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    The New Event #2 - Will An All-Women WWE TV Show Work?

    What's up, guys? Welcome to another edition of The New Event. Long introductions aren't really my thing, so let's get right to it...


    • So it was Stephanie McMahon's 42nd birthday this past week and I would like to wish her a happy birthday. Yeah, I know, we are supposed to hate her but she is still a human being just like we all are; even though she acts like a monster. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I have to remind you that because she is only 42 we still have a long, long way to go with her. She's going to be involved with the WWE on-screen and behind the scenes so if you hate what she does you have to try and find a way to tolerate her.

    • I am very excited at the prospect of seeing Trish Stratus vs Alexa Bliss. In my previous run on these forums I wrote a column titled `Clones' where I mentioned the uncanny similarities between these two women. Not only does Alexa resemble Trish, but they came up in a similar way. Both started as managers and then worked their way up the ladder to become prominent figures in the Women's Division. It's such a shame I won't be able to watch this match. Nevertheless, Alexa Bliss should be honored to be facing Trish Stratus as it shows how much she means to the company.

    • According to a recent Tweet, WWE backstage announcer Kayla Braxton had her wallet stolen by an employee of 7eleven in Orlando. She eventually got the wallet back with the help of police but the cash was missing. Firstly, I hope that the employee gets fired for this as it is unnacceptable. But how the hell did that employee get it right to steal her wallet in the first place? People need to be more careful with there belongings as there are alot of chance takers out there. I know Kayla was the victim in all of this but she also needs to be more vigilant.

    And that does it for the current going-ons in the world of WWE. I think it's time we get to...


    With WWE Evolution - WWE's first ever all-women PPV - coming to our (or your, I should say) television screens soon, it got me thinking if having a weekly episodic tv show dedicated to showcasing the WWE Women's Division would work. I have actually seen this done before with my very own eyes. Once upon a time some 17 or 18 years ago the network that aired RAW and Smackdown in South Africa decided to replace the blue brand with a different kind of wrestling show. Well, different was an understatement because what then aired was an all-female wrestling promotion called WOW: Women Of Wrestling.

    Now, I was only 11 at the time so to my untrained eye this was completely strange to me. You see, not only did I find out that WWE was not the only wrestling show on the planet but I also found out that there were wrestling promotions that put the spotlight on women. This was a game-changer in my wrestling viewing experience but nevertheless I gave WOW a chance and to my best recollection I think I tuned in almost every week, although not entirely invested as I was in WWE's product. The women on that show appeared to have a good knowledge of how to wrestle and thus put on some good matches. I can't remember how popular the show was but it only aired for a few months before Smackdown started airing again.

    Nevertheless, this shows that all-female wrestling shows/promotions have been around for quite some time and if you fast-forward to 2018 I'm sure there are a number of wrestling promotions catering to female stars. On top of that the level of quality that the women produce in the ring is at an all time high. That's not to say that it is only a finding of recent times as most of us are well-aware of the great matches that the Knockouts Division from TNA produced at their peak. We know about the likes of Gail Kim and Awesome Kong tearing up the ring over on Impact, so great women's wrestling is not new to us at all.

    And that proven popularity of womens wrestling has finally found it's way to the WWE.

    In actual fact, we live in an age where women's wrestling ascended to arguably its peak in WWE. The `Women's Revolution' has been a statement by the WWE in recent years for putting the spotlight on the female wrestlers on their product. For whatever reason, WWE finally decided to pull the trigger on their Women's Division and it has proven to be a successful commodity. Stephanie McMahon can claim the `Women's Revolution' as her own all she wants but it can't be argued that the great matches and the rising popularity of the `Four Horsewoman' in NXT was a driving factor to bringing women's wrestling to the forefront of WWE. With that being said we cannot forget about the contributions of AJ Lee and Paige who played an integral part in opening Vince's eyes towards the concept of making the Women's Division actually matter.

