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    Kingzak presents: WWE Super Australia Show Predictions

    Australia joke

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. Itís time for predictions once again. We have our second super house show of the year, and the only one not coming from Saudi Arabia, this being the special event from Australia Ö wait a second, I had an idea.

    Gíday mates, Kingzak is back in action and it is time for bloody predictions again. Crikey itís that bloody time again, feels like just yesterday we had Hell in a Cell Ö.


    Shrimp on a Barbie


    Well now that Iíve probably offended the entirety of Australia; letís move onto wrestling stuff shall we? Saudi Arabia worked a little because WWE treated it as an actual show; this has the filler feels to it, minus a couple of matches that are actually worth it. Things are going to be rough for a little while for the WWE roster, we have three half assed shows coming up, and then itís Survivor Series. Some of you may argue that Evolution isnít going to suck, but based on WWE, I canít see a world in which it isnít part timer heavy Ö I even have it on good authority that the ashes of Mae Young will be facing off against Alicia Fox. It would be funny if there wasnít a small chance of it happening.

    But anyway, tonight is Australia night, Iím genuinely happy for both the country and the Australians on here that hopefully are getting a chance to visit a show over the week. Also I hope this means that WWE no longer see time zones as an issue because then, we might get a super show over in the UK, thatíll be nice. But even still, without further ado, letís begin.

    Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy
    Cruiserweight Championship

    Much like I said at SummerSlam, I donít watch 205 live, I do try to keep up thanks to Clives reviews, but it isnít much. I do understand Buddy Murphy is a brawler trying to get on the show, and I actually do like the idea of him fluctuating between being allowed to compete. However the problem there is, if he goes over the limit, does he automatically forfeit the title. This simple logic gap is all I need to make a decision, Murphy may be good, he may be Australian (I think he is) but Alexander is on an epic run and I donít see it stopping yet.

    Zak: Cedric Alexander
    Brother: Buddy Murphy
    Dad: The Australian Bloke
    Dog: Cedric Alexander
    Mum: Buddy Murphy

    The New Day vs. Cesaro and Sheamus
    SmackDown Tag Team Championship

    I donít like the fact that this was announced before the actual defence at Hell in a Cell, at least pretend Rusev Day had a chance. I am looking forward to this one, since the tag tournament prior to SummerSlam, the SmackDown tag division has actually been pretty on point, and I think solely based on the tournament final match between these two teams, a feud was booked between the two sides. Iím not gonna argue with a good thing.

    This feud works on a very simple premise, the fun lovers versus the serious fighters, couple in some history between the two sides and we have actually got a real feud on our hands, The New Day know not to underestimate The Bar after they beat them for the titles way back in 2016 and The Bar have suffered several defeats at the hands of the trio.

    As for who I see winning, well it is disappointingly obvious that The New Day will retain, they are still fresh into this title reign and this is still technically a house show. So New Day retains here.

    Zak: The New Day
    Brother: The New Day
    Dad: Cesaro without Sheamus
    Dog: Cesaro and Sheamus
    Mum: The New Day

    The Bella Twins and Ronda Rousey vs. The Riott Squad (Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, and Sarah Logan)

    Ö yeah I donít care.

    Zak: Ronda Rousey
    Brother: Bella Twins and Ronda
    Dad: Ronda and two others to make up the numbers because she wonít need any help
    Dog: Ronda Rousey
    Mum: The Riott Squad

    Asuka and Naomi vs. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

    Honesty time: I recorded SmackDown and despite this, I still missed the first couple weeks of Naomi vs the Iconics. The moment I heard Naomiís music come on, I inexplicably needed to piss. I donít understand the science behind it, but it happened. That is how much this feud matters. I feel bad for Asuka, she could be on top of the wrestling mountain but instead, she is in what I am pretty sure is the pre-show match.

    So who is going to win here, my money is on the former juggernaut and her raver buddy beating Australian Bellas.

    Zak: Asuka and Naomi
    Brother: Asuka and Naomi
    Dad: Not Peytonís team
    Dog: Asuka and Naomi
    Mum: Asuka and the other person

    Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair
    SmackDown Women's Championship

    I love this feud. Feuds of a moral grey area are always some of wrestlingís best moments, this may actually be one of the best womens feuds of all time (I agree it may be early to say that, but I reckon long term we are all gonna agree). I am excited to see what happens next. I donít have a lot of thoughts on this one, genuinely enjoyable feuds like this one just have me sit back and relax and enjoy the beauty of it all.

    I donít know who is winning this one, realistically I can see it going either way, I can see Charlotte winning it back and the two engaging in a title swapping feud (See Sasha/Charlotte 2016 or Usos/New Day 2017 for good recent examples), but then again I can also see Becky retaining and building up a strong champion for whatever comes next. Iím picking Becky to retain from a personal view, but a Charlotte win wouldnít shock me

    Zak: Becky retains
    Brother: Becky Lynch
    Dad: Charlotte Flair
    Dog: Becky Lynch
    Mum: Becky Lynch

    Triple H vs. The Undertaker

    Ok, I know a lot of you hate part timers.

