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    The New Event #3 - Make Tag Team Wrestling Great Again

    What's up, guys? Welcome to another edition of The New Event. Long introductions aren't really my thing, so let's get right to it...


    Congratulations should be in order for `The Bruiserweight' Pete Dunne who recently reached the 500 day mark as UK Champion. That is an impressive feat and one that should not go unnoticed even if he does not wrestle on one of WWE's major shows. Admittedly, I've only seen him wrestle on two occasions but I have to say I liked what I saw. From what I've read it doesn't seem like he's going to lose the title anytime soon. He is unquestionably the franchise of the UK Division and from what I've seen it makes sense. I hope he heals up quickly from the injury that he reportedly has to endure.

    I'm psyched for the Smackdown 1000 show due to the Evolution reunion. What a great stable they were. A legend of the past, a legend of the present and two future legends: what a concept for a stable. They were pretty awesome as a collective and their theme music was dope as hell. Ah, those were the good old days (to me at least). Im pretty sure that this is a one-off but maybe a match against New Day is plausible. That's probably wishful thinking on my part though. It's still undeniable that they are in the top five of greatest stables of all time. The final shot of Armageddon 2003 with all of Evolution holding up their respective belts will forever be etched into my memory.

    So there's a rumour going around that the guys who oversee the WWE events in Saudi Arabia are willing to pay twenty million dollars for The Rock to show up at next year's Saudi event as Universal Champion. That's insane if it's true. They are really willing to go all out to get the best stars possible for their shows. WWE would also jump at that opportunity from a business perspective but do we really want to see The Rock as Universal Champion? If that were to happen it would mean that Rock/Roman would main event Wrestlemania 35 and I'm sure none of us want that, especially considering that it would delay Braun Strowman's title run even more. This is a tricky road the WWE will be going down if this turns out to be true. I guess we just have to wait and see how it all plays out. However, I wouldn't at all be surprised of this actually happen.


    There used to be a time when tag team wrestling used to mean something in WWE. There used to be a time when fans actually cared about a tag team. Yeah, I'm talking about the days of The Fabulous Freebirds, The Hart Foundation and Demolition. I'm talking about the days of E&C, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz. But in those days it was not only the main tag team acts who the crowds got invested in as the supporting acts did a great job as well. Teams like The Rockers and The British Bulldogs in the 1980s and The APA and New Age Outlaws in the 1990s. Hell, it can even be argued that the supporting cast were at the forefront of the division as well and that just goes to show the depth of tag team wrestling that WWE used to have.

    After the Attitude Era the tag teams in WWE took a steep decline in popularity and, ultimately, the big guy lost interest and tag team wrestling was not important to Vince McMahon anymore. Now, don't get it twisted; there were some great tag teams after the Attitude Era but the problem was they were never around all at once. You see, they had talent at different periods of time which meant that great tag teams did not have great opponents. Tag Teams like WGTT, London & Kendrick and MnM never really got a true chance to shine as they never had classic rivals to go up against.

    There were a couple of hidden gems at the time where tag team wrestling was concerned (especially my favourite tag team bout of all time: WGTT vs. Mysterio and Kidman), but they were few and far between and as the years went by you could see the decline in `fucks given' from McMahon regarding the tag team division . And because of that no truly great rivalries could occur because there was no consistency in the division at all.

    In recent times Triple H has said that he wanted to put more focus on the Tag Team Division. But it appears as though his interest in the Tag Team Division has died out, be it his choice or otherwise. The Tag Team Division has seen an upswing in the past couple of years with the likes of New Day and The Usos creating THE tag team feud of this current generation of tag teams (on the main roster at least). But after their fantastic feud came to an end it's as though the spark that could have ignited the flame has fanned out. The Bar did great work over on RAW as well, but once again the inconsistency has proven to be absolutely detrimental to the Tag Team Division. And due to that inert lack of consistency any good done in the division runs out of steam fairly quickly.

    I think it's safe to say that with the current crop of tag teams on the roster WWE should, for all intents and purposes, be able to create a division that the fans would yearn to see. They have created a few popular tag teams in recent years and that can certainly serve as the catalyst for a Tag Team Division that should undoubtedly be straight fire. However, it's as if the creative team does not know how to book the division, which is spectacularly criminal considering the wide array of talent they have in their tag team ranks. Inconsistency is every division's downfall, but moreso with the Tag Team Division because alot of the time it appears as though they are devoid of any clear direction. All tag team wrestling on the WWE's main roster today entails tag teams feuding for no reason whatsoever besides their want of the gold. That's fair enough; but storylines are what truly draws a crowd into the feud and it's as if it's `mission impossible' to create a meaty storyline for the tag teams, and the fallout of that creates a lack of interest.

