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    Vote now for the WINNER of the #LOPFantasyDraft (Anyone can vote!!)

    The #LOPFantasy draft has finally come to an end and it's time to vote!

    There are 3 separate votes in this competition as follows...

    1. Fan's choice roster winner (Best roster chosen by those who did not compete in this)
    2. Player's choice roster winner (Best roster voted on by those who competed)
    3. Best Wrestlemania Card (Voted on only by those who competed)

    Take a look at the rosters and vote for who you think has the best one! Voting will be open for a week and end September 18th, 11:59pm (EST)

    TAKE A LOOK NOW AND VOTE! Those who competed in this, please vote for someone other than yourselves and those who did not compete vote for ANYONE! Get at it!!


    1. Stone Cold
    2. Roddy Piper
    3. Batista
    4. Kevin Nash
    5. Dean Malenko
    6. Jerry Lawler
    7. Bubba Ray Dudley
    8. Bobby Lashley
    9. Rusev
    10. George "The Animal" Steele
    11. Marc Mero
    12. Chavo Guerrero
    13. Mr. T
    14. Tatanka
    15. Test
    16. The Sandman
    17. Ahmed Johnson
    18. Damien Sandow
    19. Vladimir Kozlov
    20. Butch Reed


    1. Taker
    2. Edge
    3. Vader
    4. Harley Race
    5. Finn Balor
    6. Bray Wyatt
    7. Honky Tonk Man
    8. Alberto Del Rio
    9. Rikishi
    10 "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
    11. Lance Storm
    12. The Barbarian
    13. The Hurricane
    14. Carlito
    15. Viscera
    16. Bo Dallas
    17. Stevie Richards
    18. R. Truth
    19. Balls Mahoney
    20. Brooklyn Brawler


    1. Savage
    2. Jericho
    3. Eddie Guerrero
    4. Jake Roberts
    5. Iron Shiek
    6. Mark Henry
    7. Cody Rhodes
    8. "Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich
    9. Ultimo Dragon
    10. Pedro Morales
    11. Genichiro Tenryu
    12. "Evil" Doink (Matt Borne)
    13. Kalisto
    14. Road Warrior Hawk (Legion of Doom)
    15. Road Warrior Animal (Legion of Doom)
    16. Nikolai Volkoff
    17. Kamala
    18. Yoshi Tatsu
    19. Hector Guerrero (Gobbeldy Gooker)
    20. Lawrence Taylor


    1. Cena
    2. B. Sammartino
    3. Kane
    4. Jeff Hardy
    5. Yokozuna
    6. Ron Simmons
    7. Big Boss Man
    8. Rick martel
    9. Mike Rotunda (IRS)
    10. "Bad ass" Billy Gunn
    11. MVP
    12. "Road Dogg" Jessie James
    13. Jim Neidhart
    14. "Cowboy" Bob Orton, Jr.
    15. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
    16. Crash Holly
    17. Michael "PS" Hayes
    18. Terry Taylor "The Red Rooster"
    19. Zack Ryder
    20. Ted DiBiase, Jr.


    1. HHH
    2. Hulk Hogan
    3. Razor Ramon (Scott Hall)
    4. Lex Luger
    5. Big Show
    6. Christian
    7. Jeff Jarrett (traded Tully Blanchard to Matt)
    8. Barry Windham
    9. Raven
    10. John Morrison
    11. Tommy Dreamer
    12. Luke Harper
    13. Marty Jannetty
    14. Jamie Noble
    15. Shaquille O'Neal
    16. Taka Michinoku
    17. A-Train
    18. Scotty 2 Hotty
    19. Apollo Crews
    20. Mordecai


    1. Flair
    2. Andre
    3. Goldberg
    4. Mr. Perfect
    5. The Miz
    6. JBL
    7. Cesaro
    8. Bobby Heenan
    9. Tajiri
    10. Finlay
    11. Haku
    12. 2 Cold Scorpio
    13. Carl Oullette
    14. Rhyno
    15. Perry Saturn
    16. Ken Patera
    17. Ron Garvin
    18. Santino Marella
    19. Heath Slater
    20. Buddy Rose

    MATT M.

