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    The New Event #4 - Roman's Revenge, Dean's Turn & Rollins' Redemption

    What's up, guys? Welcome to another edition of The New Event. I am your host, Don Franc and long introductions isn't really my thing. So let's get to it, shall we?


    Dear Leukaemia,

    You came for me once, but as we both know I was able to beat you. You caused utmost grief amongst my family. You made them worry I wouldn't make it. But yet I did. I defeated you and you were running scared for 11 years. And knowing I beat you and gettinng another chance at life made me want to reach heights I couldn't even dream of. In fact, maybe I should thank you. Thank you for making me realize that life is short and turmoil can make an appearance at any time. You were that turmoil. However, you didn't just want to make an appearance, you wanted to stay. But I kicked your ass out.

    It must have hurt really bad because apparently you've been planning your revenge ever since. It looks like you waited until the time was right and like a coward you creeped up on me and infected me with your cancerous intentions. Now I know why you hesitated to get back at me. You wanted me to get to the top of the world so that you could make it crumble beneath me. You made me lose it all. You made me lose what made me the best in my profession: the WWE Universal Championship. You turned me into a liar by forcing me to turn my back on a promise I made to my fans.

    But you know what? You're a fool. You see, your plan may have backfired. Those fans that chose to hate me before now stand united with me against you. After I beat your ass and return to the ring I might just be the guy WWE was hoping I'd be. In fact, your foolishness has blinded you to the sheer power you are now going up against. Back when you tried to destroy me before, I had limited ways to fight back. But now that I'm in WWE they will unleash an army of doctors and my weapons against you will be the latest advances in the war on cancer.

    I know this will be a difficult ordeal to overcome. But just know that I will be taking you head on. You think you coming for your revenge? No, I'm coming for mine. And as the saying goes: revenge is sweet. Believe that.

    Yours Sincerely
    Joe Anoa'i


    My return was supposed to be spectacular. I was supposed to be the hero that returned after being out of the game for way too long. I had aspirations dammit! I wanted to be World Champion again. That is my goal. That is my destiny. On top is where I belong, even though the powers that be don't see it. But instead of a spectualar return I was forced to help out my brothers with a battle they needed help winning. How could I deny them help after everything we've been trough.

    But what do I get for my efforts? That bastard Rollins mockingly calling me a lunatic. And I'm sick of it.

    I'm sick of being the odd one out. I'm sick of being the crazy one who is just good for brawls. I'm sick of putting my body on the line for a brotherhood that I don't get respected enough in. I'm sick of watching Roman and Seth shine up their belts. I'm sick of not being champion!

    Lest they forget that when we first debuted as The Shield I was the one who was put at the forefront. I was the one who management had to come to when they needed a mouthpiece because those fools couldn't put a coherent sentence together. Roman was nothing but the muscle. Seth was just there to jump off stuff. Everyone seemingly forgets how I was the one out of the group chosen to hold a singles title, and for more than a year no less! All the while Roman and Seth were having a run with the tag belts. I looked like the leader, didn't I? At least that's what the history of stables would indicate. Reigns may have been the chosen one and Rollins may have been the architect of The Shield but I was the damn glue holding the three of us together! Besides the mystic that we had in the beginning, we would have been nothing without my charisma and ability on the mic.

    But yet I am seen as lesser than those two. That is unnaceptable. But hey, I've been fightintg the system my entire life and this is no different. Seth and Roman were the ones that were favoured. Seth and Roman were the ones handed glory at the top of the roster. Management fooled me into thinking I was the main guy in the group by holding onto a singles belt and letting me do most of the talking. But it turns out they were just using me to allow Roman and Seth to ride my coatails. And once Seth stabbed me in the back management showed their true colors. They used me to do the obligatory Shield revenge angle while they moved Roman onto bigger things. Yeah, me and Seth tore the house down in that feud but at the end of the day I still came out second best.

    FUCK! What more do I have to do!?