    Alot of the women wrestling on the main roster today are over and if I'm not mistaken, the amount of women that are over on the roster is the highest amount of women that has been over at the same time in the history of WWE. A few years ago only Paige and AJ Lee were truly over on the roster. Before that only Lita and Trish Stratus were over (although it can definitely be argued that Victoria and Molly Holy were over as well). And before that Chyna was arguably the only female wrestler that was over. But in this day and age we have a number of women who are not only over, but who fans actually care about. Bliss, Banks, Bayley, Flair, Lynch, Asuka and Rousey are but some of the women who almost always has the investment of the crowd (and a couple of those women could have even more crowd investment if booked properly, but I digress).

    That leads me to believe that an all-female WWE television show would definitely work. In fact, I don't doubt it for a second. I would even go as far as saying that these women should go beyond having a show on the WWE network and try to cop a television deal. I truly believe that this is plausible. And with the minor success of Total Divas/Bellas, the all-female television show would receive more promotion to allow those fans watching Total Divas/Bellas an opportunity to get a look at what those `reality stars' actually do. I would venture to say that the first ever all-female WWE show would be the perfect segway into starting up a new brand for the women.

    Some of you reading this might think that this is a stretch; but if you weigh up every aspect of this would-be all-women wrestling show you would see that it's actually far from a stretch. I've already mentioned the positive impact that Total Divas/Bellas can have on this would-be show, but the most important factor here is that these women can actually wrestle and the increase in popularity of womens wrestling as a whole in the pro-wrestling industry would create an audience for the show. And the coup de gras is that WWE has the most popular women's wrestlers in the world; at least to a mainstream audience.

    If there were ever to be an all-women brand in WWE I would imagine it to look something like this...

    Main Event Scene:

    Ronda Rousey, Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Sasha Banks

    First and foremost, the RAW and Smackdown Women's Championships would have to be unified to create one top belt. But you cannot tell me that from a women's wrestling perspective that that main scene doesn't make you salivate. If you couple the regular women's wrestling acumen with the unending popularity of Ronda Rousey then this main event scene would be fire. Any combination of these women have the ability to create a masterclass and with the added benefits of having their own show the focuse would solely be on them.

    Midcard Scene

    Bayley, Ember Moon, Nia Jax, Natalya, Mickie James, Carmella, Naomi

    I would say that this is a more than sufficient midcard scene, especially based off the weight of the main event scene. To top it off, the midcard scene consists of former and and future womens champions. Some of these ladies could move up to the main event scene when needed and vice versa. There will of course be a title to fight for in this division. I'm thinking something along the lines of a Television Championship as WWE does not seem to have any plans for such a title. And if it is defended on every show the lower midcarders can also get a chance to shine.

    Lower Midcard

    Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke, Tamina, Lana, Zelina Vega

    Admittedly not the best lower midcard but they are here for a reason. They are here to put the higher superstars over, whereas the two managers on this list can improve their wrestling ability and gain some more experience. (P.s: I'm not sure about the wrestling ability of Vega as I haven't seen her wrestle before)

    Tag Team Division

    The Riot Squad, The Bellas, The Iconics, Absolution

    Not the greatest tag team division either, but The Bellas can certainly inject some form of popularity in this division. Ruby Riot and Nikki Bella can always play duel roles when going for singles titles. Besides, WWE can make a few tag teams out of the midcard and lower midcard females (eg. Jax/Tamina) and Alexa Bliss and Mickie James could also lend a hand as they have a known partnership. And if push comes to shove WWE can always just debut a couple of female tag teams.

    At the end of the day I truly believe that this could work. With the Mae Young Classic and the women on NXT, WWE seemingly has an infinite amount of female members across the board and the combined talent that these women possess are certainly extraordinary. I think it's time that WWE takes this `Women's Revolution' to the next level, don't you?


    What is happening with Asuka?

    This women was straight fire in NXT with an unrivaled undefeated streak and arguably the greatest Women's Champion in the show's history. She was booked like a beast and her in-ring ability showed that. She had fantastic title matches during her run at the top and was even able to leave NXT without losing a single match. That, in and of itself, is most impressive.

    And even when she debuted on the main roster she was still booked as an unbeatable wrestler and continued having some good matches. But when you come from NXT, ninety-nine percent of the time you are destined to go through creative hell and even get lost in the shuffle. Up until Wrestlemania 34 Asuka still has the undefeated streak and because of that she still kept her mystic. But after she lost against Charlotte everything just seemed to go downhill from there.

