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Thread: Roman Reigns

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    Just spit balling some ideas... but if in a few years, letís say Dean has managed to convince Seth to come <back> to the dark side and they start teaming again running roughshod over the tag division. Have the Usos face them. Talking about how their cousin would be ashamed of Dean/Seth. Let these two teams go at it for a while, but then finally... Roman comes out and unites them all a la Bret Hart forming the new Hart Foundation. And then some other faction/ group of individuals get in their faces. Could be kind of cool, maybe.

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    I am ALL for Roman coming back and taking with the Usos. This idea seems very far fetch, but a lot can happen in a couple of years. Me personally, I'm just praying for Joe the man and I hope all these great ideas could one day be brought to him as him and Hunter work his return, which might get the biggest Babyface reaction ever.

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