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    LIVE draft results from the 2018 Lords of Pain fantasy draft

    Here are the LIVE results of the 2018 Wrestlemania Era Fantasy Draft. I'll try to keep this current as I can. If you want to find it on twitter, give me a follow @LOPType as results are posted there as well. I'll edit this as picks are made.


    - 13 competitors comprised of Column Forums writers, main page writers, and members of the comments section of LOP.

    - 20 rounds total

    - Anyone who competed in at least one Wrestlemania is eligible

    - Anyone eligible for the draft can be evaluated on their entire career, not just their WWE run. (This obviously boosts guys like Flair, DDP, Lex Luger, Sting, and others who had success elsewhere)

    - Male singles competitors only (you may draft someone from a tag team, but they will be weighted on individual merits)

    - Note that those eligible must have competed at Wrestlemania, not just appeared. Also, they are judged only on their merits as a wrestler/entertainer. (If they were a manager and wrestled, you couldn't draft them on the merits of managerial work, only wrestling).

    - After the draft, there will be a FREE AGENCY PERIOD that goes in the reverse draft order. Everyone will have an opportunity to pick up someone who went undrafted but must drop someone they did draft to do so. Also, after everyone has made 1 add/drop (if they choose to, this is not mandatory) then there will be another chance to grab a guy off of waivers, which will then go back to the original draft order.

    - There will be two separate categories for winners
    1.) Players Choice: All 13 of us vote for our top 5 (can't vote for yourself)
    2.) People's Choice: The comments section of the LOP main page and the comments section in the CF will vote (I will make a separate post with everyone's team so people know to vote. Please DO NOT vote in this one if you are competing)


    ROUND 1

    1. Mark Asnes selects STONE COLD
    2. Dynamite Billington selects THE UNDERTAKER
    3. LWO4LIFE selects RANDY SAVAGE
    4. Josh Harvoth selects JOHN CENA
    5. The Doc selects HHH
    6. MizFan selects RIC FLAIR
    7. Matt M. selects SHAWN MICHAELS
    8. Aqua Roman selects THE ROCK
    9. TypeItInMaan selects BRET HART
    10. DeathXStroke selects BROCK LESNAR
    11. SirSam selects SETH ROLLINS (Traded to PLAN)
    12. Rich Latta selects DANIEL BRYAN
    13. Samuel Plan- DEAN AMBROSE (Traded To Sam)

    ROUND 2

    14. Samuel Plan - CM PUNK
    15. Rich Latta- ROMAN REIGNS
    16. Sir Sam- MIC FOLEY
    17. DeathXStroke-AJ STYLES
    18. TypeItInMaan- STING
    19. AquaRoman- ULTIMATE WARRIOR
    20. MattM- KURT ANGLE
    21. MizFan- ANDRE THE GIANT
    22. Doc.-HULK HOGAN
    25. Dynamite Billington-EDGE
    26. Mark Asnes- ROWDY RODDY PIPER

    ROUND 3

    27. Mark Asnes- BATISTA
    28. Dynamite Billington- VADER
    30. Josh Horvath- KANE
    31. Doc-RAZOR RAMON
    32. MizFan- GOLDBERG
    33. Matt M-REY MYSTERIO
    34. AquaRoman - TED DIBIASE
    35. Type-OWEN HART
    36. DeathXStroke-RANDY ORTON
    37. SirSam- TERRY FUNK
    38. Rich Latta- DUSTY RHODES
    39.SamuelPlan- DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE

    ROUND 4

    40. SamuelPlan-UMAGA
    41. Rich Latta-CHRIS BENOIT
    43. DeathXStroke-SCOTT STEINER
    45. Aquaroman-BOB BACKLUND
    46. Matt M.-ARN ANDERSON
    47. MizFan- MR. PERFECT
    48. Doc-LEX LUGER
    49. Josh Harvoth-JEFF HARDY
    51. Dynamite Billington-HARLEY RACE
    52. Mark Asnes- KEVIN NASH