    She now appears to be lost in the shuffle with seemingly no plans for her. How else can you explain her being booked in random tag team matches? I think that this all boils down to lazy writing as creative struggles to have more than one women's feud running at a time. And based of Asukas talents this is truly an injustice. WWE needs to remedy this situation quickly before Asuka becomes just another women's wrestler on the roster.

    If only WWE had a wrestling show that just focuses on all the women they have on the roster and were forced to create storylines for that show...


    And that does it for this edition of The New Event. I hope you have all enjoyed this column has much as I have enjoyed writing it. What do you think about an all-womens television show? And what do you think about Asuka's current position on the roster? Please feel free to leave a comment in the black box below. Any and all feedback is always much appreciated. But until next time...

    This is Don Franc signing out.

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    I actually love this idea. I don't think it would be a cable ready show, but as something to add to their Fox deal lineup? Hell yes! It would be even cooler if they gave it GLOW style production values, obviously updated to 2018, but with a slight nostalgic feel. Hell, I would even take steph off Raw, and have her be the authority arm of that show. No visible male influence would be key for the demographic they would be reaching to. Turn Raw over to Trips finally as the on air big wig.

    This is good stuff!

    One question. You're going to need a women's mid card title that isn't a tag belt. What would you create for the gals and why?

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    Lots to say about this one! Great to see you jump back on the horse so readily, my man.

    So I have to find a way to tolerate Stephanie, do I...? No I don't, because I just don't watch her! In all honesty, happy birthday to her, but her overbearing promos were a key factor in me cutting my WWE watching down to the very slim amount I watch these days.

    Definitely with you on Trish/Alexa. I think some people may be down on this because they think Alexa is overpushed, but to me it sounds like a perfectly fine match up. I do wish they were giving it some more build, but that doesn't seem to be high priority.

    Nice acknowledgment of the history of women in wrestling. I never actually saw WOW but I have seen some of the original GLOW and it is actually quite fun, albeit silly. And of course you have to look further, from the hugely successful Japanese women's wrestling of the 80s and 90s to more familiar American names like Alundra Blayze/Madusa and Sensational Sherri, and everything in between. Tons of history of success for women, so to me the question is not whether the women can succeed, it's will WWE actually do them justice? That I don't know, they have the talent but as you mentioned the writing seems to be in the doldrums in many areas, the women being no exception. Not knowing what to do with Asuka is... well, it's really something. I'm not sure putting them on their own show will help or not, I guess it depends on the execution, but done well there's no doubt it could work. I think one objection they may run into is Rousey is one of the biggest stars right now, and I think they will want to keep her on Raw, so a total separation is not likely to happen. Maybe a 205 Live situation will happen, with women having both their own program and segments on Raw and/or Smackdown.

    Nice piece here Don, I'll say again it's nice to have you around!

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    I think it is maybe starting to have potential, but until a major TV channel asks for it there's no way they should go for it. Doing it now would mean it becomes a WWE Network exclusive, which means it would be doomed to sit lower on the pecking order than 205 live. Keeping them on the main roster is the best thing for the women right now, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

    Also, I've got a vague recollection that I read somewhere long ago that the very early concepts for Smackdown had the idea of being an all-female show. Anyone know if that was true?

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    I was actually thinking about a similar idea earlier in the week, a womens only show would be great, and would help the WWE all over by freeing up a bit more time on Raw/SmackDown to build up other guys, while a womens show on, lets say Thursdays, would provide us with the quality of the womens divisions. Plus it would probably get it's own creative team (headed by Triple H of course) and that would let them be booked to their best.
    *Ghostly wailing*

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    Quote Originally Posted by DynamiteBillington View Post
    Also, I've got a vague recollection that I read somewhere long ago that the very early concepts for Smackdown had the idea of being an all-female show. Anyone know if that was true?
    I've never heard this, but I'd be interested to hear why it was even on the table if true. When Smackdown started the WWF barely even had a women's division!