    Fast forward to 2016. I thought that would be my year. I was coming out of a hot feud with Owens and all of a sudden I was extremely popular. In the next two months I would face HHH and Brock Lesnar, two of the biggest names of all time. Instead of going over HHH like everybody wanted me to I came up short yet again. And then those assholes damn near killed my momentum by pitting me against a lazy bastard in Lesnar. What bullshit. But as usual I overcame the odds once again and became WWE Champion. I was finally at the top where I belonged. And with winning the WWE Championship I became the first Triple Crown Champion of the Shield, but nobody mentions that. But then something happened that I didn't expect. Management, the fans and even those internet wrestling community guys who loved me so much turned on me.

    I should have known. Nothing good that happens in my life stays good. Since then I've had this hatred festering inside of me. These WWE fans don't know how SICK I can really be. Oh, but they will find out. They call me the lunatic, but to me deranged is just a point of view. And I will indoctrinate them with my viewpoint until my burning soul scorches their eyes. Once they've peered into my dark heart they'll never be able to see the light again. Because once they walk this dark path with me they will see a side of me imaginable only in nightmares.

    Roman had his turn. Seth had his turn. But now... Now it's Dean's turn.


    Rollins' Redemption

    How hot is Seth Rollins right now, huh? The guy has been getting some huge pops for a number of months now. And not just that, but the fans are so into his matches. He might very well be the best wrestler in WWE right now. He's got stiff competition for sure, but nobody can deny the greatness of his wrestling ability. It's that amazing wrestling ability that propelled him to beloved status amongst WWE fans. Nobody can say that he doesn't deserve it though. He has put in alot of work over the years to have such an amazing skillset and it cannot be argued that the fans are eating it up.

    I believe that Seth's popularity is cause for him to become the number one babyface in the company. And with Roman's unfortunate exit that spot is for the taking. The only problem is that WWE can't seem to maintain a good thing, or they don't want to. We've seen many times over the years where a wrestler was on the cusp of mega-stardom and WWE just couldn't, or wouldn't, see it through. We've seen it with guys like CM Punk and Dean Ambrose (to name but a few). They just don't seem to have the confidence to go all the way in with a wrestler. I'm not even sure what they are afraid of. If a wrestler fails then just push him back down. However, if he actually succeeds then they'll strike a gold.

    Seth Rollins currently appears to be the guy that WWE can strike gold with. He is the face that should be running the place. Fans love him. Fans love his matches. What more is WWE looking for in their number one guy? Rollins is the full package and WWE need to push him to the top while he is still red hot. WWE cannot allow another hot wrestler to simmer until they eventually cool down to the point where fans start giving up believing that the guy they want at the top will eventually make it there. It's time for WWE to put Rollins in the main event for good so that Rollins can burn it down for real.


    And that does it for this edition of The New Event. This is just the start of what I'm hoping to be a productive month and this column was a nice way for me to get back into the swing of things. What do you think of Dean's heel turn? Do you think Rollins has what it takes to be the top guy in the company? Please feel free to leave a comment in the black box below. Any and all feedback is much appreciated. And on that note...

    This is Don Franc signing out.

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    Nothing but positive thoughts towards Roman ever since I heard the news. Really shocked me, who could have possibly seen this coming? Hope he beats it handily and comes back better than ever. Will be really interesting to see what happens WHEN he gets back.

    Ah Dean, I thought at one time he had potential to be a much bigger star. Can he recapture that with this turn? I think it's possible, at the very least. Felt a little mixed up in this section between kayfabe and backstage stuff, but definitely get what you're driving at.

    Rollins becoming #1 babyface on Raw seems like a forgone conclusion, though I wonder if it's a by default situation? Also depends on how you look at Strowman. I can't believe we're back in the Lesnar boat, but maybe this time Seth will be the one to unseat him. I could definitely see value in that. I don't like Rollins as much as some do but he's got a lot of good features and he seems to be very popular at the moment. Like you, I wonder if WWE can maintain it?

    Really liked how you split this between the three Shield members and looked in a different way at where they all are now. Hope the month is just as productive as you want it to be, my man!

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    This is brilliant.

    Rollins vs Dean feud feels a little contrived this time. Brock winning over Braun kinda make Rollins default too champion.

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    @Mizzie - Yeah maan, i hope all the best for Roman and his kids. I'm intrigued as to how the fans will treat him upon his return.

