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    Kingzak Presents King of the RNG 7

    Zaktober will be a thing

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action for another round of King of The RNG. Gonna be honest, I am really starting to enjoy this series, I donít tend to get into current events much outside my predictions, I guess Iím not that sort of writer. But this little series has given me a unique peak at wrestling history, just the match, nothing else on the card, just one match and its story.

    So since we are midway through Zaktober, I figure that it is time for another themed edition of King of the RNG. My last themed edition was a few years back when I did a SummerSlam themed edition (may have just been august actually). So for this Zaktober, we are gonna find matches only from October. So without further ado, letís begin.


    But first, I ended up scrapping the column this was in, but since it was asked of me, I am required by Royal Law to answer it, so here is the first question from the Royal Mail.

    How long until people get as pissed off with Ronda Rousey as they were with Brock Lesnar?

    By Dynamite

    The thing is, I donít think we will reach that point. Ronda actually does have a passion for wrestling that Brock lacked, she actually shows up for most shows unlike Brock, and I honestly doubt she is going to hold the womenís title for the next 500 days so I doubt we have enough time to get annoyed at her for dominating the division.

    Plus this is her first reign with the belt, Brockís first reign with the belt as a part timer was actually well received by many, I wasnít a fan on no world title, but WWE actually put effort into multiple feuds to make them matter, where as in Brock era 2.0, we didnít get that luxury as we had the choice of absentee Brock or Randy Orton, or Jinder Mahal.

    I think the Brock hatred may have been a special one-time sort of thing, I donít think weíll be seeing the fans (both as a whole and from our little community) reach that level of contempt for someone for quite some time.

    As always, here is a quick list of matches I have watched so far.

    Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho WWE Raw Aug 26th 2002
    Test vs Shane McMahon WWE SummerSlam Aug 22nd 1999
    Big Show vs Sabu WWE SummerSlam Aug 20th 2006
    Judas Mesias vs Senshi TNA Impact Dec 27th 2007
    Mark Henry vs Evan Bourne WWE ECW May 26th 2009
    Saturn vs Goldberg WCW Spring Stampede April 19th 1998
    Jushin Liger vs Brian Pillman WCW Nitro September 4th 1995
    Kanyon vs Tajiri WWE Raw September 10th 2001
    Kaitlyn vs Layla WWE SmackDown March 8th 2011
    Candice Michelle vs Maria vs Victoria vs Torrie Wilson WWE Raw October 15th 2006
    Eddy Guerrero vs Chavo Guerrero WCW The Great American Bash Jun 14 1998
    MVP vs The Miz WWE Royal Rumble Jan 31 2010

    Date: 18th October
    Cards: 39

    Card 1: (38) Mon, Oct 18th 1993 WWF Monday Night Raw Taping (There were three tapings this day this is number 2)
    Matches: 5
    Match Chosen: (5) Diesel vs Dan Dubiel
    Couldnít be found, but no big lose.

    Card 2: (32) Sun, Oct 18th 1998 WWF Judgment Day '98
    Matches: 9
    Match Chosen:(6) The Headbangers vs The New Age Outlaws
    Only found half the match, darn.

    Card 3: (14) Fri, Oct 18th 2013 AAW Hostile Intentions 2013
    Matches: 9
    Match Chosen: (7) Heather Patera & Jessicka Havok & Saraya Knight vs Christina Von Eerie & Heidi Lovelace & MsChif
    Okay I sort of found this one, but it is behind a paywall. So I will not be watching this one, but if anyone wants to check out the show.
    It might be good; there are a couple of recognisable names on the card.

    New Date: 6th October
    Cards: 42

    Card: (14) Sat, Oct 6th 2012 CHIKARA Deep Freeze
    Matches: 9
    Match Chosen: (2) Chuck Taylor & Icarus & Sugar Dunkerton vs Kodama & Obariyon & Ophidian
    Not found

    Card: (29) Tue, Oct 6th 1998 WCW Saturday Night Taping (October '98 #1)
    Matches: 9
    Match Chosen: (5) Hammer vs Mike Tolbert
    Amazingly, I found this match with two people I have never heard of.

    Here is the link for anyone that wants to watch along

    Mike Tolbert vs Hammer

    The commentary is talking about Disco Inferno Ö fair enough.
    Mike Tolbert is the brunette one

    The bell rings and they lock up, Hammer takes him to the corner and asking him to be cool. Hammer with an arm lock, Tolbert reverses and then Hammer turns it back as the commentary plug other stuff. Hammer with an arm drag and then more arm wrenching, if there was some sort of arm breaking feud going on then I am not aware of it, if it is then this is some phenomenal psychology. If not then it is just slow.