    I actually still enjoy them, so long as they arenít burying others or blocking off titles and stuff like that. This feud has exactly zero interaction with the rest of the roster and is just a nice little beginning chapter of what is one of the last feuds we are ever gonna see between these four. Taker is old and broken, Shawn is happily retired, Kane is Mayor and Triple H Ö well he is probably going to keep wrestling at WM so long as he can. So enjoy it while you can, because we will miss this one day (for example, see complaining about John Cena 2006-2014 and compare it to I miss John Cena of 2018)

    I have no idea which way this is gonna go, I reckon Triple H gets the win and it is the last loss of Undertakers career until he retires,

    Zak: Triple H
    Brother: Undertaker will win
    Dad: The Zombie (Undertaker)
    Dog: Triple H
    Mum: The Undertaker

    Bobby Lashley and John Cena vs. Elias and Kevin Owens

    I had no idea that this is happening until it was mentioned on Raw recently, and as much as I like Elias and Owens, and have a near unlimited respect for John Cena for all the hard work he has done, Bobby Lashley still exists in this match. The simple fact is that Bobby Lashley Ö I donít think I need to explain that, just Bobby Lashley.

    Iíd rather we just got a Lio Rush/John Cena rap promo entrance, if that was all that happened and lead to Ö say Cena vs Elias or Cena vs Owens, this would be infinitely more interesting. The problem here is more that the interesting face character hasnít shown up at all. seriously, why is Bobby Lashley being used here, he isnít that interesting.

    Cena and Lashley win this easily by the way, Lashley has kicked the twos ass individually the last few weeks, so adding a litteral legend is definitely going to decrease his chances here. Itís the Rock/Cena vs Miz/Truth paradox all over again.

    Zak: John Cena
    Brother: Lashley and Cena
    Dad: Elias and the other bloke
    Dog: Elias and Owens
    Mum: The First two

    Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz
    #1 contendership for the WWE Championship

    You know, Iím noticing something, this reads like a house show on the Raw side, and a full-fledged PPV on the SmackDown side, seriously take the two halves separately and Raw is a bag of flaming turds and SmackDown is something you would pay to watch. The show does of course feature 205 Live and the part time rosters, but still it is amazing the contrast in the two brands. If this SmackDown is the B-Show, then I hope it stays B-Show forever because clearly B stands for brilliant.

    This feud has been going on a little while now and I can say that I have enjoyed every minute of it. Maryse vs Brie was rough, but you have to take the good with the bad sometimes. The problem I am forseeing is that with the feud looking to be settled at WrestleMania, I worry WWE are going to just keep it going until then, I think a brief reprieve will be needed, have Bryan face someone else, give Andrade a big opportunity or Samoa Joe as something to do before his big WM feud. But right now I get the feeling they are gonna feud straight through. A six PPV cycle feud Ö that is rough.

    I am expecting a great match here, that is kinda obvious, these two have done nothing but deliver in their feud, though as we all know and have said before in other columns, for Bryanís big win to matter, he canít beat The Miz until WrestleMania, so Miz wins here and we get Miz vs AJ at Survivor Series while Bryan is probably captaining Team SmackDown since he is the former GM and all.

    Zak: The Miz
    Brother: Daniel Bryan
    Dad: Daniel Bryan
    Dog: Daniel Bryan
    Mum: Le Miz

    The Shield vs. Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre

    Again Ö I donít care.

    That said, Ambrose either turns here or never, and if he does, then it will be completely ignored by Roman who will continue to focus on the world title, much like the first time The Shield broke up.

    Zak: The Shield
    Brother: The Shield
    Dad: Marvel Shield Ö then he found out Romanís in The Shield and now it is anyone but Roman Reigns
    Dog: The Shield
    Mum: The Shield

    AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe
    No DQ match
    WWE Championship

    Ok, I think this feud may have run itís course. I can feel the fun of it starting to fall away, this may be in part due to missing the last few SmackDowns, however I can feel the fun starting to fade from this feud, the two hopefully are wrapping this up either here or at Saudi Arabia. I do like the family aspect, but unless it is going to play a larger role, the taunting works but the threats ring hollow if there is no consequences. Now before I go onto a detailed scenario of Samoa Joe kidnapping AJís family, we move on to the actual prediction.

    Now I am expecting a good one here, without the shackles of rules to hold them back, I can see these two beating each other from pillar to post. As for the winner, I think this and the number one contender match are joined, if Daniel Bryan wins, then Samoa Joe gets the gold but only for a little while, if Miz winsí AJ keeps his reign going. And since I got The Miz to win earlier, that means AJ wins this one.

