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    The Concert/Live Show Thread

    A place for you live music lovers to share what you're going to see, and stories of the stuff you've seen.

    Recently saw the Manic Street Preachers, supported by The Coral - in Manchester. How about you guys?

    Also read somewhere that Def Leppard are coming to my town. I'm not like they're biggest fan, but I like a bunch of songs, they are supposed to be playing Hysteria in full, and I can walk home from the arena in about twenty minutes... seems almost rude not to.

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    Saw The Dropkick Murphys and Agnostic Front back in March. DKM were just as amazing as Iíve always imagined. AF wouldíve been great, but the vocalist was mic issues the entire set. Got Warped Tour coming up in July. (The final year itís a national tour... this makes me sad.) And then Rise Against/Anti-Flag/AFI at the beginning of September. Should be a nice finish to my own little Summer of Punk.
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    I have my tickets for Shinedown this summer. Very excited.

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    Concert season is my favorite. I kicked it off Sunday night with Ghost. I'll be going to the Slayer Farewell tour the day after my birthday. In July I got Godsmack/Shinedown and possibly Hatebreed. I've had a couple people ask me about going to Rob Zombie/Manson, and I had to turn down Judas Priest because of work.

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    Just found out yesterday that Frank Turner is coming to Nashville in October. This makes me sooooooo happy, and Iíll be buying tickets next week before it sells out.

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