    Tolbert slams Hammer down and goes to work with a couple kicks. He grinds him against the ropes and then nails a gutwrench suplex. Tolbert with a powerslam and then takes Hammer to the apron and attacks the knee, Hammer sends him into the barricade and then slingshots over the ropes. Hammer looks like he has really hurt himself; this is why the ringside is padded nowadays.

    The action returns and Tolbert goes after the injured knee, smart. Hammer sends him head first into the turnbuckles and kicks him in the dick, the ref does not disqualify despite that definitely being to the dick. Hammer takes him down and starts a comeback; Hammer smacks him against the turnbuckles and nails a belly to back suplex. Hammer goes to the corner and waits for Tolbert to get up, and then nails a clothesline.

    Hammer with a ďflip slamĒ that apparently he calls the flashback, he covers and that is enough to get the win. Hammer goes to the camera and says ďSometimes you gotta use a little violence Ö to get a little peace babyĒ and the video ends.

    That wasnít too bad, the arm locks at the beginning were a rough first minute but the next three were solid wrestling action, I reckon a longer match of that quality could have been very well received, I donít know much about either guy and how long they could go, but either way, I give this 2 stars.

    New Date: October 26th
    Cards: 52 (lots of PPVís, to quote google Iím feeling lucky)

    Card: (9) Sat, Oct 26th 2013 ROH Glory by Honor XII Chicago Ridge, Illinois
    Matches: 7
    Match Chosen: (3) Kevin Steen vs Michael Bennett

    Sadly couldnít find it, I do find it funny however that out of all the Indy talent on that card, I got the one match that could happen on the next episode of Raw.

    Card: (24) Sun, Oct 26th 2008 WWE Cyber Sunday '08 Phoenix, Arizona
    Matches: 8
    Match Chosen: (2) Evan Bourne vs Matt Hardy

    I actually found this one, because of course a WWE PPV is gonna be uploaded somewhere

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    We begin with Evan Bourne being announced as winner of the vote, Hardy in a somewhat rare position of being the bigger man in the match (insert Fatt Hardy joke here), the two lock up and they begin with arm locks, just like the previous match. Evan whips Hardy but eats a couple shoulder blocks, Evan with a big dropkick, the fans start to chant for Hardy, Evan with a snapmare, Hardy quickly back to his feet and takes down Evan.

    Matt goes for a couple pins but Evan kicks out, Evan with a Monkey flip roll up looking manoeuvre, Matt keeps trying to regain control but Evan has a pin counter to every move, Evan with a big knee and kick, hurricanrana. Matt sends Evan to the apron and punches him down to the floor. Matt retrieves Evan as the commentary explain the concept of a Face vs Face match.

    Matt slams Evan in the corner and clotheslines him, a small Hardy sucks chant. Evan sends Hardy into the corner off a bulldog and then turns it into an arm bar, Evan heavily going after the arm, the commentary talk up Evan Bourne with the underdog speech (just imagine everything ever said about Rey Mysterio and change the name in it to Evan), Hardy with some rib shots but Evan with a sweep kick and follows with a standing moonsault for a two count.

    Evan right back to the arm and as Hardy gets back up, Evan with a big enziguri, Evan goes up top and Hardy rolls out the ring, thereís them veteran instincts, Evan goes to launch himself over the ropes but Hardy moves, Evan catches himself on the apron, kicks Hardy in the face and goes to springboard but Hardy pushes him and his legs get caught in the ropes, ow.

    Hardy with a scoop slam on the outside, Hardy returns the action to the ring for a two count, another scoop slam, then a third as Hardy heads up the second ropes. Hardy with an elbow to the back for a two count. Hardy with an abdominal stretch and then turns it into a bow and arrow, Evan screams and starts a comeback only to eat clothesline.

    Hardy with a kick and Evan is selling pain well, the fans are getting on his side, Hardy goes for a Razor Edge but Evan with a hurricanrana to drop them both. Hardy up first but Evan with strikes but Matt turns it into a side effect for a really close two count. Another side effect from Hardy and Evan kicks out again. Hardy heads up top but Evan with a spinning heel kick to counter.

    Both struggling to their feet, Evan with kicks, and then runs at the corner and nails a quick moonsault, Evan covers for a two count. Evan hits Hardy in the corner, and then a big kick for another two count. Evan heads up but Hardy catches him on the apron, Evan knocks him back but Hardy is still standing. Evan with the Meteora.