    ROUND 5

    53. Mark Asnes- DEAN MALENKO
    54- Dynamite Billington- FINN BALOR
    55. LWO4Life- IRON SHIEK
    56. Josh Harvoth- YOKOZUNA
    57. Doc- THE BIG SHOW
    58. MizFan- THE MIZ
    60. Aqua Roman-SGT SLAUGHTER
    62. Deathxstroke-GOLDUST
    63. SirSam- KEN SHAMROCK
    64. Rich Latta- RICK RUDE
    65. Samuel Plan- DON MURACO

    ROUND 6

    66. Samuel Plan- WILLIAM REGAL
    67. Rich Latta- BOOKER T
    69. DeathXStroke- ROB VAN DAM
    70. Type- DOLPH ZIGGLER
    71. Aqua Roman-BAM BAM BIGELOW
    72. Matt M- DYNAMITE KID
    73. MizFan-JBL
    74. Doc-CHRISTIAN
    75. Josh Harvoth-RON SIMMONS
    77. Dynamite Billington-BRAY WYATT
    78. Mark Asnes- JERRY LAWLER

    ROUND 7

    79. Mark Asnes- BUBBA RAY DUDLEY
    80. Dynamite Billington- HONKY TONK MAN
    82. Josh Harvoth- BIG BOSSMAN
    83. The Doc- TULLY BLANCHARD
    84. MizFan- CESARO
    85. Matt M.- JEFF JARRETT
    86. Aqua Roman- PSYCHO SID
    87. Type- KING KONG BUNDY
    88. DeathXStroke- X-PAC
    89- SirSam- NEVILLE
    90. Rich Latta- VINCE MCMAHON
    91. Samuel Plan- SAVIO VEGA

    ROUND 8-

    92. Samuel Plan- CHAD GABLE
    93. Rich Latta- SHEAMUS
    94. SirSam- SABU
    95. DeathXStroke- AUSTIN ARIES
    96. Type- MATT HARDY
    97. AquaRoman- TITO SANTANA
    98. The Doc (pick traded from Matt M)-BARRY WINDHAM
    100. Matt M. (pick traded from Doc)- KEVIN OWENS
    101. Josh Harvoth- RICK" THE MODEL" MARTEL
    102. LWO4Life- TEXAS TORNADO
    103. Dynamite Billington- ALBERTO DEL RIO
    104. Mark Asnes- BOBBY LASHLEY

    ROUND 9

    105 Mark Asnes- RUSEV
    106. Dynamite Billington- RIKISHI
    107. LWO4Life- ULTIMO DRAGON
    108. Josh Horvath- MIKE ROTUNDA (IRS)
    109. The Doc- RAVEN
    110. MizFan- TAJIRI
    111. Matt M.- SHELTON BENJAMIN
    112. AquaRoman- "BAD NEWS" BROWN
    114. DeathXStroke- DREW MCYNTIRE
    115. Sir Sam- MUSTAFA ALI
    116. Rich Latta- KOFI KINGSTON
    117. Samuel Plan- BOBBY ROODE

    ROUND 10

    118. Samuel Plan- HIDEO ITAMI
    119. Rich Latta- SAMI ZAYN
    120. SirSam- WADE BARRETT
    121. DeathXStroke- RYBACK
    122. Type- EARTHQUAKE
    123. AquaRoman- ADRIAN ADONIS
    124. Doc (Traded from Matt M.)- JOHN MORRISON
    125. MizFan- FINLAY
    126. Matt M (Traded from Doc)- CHARLIE HAAS
    127. Josh Harvoth- "BAD ASS" BILLY GUNN
    128. LWO4Life- PEDRO MORALES
    129- Dynamite Billington- "HACKSAW" JIM DUGGAN
    130.- Mark Asnes- GEORGE "THE ANIMAL" STEELE

