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    Fact or Fiction: The Forum Series - Part 2 added

    Time for the next edition of the Forum Fact or Fiction column. Some interesting topics to get our teeth into, so much so that Iím going to see how this works as a series, posting one topic on an approximate weekly basis dependent partly on my commitments elsewhere and partly on my remembering to actually do it.

    If this is going to work as a series, I'm going to need a constant flow of contributors and topics. Any time you think of something you'd like to see discussed, PM it to me and I'll include both it and you in the next round of discussion. I've got 5 topics to get this going, so I figure that gives us 5 weeks to get topics, volunteers and responses for the next batch.

    Hereís the team for the next few topics:

    DynamiteBillington: Nominated as the Forum equivalent of Xavier Woods. Iíd like to think that meant Iíd done a ďpersonalĒ video with Paige, but unfortunately thatís only been my imagination so far. Maybe one day sheíll reach Sunny levels of depravity so I can afford her?

    FrozenWaffle: LOPís Juice Robinson apparently. Being British, using the words Juice & Robinson together brings thoughts of fruit cordial to my mind, but having googled it I think it was meant to be the former CJ Parker.

    Rob S: Fulfilling the role of mid card superstar, we have LOPís Kofi. Always entertaining and a master of avoiding elimination, the veteran columnist is approaching retirement. Hopefully this makes him become LOPís Terry Funk.

    KingZak: Straight out of LOPís trailer park, the man with the finest double-wide in the whole of the forums. Our own Heath Slater, bringing with him LOPís version of Heathís kids: The Dog. In the words of SirSam, you donít know they exist but they are stars unto themselves.

    Most of the topics have come from the team, however Iím starting with one that came from the comments of the last Main Page Fact or Fiction column. I was going to name & shame the guy who suggested it, but the main page doesnít seem to keep comments indefinitely and itís lost forever. I have no idea who he was or if heíll ever see this, but here goes anywayÖ

    Charlotte Flair will one day challenge for the WWE or Universal heavyweight title.

    DynamiteBillington: This is FICTION. Total and utter FICTION. Thereís no chance in hell of this ever happening. If the topic was just for a female to compete for a male singles title, maybe Iíd have given it some credibility. Yes, the Womenís Revolution has been a good thing and they are now taken seriously as competitors, but they are still a separate division and have to remain that way Ė as is the case with almost all sports. There has only ever been one exception to that: Chyna. If another Chyna was to come along, maybe it would be believable that she breaks into the male mid-card. Chyna even threatened to get into the main event on occasion, but Chyna was a once in a lifetime phenomenon. To be honest though, if she had broken through in the current day & age I donít believe even Chyna would have done what she did. The world has become too politically correct for WWE (and their precious sponsors) to allow male on female violence to be featured in any way. Intergender wrestling is not happening in the WWE any time soon. OK, there will always be the occasional confrontation, such as Rousey/HHH and Asuka/Ellsworth in recent times, but they are always one sided in favour of the female. You wonít see the male getting any significant offence in, and therein lies the problem with intergender wrestling. Sooner or later you have to show a guy beating the crap out of a woman, and thatís just never going to be acceptable.

    Rob S: This is ridiculous. Charlotte Flair may be the best womenís wrestler of all time but FICTION

    FrozenWaffle: Unless WWE changes their rules when it comes to intergender wrestling, I donít see this happening. As we saw with the Asuka/Ellsworth matches, intergender matches in WWE arenít good. Buuuuuuut, with the whole ďWomanís Evolution/RevolutionĒ, anything is possible. You know how much they love ďbreaking recordsĒ and ďmaking historyĒ, this is tough..... My brain says no way, but my gut knows WWE and their recent hard on for womanís wrestling, so iíll go with... FACT.

    KingZak13: Hmm, that is an interesting on to think about. Intergender wrestling has been on the rise the last few years, while WWE take steps to legitimise their womenís division, the rest of the wrestling world took a step beyond and have men and women on the same ground. I am kinda split on my opinion of it on a moral level, but in practice I am all for it, women on the Indyís have been having some pretty good matches with the gents and that is a good step.

    So the real big question here is whether WWE are ever going to adopt this practice. I imagine if they ever do, Charlotte, Asuka, Ruby Riott and a few others I havenít thought of yet are going to be the ones at the forefront. WWE do love Charlotte a lot, she is their top women, so if the intergender wrestling ever does come to WWE I can imagine that Charlotte being the first women to challenge for any title is obvious, and for a world title I can imagine sheíll be one that will be put in line for that.

    The big question is will WWE bring in intergender wrestling. WWE are more a company than a wrestling promotion, and the idea of man on woman violence is something that will most likely have a lot of their sponsors throwing a fit. It really all depends on the social climate at the time, right now I highly doubt it, but in a few years it could be brought in, and then a couple years of build and we get Charlotte going for the world title. So truthfully this is a question of time, how long till the WWE does it and how long does Charlotte have left in the ring.

    Right now, Charlotte is 32 and in the few yearsí time that WWE may introduce intergender wrestling, she could be 35+. The one issue here is going to be whether she wants kids, this part is just my opinion, but I would say all kids should be had by the time you hit 40. So if she does have plans then I imagine sheíll be putting those in place relatively soon.