    Part 1 ends here.

    That is the most excessively dramatic cut I have seen this week.


    Hardy kicks out, both back up and Evan goes for a roundhouse but Hardy ducks into a rollup, but itís only a two count. Evan with a Ö I donít know, I would describe it as a tilt-a-whirl facebuster, that looked genuinely painful, Evan heads up but Hardy with punches to stop him, the two fight and Evan wins, Evan with the Shooting Star Press


    Hardy rolls out the way, Hardy waiting for Evan, Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Evan with a backslide into a pin,



    Hardy gets Evan up and nails the Twist of Fate,




    Winner: Matt Hardy

    Hardy slowly gets to his feet and the video ends before any post-match stuff can happen.

    Iím actually curious to what happens, I feel like there was a bit more, so I did some research and apparently Matt and Evan embrace after the match as a sign of respect.

    The fact I looked it up should tell you something about this match, it was actually a quality match, it got me invested enough to put in the extra effort, and that is a bit of a rarity for a lot of the matches that appear on these columns. Watching that and it amazes me that WWE couldnít make Evan a midcard champion at any point, he had his suspension issues but even still, dude could have been WWEís next great underdog if they tried. Iím giving this match 3.5 stars and I am genuinely recommending that you watch this match, best one Iíve seen in this series so far.

    And with that, it is time for us to end once again, another two matches brought in by the RNG, one not particularly great, and a Ö I donít want to say hidden gem, that is a bit overselling for it, but still a great match. So we are at the halfway point of Zaktober, and I feel a bit disappointed, this is column number two of the month, but with Evolution to come later this month and a couple other ideas in my head, the name may still be apt. for now though, it is time that I bid you all a fond farewell, as always I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you next time.

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    Shame that Q&A column didn't come off, I guess there just aren't enough of us around at the moment to make something like that work.

    Think I've successfully scratched the itch about Rousey/Lesnar now though with my latest Bull column! Just hoping for a couple more responses before posting the next ForF topic.

    I used to like that Cyber Sunday gimmick PPV though - OK, so most choices were so obvious they may as well have rigged the voting, but at least it made a little unique bit of fun for the night. Just trying to remember (without googling!) the name of original concept. IIRC they did it on a Tuesday originally - want to say Taboo Tuesday, but that doesn't sound right.

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    This is cool man, some real deep cuts for the matches there but good commentary.

    Ive never seen either of these matches but I remember Even Bourne quite well. I always wondered why things didn't click for him in the WWE, he seemed fairly popular and he knew how to put on a decent match, I guess he was just one of the many members of that Lost Generation that just never established itself after 2005 or so. I hear his name pop up in the Indies from time to time but can't say I've seen any of his work.

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    Feedback time

    @Dyanmite: It'll happen eventually, One day there will be enough questions to fill a column, but for now, just making it a bonus section in my regular columns seems the way to go.

    I always thought Cyber Sunday was a great concept, only problem would be that WWE tended to spoil it by giving either obvious choices or the same thing worded three ways. As social Media took off I really would have expected them to keep the concept, I reckon a Cyber Sunday 2019 would be a fun little show.

    And you are right about Taboo Tuesday, that was the version in 2004 and 2005, I think it was also a Raw exclusive those years while Cyber Sunday was multi-brand.

    @Sirsam: Like I said, I think most of Evan's problem stemmed from the wellness violations, my surprise is that he never got a singles run really, while most of the "Lost Generation" had a solid singles run they can point to as their peak, Evan did not.

    I think Evan has made his way to Impact, i'm not 100% but I think he was at BFG this past weekend.

    Thanks to everyone for reading, hope you all enjoyed.

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    With regards to Rousey I feel like she actually wants to be in WWE wrestling whereas Brock just wants a payday. If she continues to improve she will probably be the anchor of the division, although I believe that role should go to somebody else. However, with her popularity in MMA there is no way WWE wouldn't push her to the forefront.

    As for Evan Bourne, the only thing I remember of him in WWE is his Shooting Star Press. Oh, and that insane RKO stemming from the Shooting Star Press. In recent times I've seen him in TNA and his gimmick over there is not too bad at all. His all about that zen life with his third eye and whatnot. He still put on good matches, though, and he would be a great addition to WWE's Cruiserweight Division. But I think he is doing well for himself on TNA.

    I like the concept of this column, Zak. Great Work.

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