    ROUND 11

    131. Mark Asnes-"WILDMAN" MARC MERO
    132. Dynamite Billington-LANCE STORM
    134. Josh Harvoth- MVP
    135. Chad "Doc" Matthews- TOMMY DREAMER
    136. MizFan-HAKU
    137. Matt M- TAZZ
    138. AquaRoman-BIG E
    139- Type- VAL VENIS
    140- DeathXStroke- THE GODFATHER
    141. SirSam- DORY FUNK, JR.
    142. Rich Latta-JASON JORDAN
    143. Samuel Plan-SHANE MCMAHON

    ROUND 12

    144. Samuel Plan-FLOYD MAYWEATHER
    145. Rich Latta-JUNKYARD DOG
    147. DeathXStroke- JIMMY SNUKA
    148. Type- HERCULES
    150. Matt M- BILLY KIDMAN
    151. Mizfan- 2 COLD SCORPIO
    152. Doc- LUKE HARPER
    153. Josh Harvoth- "ROAD DOGG" JESSIE JAMES
    155. Dynamite Billington- THE BARBARIAN
    156. Mark Asnes- CHAVO GUERRERO

    ROUND 13

    157. Mark Asnes- MR. T
    158. Dynamite Billington- GREG "HURRICANE" HELMS
    159. LWO4Life- KALISTO
    160. Josh Harvoth- JIM NEIDHART (RIP)
    161. The Doc- MARTY JANNETTY
    162. MizFan- CARL OULLET
    163. Matt M- PAUL LONDON
    164. AquaRoman- JUSTIN CREDIBLE
    165. Type- BIG JOHN STUDD
    166. Deathxstroke- CEDRIC ALEXANDER
    167. SirSam- XAVIER WOODS
    168. Latta- D'LO BROWN
    169. Plan- TYSON KIDD

    ROUND 14

    170. Plan- DAVID HART SMITH
    171. Latta-JACK SWAGGER
    172. SirSam-AL SNOW
    173. DeathXStroke- MATT SYDAL (EVAN BOURNE)
    174. Type- BARON CORBIN
    175- AquaRoman-"HARDCORE" HOLLY
    176. Matt M- SUPER CRAZY
    177. MizFan- RHYNO
    178. Doc- JAMIE NOBLE
    179. Josh Harvoth- "COWBOY" BOB ORTON, JR.
    181. Dynamite Billington- CARLITO
    182. Mark Asnes- TATANKA

    ROUND 15

    183. Mark Asnes- TEST (ANDREW MARTIN)
    184. Dynamite Billington- VISCERA
    186. Josh Harvoth- BRUTUS "THE BARBER" BEEFCAKE
    187. The Doc- SHAQUILLE O'NEAL
    188. MizFan- PERRY SATURN
    189. Matt M-MR. KENNEDY
    190. Aqua Roman- RICK STEINER
    191. Type- BUTTERBEAN
    192- DeathXStroke- THE BOOGEYMAN
    193. SirSam- KARL ANDERSON
    194. Rich Latta- JIMMY USO
    195. Samuel 'Plan- TYLER BREEZE

    ROUND 16

    196. Samuel Plan- JOEY MERCURY
    197. Rich Latta- RICKY MORTON
    198. SirSam- LUKE GALLOWS
    199. DeathXStroke- JINDER MAHAL
    200. Type- FANDANGO
    201. AquaRoman-WAYLON MERCY
    202. Matt M- PSICOSIS
    203. MizFan- KEN PATERA
    204. The Doc- TAKA MICHINOKU
    205. Josh Harvoth- CRASH HOLLY
    207. Dynamite Billington- BO DALLAS
    208. Mark Asnes- THE SANDMAN

    ROUND 17

    209. Mark Asnes- AHMED JOHNSON
    210. Dynamite Billington- STEVIE RICHARDS
    211. LWO4Life- KAMALA
    212. Josh Harvoth- MICHAEL "PS" HAYES (AUTODRAFTED)
    213. The Doc- A-TRAIN/TENSAI
    214. MizFan- RON GARVIN
    215. Matt M.- CHRIS MASTERS
    216. AquaRoman- NUNZIO
    217. Type- STEVE BLACKMAN
    218. DeathXStroke- THE GREAT KHALI
    219. SirSam- MIKE KNOX
    220. Latta- JEY USO
    221. SamuelPlan- SCOTT DAWSON