    1. HBK
    2. Angle
    3. Rey Mysterio
    4. Arn Anderson
    5. British Bulldog
    6. Dynamite Kid
    7. Tully Blanchard (Traded Jeff Jarrett to Doc)
    8. Kevin Owens
    9. Shelton Benjamin
    10. Charlie Haas
    11. Tazz
    12. Billy Kidman
    13. Paul London
    14. Super Crazy
    15. Mr. Kennedy
    16. Psicosis
    17. Chris Masters
    18. Justin Gabriel
    19. Curtis Axel
    20. Killian Dain


    1. The Rock
    2. Warrior
    3. "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
    4. Bob Backlund
    5.Sgt Slaughter
    6. Bam Bam Bigelow
    7. Psycho Sid
    8. Tito Santana
    9. "Bad News" Brown
    10. Adrian Adonis
    11. Big E
    12. The Mountie
    13. Justin Credible
    14. "Hardcore" Holly
    15. Rick Steiner
    16. Waylon Mercy
    17. Nunzio
    18. One Man Gang
    19. Shannon Moore
    20. Funaki


    1. Bret Hart
    2. Sting
    3. Owen Hart
    4. Ricky Steamboat
    5. Shinsuke Nakamura
    6. Dolph Ziggler
    7. King Kong Bundy
    8. Matt Hardy
    9. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff
    10. Earthquake
    11. Val Venis
    12. Hercules
    13. Big John Studd
    14. Baron Corbin
    15. Butterbean
    16. Fandango
    17. Steve Blackman
    18. Demolition Smash
    19. Demolition Ax
    20. Demolitoin Crush


    1. Brock Lesnar
    2. AJ Styles
    3. Randy Orton
    4. Scott Steiner
    5. Goldust
    6. RVD
    7. X-Pac
    8. Austin Aries
    9. Drew Mcyntire
    10. Ryback
    11. The Godfather
    12. Jimmy Snuka
    13. Cedric Alexander
    14. Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne)
    15. The Boogeyman
    16. Jinder Mahal
    17. The Great Khali
    18. Tiger Ali Singh
    19. Koko B. Ware
    20. D-Von Dudley


    1. Ambrose (via trade w/ Plan)
    2. Mic Foley
    3. Terry Funk
    4. Braun Strowman
    5. Ken Shamrock
    6. Greg Valentine
    7. Neville
    8. Sabu
    9. Mustafa Ali
    10. Wade Barrett
    11. Dory Funk, Jr.
    12. The Brian Kendrick
    13. Xavier Woods
    14. Al Snow
    15. Karl Anderson
    16. Luke Gallows
    17. Mike Knox
    18. Sin Cara
    19. Lance Archer
    20. Spike Dudley


    1. Daniel Bryan
    2. Roman Reigns
    3. "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
    4. Chris Benoit
    5. Rick Rude
    6. Booker T
    7. Vince McMahon
    8. Sheamus
    9. Kofi Kingston
    10. Sami Zayn
    11. Jason Jordan
    12. Junkyard Dog
    13. D'Lo Brown
    14. Jack Swagger
    15. Jimmy Uso
    16. Ricky Morton
    17. Jey Uso
    18. Robert Gibson
    19. Tony Atlas
    20. Trent Barreta


    1. Seth Rollins (Via trade with SirSam)
    2. CM Punk
    3. Diamond Dallas Page
    4. Umaga
    5. Don Muraco
    6. William Regal
    7. Savio Vega
    8. Chad Gable
    9. Bobby Roode
    10. Hideo Itami
    11. Shane McMahon
    12. Floyd Mayweather
    13. Tyson Kidd
    14. David Hart Smith
    15. Tyler Breeze
    16. Joey Mercury
    17. Dash Wilder
    18. Scott Dawson
    19. Primo Colon
    20. Doug Furnas

    CURRENT POLLS (AS OF 12:01A EST ON 9/12)

    Doc- 1
    (11 tied with 0)

    No Votes calculated
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    I'll break the seal here and be the first to cast my vote in the Player's choice category..

    There are a lot of rosters I liked and I don't think many people separated themselves from the pack (a credit to the drafters). For me though if this is just based on pure roster strength than my vote goes to The Doc. His top 5 is lethal, his middle rounds were solid, he got his special attraction in Shaq, and even Apollo Crews provides some upside on his Mania card. I may vote differently on Mania card (Though I know Doc is creative, we'll see) but on pure roster strength, this one wins it for me due to being one of only a couple teams with no glaring holes.


