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    The Life & Times of Bobby Heenan: Serving Hard Time (November '90)

    Greetings, mizfan fans! And welcome back to the increasingly feedback-less Heenan Series. Donít worry, I have faith that somebody, someday will read all this besides my main man RayÖ or maybe itís just me talking to myself, but regardless Iím excited for another packed month! Will Mr Perfect find a way to regain the Intercontinental Title? Will the Bossman make Heenan serve hard time? Will the Ultimate Warrior suck? Will Haku and Barbarian have anything to do? Itís time for Survivor Series, letís get to it!

    WWF, November Ď90
    Ongoing Heenan Storylines

    Weasel Time is Hard Time

    BH: I said I was sorry, isnít that enough?

    GM: How many weeks went by when I gave you chances to stop making comments?

    BH: 2 weeks, tops. Probably 10 days.

    GM It was months!!
    Last we left our man Heenan, the Big Bossman was breathing down his neck and Jack Tunney had decreed that Heenan must fulfill Rick Rudeís obligation in wrestling the Bossman all over the country! To say the Brain is afraid for his life would not be an exaggeration. To try to smooth things over, he starts praising Bossman over the top on every single move he makes. Iíve never heard Heenan shill this hard even for someone in the Family. Alas, all his begging and sucking up doesnít seem to have much effect on the Bossman!

    Unanswered Prayers

    Heenan even makes a special appearance on the Brother Love show, with Love in a neckbrace after being DDTíd by Jake (more on that later). Heenan goes down on his knees, practically praying, apologizing profusely to Bossmanís mom and mothers everywhere. Perhaps heíll be able to talk his way out of this one after all? Or perhaps his salvation will be from another source, a big man supplied by a fellow manager to stand in the Bossmanís way?

    Big Bossman vs. Earthquake (w/Jimmy Hart) 11/18/90 WWF Prime Time

    GM: Why donít you go down to ringside and apologize to Bossman right now?

    BH: And leave you here to stab me in the back??

    GM: Well, Iíll do that even if youíre still sitting here.
    Ok, so Jimmy Hart is not explicitly helping out Heenan, but I choose to believe thatís whatís going on behind closed doors. I wasnít sure what to expect from this match, but let me tell you, WOW! If nothing else impresses you about Earthquake, please watch this (Ray, looking at you!)


    That is super cool!! And a good indicator of the whole match honestly, these two guys just went all out super hoss battle on each other and it worked perfectly.

    Oh yeah, heís real sorry.

    As Bossman starts getting the worst of the beatdown, Heenan suddenly walks down to ringside, and behind the refís back he slaps Bossman in the face!! I donít know if Heenan thought Quake would beat him badly enough that he couldnít take revenge, or wanted to cause Bossman trouble so he would think itís not worth it to pursue Heenan further, or just couldnít help himself. Whatever the reason, Heenan even starts using Jimmy Hartís megaphone to yell at Bossman!

    Mouth of the South Bobby Heenan?

    The match continues to be awesome until eventually Bossman is dumped to the floor and Heenan kicks him, which prompts Bossman to get up and chase Heenan to the back! Bossman is counted out as the finish. Bit of a cop out but thatís expected, and seriously this match was a blast.

    Awesomeness Rating: ****Ĺ

    BH: British Bulldog seems very determined, doesnít he?

    GM: Kind of reminds me of the Big Bossman!

    BH: Donít talk to me about that!!! How do you expect me to sit here while you talk about that?

    GM: I donít expect you to sit here, I expect youíll be in intensive care!
    Bobby Heenan (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Big Bossman 11/20/90 WWF Supertape IV

    You wouldnít hit a guy with a Hogan buddy, would you?

    And the day has finally arrived! I hope itís not Heenanís last day alive. The Brain enters with a Hulk Hogan wrestling buddy doll, perhaps as a sign of his repentant spirit, or maybe as a reminder that some people can say and do anything they want and not be put into matches with people twice as big as them. Heenan gets on the mic before Bossman comes out and says itís all been a mistake, and he sincerely apologizes to Bossman and his mother. Alfred Hayes is on commentary and heís adorably sympathetic to him! Heenan says heís sent flowers to Bossmanís mom, and the Hogan doll is for her too, so they can just cancel the match. Bossman starts coming out and Heenan keeps begging. Bossman takes the doll and rubs it in Heenanís face, but Heenan clobbers him in the head with the microphone!! Itís self defense at this point, dammit!

