets go for a ride!

    The History:

    The G1 Climax started way back in 1991, although New Japan has held a Heavyweight tournament in August every year since 1974. But it wasn't called the G1 until '91, so if they aren't counting it, neither am I!... It's a month long, round robin style tournament where you receive points, 2 for a win 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. Each year seems to have a different amount of participants, with this year being 20 split into two blocks "A" and "B". The wrestlers with the most points in their respective blocks will face off in the finals. The prize has changed throughout the years, but since 2012 the winner receives a briefcase which guarantees an IWGP Heavyweight Championship shot at the following Wrestle Kingdom. Yes yes, I know - LOL NJPW IS COPYING MONEY IN THE BANK. Lets all be adults and move on from that, shall we? Now something interesting is that the IWGP Heavyweight Champion is usually in the tournament. Now I know what you're thinking "What does the champ get, if he wins?" Well... supposedly he gets to pick his challenger for Wrestle Kingdom. But i wouldn't worry too much about that, the champ hasn't won the tournament since 2000. Now that your interest is peaked let's talk about how and when to watch it.

    How & When To Watch:

    Obviously you're gonna need NJPW World to watch the G1. Here's the link - ... It's real simple to sign up and it's less money than the WWE Network. I'm not gonna hold your hand and walk you through that website. You guys are smart people, you got this. I believe in you.... Once you do that, you're gonna need to know when to watch. I'm gonna post the date and time in 4 different time zones. If you don't live in one of those zones, i'm sure you can figure it out.

    Saturday July 14th – 2:30(Pacific), 5:30(Eastern), 10:30(UK), 18:30(Japan)
    Sunday July 15th – 23:00 July 14th(Pacific), 2:00(Eastern), 7:00(UK), 15:00(Japan)
    Monday July 16th – 2:00(Pacific), 5:00(Eastern), 10:00(UK), 18:00(Japan)
    Thursday July 19th – 2:30(Pacific), 5:30(Eastern), 10:30(UK), 18:30(Japan)
    Friday July 20th – 2:30(Pacific), 5:30(Eastern), 10:30(UK), 18:30(Japan)
    Saturday July 21st – 2:30(Pacific), 5:30(Eastern), 10:30(UK), 18:30(Japan)
    Sunday July 22nd – 0:30(Pacific), 3:30(Eastern), 8:30(UK), 16:30(Japan)
    Thursday July 26th – 2:30(Pacific), 5:30(Eastern), 10:30(UK), 18:30(Japan)
    Friday July 27th – 2:30(Pacific), 5:30(Eastern), 10:30(UK), 18:30(Japan)
    Saturday July 28th – 2:00(Pacific), 5:00(Eastern), 10:00(UK), 18:00(Japan)
    Monday July 30th – 3:00(Pacific), 6:00(Eastern), 11:00(UK), 19:00(Japan)
    Wednesday August 1st – 2:30(Pacific), 5:30(Eastern), 10:30(UK), 18:30(Japan)
    Thursday August 2nd – 2:30(Pacific), 5:30(Eastern), 10:30(UK), 18:30(Japan)
    Saturday August 4th – 1:00(Pacific), 4:00(Eastern), 9:00(UK), 17:00(Japan)
    Sunday August 5th – 23:00 August 4th(Pacific), 2:00(Eastern), 7:00(UK), 15:00(Japan)
    Wednesday August 8th – 2:30(Pacific), 5:30(Eastern), 10:30(UK), 18:30(Japan)
    Friday August 10th – 2:30(Pacific), 5:30(Eastern), 10:30(UK), 18:30(Japan)
    Saturday August 11th – 2:30(Pacific), 5:30(Eastern), 10:30(UK), 18:30(Japan)
    G1 FINALS Sunday August 12th – 23:00 August 11th(Pacific), 2:00(Eastern), 7:00(UK), 15:00(Japan)

    Okay, we got the when, where and how... now we need the who.

    The Participants:

    Block A:

    - Yoshi-Hashi
    Yoshi-Hashi is basically a non factor. His last tournament saw him rack up two wins and 7 losses. When you see him on your screen, you can bet on him counting the lights.

    - Bad Luck Fale
    The Underboss of Bullet Club. A founding member alongside Karl Anderson and Finn Balor. Fale is a unique guy, he's 6 foot 4 and almost 350lbs but he's ALWAYS been used as a bodyguard/muscle of Bullet Club. He's basically a roadblock fro the real contenders to get passed. He'll get a few surprise wins, probably set up a future title shot, but don't expect anything more than *** for his matches.