    MizFan would've been a second choice for me in this. I liked what he had going on as well. Many others I thought did a good job, too.. most notably the Sam's.
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    If I would have voted say, round 10 or 15, I'd agree with Doc. The whole time I thought Doc was the only roster better than mine. But if we are judging the whole roster, 1-20, then... (I bury Doc because he had easily the best 1-13 in the draft and that's what most people will look at... LOL.) I think the best 1-20 though goes to Rich Latta. I know during the draft him getting an Uso and RNRE member was a great strategy because I was looking at both teams to battle LOD and he locked up both teams just like that. But not only that, that locked up 4 picks out of 20 that are tag title holders, and upper mid-card acts that low in the draft. His #12, JYD is a sell out main event star everywhere in the country, there is LOTS of great working talent at the top of his roster and even Tony Atlas at #19 is a main event star in many territories. I do have lots and lots of concerns over Benoit, but that's how strong I think his roster is. I actually gave him negative points for Benoit, but Rich had such a great late round draft that it didn't really matter.


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    I was hoping for a 3,2,1 voting system because there are a number of great rosters there and I want to reward more than one guy. Oh well.

    I will say that I'm gona hold off on my vote and give it to someone who sells me on their roster choices in the other thread. Tell me what you are gona do and what shape it will take cause it is damn hard to pick between them.

    Mizzie did earlier and Plan did an awesome write up, I wana see more of that.

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    Looking at the rosters as a whole, I've got to say I'm happiest with the overall shape of my own roster based on the overall mix of drawing power, workrate, entertainment and variety of performers.

    However, if I pick only one of those criteria, I get a different answer. Reading through the rosters based on personnel alone I've kept changing my mind a few times but keep finding myself attracted most to Matt M's roster - he gets my Players Choice vote based on the workrate factor with almost every available match being a potential show stealer.

    My only worry is that with a roster like that you could become numbed to the effect of a great match. I'm a firm believer that variety is the key to a good show and he probably has less of that than some of the other rosters, but that will come out when I see & vote on the potential Mania cards.

    FACT or FICTION: Reigns & the Championship
    PM me to get involved.

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    Posted my Wrestlemania write up in the other thread! If there's somewhere better to put it let me know.

    Is there a deadline for posting a Wrestlemania card? Don't want to short change anybody!

    Now to look over these rosters...

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    If I'm judging based on which company I would enjoy watching the most, and which I think will have the most consistent above average wrestling, then I have to go with: Matt M

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    I feel like a lot of rosters lose a sense of synergy around the halfway point but having pondered this for a few days now I have to say that I believe I know my winner - Mizfan gets my vote.

    It's definitely a very old school roster, one that I can't help but feel has been influenced somewhat by Mizzie's recent trails as a part of the Legacy Series, but as a collection of names it's a pretty remarkable one. It's easy for people to underestimate how talented a lot of Mizzie's second ten still are, and the drawing power of the top those top three is, simply, in a whole other stratosphere altogether. The original criteria (that I ended up totally ignoring, lol!) was to draft the biggest names, which is a box Mizfan could strongly argue he's ticked bolder than anyone else. But he's also balanced it beautifully with acts the history of which complement one another brilliantly and ring talent that shouldn't be underestimated.

    Honourable mention to Matt M and LWO for their cadre of ring talent and to SirSam, who pursued a similar line to me in crafting a roster that, in my opinion, hangs together a little better than others.

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    My vote for Fan's Choice:

    Matt M

    Getting Benjamin in the 9th round and Kidman in the 12th round were awesome picks. Top three selection of Michaels, Angle, and Mysterio was excellent. Lots of intriguing matches with this roster!

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    To the outsiders who voted in this, thank you a lot I appreciate it! Matt M was certainly in my top 5 too.. looks like he's a sexy choice so far.

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    All right, time to analyze these rosters at last!