    Get him Bobby! Fight for your life!!

    But alas, Bossman recovers fast and beats Heenan up with the nightstick, very sporting of him. Bossman wins the match in just a few moves, and while Heenan does get physical heís definitely not bumping like he used to. Itís a shame but I guess time catches up with everyone, after all heís 46 years old with a history of neck injuries and some nerve damage to go along with it. After the match Haku runs out to attack Bossman, but Bossman beats him up too and cuffs him to Heenan!!

    Donít know whatís better, Heenan almost face-planting Haku trying to hide or Haku being ready to fight even with Heenan attached!

    Bossman is going to beat them up some more, but Mr Perfect shows up and fights off Bossman as the others escape. Bossman recovers again and punches Perfect out of the ring, and he heads back as well. I canít in good conscience rate such a short match very highly, but the whole segment was very entertaining. They did as much as they possibly could without taxing Heenanís limited physicality too much, and props to him for still mixing it up as much as possible.

    BH: The new WWF calendars are out, and IĎd like to send one to Big Bossmanís mother. Itís got Mr Perfect in it, itís the perfect present for a perfect mother!
    Awesomeness Rating: **

    Haku, Barbarian, Earthquake, & Dino Bravo (w/Bobby Heenan & Jimmy Hart) vs. Big Bossman, Hulk Hogan, Tugboat, & Jim Duggan, Elimination 11/22/90 WWF Survivor Series

    GM: So you have those matches with Bossman coming up, right?

    BH: Yes, but Iím gonna try to weas-

    GM: Weasel out, is that what you were gonna say?

    BH: No, I was gonna say Iím gonna try toÖ show good will!
    Itís time for Survivor Series! Since Heenan and Jimmy Hart already had a bit of an alliance going, they decided to combine forces against Bossman and Jimmyís chief rival of the moment, Hulk Hogan. The match starts but goes downhill fast, as Haku is the first one eliminated, which stinks because he was by far one of the best wrestlers of the bunch. Bossman was the one to take him out, and he also runs Heenan into the ringpost! We get back on track a bit as Barbarian goes after Bossman, even suplexing him nicely in an impressive spot. Jimmy Hart pulls the rope down and Duggan falls out of the ring, so Duggan takes his 2x4 and starts whacking people. Ridiculously, the referee doesnít do anything! That is, until Duggan swings at the referee himself, for no other reason than Duggan is a huge dick, and finally heís DQíd, because god forbid Jim Duggan should ever be pinned. Hogan runs in and promptly slams Earthquake. Hogan pins Bravo next with a small package, a surprisingly technical move. Earthquake does the super cool Bossman catch spot again, but Hogan runs in and pushes him over when the referee isnít watching. Earthquake rallies and, with a little help from Barbarian, pins Bossman, which doesnít leave us with much in terms of good wrestlers. By the way, Tugboat hasnít tagged in once, which Iím not complaining about but itís weird. Finally, very late in the match, Tugboat gets tagged in and I think he gets booed pretty badly, though they could also be doing the dumb Tugboat sound. No, theyíve got to be booing, right? Who would voluntarily make the Tugboat noise? Hogan, Earthquake, and Tugboat fight outside, and Tugboat and Earthquake are counted out but not Hogan. Hulk is alone with Barbarian and yeah, guess how that goes? Hogan is deeply in formula by now and not even trying to switch it up as he did during the 80s, so you know what happens without me even typing it. After the match, even though Heenan didnít do anything to him, Hogan beats him up. Some good stuff, but overall this was disappointing.

    Awesomeness Rating: **

    Mr Perfect (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Big Bossman 11/23/90 WWF The Main Event

    GM: The symbol of Jimmy Snuka, meaning I Love You.

    BH: Thatís not what it means, itís his IQ. Three.

    GM: Even on the eve of your demise at the hands of the Big Bossman, youíre still trying to make fun of people.

