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    Random Encounters With Wrestlers

    Didnít know what forum to stick this in, so here we go.

    Back in the late 90s, my buddy and I worked at the store PacSun. The Hardyís came in one day looking for some stuff to buy to wear for their match that night. (Granted... Hot Topic probably wouldíve been a better choice for them at that time.)

    Nowadays, I work at a high-end car dealership in Nashville. (You Brits can probably guess it... itís perhaps your most famous vehicles) Yesterday, Sheamus walked in and looked at several vehicles for about an hour.

    Anyone else got any cool, random stories of wrestlers coming into their work place or just coming across them on the street/airport/etc?

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    I got one. When I lived in New York City, I was returning home after visiting family in Florida. When I was about to leave LaGuardia Airport with my cousin, he suddenly said "Oh wow, that's Mick Foley!". I turned, and indeed it was Mick Foley. This was around 2009 when Foley had just won the TNA championship, so I hadn't seen him for a while. It was pretty cool to see him in person, and all by himself.

    He was walking toward the courtesy phones that the airport had, so I figured he had a call to make and head on out, so didn't want to bother him. But before I could finish that thought, my cousin pulled me to Foley and started telling him that I was a life-long wrestling fan and all this other stuff, while I was just speechless because of the suddenness of it all.

    Also, at this point, Foley was literally with the phone in his hand, so I was feeling extremely bad that I was interrupting him. I just wanted to step away and maybe ask for a picture after he was done if he wasn't busy, but my cousin asked if he could take a picture - while Foley was making his phone call. Foley just gave me a tired look and nodded yes. I proceeded to take the most awkward picture ever standing next to Mick Foley holding the airport phone to his ear. I thanked him quickly and almost ran away out of embarrassment of the whole thing.

    I was waiting for someone else near that area, so I saw Foley finish his call and go sit outside to wait for someone to pick him up, I guess. That would have been a great time to ask for the picture and maybe chat a bit since he was literally doing nothing outside and was by himself, but I was just embarrassed by the interruption earlier so I didn't approach him after. I appreciate he was super-nice about it - he could have easily told us to go away and I would have completely understood.
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    We saw Shelton Benjamin and Davari at First Ave night club, but for an indy show, this was like 2005 or 06. It was Ariya Daivari's debut match in Minneapolis. My friend, who's black, was a HUGE Shelton fan. He went up to ask Shelton for an autograph, but he blew off my friend pretty bad.

    My dad was friends with a former jobber named Rudy Ryder, who did spots for AWA when they did Las Vegas tapings and WWF when they did LA tapings. I saw him wrestle George Steele two weeks earlier, and then my dad took me to a local dinner in San Bernardino (my hometown until college) where I saw Rudy Ryder. I was happy, because at 6, jobbers are cool too. My dad introduced me and he started talking to my dad about all kinds of things, they had been friends for 15 years at that point. I finally got the nerve to ask him about fighting George Steel and asked him if the Flying Hammerlock really hurt. Just like that, he went kayfab on me, grabbed his arm like he just pulled it, and explained to me that he's had shape pains in his arm for the last 2 weeks, and sometimes it just hits him. My little 6 year old brain believed every single word he said and he and my dad assured me wrestling was all real. Even later when I saw WWF in San Bernardino and Hart Foundation battled Demolition and Danny Davis fought Koko B. Ware, my dad's friends told my dad when will he tell me it's fake (they all knew Rudy, they all knew the secret), and my dad told them to watch Koko in action because he flies high... LOL... but never once saying it was real. LOL.
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    Very cool stories!! I've met lots of wrestlers but only at shows, which isn't really the same thing. I was once in line with a few WWE guys in the airport, specifically Tyler Breeze and Akira Tozawa, but it was VERY early and they looked tired so I decided not to bother them. Cool to see them randomly though!

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