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Thread: PS4: Spiderman

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    PS4: Spiderman

    Hearing a lot about this game, ranging from eh to very, very good. Anyone picked it up and any early reports?

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    I've been hearing nothing but rave reviews from this game off Twitter, even some people going out of their way to buy a PS4 just to play this game.

    I've seen some gameplay video online and it looks impressive. Superhero games are generally hard to pull off for whatever reason, but this one looks like an exception. Would love to hear more from others who have hands-on experience with it.

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    Rent it. It’s great but very short.

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    As someone who's seen a walkthrough of the game (I don't have a PS4 and not sure when i'll be able to get one) I feel like its a great game, with excellent combat and web swinging, and the developers obviously love Spider-man and that comes through.. The quibbles i personally would have is probably too many cut scenes... and too many puzzles (i'm not good with puzzles lol)

    Not me playing of course, but i also feel like photo mode makes the game last way longer if you're into that sort of thing.
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