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    Anybody listen to Podcasts? Got recommendations for your old pals on LoP?

    Iíll get the ball rolling. The Blindboy Podcast. Number one podcast in Ireland for countless weeks running.

    Tricky to explain exactly what itís about as itís possibly the most random collection of thoughts and stories youíll ever wrap your ears around, BUT it is one of those instances where you just feel smarter by listening to it. Smarter and normal, and sure you couldnít beat that.

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    Man I listen to so so many podcasts at work. I've never heard of Blind boy but I'll give it a listen. A few of my favs onclude
    - LOP Radio (of course)
    - Radiolabs, science and story telling podcast
    - Hardcore History, long form history podcast. The guy is just a really high level story teller and applies that to history. Some great multi part series that cover both modern and ancient history.
    - This American Life, amazing institution for quality journalism that is relevant even on this side of the world.
    - Joe Rogan Experience, long form interviews, is quite hit and miss but when it is a good conversation with a good guest it is really interesting stuff.
    - Startup, tells stories about new businesses starting up, documents their ups and downs quite well.

    That is barely scratching the surface though, I have a lot o time at work in between phone calls or when I'm putting in applications where it is nice to have something interesting going on in the background.


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    Joe Rogan's is fantastic.

    I'll caveat the Blindboy podcast with this - it's absolutely fucking mental.

    Great man though. Proud that he's Irish and pushing the envelope like he is.

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