    BH: Demise?!?
    Hey, now weíre talking! Heenan decides not to come to ringside at first, which is understandable considering how Bossman has been after him. Perfect starts out super cocky, but Bossman gets mad and gives chase and starts knocking him around! God, I love Perfectís bumping. Bossman literally drags him around by his hair, which looks hilarious. This is tremendously fun. Perfect isnít human with some of these bumps. Iím absolutely loving this. Perfect gets the advantage, and Heenan finally shows up! Perfect goes for the Perfectplex, but Bossman counters beautifully into a small package!! I thought that was gonna be it, but Perfect kicks out at the last millisecond. Bossman hits those beautiful punches of his, but Perfect recovers, hits the Perfectplex, and NOOOO, itís still only 2!! Heenan was so sure it was over he was about to come into the ring! He comes in anyway in desperation, and tries to help out but accidentally dumps Perfect to the floor! Bossman grabs the Brain and Heenan slaps him for his trouble to get free. Heenan takes off and Bossman chases him to the back, and Perfect gets the countout win. Bossman returns to the ring and chases Perfect out with his nightstick.

    Now THAT is how a heel runs away!

    That was awesome. Go out of your way to watch this super fun match, if you can find it. My god, after the match Okerlund is backstage, and Heenan runs by and begs for help!! He goes on his hands and knees and asks Okerlund to do something, anything to help him!!! This is a stupendous feud, and the matches are actually much better for not having Rude around. Canít wait for more of this in December.

    Awesomeness Rating: ****ĺ

    BH: I think as my partner and colleague, you should go to the Big Bossman and plead my case.

    GM: Oh, sure!

    BH: Wait, I know what youíd say. Rip his head off, right?

    GM: You got it!

    Come On, Give Perfect The Title Back Already

    Kerry Von Erich vs. Smash, WWF Intercontinental Championship 11/18/90 WWF Prime Time

    Not a tremendous amount to say about this match, except to wonder how Smash merited a shot at the #2 singles title in the company. Itís a decent match, nothing special, they go back and forth until Mr Perfect show sup and attacks Von Erich. For some reason the referee takes ages to ring the bell, until all of Demolition comes out and pummels Tornado. LOD comes out and makes the save, and itís all in service of hyping up Survivor Series. Oh yeah, eventually Warrior shows up too, but too late to actually help. Good job, you dingus.

    Awesomeness Rating: **ĺ

    Mr Perfect, Ax, Crush, & Smash (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Hawk, Kerry Von Erich, Animal, & Ultimate Warrior, Elimination 11/22/90 WWF Survivor Series

    Warrior eliminates Ax first in very little time, which bums me out as heís by far my favorite Demolition. I think heís just about at the end of his rope though. Demolition & LOD all fight at once and push the referee away, and they all end up getting thrown out of the match. Perfect is left alone against Warrior and Tornado, which hardly seems fair. Perfect actually fights through and eliminates Tornado by pinfall! What a hero! But Warrior kicks out of the Perfectplex. Warrior of course comes back and wins, and then punches Heenan for good measure after the match. Too much Warrior and general no selling at the end to consider this a classic, but overall it was actually pretty good, especially with so much Mr Perfect involved. Perfect pinning Tornado has got to be a good sign towards getting that IC title back already!

    Awesomeness Rating: ***ĺ

    Haku Commits Legal Murder

    Haku (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Gary Jackson 11/25/90 WWF Challenge

    So I mentioned Haku a few times already, thankfully he had stuff to do this month, but I have to give him a solo shoutout here. Haku goes buck wild in this random Challenge match, he just absolutely slaughters his poor guy. He does a full on All Japan style backdrop driver, and then a crazy looking piledriver to boot. He just wrecks him in a way that had my jaw dropping. Amazing. All hail Haku.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***ĺ

    Elsewhere in the WWFÖ

    Dustin For Dollars

    BH: Dusty Rhodes is the weak link for his team because heís from Texas, so he canít speak American.
    As the DiBiase/Dusty feud continues, we get to see Dustin Rhodes drawn further into the drama. He debuts in the WWF in a match against DiBiase, with a simple challenge to last 10 minutes. Ted is very confident, but in the end Dustin shocks him with his skill and resilience! DiBiase ends up clobbering him with the Million Dollar Title to get the advantage. I only got a clip of the match, not the whole thing, but it looked like a lot of fun, plus itís a great way to get Dustin over quick. Also in service of this feud, we get this fun match!