    - Togi Makabe
    Togi Makabe. A former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, beating Japanese Freddy Mercury himself, Shinsuke Nakamua for the gold. Back in 2010. Now, in 2017, he's been mainly in the tag team division. Known as the "Unchained Gorilla", Makabe is known for his violent, bloody style, often illegally employing chains into his offense, including a lariat with a chain wrapped around his arm. Watch out for his chain and his top rope "King Kong Knee Drop."

    - Michael Elgin
    Big strong hoss, looking to become the 2nd ever Canadian to win the G1(The first is Kenny Omega). Another roadblock for the real players to get passed. Expect him to get a win over Yoshi-Hashi.

    - Adam "Hangman" Page
    Hangman makes his G1 debut this year, so look for him to make an impact. He's really improved over the last 18 months and he's gonna damn near kill himself to prove that he belongs in the main event. Hopefully he's recovered from the butt whooping he received at the Cow Palace, though.

    - EVIL
    EVIL is a member of the Los Ingobernables De Japon faction and primarily sticks in the tag division with current stable mate, Sanada. I think he's a star in the making, he's got a unique look and persona. Imagine a 235lb Japanese Grim Reaper with metal fangs. Sounds pretty sick, right? Yeah, I thought so.

    - "Switchblade" Jay White
    Jay White has been with NJPW for a couple years, but made his redebut in November 2017 as "Switchblade." Basically a guy obsessed with knives and leather jackets. It's his debut as well, and he needs to let off some steam and hatred. See, Mr. Blade recently lost the IWGP United States Championship to Juice Robinson. Now with no title and more knives, look at him to take a stab at the competition... HA. Man, i'm funny. Stab, knife, oh.. you get it.

    - Minoru Suzuki
    The baddest man on the planet and no, I don't mean Ken Shamrock. Minoru Suzuki leads the Suzuki-Gun faction and his favorite thing to do is hurt people. He gets this sadistic smile across his face, as his opponent winces in pain and cries for help. He recently just celebrated his 30th anniversary in wrestling and doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon. If you like "Strong Style', seek out his matches. You won't be disappointed

    - Hiroshi Tanahashi
    The Ace of New Japan, Hiroshi Tanahashi is what I consider the John Cena of New Japan. Carried the company on his back for years, while they were struggling and always brings it when it comes to big matches. You're gonna get to see him take on Suzuki and reignite his rivalry with Kazuchika Okada. I can't wait!

    - Kazuchika Okada
    The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and arguably the greatest wrestler on the planet. He's looking to reclaim the throne and will go through anyone to claim it, even CHAOS stable mate Jay White.

    Block B:

    -Toru Yano
    A comedy character who frustrates his opponent so much, that they get sloppy and he rolls em up for the victory. If that doesn't work, he'll low blow you or throw powder from his DVD case, in your eyes.

    - Hirooki Goto
    The current NEVER Openweight Champion, and the man who stood toe-to-toe with Minoru Suzuki and lived to tell the tale. The G1 is special to him, becuase if he wins that, he gets a shot for the one championship that has alluded him his entire New Japan run - The IWGP Heavyweight Championship

    - "Stone Pitbull" Tomohiro Ishii
    The Stone Pitbull, which is an awesome name if you ask me, is unleashed! When it comes to the G1, the man with no neck thrive. Last year he had an FANTASTIC match with Kenny Omega, and i'm sure he wants to doeven better this year. Get ready to watch him Brainbuster the competition.

    - SANADA
    SANADA is usually relegated to the tag division, with his boy EVIL. Although, he did have a banger of a match with Okada earlier in the year. Pay attention to SANADA, cause in 5 years.... He's gonna be the face of New Japan

    - Zack Sabre Jr.
    Ohhhhhhhh, Zack Sabre Jr! The newest member of Suzuki-Gun. I love ZSJ and have come to the conclusion that he is the love child of Bret Hart and Gumby. You know Gumby, that green play doh looking freak. But just like Gumby has Pokey, ZSJ has his boy TAKA(aka Taka Michinoku). But Sabre Jr doesn't need TAKA, he did submit Tanahashi, Naito and Ibushi on his own. I know it didn't happen with the World Cup, but don't be surprised if the G1 "comes home."

    - Juice Robinson
    The former CJ Parker from NXT, Juice Robinson is the current IWGP United States Champion and looking to do better this year, than his last year record. A measly 2 points scored last year, but.... They were scored against Kenny Omega. Now, with a chip on his shoulder and a championship around his waist, look for the most tenacious guy in all New Japan to have a much better record this year.

    - Tama Tonga
    Now, if I was writing this 2 weeks ago I wouldn't have much to say about the Bad Boy. I love Tama, but he he's just, always... been there. UNTIL NOW.... At the G1 special in San Francisco he, along with Tonga Loa and freakin' HAKU (HAKU I TELL YOU) destroyed Bullet Club. Now, Tama has been BC4LYFE but ever since Kenny took over and The Elite(the group consisting of Omega and the Young Bucks) formed, Tama has had an issue with that. But that's a long story, so lemme give you the gist. Tama hates Kenny, Cody and the rest of Bullet Club and will make sure he's never overlooked again.