    Yes, the Raw Tag Team Champions are involved in a great feud at the moment but you have to remember that a large part of the attention they are getting is due to them being involved with Braun Strowman's conquest for the Universal Championship. Once that storyline has reached its conclusion will WWE's interest in the Tag Team Division wane again? What the WWE needs to do is capitalize on the attention the RAW Tag Team Division is receiving and use that to catapult the division to greater heights. They could have done the same with Smackdown's Tag Team Championships after the classic Usos/New Day feud but they allowed the heat to fizzle out. I guess it all comes down to lazy writing, which is why the creative team cannot maintain two tag teams feuding at the same time and keep the fans invested. That is a major cause for concern when factoring in the amount of good tag teams they have on their roster.

    I also have to point out the fact that the Tag Team Division isn't immune to the `NXT Syndrome'. Unfortunately, any tag team that gets promoted from NXT also suffers alongside the single stars that come from NXT. As soon a tag team comes up from NXT they lose almost everything that made them special on the yellow brand and end up fading into obscurity. No matter how hot you were in NXT it's almost a given that once you get promoted to the main roster you will be exposed to shoddy booking and lose your appeal. Yes, not everything from NXT translates to the main roster crowds but that is what the creative team is therefore. They need to build on what the guys in NXT created and help evolve those tag teams to fit in with the main roster. Unfortunately, with proven failures like The Revival, Authors of Pain and The Ascension (due to direcrionless and inconsistent booking), it's hard to imagine WWE resolving this issue; but based on the talent of these teams that shouldn't really be that hard to do.

    I understand that if one member of a tag team gets injured then the other member is pretty much useless, but that shouldn't be the reason Vince doesn't want to put in more effort into the Tag Team Division. We all know how entertaining a really good tag team match can be but without the aid of WWE all great team matches are overlooked and the artwork those guys produce in the ring is all for nothing. Why waste great talent when they could be tearing up an entire division from top to bottom? If Vince would just take the time to actually look at what talents he has at his disposal he would probably come to the realization that those guys could put on great bouts on a weekly basis.

    However, in order for the Tag Team Division to mean something again a few changes need to be made. I would suggest unifying the branded championships and have one tag team rule the roost across both brands. That could solve the problem of the Tag Team Division feeling thinly spread out between the red and blue brands. Having one tag team hold the gold would also make it seem as if the division is stacked (which it kinda is). This would also eliminate the problem of feuds becoming stale by having the same tag teams face each other regularly. On top of that, with one belt the entire division would be looking towards the same thing which - in my opinion - would create more of a sense of urgency.

    It goes without saying that if the titles are unified the Tag Team Division would be appearing on both RAW and Smackdown. That would enforce the fact that these are co-branded championships. I'd have at least two tag team matches take place on RAW and a tag match and a feud-enhancing segment on Smackdown. On a few occasions the fans get a glimpse of how great tag team matches can be. By giving all tag teams the possibility of appearing on both shows it would allow the feuds running at the time to get more exposure. On top of that, there should be at least one really good tag team bout on RAW AND Smackdown. That should send the message to the fans that the guys in the Tag Team Division can have hot matches in the ring, and if consistency can come into play then momentum will continue to grow.

    One thing I shouldn't fail to mention is that the writers run more than one tag team feud at a time. With the championships unified and the tag teams able to wrestle across both brands it would create the opportunity for the creative team to create fresh storylines. There are so many possibilities for tag team feuds but going into them here would take me on a one-way trip to fantasy booking. Nevertheless, the creative team should really get their shit together and gain the prerogative to run more than three storylines at a time acroas the board because that should be unacceptable. As we all know; with good storylines comes fan investment and that's what creative would need to strive for in this case. I'd certainly suggest switching up opponents constantly to avoid the stale factor. And for the love of God Vince really needs to stop breaking up tag teams for no real reason whatsoever. American Alpha is but one example of a great tag team being broken up when they should have had many years left together. Some tag teams should never split and Vince should start to realise that.

    At the end of the day the Tag Team Division has the potential for greatness. All Vince needs to do is use history as a blueprint and advise his creative team that consistency is key. It's time for tag team wrestling to be great again. Triple H has already planted the seeds, now it's just up to Vince to let it grow.


    And that does it for this edition of The New Event. No Bonus Match section today as there's no need for me to branch off from the main topic. In any event, I hope you guys enjoyed this column as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Oh, and please remember to drop some feedback in the black box below. Any and all feedback will be much appreciated. But until next time...

    This is Don Franc signing out.

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    Hey again Don! Hope all is well on your end.

    This is actually the first I've heard about the Evolution reunion. I actually originated my fandom when they were ruling the roost on Raw, but I'm not sure I'm too interested in seeing them in 2018. There's so much nostalgia stuff right now in WWE, and as you mentioned it's hard to imagine they will actually do anything. I also think I could easily deny that they're in the top 5 greatest stables of all time! But they did have some great moments, gotta agree with you there.