    GM: Dustyís team has been doing everything together in order to get ready for Survivor Series.

    BH: Thatís why the Family is so successful, we do everything together! Except thereís some things we donít let Barbarian do anymore.
    Koko B Ware vs. Ted DiBiase 11/18/90 WWF Challenge

    BH: I see that Koko has WWF on the back of his trunks. Thatís so they know where to send him when DiBiaseís done with him. Of course, WWF will probably send him back.
    Koko is on Dustyís Survivor Series team, and everybody involved in that match ends up coming down to ringside, sans Taker of course. Koko is underrated as ever and gives a really good fight to Ted for several minutes, but soon enough chaos reigns and the match break down. Ted manages to pin Koko in the chaos, but the match was really fun in the meantime. Much respect to Koko, who keeps working his butt off for a company that is never going to give him much recognition (HOF spot notwithstanding).

    GM: What do you know about this mystery man for the Million Dollar Man, Brain?

    BH: Well, I asked DiBiase, and he said Bobby, I canít even tell you. Then he gave me money and I went away.

    GM: Huh!

    BH: No really, heíll give you money if you talk to him! Tell you what, give me $50 and Iíll introduce you.
    Awesomeness Rating: ***Ĺ

    A Blind Snake Can Still Bite

    BH: You know, Jake Roberts had a terrible accident the other day. He was blindsided.

    GM: Youíre disgusting, you know that?

    BH: Heís gotta get out of here soon, I hear he has a blind date!
    This unique angle progresses with another Brother Love segment. Jake is a guest on the show, still blind, and Martel shows up to mess with him. Jake lashes out blindly and lands a DDT, but not on Martel, on Brother Love! Jake is really good at acting blind, I have to say. Martel laughs at his misfortune, and Iím really have fun with this angle.

    We also get to see a little clip of Tito Santana taking on Martel in the Strike Force breakup feud with will never, ever end. It looks like the match is going well, as they often did between those two, but Jake shows up in a rage and tries to get his hands on Martel. Once again Martel outwits him and gets him to grab Tito by mistake. Tito doesnít eat a DDT at least, he escapes, but the match is thrown out regardless. Jake really comes across as desperate to get at Martel and a danger to himself and others in his, quite literally, blind rage.

    BH: Do you think Jake Roberts knows if heís going the right way down the ramp?

    GM: You like to kick people when theyíre down, donít you?

    BH: Oh no, I think Jake is out of sight.
    Rick Martel vs. Marty Jannetty 11/18/90 WWF Prime Time

    One last bit of Martel for the month! This was a fine match but I do have to say what Iíve said before, even though I never believed it before I started watching, Martel really was a lot better before he was the model. Heís still good, but I still canít believe they turned him. I would have loved to see the Rockers against Strike Force, that would have really been something! Jannetty spends a surprising amount of time in this applying a leg lock. Not bad, just not his usual style, for sure. Martel ends up with the clean win, no Jake this time.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***ľ

    God Bless AMERICA (and Mexico)

    Sergeant Slaughter (w/General Adnan) vs. Tito Santana 11/18/90 WWF Prime Time

    BH: You know, Slaughter told me he could have been a professor at the University of Moscow, but he decided to come here and prove a point.

    GM: Is that so?

    BH: What, you donít believe me? You think Iím lying?

    GM: Youíre lying through your teeth.
    Monsoon actually mentions how Heenan used to wrestle here in Indiana all the time. Takes me all the way back to Dick the Bruiserís territory! But anyway, on to the match. Slaughter tries to tell the referee that Titoís been pulling his hair, despite being almost totally bald, which is funny. Slaughter looks pretty good here, he was always underrated in some ways and has good stuff to offer. He takes some big bumps and does some nice selling, and he really knows how to wrestle his size. Slaughter sneaks a win with a little help from Adnan.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***Ĺ

    Thatís Gotta Be Kane! Wait, No It Isnít.

    Undertaker is here, and they are still calling him Kane for the time being. Heís with Brother Love, which isnít a good fit. Really looking forward to Paul Bearer but glad Taker is on the scene.

