One, TwoÖ. is this on? Yeah, youíre not the only one who can do 1990s nostalgia intros.

I will get Jeff Astleís agent on the phone so he can sing us out.

Did you know Jeff Astle basically died from head injuries from heading those old leather balls so often?

IEeeerrrr. Awkward. Better get on with this I think.

Letís get back to Arsenal. Iím interested in your view of the West Ham game, because it was the first win of the season but even Unai Emery came out of it saying that the Arse needed to get better. That said, it did kick of a win streak, as theyíd then go the rest of September unbeaten. Did you have any impression of what was about to happen in that game, and I guess, what changed to make the current run possible?

II donít think anything changed. We had a new manager, a new system that the team was playing under. The fact is that it has been decades since weíve had a squad that wasnít amongst the best half dozen in the country. No matter how much of a state we are tactically weíre still going to win our fair share of games against the lower and mid table sides. We got the two tough ones out the way, rode our luck and picked up a victory. The players started to adapt to the system and the confidence has grown. The result is a lot of players are living up to potential at the moment. The work ethic is there. Torreira has been getting more and more playing time and is anchoring the midfield. Itís allowing us to see the best of the players around him. I mean just look at Ozil against Leicester. Even Xhaka looks half decent for the first time in an Arsenal shirt.

I think we can pick up on some of those individual players in future blogs because I want to get to grips with each area of the side, but for now letís move on to the win streak. Letís be frank about this, win streaks were nothing strange under the Wenger era. If you widen it out to unbeaten there were runs pushing twenty games - and yet Iíve got a sense out there that people feel thereís something different about the run Arsenal have been on through September and October. Is that something youíd go along with, and if so, what is it about what youíve been watching that makes you think itís going to be any different from the other streaks the Gunners have been on in the past 10+ years?

Thatís a good question. The truth is I am not 100% certain it will be. What I would say is different is the work ethic. Without doing the actual research, my suspicion is that a lot of those streaks under Wenger came from matches won early on. A hallmark of the great Wenger teams were finishing matches off in the first 30 minutes. The fact that a lot of these recent games were won in the second half shows me something that I believe wasnít there in the late Wenger years. A desire to win and the heart to do something about it. The spirit Arsene always talked about seems to be back. Of course we will need to see that in a run of more than 10 games but right now it seems very promising.

Well go back to the 2nd place finish a couple of years back where you inexplicably pulled Tottenham back in, and that season finished with a ten match unbeaten run. Itís not quite winning every game of course, and maybe thatís really where Arsenal hurt in the past - drawing games they should win. And I guess that brings us to this weekend just gone, with the draw at Palace and that winning run coming to an end. What were your thoughts over the weekend?

It was going to stop at some point. Would have been nice to carry that momentum into a real marker of where we are against Liverpool but it also might bring us back down to earth again before that game. We still have a lot of issues at the back, and on top of that we have a lot of players out too. Both penalties we conceded against Palace showed that. Both were silly to give away and needless. Despite that we still managed to escape South London with a point and still continue to register very well in the ďGoals ForĒ column. Itís that potent Liverpool front line that will really give us a view as to whether we are improving defensively.

A couple of last thoughts to finish this one off, and not just because it stops me thinking about the shambles at Villa Park for a bit. Do you think that might be the kind of game youíd have lost in the past? And did you want to get any early thoughts on the record ahead of the Liverpool game?

We certainly could have fallen to that Palace team in the past. Itís the total falling apart while under pressure that was often our failure. We may not have recovered from the first penalty. As for Liverpool, I am not expecting a great deal to be honest, what I do hope to see is an improvement from our first two games. It will be very tricky with so many defenders definitely or possibly out, particularly when we are still rebuilding and relearning back there. Iíd say a point would be a very good result. Who have Villa got a the weekend then? Will it be another nightmare?

Villa are at home tomorrow night, in what in previous years had been a Premier League game, against Bolton Wanderers. On paper itís one that we absolutely should win but weíve gotten into a bad habit of losing games that we boss, which is a worrying start. I can console myself for the time being that we donít look a bad side at that level, but results do need to change sooner rather than later. I guess this would be a good game to put that right, not least because our home record is so much stronger than our away form. But anyway, perhaps we should call this a day here - and we can come back in a few days and see what has become of our predictions!