    ROUND 18

    222. Samuel Plan- DASH WILDER
    223. Latta- ROBERT GIBSON
    224. SirSam- SIN CARA
    225. DeathXStroke- TIGER ALI SINGH
    227. AquaRoman- ONE MAN GANG
    228. Matt M- JUSTIN GABRIEL
    229. MizFan- SANTINO MARELLA
    230. Doc- SCOTTY 2 HOTTY
    231. Josh Harvoth- "THE RED ROOSTER" TERRY TAYLOR
    232. LWO4Life- YOSHI TATSU
    233. Dynamite Billington- R. TRUTH
    234. Mark Asnes- DAMIEN SANDOW

    ROUND 19

    235. Mark Asnes- VLADIMIR KOZLOV
    236. Dynamite Billington- BALLS MAHONEY
    238. Josh Harvoth- ZACK RYDER
    239. The Doc- APOLLO CREWS
    240. MizFan-HEATH SLATER
    241. Matt M.- CURTIS AXEL
    242. AquaRoman- SHANNON MOORE
    243. Type- DEMOLITION AX
    244. DeathXStroke- KOKO B. WARE
    245. SirSam- LANCE ARCHER
    246. Rich Latta- TONY ATLAS
    247. 'Plan- DOUG FURNAS

    ROUND 20

    248. 'Plan- PRIMO COLON
    249. Latta- TRENT BARETTA
    250. SirSam- SPIKE DUDLEY
    251. DeathXStroke- DVON DUDLEY
    253. AquaRoman- FUNAKI
    254. Matt M.- KILLIAN DAIN
    255. MizFan- BUDDY ROSE
    256. Doc- MORDECAI
    257. Josh Harvoth- TED DIBIASE, JR
    258. LW04Life- LAWRENCE TAYLOR
    259. Dynamite Billington- BROOKLYN BRAWLER
    260. Mark Asnes- BUTCH REED


    1. Stone Cold
    2. Roddy Piper
    3. Batista
    4. Kevin Nash
    5. Dean Malenko
    6. Jerry Lawler
    7. Bubba Ray Dudley
    8. Bobby Lashley
    9. Rusev
    10. George "The Animal" Steele
    11. Marc Mero
    12. Chavo Guerrero
    13. Mr. T
    14. Tatanka
    15. Test
    16. The Sandman
    17. Ahmed Johnson
    18. Damien Sandow
    19. Vladimir Kozlov
    20. Butch Reed

    1. Taker
    2. Edge
    3. Vader
    4. Harley Race
    5. Finn Balor
    6. Bray Wyatt
    7. Honky Tonk Man
    8. Alberto Del Rio
    9. Rikishi
    10 "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
    11. Lance Storm
    12. The Barbarian
    13. The Hurricane
    14. Carlito
    15. Viscera
    16. Bo Dallas
    17. Stevie Richards
    18. R. Truth
    19. Balls Mahoney
    20. Brooklyn Brawler

    1. Savage
    2. Jericho
    3. Eddie Guerrero
    4. Jake Roberts
    5. Iron Shiek
    6. Mark Henry
    7. Cody Rhodes
    8. "Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich
    9. Ultimo Dragon
    10. Pedro Morales
    11. Genichiro Tenryu
    12. "Evil" Doink (Matt Borne)
    13. Kalisto
    14. Road Warrior Hawk (Legion of Doom)
    15. Road Warrior Animal (Legion of Doom)
    16. Nikolai Volkoff
    17. Kamala
    18. Yoshi Tatsu
    19. Hector Guerrero (Gobbeldy Gooker)
    20. Lawrence Taylor

    1. Cena
    2. B. Sammartino
    3. Kane
    4. Jeff Hardy
    5. Yokozuna
    6. Ron Simmons
    7. Big Boss Man
    8. Rick martel
    9. Mike Rotunda (IRS)
    10. "Bad ass" Billy Gunn
    11. MVP
    12. "Road Dogg" Jessie James
    13. Jim Neidhart
    14. "Cowboy" Bob Orton, Jr.
    15. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
    16. Crash Holly
    17. Michael "PS" Hayes
    18. Terry Taylor "The Red Rooster"
    19. Zack Ryder
    20. Ted DiBiase, Jr.