    There Goes The Ax

    After Survivor Series, Jack Tunney rules that there cannot be 3 members of Demolition anymore. This is the end of Ax, which sucks because he was always the best of the bunch. I believe he was suffering from some heart issues that would prevent him from wrestling full time anymore, so fair enough I suppose, but he was also supposed to get a backstage job at the end of his tenure that never ended up materializing, so, great job again WWF.

    Miscellaneous Quotes

    GM: Must take a long time for the British Bulldog to do that to his hair.

    BH: Why would you WANT to do that to your hair?
    BH: Davey Boy was always one of the most powerful men in the WWF, and now he looks stronger than ever. Just as dumb, though.
    BH: Rhythm and Blues should just pull out a bar of soap, the Bushwhackers would turn tail and run. They donít want to have nothing to do with a bath.
    BH: If you follow around Tugboat for three days, youíll get the education of your life. Just donít eat where he eats, and you wonít make those noises he makes.
    BH: PPV is a wonderful invention. The average humanoid will be stuck on Thanksgiving, eating a dinner he doesnít really want, watching a football game he doesnít care about, but if you get Survivor Series youíll be glued to the TV all night until itís over. Then you can go eat your lukewarm turkey sandwich, or whatever. Or some of aunt Myrtleís peas, canít offend aunt Myrtle!

    GM: What are you talking about?

    BH: Aunt Myrtle! You donít even want here there, she brings a pie that she bought for a $1.50, and she eats 30 pounds of turkey. What a horrible day.

    GM: Obviously you had a very sad childhood.

    BH: Oh no, we had good Thanksgivings. We went out to eat!
    BH: Did you have anything to do with that Survivor Series egg?

    GM: No, I didnít.

    BH: Good, then I know it wonít hurt me.
    GM: I bet you think Benedict Arnold was on the right side!

    BH: He did what he had to do.
    GM: Havenít you ever made a mistake?

    BH: Not that I can think of. Well, once, but you donít know her.
    BH: Itís impressive to see Jannetty alone, because usually he canít do anything without approval from Michaels, and vice versa. Theyíre like the doublemint twins, double your pleasure, double your fun, but bet your money on the Rockers and youíll end up with none. Ha! Howíd you like that one?

    GM: I didnít.

    BH: I did. God, Iím good!
    BH: He got to the ropes, heís got to break the hold!

    GM: Well of course he does.

    BH: Wait, weíre agreeing on something?

    GM: Weíre in deep trouble. Maybe I ought to take a break.

    BH: Yeah go ahead, Iíll handle things from here.
    GM: Why donít you go down there and join Rhythm and Blues?

    BH: I canít play an instrument, I donít sing!

    GM: Neither do they, youíd fit right in.
    GM: Jimmy Hart once managed both the Hitman and the Honky Tonk Man, until the Hart Foundation threw the little pipsqueak out on his ear!

    BH: Thatís not what I heard from the little runt-

    GM: Little runt! You called him a little runt!

    BH: I didnít say that! Donít start something between him and me!

    GM: You said it!

    BH: I was clearing my throat! It was runt, it was arrugh!
    BH: When you call to order Survivor Series, just say HEY! Put this show in my home, and Iíll pay you if I feel like it! And if itís not your cable company, call Ďem anyway and tell Ďem! Try it, kids!

    GM: Is there no end to this??
    GM: Thereís no telling how many men will make it to the Ultimate Survivor match!

    BH: Could be 2, could be 30.

    GM: There canít be 2, Brain.

    BH: Ok, then thereíll be 4.

    GM: The smallest number that could make it would be 5.

    BH: Ok, weíll have 5. Howís that?

    GM: And the biggest number we could have would be 20.

    BH: Ok, and you take 5 from 20 leaves you 15, and carry the one, and add the one back to the 5, put 5 back on to 20 and add the extra and you got 30, which is what I said. Basic math.

    GM: Did you ever have any kind of formal education?

    BH: No, I never wore a tux to school.

    GM: I thought not.
    GM: Have you ever been hit by a cane at 40 miles an hour?

    BH: No! Why would I have that happen to me?

    GM: I just want you to experience everything you can in your life.

    BH: Great, youíre going to go get a cane and hit me with it at 40 miles an hour.
    BH: When you have a brain like mine, you donít need anybody else.

