As many of you probably know, I am a fan of young Adam Page and it is now being reported that WWE has made overtures to them and he has turned them down for the moment, basically stating that he will only go there as part of the entire group of Bullet Club Elite, as they have a pact to make their decision together. I believe Page is a future best-in-the-world level star and his ROH contract, along with Cody's and the Young Bucks' all expire at the end of the year, while Kenny Omega's with NJPW expires on January 31. While I hope they do not go to WWE--I really think it will take a huge money deal, all of them being signed, and complete creative control for them to do so--I have to admit I wouldn't be surprised if it happens, just disappointed. Will we see Hangman in WWE in 2019 or are we going to see this group continue to try and Change The World?