    1. HHH
    2. Hulk Hogan
    3. Razor Ramon (Scott Hall)
    4. Lex Luger
    5. Big Show
    6. Christian
    7. Jeff Jarrett (traded Tully Blanchard to Matt)
    8. Barry Windham
    9. Raven
    10. John Morrison
    11. Tommy Dreamer
    12. Luke Harper
    13. Marty Jannetty
    14. Jamie Noble
    15. Shaquille O'Neal
    16. Taka Michinoku
    17. A-Train
    18. Scotty 2 Hotty
    19. Apollo Crews
    20. Mordecai

    1. Flair
    2. Andre
    3. Goldberg
    4. Mr. Perfect
    5. The Miz
    6. JBL
    7. Cesaro
    8. Bobby Heenan
    9. Tajiri
    10. Finlay
    11. Haku
    12. 2 Cold Scorpio
    13. Carl Oullette
    14. Rhyno
    15. Perry Saturn
    16. Ken Patera
    17. Ron Garvin
    18. Santino Marella
    19. Heath Slater
    20. Buddy Rose

    MATT M.
    1. HBK
    2. Angle
    3. Rey Mysterio
    4. Arn Anderson
    5. British Bulldog
    6. Dynamite Kid
    7. Tully Blanchard (Traded Jeff Jarrett to Doc)
    8. Kevin Owens
    9. Shelton Benjamin
    10. Charlie Haas
    11. Tazz
    12. Billy Kidman
    13. Paul London
    14. Super Crazy
    15. Mr. Kennedy
    16. Psicosis
    17. Chris Masters
    18. Justin Gabriel
    19. Curtis Axel
    20. Killian Dain

    1. The Rock
    2. Warrior
    3. "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
    4. Bob Backlund
    5.Sgt Slaughter
    6. Bam Bam Bigelow
    7. Psycho Sid
    8. Tito Santana
    9. "Bad News" Brown
    10. Adrian Adonis
    11. Big E
    12. The Mountie
    13. Justin Credible
    14. "Hardcore" Holly
    15. Rick Steiner
    16. Waylon Mercy
    17. Nunzio
    18. One Man Gang
    19. Shannon Moore
    20. Funaki

    1. Bret Hart
    2. Sting
    3. Owen Hart
    4. Ricky Steamboat
    5. Shinsuke Nakamura
    6. Dolph Ziggler
    7. King Kong Bundy
    8. Matt Hardy
    9. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff
    10. Earthquake
    11. Val Venis
    12. Hercules
    13. Big John Studd
    14. Baron Corbin
    15. Butterbean
    16. Fandango
    17. Steve Blackman
    18. Demolition Smash
    19. Demolition Ax
    20. Demolitoin Crush

    1. Brock Lesnar
    2. AJ Styles
    3. Randy Orton
    4. Scott Steiner
    5. Goldust
    6. RVD
    7. X-Pac
    8. Austin Aries
    9. Drew Mcyntire
    10. Ryback
    11. The Godfather
    12. Jimmy Snuka
    13. Cedric Alexander
    14. Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne)
    15. The Boogeyman
    16. Jinder Mahal
    17. The Great Khali
    18. Tiger Ali Singh
    19. Koko B. Ware
    20. D-Von Dudley

    1. Ambrose (via trade w/ Plan)
    2. Mic Foley
    3. Terry Funk
    4. Braun Strowman
    5. Ken Shamrock
    6. Greg Valentine
    7. Neville
    8. Sabu
    9. Mustafa Ali
    10. Wade Barrett
    11. Dory Funk, Jr.
    12. The Brian Kendrick
    13. Xavier Woods
    14. Al Snow
    15. Karl Anderson
    16. Luke Gallows
    17. Mike Knox
    18. Sin Cara
    19. Lance Archer
    20. Spike Dudley