    Man, I hope Dean blows everybody away with his turn. WWE had the perfect opportunity to push Dean hard at the beginning of last year but they decided not to pull the trigger. Who knows what would have happened if they had decided to let let Dean actually beat HHH. Ah, what could have been. With regards to splitting between kaufabe and reality I was trying to paint a picture of Dean slipping in and out of reality based off his lunatic tendencies. Perhaps I didn't pull it off as well as i'd hoped.

    Yeah, boo for Leaner becoming champion again. At least it took him like 4 or 5 F5s to actually beat Strowmans so there's some solace in that. I don't think Strowman can be the number one face but definitely a tweener of sorts who just pummels everybody. Fans eat that shit up and when he went fully heel his heat died down a little. I'm hoping Seth can dethrone Lesnar and perhaps we get Dean vs Seth in the main event of Wrestlemania? Who knows. But one can hope.

    I hope I can get a consistent run this month as I've only return 3 columns since my return.

    Thanks for the read and feed, bro.

    @JWG - Thanks man.

    Perhaps Dean and Seth set the had too high in their last feud. But hey, it's still early days and I'm sure they'll be able to create magic. I'll be rooting for Rollins to dethrone Lesnar by the Rumble, although Braun is maybe overdue for the title.

    Thanks for the read and feed dude.

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    Nice work, tying all 3 of the Shield into separate topics. My only thought? Seemed mildly odd that the opener & headliner were written as if from the mouth of the topic, whereas the bonus match was written more generically.

    I definitely think the main story of the current era gets focused on these guys though, in much the same way Attitude was focused on Rock v Austin. Don't over do it, just keep them as the main stars who occasionally cross path. This may or may not be a fact, but I think Seth & Dean have already had more 1-on-1 matches than Rock & Austin ever had? With them as the focus for the foreseeable future, I actually think the biggest danger is when Reigns comes back he'll get a mix of a huge welcome from the fans multiplied by Vince's raging hard on for him and after the honeymoon period is over we start hating him more than ever as a result of the inevitable push straight back to the top.

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    I'd probably echo Billington's comment about the tonal shift from the first two to the third, but it's not a major thing - I think you can get away with it because you've labelled it as a bonus match, of sorts. Saying that, I do think the three-pronged approach with the Shield focus is an interesting way of writing something and maybe keeping the continuity across all three could also have worked?

    But yeah, an interesting piece - good work.

    "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."

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    Big fan of the format. I'm not 100% sold on a Dean heel turn yet but it does kinda make sense, as you wrote.

    And I don't think Seth has a shot of being the #1 babyface on Raw, I think he pretty clearly is already. Braun had a chance but they made him a heel for 2 months and squashed his momentum. Again. I don't really see any competition for that title(unless they decide to push Finn, as they should).

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    @Dyno - Yeah, man I kind of got stuck on how to write Seth's piece creatively as I didn't want all 3 parts to be different. I wanted all 3 parts to be creative but the only thing I had life for Rollins was a poem, and I didn't wanna go down that route.

    The focus has definitely been on The Shield guys being at the top over the past few years and I think that's the right way to go due to the popularity of the group and the talent that each guy had.

    As for Roman's return it's a foregone conclusion he's going to be pushed hard. It's definitely in the realm of possibility that fans won't take long to turn on him. Perhaps if Vince can book him correctly that won't happen.

    Thanks for the read and feed!

    @Pt2 - In hindsight I probably should have kept the continuity going but like I mentioned above I got kinda stuck writing Rollins part creatively. I'm glad you still thought it was interesting though.

    Thanks for the read an feed!

    @Burn - Holy shit dude, where have you been? Yeah, the format was inspired by my favourite columnist, Daveyboy. Dean is still in the early days of his turn so we have to see where he goes from here.

    Good point of Seth being the number one face already but I just don't see it with the booking of him at the moment. It's WWE's specialty to halt momentum but hopefully they can turn it around with Braun now that they no longer have the biggest star they had. And for some reason I feel like WWE is hesitant on pushing Finn. It just doesn't feel like it's ever gonna happen.

    Thanks for the read and feed!

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