    Steve Austin is obviously an enormous get for any roster, in some ways the best you could possibly have, so it makes sense that he went out first. Getting to match him with Piper is quite the accomplishment, I don't know if you could put two better rebels together. Batista is another winning pick in my book, but Nash is a miss for me. Granted, you could cherry pick his best work with the power of the time machine, but for much of his career he's a detriment to his roster, and certainly never a draw. Malenko is a fine mechanical pick but the next two appeal to me a lot, between Lawler and Bubba Ray you've got two top mic workers and very strong wrestlers at their peak. I think Lashely is a stronger pick than most, so still doing well there. Rusev, Steele, Mero, and Chavo all bring something to the table, each in their own way. Having Mr T on seems wasteful to me, the period in which he was actually popular is so narrow. I guess you can draw the '85 crowds in with him but he never gave the sense of being good enough for more than a carefully protected one off. Tatanka and Test don't do much for me, though I think Sandman is an underrated pick, what he brings is limited but he does it well. Ahmed is also a good pick in my book, if you select him at his peak before repeated injuries sent him down real fast. Sandow, Kozlov, and particularly Reed are solid midcarders I think. Overall a few picks I would have sooner skipped but there's a whole lot of good stuff in here.


    That's a damn impressive top four, ain't it? Taker gives you a rich history to pick from, and with Edge you immediately have a great gimmick match with anyone. Vader is a pick after my own heart and someone I wish I could have gotten on my roster, that's a major point in favor of this roster. Race is a great pick in the 4th round, legendary talent. Balor isn't my cup of tea but he could have value to a roster like this, as could Bray Wyatt if freed of lousy booking. Alberto is a miss for me, I guess you could pick him out of history at one of his rare motivated moments, but even then I don't think he brings enough to the table to be a big asset. HTM has his uses, though he's got his drawbacks too. Rikishi is a fine pick, but Duggan is another guy who does little for me. I'll grant that he can get crowd reaction at least, though it never translates into real interest or a draw. Maybe if you use his Mid South era you've got something. Everyone else on the roster is a fine pick I'd say. This feels like a top heavy roster but the top is potentially incredibly strong.


    I know LWO reasonably well, so I think I'll have an idea of what he's thinking here. Top 4 picks are all incredibly great, even with Jake not being the greatest wrestler when it comes down to it, in some ways he could be the most valuable guy of all because few in history have driven angles like he has. Sheik is a solid pick too, a good guy to sub in to various spots. Peak Mark Henry is worth a lot, and the buzz around Cody right now is more than worthy of putting him in there. Kerry was on the shortlist for Hogan's spot and at his peak could be a very exciting wrestler, so another winner. Ultimo and Pedro bring a lot, and wow, Tenryu!! Means a lot to me to bring him on, especially grabbing him so late. One of the greatest of all time, though you might not know it from his minor WWF work. Matt Borne is another winner, and Kalisto is a guy I have a soft spot for. Taking the time to bring in LOD is huge too, enormous names who bring a lot to the table. Volkoff is fine, Kamala is a fun pick, Tatsu is solid, and grabbing quietly grabbing Hector Guerrero so late is a great, great move. LT strikes me as a celebrity who could have actually made a go of it, so I give some credit there. This is a super, super strong roster and a front runner for my vote so far.


    Having Cena on top is never a bad thing, though going with Sammartino might be an even better idea considering his incredibly legacy. Kane is a good pick with me, and Jeff Hardy's peak popularity can't be underestimated. Yokozuna, Simmons, Bossman, and Martel is a HELL of a great string of four upper card guys, there's a tremendous amount you can do with that, especially if you know the value of babyface Martel. Rotunda brings something to the table, and I've got a soft spot for Gunn. Being able to fit him with Road Dogg if needed is good too, and MVP has value as a talker who can also wrestle pretty well. Neidhart by himself doesn't impress me that much, but Cowboy Bob is a very nice mechanic pick to hold things together on the undercard. Crash is fun and Ryder has value, but I have to admit having Beefcake, Hayes, Terry Taylor, and Ted Jr all on the roster doesn't wow me, all four brings some serious drawbacks in my book. Still, this is a really strong roster until some of the lower picks, and those guys probably won't have the spotlight anyway.


    I'm no real fan of HHH or Hogan, but I can see value in taking them on top. Hogan is certainly in the top 5 most valuable big names of all time, and if you take him from, say, '86 or so, and match him up against HHH from '00, you could really have something. HHH was always a guy who was good at working with the draw, and draw might as well be Hogan's middle name. Razor is a great pick, and bringing in a late 80s Luger is a phenomenal pick. Big Show and Christian bring a lot to the table in different ways. Jarrett... well, I can't say I ever saw much value in Jarrett. Certainly not as much as he did! But I'm sure there's something he can do. Hard to imagine preferring him to Tully though. Windham is a wonderful pick though and adds greatly to the roster. Actually literally everything from there on is a very strong pick considering who was left at the time. Bringing in Shaq is especially fun to me, there's a lot you can do with a star that big (in more ways that one). A few of the top picks aren't for me but going all the way down this is a really strong one.