    1. Daniel Bryan
    2. Roman Reigns
    3. "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
    4. Chris Benoit
    5. Rick Rude
    6. Booker T
    7. Vince McMahon
    8. Sheamus
    9. Kofi Kingston
    10. Sami Zayn
    11. Jason Jordan
    12. Junkyard Dog
    13. D'Lo Brown
    14. Jack Swagger
    15. Jimmy Uso
    16. Ricky Morton
    17. Jey Uso
    18. Robert Gibson
    19. Tony Atlas
    20. Trent Barreta

    1. Seth Rollins (Via trade with SirSam)
    2. CM Punk
    3. Diamond Dallas Page
    4. Umaga
    5. Don Muraco
    6. William Regal
    7. Savio Vega
    8. Chad Gable
    9. Bobby Roode
    10. Hideo Itami
    11. Shane McMahon
    12. Floyd Mayweather
    13. Tyson Kidd
    14. David Hart Smith
    15. Tyler Breeze
    16. Joey Mercury
    17. Dash Wilder
    18. Scott Dawson
    19. Primo Colon
    20. Doug Furnas


    Dino Bravo
    "Hillbilly" Jim
    Jim Powers
    Paul Roma
    Tye Dillinger
    Doink The Clown (Ray Apollo babyface version)
    Typhoon (Tugboat)
    Titus O'Neill
    Orlando Jordan
    Tom Zenk
    Big Cass
    Darren Young
    Enzo Amore
    Brodus Clay
    Aiden English
    Danny Davis
    Erick Rowan
    Giant Gonzalez
    Chuck Palumbo
    Billy Jack Haynes
    Curt Hawkins
    Kenny Dykstra
    Alex Riley
    Akebono (Vs. Big Show)
    Jim Cornette (Battle royal WM X7)
    Brother Love (Battle Royal WM X7)
    Michael Cole (Vs. Jerry Lawler)
    Nicholas (Teamed with Braun Strowman)

    Tian Bing
    Rob Conway
    Tyson Tomko
    Ezekiel Jackson
    Bull Buchanan
    Duke "The Dumpster" Droese
    Renee Dupree
    Bart Gunn (Smoking Gunns, Bombastic Bart)
    Adam Bomb
    Brad Maddox
    Raymond Rougeau
    The Executioner
    Marcus Cor Von
    Elijah Burke
    Matt Striker
    Johnny Valiant
    Mojo Rawley
    Special Delivery Jones "SD"
    Samu (Headshrinkers)
    David Sammartino
    George Wells
    Uncle Elmer
    Corporal Kirschner
    The Haiti Kid
    Little Beaver
    Little Tokyo
    Lord Littlebrook
    Ron Bass
    Sam Houston
    Boris Zhukov
    Tama (Islanders)
    Kofi Katao
    Dink The Clown
    Mo (Men On A Mission)
    David Otunga
    The Goon
    Phineas Godwin (Mideon)
    Henry Godwin
    Mark Jindrack
    Tyler Reks
    Paul Burchill (WM 25 Lumberjack)
    Caylen Croft
    Luther Reigns
    Simon Dean
    Adam Rose
    Mike Kanellis
    Simon Gotch
    Jimmy Wang Yang
    Victor/Konnor (The Ascension)
    Skip/Zip (Body Donnas)
    Deuce/Domino (Deuce N Domino)
    Johnny Grunge/Rocco Rock (Public Enemy)
    Brian Blair/Jim Brunzell (Killer Bees)
    Doug Basham/Danny Basham (The Basham Brothers)
    Rory McAllister/Rob McAllister (The Highlanders)
    Miguel Perez Jr/Jesus Castillo (Los Boricuas)
    Phillip Lafon ( Of the Can Am Express)
    JTG/Shad Gaspard (Cryme Tyme)
    Beau Beverly/Blake Beverly (Beverly Brothers)
    Luke/Butch (Bushwhackers)
    Don Harris/Don Harris (Harris bros, Blu Brothers, Grimm Twins)
    Rodney/Pete Gas/Joey Abs (Mean Street Posse)*
    Tom Pritchard/Jimmy Del Ray (Heavenly Bodies)
    Pat Tanaka/Sato (Orient Express)
    Brian Knobbs/Jerry Saggs (Nasty Boys)
    Skull/8Ball (Disciples of Apocalypse)
    Brian Christopher (2 Cool)
    Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch (Cade and Murdoch)
    Jessie (Of Jessie and Festus)
    Mosh/Thrash (Headbangers)
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    The Brain
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    The only criteria was to look good on paper, and that can mean anything, so I am gonna trend more towards guys I like. I'll balance that with guys who are also big names, especially early on, but most of all I want to build a card that I can be proud of personally, rather than something that will draw big but make me hate my life. I'm not even saying Hogan on top makes me hate my life or anything, but given the choice between him and guys like Flair and Savage, well, it's an easy choice for me!

