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    Looking for a Partner

    I'm looking to start a podcast for LOP Radio. I have an idea for the podcast but need a partner who has the knowledge of actually making and posting the podcast.

    I listen to a movie podcast called filmspotting. They have random top 5 lists each week. I wanted to do a wrestling podcast done in the same way.

    Opening section of the podcast can be brief review of the week (WWE, indy, news, whatever is most interesting that week). Then the second half would be counting down our individual top 5 list for the topic of the week and discussing as we go.

    Some examples to give you an idea:
    Top 5 Matches under 5 minutes
    Top 5 Terrible Title Reigns
    Top 5 Wrestlers with Paint
    Top 5 Characters
    Top 5 Secual Moments
    Top 5 Falls
    Top 5 Botched
    Top 5 Manager Moments
    Top 5 Managers
    Top 5 Guesses for upcoming year or ppv
    Top 5 Stolen Finishers
    Top 5 Story line
    Top 5 Wrong Calls
    Top 5 Cameos
    Top 5 Sound Bites

    They can be straightforward or as random as we want. This can easily be a long term thing. Lots of topics to cover when we delve deep.

    Please reach out if you wish to join this project and have the ability to tape and post podcasts because I do not.
    Thank you
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    That sounds like a cool podcast idea Spinmaster.

    I wouldn't be able to commit to anything regularly but would be happy to do a guest spot if you wanted to go down that road.

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    I love would to have you as a guest spot if I am able to work out a more regular podcast partner as well. If I knew more about making a podcast i could go the guest host route weekly or bi-weekly. As of now ill continue my search for a partner and keep you on my guest host list

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    Unfortunately it appears that no one has the free time to take this on, so for now I'll have to place the idea on the back burner.

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    If you do end up starting something solo make sure you let us know, I’d be keen to hear something.

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    I'd ask in an environment outside of this one. Have you asked the same question in the CF?

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    I have not. I had thought any person who would be interested in a podcast might be checking out this, but I can see why the column forums would be a good place to start as well. Thanks!

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    This is officially a go! The first podcast will be dropping the same weekend as the Royal Rumble!

    The topics for each week from then until the week after Mania is already planned!!! I am looking at getting some guest hosts to be part of this along with me and my partner. So if anyone is interested and has a certain topic of interest from the list below, let me know.

    1. Top 5 Non-Elimination Moments in a Royal Rumble Match + Royal Rumble Predictions
    2. Top 5 Most Annoyingly Repeated Storylines (Groundhog Day) + Royal Rumble Review
    3. Top 5 African American Wrestlers (Black History Month) + Reviewing Booker T's Title Wins
    4. Top 5 Elimination Chamber Performances + Chamber Predictions (Guest Host: SkitZ)
    5. Top 5 Animal Moments (Love Your Pet Day) + Chamber Review
    6. Top 5 Abuses of Power over Employees (Employee Appreciation Day) + A Review of Vince vs Austin Matches
    7. Top 5 Pointless PPVs + Fastlane Predictions
    8. Top 5 Female Wrestlers + Fastlane Review
    9. Top 5 Greatest Mania Matches + Reviewing Our Least Favorite Wrestlemania
    10. Top 5 Terrible Mania Matches + Reviewing Our Favorite Wrestlemania
    11. Top 5 Backstage Moments at Mania + Mania Predictions
    12. Top 5 Post Mania Stories + Mania Review

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    I got it going back in January for one episode, but without any real platform it didn't get any traction. Then my mother got worse, and passed away, which led to some changing up of things.

    As luck would have it, me and my brother were discussing getting it back going in the next few weeks.

    What is the opening? I would be very interested in having a platform to get this started up for good.

    Edit: I just reached out to my brother and he would not be able to commit due to his new baby.

    I'd still be willing but I'd need to find a partner still. The format does not work well with a single podcaster. Unfortunately.
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