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    Jim Ross, Bruce Prichard and Rick Bassman (who runs the gym in LaJolla, CA where several UFC and bodybuilding types are training for pro wrestling) headed a casting call with women bodybuilders, powerlifters, fitness girls, stunt women and martial arts women for a possible new womens television show modeled after the old GLOW show with pretty women, bad wrestling (well, the idea going in isn't for bad wrestling but it'll turn out that way because almost nobody will have any experience) and lots of skits. The deal for the show, which, if the deal is completed, would air starting in September on the UPN network, isn't completed, but WWF was interested in six to eight of the women. They've also brought Shannon Hall, the woman boxer (her father was a pro wrestler) who has in the past been a stripper, an American Gladiator and even tried out for RollerJam, into camp last week. Also in camp was Ryan Shamrock who they are trying to get to at least learn to take bumps so she can be given a larger role, and Nicole Bass, who was said to have been clueless. The idea is never to let Chyna wrestle a woman because of the belief it'll ruin her character. Sable may appear on the show in a announcer or guest role, but probably would be kept off being a featured performer or the major angles

    - March 29 1999, Wrestling Observer
    Found this on the Google Machine

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    LAW - Perhaps a television deal was a bit far-fetched but I still believe it could work. Food idea about incorporating it into their FOX deal as well; nice thinking. I can't comment on GLOW but I've scrolled past it on Netflix before so I'm not sure if that's the same thing, but I'll make sure to check it out. I 100% agree that there should be no male influence on the show. However, I would make an exception if a make was perhaps a manager or a butler, you know, some role reversal. However, I 100% disagree with you on Steph being the authority figure on the show. All she will do is hog the spotlight and claim the show as her own, etc. And it could end up being detrimental. I would prefer Paige be manager as some sort of reward for what she done for the very early stages of the Women's Revolution.

    As for a midcard belt I would go for the TV Title as it is defunct in WWE and it would be an excuse to put on great matches every week and have women from every spectrum of the show compete for it.

    Glad you though this was good. Thanks for stopping by!

    Mizzie - Hell yeah man, I was itching to write but unfortunately this month I'll only be able to write one column a week.

    It cannot be argued the negative affect Steph has had on the product. Luckily you don't have to put up with her shit because you don't watch her so good for you lol. But for those of us that do we have to either skip her segments or something to effect because as young as she is she is still going to be around for a long time. Hopefully she'll retire before Vince's age!

    I don't at all feel like Alexa is overpushed as WWE will always allow her to take a loss and look weak. I feel that the WWE's booking of her has been absolutely perfect. I hope they have a great match, even though there has been no build whatsoever. Although I'm sure many will frown upon this match as they'd rather see someone with more wrestling experience take on Trish to improve the quality of the bout. Nevertheless I am really happy that this match is happening.

    I had to acknowledge the past because the past showed us that women could also wrestle but were never truly given an opportunity to shin in WWE. As for WWE giving the show justice, that's a road I wish not to take as we all know I WWE can fuck up a good thing, or at least the prospect of something good. The way I see it is that if WWE puts the women on their own show the writers will be forced to come up with storylines for the women but you made a great point about Rousey that I completely oveelooked. The WWE would want to milk her popularity dry on RAW before ever putting her on a all-women show.

    It's definitely good to be back. Thanks for stopping by!

    Dyno - I agree with both points you made here. WWE might consider this show as too much of a risk but would be willing to go for it if a major t.v. channel shows interest. Like you I don't see this happening soon but with Evolution you have to wonder if seeds have been planted in Vince's head for an all-women show. Something's been cooking with the women for quite some time now and you just never know what could happen.

    I'm not sure about Smackdown ever being considered as being an all-female show but perhaps LAW shed some light on it in his last post on this thread. Thanks for stopping by!

    Zak - It's hard not to think of an all-female show happening with all the attention WWE has put on women wrestlers in recent years. Definitely agree on an all-women wrestling show freeing up space on the blue and red brands for some of the other guys but the best part about it is that it would shine the spotlight solely on the amazingly talented women the WWE has at their disposal.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Mizzie 2 - Good point. The Women's Division was in shambles at the time. Imagine a show filled with bra and panties/evening gown/mud wrestling matches lol!

    LAW 2 - Wow, thanks for that info LAW, that's very interesting. It's definitely a good thing they didn't go through with that plan at the time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Franc View Post
    Imagine a show filled with bra and panties/evening gown/mud wrestling matches lol!
    Now I have to go change my pants.

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