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    Yea and that's perfectly fine and honestly, that is the template I think most people will be using. If Hogan is there in the second round or something, I'd be hard pressed to pass on him. Striking a good balance would be key for me. Guys that drew, good workers, good mid card guys. I pre-ranked 400 people and I can assure you with 280 picks made that the pool will thin out and people will have to choose guys that aren't top guys ..looking for those hidden gems. That is another reason why I LOVE having 14 people and a big draft pool. The draft will be won by those who get value in rounds 15-20.

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    The Brain
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    I will say, there's basically no chance that I won't draft Heath Slater in the last round.

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    We still got Ultimate Warrior, Bruno Sammartino, Andre the Giant available and then we gotta start thinking about guys like Lesnar, Batista, Edge, Jericho who hit their stride with the company either attitude or Ruthless aggression era. Don't forget about guys like Jake roberts and Mr Perfect who were masterful in the ring and characters we'll never forget. I would be more than happy to draft the latter 2 guys mentioned in round 2.

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    Author of 101 WWE Matches To See Before You Die Samuel 'Plan's Avatar
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    I will be happy to reveal what is now my THIRD strategy (screw being last!!) once the ball is rolling a little more. Though anyone who has followed my work should by rights soon recognise the formula I want to pursue. History is the best teacher there is...

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    The Brain
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    Is the strategy to cry because Bret and Rollins both got picked already?

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    Author of 101 WWE Matches To See Before You Die Samuel 'Plan's Avatar
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    Well now the strategy is going to be to spitefully pick every WCW golden boy going....

    I've realised that there are a whopping 26 picks between my second and third. That's crazy!

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    The Brain
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    Oh noooo, please don't pick Sting...

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    Plan if you grabbed Hogan/Sting (I doubt that's your plan) you may have arguably the faces of two companies. That'd be solid in my book

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    I'm changing the deadline to 24 hours for making a pick. Honestly, most people have been prompt about getting theirs in. The only hold up is when I replaced people. Now that we have a solidified group, i'll make that deadline 24 hours instead of 48. Given the amount of interest there's been from the competitors (thank you by the way!), it seems like the right move. This should move things along swiftly. I'm hoping we can get 2 rounds in per week.. that quickens the pace to make it fun and of course every 4 rounds i'll post to the main page so that will break it up nicely. Thanks everyone who's been interested in this. It means a lot.

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    Jul 2018
    So when do I get my trophy??

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    May 2018
    As soon as I get my referral money for getting 2 new people to sign up for the CF!

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    Jul 2018
    No new update?

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    May 2018
    Waiting on sir Benjamin Button, who does not have facebook or twitter to bother. LOL. After his pick, everything should move quickly again.

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    May 2018
    Rich Latta selects DANIEL BRYAN at #12 overall! YES! YES! YES!

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    Member #25 SirSam's Avatar
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    May 2018
    I will provide a full breakdown of my picks later on because much like my first pick I have a grander plan in mind that could be spoiled if I was to reveal things now. Was hoping I could pick up Daniel Bryan on my second way through, I nearly took him in my first pick and was holding out hope he would still be undrafted on my second.