    MATT M.

    This roster got some attention, and it's not hard to see why. It was inevitable that HBK would go in the first round because of course he did, even if he never quite managed to lead a promotion the way he probably hoped to. Pairing him with Angle makes sense and sets a strong workrate tone for the roster. Mysterio is a great pick as well, more valuable than people may realize too. Arn is a pick I'm very sad I missed out on and adds tremendous value wherever he is, and adding Tully while dumping Jarrett was a wonderful move. Bulldog and DK have come off a little overrated to me as I've watched more of their work, but if you can't see the obvious value they add then you're nuts. This is another roster which looks strong almost all the way down, the only guys I don't really have any use for would be Kennedy and Axel. Still, really strong roster here. Love the lucha influence as you go down, having prime Psicosis and Super Crazy is not to be underestimated.


    If ya smell! Yeah, the Rock on top counts for a lot. Another one of the most valuable names you could possibly draft. Right after him comes the Warrior... well, you can't deny his peak popularity, though I think putting him on any roster will just cause problems down the line, because he's too popular not to push but not good enough in any respect to actually be on top, especially with the Rock available. Could get some use of out him before he self destructs though. DiBiase is a strong pick and Backlund is an even stronger one, in my book. Peak Slaughter is worth a hell of a lot too, and Bigelow too. Sid is even more of a headache than Warrior, because he's also a guy who will inevitably get over but then lack the skill to really make anything out of that popularity. Plus, he's going to quit your roster to go play softball after a couple months! I really like the stretch after that though, in fact I like it all the way down to the bottom. A couple of top level misses for me but strong overall, lots of popularity in there for sure.


    Bret as a first round pick is interesting, I can see value in it but it must be said Bret also struggled to lead a company even at his best. The same can be said 100 times over for Sting, though there's plenty of debate about how much of that is his fault. Still, two big names that would draw interest, and Bret can pick up a lot of main event slack in the ring. Owen and Steamboat are wonderful top names for ring work as well, so you've got that going for you. Peak Nakamura is incredibly engaging, unlike his current work, so that's another wining pick. Ziggler is a pick that would have impressed me more in the past, as he's lost so much interest over the years, but if you can pick him up young and fresh and set him on a different path it could really be something special. Love Bundy being a high level pick, even if it's just because he has 'Mania cred. He's a great and underrated big man, and if not for Vince's pettiness could have been a star for a lot longer. Matt Hardy is a guy I think adds a lot of value as well in more ways than one, and Orndorff is a GREAT pick, especially so late at #9, that's a guy who can feud with your top people at any moment. Quake is a bit mixed for me but a solid big man, and Venis deserves credit for at least being able to keep a pretty dumb gimmick over longer than it should have been. Herc is another pick a dig, another underrated guy of the era. Studd... well, he was big at least! Not much in the ring on his best day but size does matter sometimes. Corbin is a pick I don't really get but I know some people really like the guy. Butterbean I'm not sure of, is he a guy who could have contributed regularly if he wanted to? Maybe, but he's not as much of a star as some others on the list either. Fandango is forever reduced to his goofy entrance theme and I never saw a whole lot more out of him. Blackman could be fun though, and the original Demolition is a great pick. Crush I'd rather see NOT as a Demolition, but having him on the roster isn't a bad thing. A pretty solid roster, I'll have to consider it among the higher picks. Extremely strong 3-9 in particular.


    Imagine combining the Lesnar of 2003 with the popularity he had when he first came back from UFC? There's a tremendous amount of potential right there, very strong top pick. Man, in fact if you take the peak career spot from entries 2 through 8, you've got a truly incredible top of the roster there. The idea of peak Steiner vs. Brock alone is like WOW, nice! Drew is not a guy who does anything for me but I know some like him, so fair play. Ryback should have been a lot bigger than he was and will be a great mix to some of the other hosses. Godfather has his uses, and I suppose Snuka does too as a popular guy in his time, though I've not much cared for his actual work. Cedric is a solid flyer and Sydal at his peak is even better I think. Boogeyman is a bit weird but again, you can find a use for him. You've lost me a bit with Jinder, and while Khali has a limited use it doesn't quite excite me. I suppose at that late date you take who you can. Tiger is a guy I barely know so I'll leave him. I think Koko is a great late round pick though, lots you can do with that guy at his peak. D-von by himself doesn't do much but still, bravo on an extremely strong top 10.