    Zak: AJ Styles
    Brother: AJ Styles
    Dad: AJ Styles
    Dog: Samoa Joe
    Mum: Samoa Joe

    Dog Predictions

    You know the drill, here are the highlights from our predictions.

    ē Struggled choosing the tag match, after many seconds he choose the heels
    ē Compared to the previous match, Daniel Bryan went immediately, he is really putting some thought into this.
    ē Bit off the Bellas and spat them on the floor before picking ďAnd Ronda RouseyĒ
    ē Had to have three tries at choosing between AJ and Joe
    ē Struggled to get Shield ham, but much like Romans push, he just kept trying.
    ē The Barís ham and their paper

    Weirdly enough, I am somewhat more excited for the show now Ö this keeps happening, predictions actually make me more excited for the show, I call bullshit, I donít want to be excited for some shows, this however is a pleasant enough show and I am curious to see how the SmackDown side of things goes Ö again starting to see a pattern emerging.

    So on that note it is time I bid you all a fond farewell. As usual I will be back the day after the PPV for the Royal Recap, so that is either gonna be Sunday or Monday. But until then it is time I work on something else for Zaktober, canít really name a month after yourself if you arenít gonna pull out all the stops. But it is time I bring this column to a close, so I hope that you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you next time.

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    Na, kidding mate. Aussies love nothing more than taking the piss so your terrible impression goes right in with a long history of foreigners trying and failing terribly to imitate our 'unique' dialect.

    It is an interesting card, a mix of seemingly meaningless tag matches with a couple of high stakes matches and then the last, last time (before the last, last, last time at Crown Jewel apparently).

    I think your predictions are pretty much spot on except for Taker v Triple H which I think goes to The Deadman

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    Great write up as always. A couple of thoughts....

    If this SmackDown is the B-Show, then I hope it stays B-Show forever because clearly B stands for brilliant.
    This happened during the first brand split as well. WWE consider Raw to be the A show, so Vince takes more of an interest and gets all his favourites and focuses on what he considers to be Sports Entertainment. The ones he likes less go on Smackdown which automatically makes it the actual Wrestling show therefore the likes of us prefer it.

    HHH vs Undertaker
    HHH gets this one. They're pushing this as a big Mania style event, and Taker has beaten HHH 3 times at Mania, therefore HHH gets a big victory here. Not clean though, that's how they do the set up for the inevitable tag match.

    The Rousey match
    If Ronda wins this without help from the Bella's, it proves me right.

    Bryan vs Miz
    Totally agree with your last paragraph. Miz gets the title, Bryan wins the Rumble, WM30 gets relived.

    Styles vs Joe
    For this feud to end here, AJ has to win. If Joe wins we get a series of rematches. The only other possibilty is Miz gets added to one of those rematches so they can keep feuding whilst Miz steals the belt away from them both.

    FACT or FICTION: Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.
    PM me to get involved.

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    Only part way through this show, but I have to ask.... Did anyone else keep seeing the hair on Lashley's partner and thinking it was JBL!!!!

    FACT or FICTION: Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.
    PM me to get involved.

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    Feedback time

    @Sirsam: Honestly, I would expect the same for a show being held in the UK.
    I feel like it is mostly the Raw side offering the pointless tag matches, Iconics vs Asuka/Naomi could probably fall in that category too but since it had home team superstars i'll give it a pass.

    I'm curious to know why you would expect an Undertaker win here.

    @Dynamte: I remember that, SmackDown was the show that I got into when I was younger, the Undertaker/Batista/Edge feud that spanned about a year and a half is probably my favourite bit of wrestling TV I have seen.

    The thing about the Rousey tag match is, I don't count the Bellas as womens wrestlers anymore, they are the low mark on the totem pole, almost everyone is ahead of them. I think the thing about Rousey is that she is being built up to be unstoppable, but like every monster wrestler in history, she will be stopped and slowly fall down the rankings.

    Personally I want this to go into a fatal four way between Miz/Bryan/AJ/Joe, that would just be insane to watch if they got given time. AJ vs Bryan will be nice, but I think that ends with the bad guys causing a DQ.


    I'm sorry to say that there isn't going to be a Royal Recap for the show, I don't have anything really to say on the matches, pretty much everything is set to continue onto the next show. Saying "I see this continuing" in ten different ways is a lot more difficult than you'd think.

    So no recap, but I will be posting a different column later on this week. Hopefully that will be fun.

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    Sucks you not doing a Royal Recap because I always enjoy those. Besides, there was no possible way for me to watch this show as I don't have the Network (Not in South Africa). Nevertheless, the write up was good as always. I'm going to read the results now and see why you say that everything I set to continue. Although that was to be expected considering that this was a glorified house show.

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