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    Oh man, that is a tight one. Rolling Stones broke a lot of ground and are probably the more 'iconic' band but I'll go with The Who for how they arguably pushed the envelope a bit more. The Stones don't quite come up to something like Baba O'Rilley or Who's Next in terms of creative vision. Gimmie Shelter and Sympathy For The Devil are probably what I would say come closest and even in writing down those two song title I'm tempted to switch over but I think I'll go with The Who.

    Something completely different:

    Take on Me by Aha
    Hungry Like A Wolf by Duran Duran

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    That's an easy one for me, though it's something that could be quite controversial. I don't really share the love for Take on Me that some people have (though the famous bit is very catchy and the video is great), but I like Hungry Like a Wolf, a lot, and will spontaneously burst into it at random intervals.

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