    Ambrose at the top is interesting. I think there is potential for it, but it's an entirely unproven commodity so it's hard to judge the value. Putting Foley and Funk right below him means you'll never want for incredible promos though, and the ring work will likely be violent and through the roof as well. Strowman is a great foil for these looney guys, as is Shamrock as a guy who brings a different kind of danger. Valentine is an awesome pick for this roster too, as you now know even better after watching his match with Piper. Neville, Sabu, and Ali, man that's an interesting combo! I'm imagining Sabu knocking guys out of the air with thrown chairs. This is a really appealing roster. Barrett is a guy I dig, and Dory definitely has an interesting vlaue in this scenario. Man, yeah pretty much all the way down you've got good stuff going on. You and LWO are my frontrunners, gonna have to think hard on that.


    Taking Bryan first is definitely a plus in your favor. I'm mixed about using Reigns as #2, I won't try to say he doesn't have value but he's a controversial pick to say the last. Dusty is a wonderful pick though, I'd love to see even just a conversation between Dusty and Bryan. Benoit is controversial as well, of course, but putting that aside he certainly adds value to the roster. Rude is a such a wonderful character that I think his in ring inconsistency wouldn't matter too much. Booker is a guy I value a lot, and putting Vince on your roster was a very good move I think. More often than not his willingness to do anything to get the match/angle over is of tremendous worth. Strong picks going down, JYD is another guy without much to offer in the ring but he is hugely charismatic at least. I never had much use for Swagger but, like Ziggler, maybe you can take him from an early date and set him on a better path. Sneaking away with with the RnR Express is definitely valuable! I don't think I can stress enough how much Tony Atlas sucks though, haha. Strong picks here, for sure.


    Last but definitely not least! Rollins on top is no surprise. I seem to recall his time dominating Raw drew mixed reviews, but I think his times of peak popularity have shown that with proper care it could definitely be done. The best thing about a Plan promotion would definitely be the subtle threads he likes to pick at being actually overt and utilized to their fullest extent! And including a guy like Punk at the top is invaluable for that. His peak popularity is so enormous he might overshadow anyone he's against, but that's not a bad thing. DDP is a wonderful pick and will complement the main event scene perfectly, and Umaga is another very strong inclusion. Might have guessed you'd pick that man! Muraco at #5 is a bit surprising, his reputation is rather lazy and I've seen matches to bear that out, but at the same time I think he does bring something cool to the table and wouldn't be out of place. Regal is a GREAT inclusion and a steal at #5, he could run at the main event when needed and would anchor any midcard division ever made. Not sure how I feel about Savio Vega in that spot. Gable is a guy who doesn't entirely convince me but the potential is there at the very least. Roode is a personal favorite and I think in a carefully booked promotion would rise above his mid level pick in short time. Itami as Itami only goes so far, but plucking him from the mid 00s days of KENTA? Now THAT's really something there. You've sort of lost me with Shane, I had an appreciation for him once but it seems the more I watch him, the more his weaknesses are glaring. He's another who will work hard to try to get stuff over there, so maybe I can come back around to his value. Mayweather is a GREAT GREAT pick, one of the best outsiders ever to guest wrestle, and if he committed full time he'd be worth a fortune. Solid picks after that, particularly sneaking away with the Revival, that's not small thing for a tag division, should you have one! This roster would at the very least be in my top 4, possibly higher once I take a closer look at the booking plans you posted.

    Ultimately came down to LWO or Sam... both rosters are awesome. I like how Sam's roster really looks like a madhouse, with a ton of variety and clashes of styles available. I wonder if LWO's roster might not have more potential for layered storytelling? And there's a kind of old school appeal to it as well. I will narrowly give my vote to LWO but truly, great job to Sam, and really to everyone, and especially to Type who did a great job of running this! Looking forward to the Wrestlemania cards!

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    Thanks Mizzie, my Mania card is coming up, I hope that can nudge you in the right direction. I have been suggesting lots of cool matches for you to watch.....

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    Haha, you have indeed! But don't think you can bribe me just with cool matches!

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