    Rich, want to take over the RELIVED series now you have Bryan?

    Kidding though it could be fun to get some other contributors to it to liven things up.
    Last edited by SirSam; 07-18-2018 at 11:39 PM.

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    So we have an interesting list of people left and Im dying to know how people will prioritize

    WCW/NWA main eventers: Sting, Dusty Rhodes, Luger
    Hulkamania Era guys: Hogan, Warrior, Perfect, Savage, Piper, Andre, Rude
    Ruthless aggression: Edge, Batista, Orton
    WCW prime: Booker T, DDP
    Attitude Era: Mic Foley, Chris Jericho, Big Show
    Current crop: AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns

    obviously there's overlap in eras but that was essentially the eras in which their primes were hit.

    The reason I LOVE this kind of draft is that there is really no wrong selection. Nobody you can point to and say, "well that was a terrible pick." Different eras all mean different things to everyone.

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    Sam, if Rich hadn't picked Bryan I was going to, so there was no way you were going to get him! Haha.

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    Latta's pick is IN. Will be posted soon!

  22. #22
    Plan ruined my plan of Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk, so I was forced into alternative methods lol.

  23. #23

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    I really dislike you guys

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    where are these picks being posted?

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    May 2018
    Picks are posted live on Twitter as they come in. I try to reveal them that way and i'll come over here and post after the fact so people can see the board. I'm swamped at work though so i'll post Latta's pick soon!

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    Update.. spoke with Benjamin Button who was understandably not happy about losing picks. I did market this as something people can do even if they have busy lives, which he definitely does. I have not heard back from him, but am giving him every opportunity to stay in this because I like him and him wrong. If he is out, there seems to be a ton of interest and a replacement will be no issue. If he's in, he'll have picks 16 and 17 after Latta. My goal is to knock out 2 rounds per week ,making the draft about 2 1/2 months which is fair. Also keep in mind i'll post to the main page every 4 rounds and that should keep things fresh for debate and all that good stuff. Hang in there, guys! This should move faster once everything is set!

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    Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns IS professional wrestling.

  30. #30

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    Ultimate juxtaposition of who the fans want as their champion vs. who the fans do NOT want as their champion. I like the strategy. Will the voters?

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    It would certainly sports entertain me.

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    So I'm going to throw out this idea... would you rather have a panel of impartial judges (people from MP or CF) who vote on the winner or just let the comments section as well as all the competitors voting for someone else (honor system)?

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    Maybe a People's choice and an 'experts' choice where we can give a top 3. Obviously we can't vote for ourselves. You could then combine them for the Grand Winner somehow.

    I use that term expert loosely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel 'Plan View Post
    Latta picking up Reigns second is, I think, a little ingenious.
    WTF? I thought Hogan was toxic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LWO4Life View Post
    WTF? I thought Hogan was toxic.
    Hogan is bound to go this round unless we keep letting him be in free fall like aaron rodgers lol
    Main Page Writer, One Nation Radio Host, Rap Artist, Beatmaker, Youtuber. - All the links will be in the top pinned tweet. Let's Connect.

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    Great, idea Sam. That's why they pay you the big bucks! The trophy can then say "people's choice winner- 2018 fantasy Wrestlemania era draft" As long as people used the honor system and didn't try to skew votes for someone who is well received. I think we're all adults. I'd have no problem acknowledging someone's greatness.

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    Let's hope someone from the United States wins so I dont have to ship a $20 trophy internationally.

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    I have a lot of problems acknowledging someone else's greatness, if they picked Seth Rollins first.

    Damn Australian, stealing my name, stealing my wrestler...

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    My wheels are already spinning as to next summer's draft. I think next summer will be "Type's All time Tag Team classic" ANY Tag team, ANY promotion is eligible, overlapping is fair game (ie- Brothers of Destruction can be drafted as well as Team hell no), anyone that was ever a tag team is fair game. That should open up the field to do another 20 rounds and 14 people.

    Though I'd totally need help with some of the indy promotion tag teams- that's not my bag. I will hire someone to do data entry!

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