    GM: When you have a brain like yours, youíre in enough trouble as it is!
    BH: Shane Douglas reminds me of Kim Basinger. They have the same haircut.

    GM: Youíre a sick person.
    GM: I very much enjoyed the Gobbledy Gooker, I expect weíll see a lot more of him.

    BH: Iíd like to see him in a bag of shake and bake.
    BH: Earthquake looks much taller this week!

    GM: He just has a shorter opponent.

    BH: I knew youíd come up with some stupid answer.

    Thatís another big month in the bag, dear readers! Not the most stirring Survivor Series, to be sure, but we got some phenomenal stuff out of the Bossman feud, plus Perfect gained a pinfall over the IC champion so we can hope heís on the verge of getting his belt back. Plus Haku got to wreck stuff and Barbarian lasted all the way to the end of his match with Hogan! I feel like things are looking good for the Heenan Family as we close out 1990. Oh, except Heenan has still more matches to honor with Bossman. Gulp!

    Thatís it for today, humanoids. Iíll be back soon with the next entry, until then donít let the ham-and-eggers get you down, and stay awesome!

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    Great heel work with Bobby Heenan against Bossman, taking every cheap shot he can get, but apologizing and trying to get sympathy every time the Bossman gets to his feet. Good fucking heel work!

    I didn't realize tornado had the title so long... Too bad the WWE run didn't work out so well for him. Maybe he'd done better in WCW? But yeah, we know what would happen here soon to him and if he'd been more successful maybe things would have gone different.

    I've watched that survivor series lately as it was kind of a dream team with Warrior, Tornado, and the road Warriors on one side and Perfect and Demolition on the other. Was wondering how they would get LOD out of the match, but the double DQ worked. Not a lot of cool inter promotional payoffs from WWE ever though. The ones in WCW worked better I think, because it had a little less cartoon in it.

    And I will agree that the Model was not good for Rick Martell, but in this era of WWF you had to be something. Still, fucking love the stuff with Jake. Jake's psychology is as good as anyone's. Can't believe all these wrestle-Mania seven matches already started building.

    You're right the Rockers and Strike-Force is a dream match!

    All awesome stuff from the Bossman all month. His stuff with Heenan, Earthquake, and Mr Perfect.

    Dustin Rhodes got the right man to wrestle. Million Dollar Man did a lot for a lot of young talent. Would have loved to see a fued between the Natural Dustin Rhodes and Ted Dibiase in WCW.

    Good read, man. Heenan's manager career is definitely winding down but it ends with him finally claiming his first WWF World Champion! We're getting closer and closer to that.

    Would love to see all this series strung together in the end.
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    I will admit that Earthquake catching The Bossman was mighty impressive. I do love the Rick vs. Jake feud, and I can't wait for your take on the much maligned blindfold match.

    It's nice to see Perfect making his way back to the title that he never should have lost.

    The line about Jake being "Outta sight" absolutely made me laugh out loud. I can just picture him saying it. Heenan's run through backstage in that gif is a thing of beauty, and actually harkens back to his best stuff as a bumper. What made Heenan so good (to me) was his ability to overexaggerate while still looking natural doing it.

    It's also funny to see things like Hogan doing dirty things to Earthquake to get the advantage for his team, and Bossman taking a nightstick to Heenan...these are FACES. They should be above that sort of behavior. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Sad to see Ax go, while I didn't appreciate him as much as a youth, he was the glue that held that team together. Crush was, in my mind, a solid idea to keep a long time act around, but that just didn't hit the nail on the head. I wonder if it's because Demolition had such well known history in WWF, or if it's just because Crush was pretty not good.

    Great stuff buddy!

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    Been reading and catching up on previous entries. Great stuff man! It's pretty clear why you've achieved Columnist of the Month as often as you have. Heenan is such a treasure...his timing, comedic delivery, and willingness to show be the fool are such a lost art. November '90 is a great month for wrestling in general. Survivor Series may have been underwhelming, but back then with so few PPVs it was still a big deal and in some ways still finding its feet - even though the Survivor Series was the second of the big 4 PPVs to come into existence it has had the greatest struggle to find its identify over time, but essentially that first decade or so the formula remained relatively unchanged, despite the move to add some singles main event matches as time went on. It's always been one of my favorite events because it had build up feuds leading in and new feuds coming out of the event as well. The Jake Roberts and Model feud was an all time sleeper feud in my opinion and while I don't disagree that the Model gimmick handcuffed Martel, this feud was truly exceptional because of both men involved.