    I can actually believe the Saudi's would pay through the nose for The Rock to show up on one of their shows. Reportedly they were willing to shill out big bucks to get Yokozuna over there for GRR! Can't say I have interest in the Rock being champion either. Again, nostalgia act without substance!

    As far as tag wrestling goes, I'm certainly with you in spirit, but like every other part of WWE the only thing that will really change things is an actual creative effort. We know they can do it if they want because every now and then the division gets hot again, but like so much it just seems to be an afterthought. I'm glad there are some deep tag divisions elsewhere in the world to give me my fix on great tag team wrestling!

    Also, love the shoutout to Mysterio & Kidman/WGTT, fantastic match!

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    Totally agree.

    I've long been of the opinion that all wrestlers (albeit with a few exceptions due to their individual character) should have a recognised tag partner. Not only would this boost the tag division, it would also help keep singles feuds going across multiple PPVs with less match repetition by involving the partners of the feuding guys. It would make sense too. Are we supposed to believe that these people don't have a best friend who would help them out from time to time?

    Unifying the belts needs to happen too. Unify the tag titles & have them appear on both brands. Make the WWE Heavyweight title the outright main title headline all PPVs (except the Rumble). Keep the IC & US titles as the brand specific belts, headline most TV shows. A few years ago this was the basic premise of one of my Bull from a Bulldog columns. By it's very nature, I'm aware that most of the topics I choose for that are complete Bull, but that is one I would definitely like to see.

    And lets face it, if that rumour about the Rock is true, it comes very close to making my recent Bull column about making the Universal title exclusive to part timers come true...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Franc
    There were a couple of hidden gems at the time where tag team wrestling was concerned (especially my favourite tag team bout of all time: WGTT vs. Mysterio and Kidman)
    Quote Originally Posted by mizfan
    Also, love the shoutout to Mysterio & Kidman/WGTT, fantastic match!
    So glad that this match is getting love. This is one of my top 15 favorite matches of all time. In my opinion, one of the most definitive matches of the advantages of brand-exclusive PPVs.

    It's cooled off a bit recently, but I actually was highly enjoying the tag team scene about a month or so ago, when the Bludgeon Brothers were still healthy, and SmackDown was having all of the tag team tournaments - higher visibility from Sanity, a cohesive Rusev Day, Usos, Bar, New Day, etc. On RAW, I think they're moving in the right direction, with getting the straps off of the B Team, moving AOP up the ranks quickly, etc. Now they just need to move Gable & Roode away from the Ascension (as I think the former is a very cool team worthy of some great stuff), and they will be on track. But yeah, suffice to say, I'm enjoying it more than most!

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    Mizfan - Yeah man, Nostalgia is everywhere in WWE right now but what can you do. I'm not surprised that you haven't heard of the Evolution reunion, what with you not really watching WWE. I don't watch much either but reading the news on LOP keeps me up to date. As for Evolution being in my top 5, well, I only started watching in 2000/1 so from to my viewing experience they were amazing. Not everyone is a history buff

    Saudi does seem to have huge plans for their shows so them forking out so much money for The Rock is not surprising to me in the slightest. But making him champion would only set the WWE back in my opinion.

    I'm with you; creative effort is key. But the hot and cold booking of not only the Tag Team Division, but every other division is quite disheartening. But when the tag scene is hot it really produces fire and I just wish that some consistency could come into play. It really saddens me that WWE cannot create greatness with the talent pool they have in the Tag Team Division.

    Mysterio/Kidman vs WGTT? I've honestly never seen better!

    Thanks for the read and feed!

    Dyno - I am well aware on your stance of almost every wrestler having a long term tag team partner; even if they do not compete together all the time. Good point about almost every wrestler unquestionably a really close friend and even though WWE does play on this on occasion (when they have to), there are some benefits to having long term partners, Especially if long term partners are stuck in a rut they can always just do battle in the Tag Team Division.

    Yes, Universal/WWE Championships and Tag Titles need to be unified. That create a bigger talent pool to compete for these belts. On top of that, it will put more emphasis on the midcard titles where even main eventers want the gold.

    I read the column you referring to, Senior Tour? Although I do not want that to happen you cannot put it past WWE to actually go ahead and do something like that.

    Thanks for the read and feed!

    Skull - All time; not just tag? That just goes to show how amazing that Vengeance 03 tag bout was. Phenomenal.

    With regards to Smackdown not to long ago I also feel like they were doing something good with 3 legitimate tag teams on the roster and the Bludgeon Brothers coming up. But once again they could not sustain the momentum and even though the tag scene on the blue brand has not fallen apart yet it's that hot and cold booking that makes fans lose interest. Hopefully the RAW Tag Team Division can stay on track.

    Thanks for the read and feed!

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