    I feel like there is a lot mounting against Charlotte challenging for the gold, time is a bitch and could be her downfall. I am looking at it and think that time is not on Charlottes side here, that said she could come back after having a kid or two, so who knows. I am definitely gonna say that we arenít gonna see it in the next ten years or so, but beyond that, who knows. I am gonna go with a loose Fiction for this one.

    Zak: FICTION

    Dog: FACT ham and paper, a SUPER FACT if I ever saw one

    Final Score: I honestly thought this would be a complete whitewash, but the final score is 3-2 in favour of Fiction, closer than it had any right to be. If I recall, even in the comments of the main page column this was originally suggested on the very thought of it was ridiculed (Rob's comment pretty much summed up what was said), yet here we are with only one in the overall score, and that's ignoring the Dog's "super fact" vote which could potentially have counted as two.

    Agree? Disagree? Get commenting and let the world know.
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    Damn, now all I can think of is getting a nice glass of Summer Fruits Juice Robinson. I mean, Robinson's Juice.....

    Definitely FICTION and there's not much else I can add that everyone else hasn't said. Chyna was the exception but lets keep her that way. Not much else to her legacy, harsh at it sounds.
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    I wholeheartedly hope this forever remains, as the majority deemed, FICTION. I absolutely abhor inter-gender wrestling. And I think you summed it up perfectly, Dynamite, with this, "Sooner or later you have to show a guy beating the crap out of a woman, and that’s just never going to be acceptable." Spot on.

    Really looking forward to the rest of the topics! Good stuff, guys.

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    Start with a little feedback....

    Hoody: No idea if anyone from other countries knows what we're talking about, is Robinson's available outside the UK?

    Pringle: For the most part, I abhor it too. Like I said, things like Asuka/Ellsworth are exceptions, but those exceptions have to be done right.

    Are you guys interested in taking part in a future fact or fiction?

    Moving on, it's time for the next topic.

    By the end of the year, a big (or prominent) name will have left, or been future endeavoured by, the WWE.

    DynamiteBillington: Iím guessing this was suggested to get us to talk about Daniel Bryan. Heís not going anywhere. As for any other big names leaving, nobody springs to mind, assuming we donít count Lesnar in the discussion as heís had one foot out of the door for some time now. We arenít really that far from the end of the year, so to me itís FICTION. If it was by the end of next year I may change my mind and explore the possibilities of someone built on the Indie/Japan scene returning home, but at this point in time nobody significant is going anywhere.

    Rob S: I think this one is a pretty solid FACT and I think weíll see it happen sooner than later. With Brock Lesnar back in the UFC testing pool, it wouldnít surprise me one bit if SummerSlam is the last we see of the so-called Universal Champion. There will almost certainly be others that leave the WWE for one reason or another, so Iím not sure where the line is drawn for ďprominentĒ but for me Lesnar is as close to a lock as it gets.

    FrozenWaffle: You know, when I originally thought about this, I was thinking like Daniel Bryan. I came to the conclusion that heíd stay and guys like Orton, Cena, Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose, etc... would also stay. I was so ready to write this off as FICTION, but then someone came to mind.... Brock Lesnar. I think Summerslam will be his last match and heíll go to UFC and then probably retire and eat moose or whatever he does. So this own, mark as FACT.

    KingZak13: This is an interesting one to think of, I am curious to see what others define as a big name (or prominent for that matter), as for where I stand, I am gonna say any sort of former world, multiple other or someone that is noticeable in their absences. That is what I am gonna count for this one.

    So the first and most obvious name right now is Daniel Bryan. I have stated this multiple times the last few months, but I think he is going to be resigning with the WWE. Another option is possibly John Cena announcing he is on his way out, Hollywood is taking off and WWE is winding down. I could see John announcing his retirement but even still, his retirement wouldnít be until next year so I think that violates the ruling here.

    I think that all of the big names right now are locked in, I donít think we are going to see anymore departures this year, WWE has a place for just about everyone and I doubt they will be firing any more talent this year, and I donít think anyone on the roster is particularly unhappy, some may have requested a brand change come April but even still, no one is going to be leaving. So for me, this is a FICTION.

    Zak: FICTION

    Dog: Got both at the same time, went to round 2. Picked FACT the second time

    Final score: This one was an interesting result. I deliberately discounted Brock from the topic, Zak didn't even consider him so presumably only really thought about the main roster. Without Brock, you get two votes for fiction. Rob & Waffle both went with fact on the basis Brock is likely to be leaving.

    As always, the Dog gets the deciding vote. Even he had to think about it and couldn't make his mind up at first, but it would appear that after some deliberation he must have decided Brock counts so the final answer is FACT.

    Then again, the news this morning is that Brock has a "closed door" meeting with the senior management prior to SummerSlam. When that happened prior to WrestleMania everyone's predictions went out of the window, so who knows what could happen?

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    Gonna be honest, I have blocked Brock Lesnar from my memory, the only reason I can remember him is because he has a title defence soon. Whenever he doesn't he doesn't exist to me.

    Surprisingly close voting thus far, I'm a little surprised.
    *Ghostly wailing*

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