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    The Official LOP English Premier League Prediction Contest 2017/18 - UPDATE

    As most of you will know, we run a Prediction contest for the Premier League here, and have been playing since last August. In many ways, the board reset couldn't have been worse timed, coming as it did at such a crunch time in the season. Having thought about this for the last couple of days, I've come to the following conclusion: that the game basically ended for this year at the time of the reset.

    It's not an ideal situation, but between the fact that we've lost a week of predictions, that this weekend could well be hit by people not being signed back up yet, plus the fact that there was an active bonus question that has now been lost to the ether, I can't really think what else could be done. There is, as far as I can see it, no fair way to do this. It seems like a case of picking the least unfair. And the top flight in particular has been largely dominated by one man for the whole year. The only person likely to have made a run at him also looked like missing the last but one round, so the chances are he'd have sewn it up this past Saturday.

    That means that these are the final tables for the season. Congratulations to Smiffy on winning his first title, and to 'Bear for the back to back Division 2 wins.


    Name		Prev	Pts	w/o	Total
    Smiffy405	282	6	233	288
    Gooner		276	7	213	283
    Freeman		265	6	231	271
    Golden		258	6	214	264
    Wilkimania	258	5	183	263
    Sucky		252	9	216	261
    Prime Time 	250	8	233	258
    Maverick	246	7	218	253
    Oliver		237	6	198	243


    Name		Prev	Pts	w/o	Total
    'Bear		244	8	217	252
    Mazza		235	10	210	245
    Pringle		234	10	184	244
    Shee		219	5	199	224
    Anonymous	193	10	158	203
    Leaf		185	0	150	185
    TheKorean	181	0	151	181
    Sheepster	104	0	84	104
    Shinobi		19	0	9	19

    The good news is we can wash the sour taste of the anticlimax out of our mouths with the World Cup. I have it on good authority that Gooner - who deserves recognition for his excellent second-place finish here - will be running a World Cup contest in the fashion of his 2016 Euro contest. Keep your eyes peeled for the sign-up thread, which will go up shortly.

    In the meantime thanks for playing this season and for your understanding in this matter. I'm going to wrap up for the season in a minute by posting the new roll of honour. Just before I do, though... I'm keen to keep this going next year and I'm happy to carry on running it. But I may need some help. That means if someone wants a turn, make yourself known. If you're willing to assist me, make yourself known. I'm not sure I can continue to do it as a solo effort for much longer but I'd want to see this continue in some form.

    Thanks again everyone. Here's the honours board.

    Roll of Honour
    Division One
    2004: Jack
    2005: Huxta156
    2006: Daveyboy
    2007: Winter
    2008: Daveyboy
    2009: Amebling
    2010: Mazza
    2011: Chrisbear
    2012: Prime Time
    2013: Mazza
    2014: Prime Time
    2015: 'Bear
    2016: Prime Time
    2017: Freeman
    2018: Smiffy

    Division Two
    2014: Freeman
    2015: Sucky
    2016: Ranting Randall
    2017: 'Bear
    2018: 'Bear

    FA Cup:
    2012: JoeyShinobi
    2013: zzzorf
    2014: Prime Time
    2015: Golden
    2016: EddieG
    2017: Oliver
    2018: Shee
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    Awesome stuff as always Prime. Thanks for all the work you put in here. Congrats to Smiffy on the win.

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    Gutted, but I think the right thing is to call it before the reset. Cheers for doing the this Prime. Congrats to Smiffy!

    I shall be posting the World Cup thread probably tomorrow or Saturday. Need to look in my archives to see how I did it first time round in terms of setup. Will also allow for more people to come back to the forums over the weekend.

    As I mentioned before Prime, I don't know how you do a full season alone, I know I couldn't. But if you feel you need some help some weeks for next season, I'm more than happy to help out.
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    It's unfortunate that it ended under the circumstances it did, especially given all the work you put into this, Prime. Thanks a lot for running the comp, mate. It was a lot of fun. I'd be more than happy to assist with next season in any way I can.

    Congrats to Smiffy, who was a colossus all season! And well done to Bear on another Div 2 title! With a few summer signings, he could be a real force next season..

    Cheers guys. Look forward to the World Cup!

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    Thanks as always Prime! Always a blast

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    Congrats Man-Smiffy, pathetic title defence from me.

    Prime, awesome stuff as usual. If you need any help I would also be willing to put myself forward if you and Gooner need some help.

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    Guess I'm the first ever 4 time league champion?

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    Ah, sweet, sweet relegation. Well done, Smiffy and BEAR.

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    Thanks everyone. Congrats to BEAR for winning DIV 2

    Massive thanks to Prime Time for once again hosting this league and doing a wonderful job.

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