    Your ongoing columns make me miss TLS, but I suppose in due time we'll hopefully be getting that back.

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    A bit of feedback! Including Benny’s lost comment on October.

    Benny 1! I do think a Rude/Bossman feud, properly seen through, could have torn the house down. I’ll never forget in WCW: TLS, when Bossman came to WCW, I wasn’t really interested in him, especially since his first opponent was a broken down Rude who had been stinking up the joint. I’ll be damned if Boss didn’t take him to his best match in ages though! So who knows what they could have done before Rude’s in ring skills fell off a cliff. As for Perfect and Heenan, I think it was just a one off comment to show how frustrated Perfect was, though it did surprise me. I think Perfect/Tornado would have continued the same way though, with Rude working Bossman instead of Perfect having to do both feuds.

    And Benny 2! One of Heenan’s best qualities is how hard he commits in whatever direction he’s moving in. When he’s sorry, he’s so pathetic you feel sorry for him, but the moment he gets a chance he’ll take a shot at you will all the venom he can muster. Then, when it’s time to pay, once again he’s sniveling and begging with the best of them!

    Kerry is a sad story waiting to happen no matter what he does, I think. I’m always chilled by his comments that he felt he was destined to die badly. There was some deeply troubling stuff in the von Erich family, and the kids paid the price over and over again.

    Great point that WWF rarely makes these interpromotional pay offs work. I think part of it too is just ego. Usually that means WWF will favor it’s own creation, but this time I think they were just greedy to run with something hot and make it their own. They did rename the Road Warriors, for goodness sake. Things were more free and less organized in WCW, which sometimes was actually a major benefit.

    WWF’s obsession in this era of making someone into something is very frustrating at times. We’re not quite there yet, but Tito Santana becoming “El Matador” is the least necessary transition of all time. Very much looking forward to this Jake feud though, and yes the long build to Mania is one of the best things about the era!

    I think DiBiase is underrated for the sheer variety of stuff he did in the WWF. He was in some ways the Chris Jericho of his era, capable of wrestling the champion or a rookie on any given night and able to do something compelling with them no matter what. His wrestling in the WWF is not blowaway good but he does so many little things well and embodies his character perfectly, I love the guy.

    Thanks for the read and feed! Putting this all into one piece would be a huge effort, but I’ll see how I feel when I finally get to the end of it all.

    Ray! I’m glad I could give you one thing to like about Earthquake. He’s not the best big man WWF used in this era by any stretch, but he has his moments. I think you won’t be disappointed about my take on Jake/Martel!

    Love your analysis of Heenan’s run, spot on. I link it back to my earlier comment that Heenan commits 100% to everything he does. It’s probably why he ended up so beat up by the end of his career, but he gave it his all so often just for our entertainment so you’ve got to love it.

    Hogan’s always been entitled, since day 1, but it’s definitely getting out of control by this point. The things babyfaces get away with is a frequent discussion point on TLS, and we never seem to run out of examples!

    I’m honestly not 100% sure why Crush’s Demolition bombed so badly. I think WWF saw the three as interchangeable, but there was a different feeling once Ax was gone. Crush wasn’t that bad at this time but he wasn’t that good either, and his raw size couldn’t make up for all the little stuff Bill Eadie did to make the team work. Crush will return, of course! Thanks for the read and feed, I greatly appreciate as always!

    BK! It’s been awhile, my man. Dig your take on Survivor Series man and it’s a favorite show of mine too, when done well. I think it’s extra special in this era because you so rarely see the big stars fighting it out, then suddenly on one night a whole bunch of them clash in the same match! The Rumble would kind of take over as the big show that capitalized on that idea, but still Survivor Series has a place in my heart. Agreed on heenan and on Martel/Jake, but much more to come on that! And yes, TLS should be returning within a few months so stay tuned! Thanks very much for the feed, love to have it.

    Thanks all, new part coming very soon!

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