    - Tetsuya Naito
    The leader of Los Ingobernables de Japon, a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and former G1 winner. He's not afraid of these guys, he's not afraid of anyone. He's tranquilo. Now, a couple months ago he lost the IWGP Intercontinental Championship to Chris Jericho. God, what a world we live in.... Naito didn;t care about that title though, he only wants the Heavyweight Championship and expect him to at least make it to his block finals.

    - Kota Ibushi
    The biggest story to come out of New Japan this year, is the reuniting of the Golden Lovers(Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega). Are they friends, are they lovers, what are they? I don't know. But I do know that they share a soul and a heart, and it's gonna tear me apart when they have to fight each other this tournament. Ibushi is a wild man and do whatever it takes, including moonsaults off balconies and shooting foreworks out his ass, to win.

    - Kenny Omega
    It's come down to this, the IWGP Heavyweight Champion and part of the 7* match. Omega was the one to finally dethrone Okada, and now he is atop the New Japan mountain. But being on top, there's only one way to go and that's down. He's not going down easy, with his V-Trigger knee strikes and the deadly One Winged Angel(which no one has kicked out of). Whoever defeats him, will surely set up an IWGP Heavyweight title shot.

    Well folks, that should be everything you need to know about the 2018 G1 Tournament. Sorry it's so last minute, Ihad work and some personal issues to deal with this week. I will be covering the tournament itself, will try my best to do day to day coverage. Wish me luck guys, and hope this helped out!

    Until next time,
    Don't forget to syrup your waffles, and say your prayers!

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    Hey man, nice breakdown here, very succinct and efficient with your words. This is my first G1 that I will have watched through, I watched a number of matches from last years and highlights from the previous ones when I got into NJPW at the start of the year but this feels kind of special to me. My pick is Naito, I think his story this year is one of being stripped down from the heights of WK12 and building back up and that starts in the G1. Truth be told I'm probably miles off but I'm still excited and both blocks are pretty deep, especially Block B which was an absolute pain to rank. On our column Imp and I were typing it up in a Google Doc at the same time and we were constantly revising our picks, there are just so many guys who you can make an argument for having a very strong showing.

    The best part of this column though was that you made the exact same Gumby reference that I did about ZSJ. I didn't know if that was just an Aussie reference but apparently not!

    As I said on the first post I'm really looking forward to seeing you review the tournament as it goes on, just watch you check the rules about double posting if you plan on doing multiple posts over the weekend. In the past daily columns have created a thread and posted multiple columns in that, maybe you could do a thread for each weekend. It is up to you I just thought I'd give you a heads up so you don't find your thread accidentally locked.

    Keep up the good stuff.

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    Frozone! Back with something that looks a lot more like a proper column, haha. I really like how much personality you put into this, and I dig your efforts to format it so that it flows a little better. The colored subsections for each guy looks real good, though I could have lived without the centered paragraphs. Might want to give a second look at the grammar too, they were a few errors which were a little distracting. If you're not already, I recommend typing up in Word or something first so you get the spellcheck built right in. Just a thought.

    Sam also has a good point, be a bit careful about the way you post this series. There aren't that many rules here but we appreciate you keeping an eye on the few we do have.

    Looks like you and I have some similar tastes and thoughts about the G1! I'm not as into New Japan as some but I always keep an eye on the top matches. Bold prediction with SANADA! I'm not sure I agree or not, I've liked him since I first saw him on Impact but face of New Japan? That'll be interesting to watch. Personally I think I'm looking forward most to Sabre vs. Ibushi, they've had a couple great ones but I think they can top themselves. Hard to go wrong with Omega/Ibushi too, the story built into that is gonna be a real joy.

    Looking forward to this coverage, hope whatever personal issue you had came to a good conclusion and left you free to crank this baby out!

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback and advice! I think what I’m going to do, is post a thread and keep adding columns to that. I’m going to try and update it as close to the close of every event as possible. But, with work and family it might be a little hard. Regarding the format, I kinda wanted to tweak things around and see what worked and what didn’t. The spelling and grammatical errors, are a total brain fart. It’s what I get for not proof reading it first.

    As for SANADA goes, he can totally be the next top dog. You’ll see. Just pay attention to him this tournament and watch what he does. The whole ZSJ/Gumby comparison I first made when I saw him in the CWC, so I’m glad other people see the same thing.

    As far as who I think is gonna win, my heart says Zack Sabre Jr. but my head says... Tetsuya Naito

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