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    Kingzak presents: Survivor Series/Wargames 2018 Predictions

    War, huh, yeah
    What is it good for
    Absolutely nothing

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. Itís time for another PPV; it feels like only yesterday it was Evolution. I am selectively choosing to forget that Crown Jewel was even a thing as a way of protecting what is left of my sanity; so for all intents and purposes, the men havenít done anything since the Australia show.

    But before we get to Survivor Series, we have something else to take a look at. It is back for a second year, War Games returns for a second Takeover, the anarchy of the match is truly a spectacle, plus we have a whole heap of matches that are gonna be fucking phenomenal. Last yearís was a bit underwhelming as the womenís championship was vacant and Drew McIntyre was world champion, just those last five words should sign to you how lacklustre things were back then.

    Now however, everything has come together as we have solid feuds from top to bottom featuring talent that is over as fuck. Even if the show is only four matches long, that is actually a lot of trust being put in these superstars as they are gonna be wrestling some long matches. But enough pre-amble, without further ado, letís take a look at Wargames 2.

    Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane
    Two-out-of-three falls
    NXT Women's Championship

    Shayna regaining the gold at Evolution was not something that I saw coming, however the feud continuing on to here was the obvious choice, the idea of a two of three match makes a lot of sense here, Kairi got the title win over Shayna by sheer luck and ring knowledge, not by beating Shayna. While on the flip side, Shayna got the title back by blatant cheating with the other horsewomen. This match evens it out on both sides, meaning this is definitely the closing match of the feud.

    If this is the end of the feud then obviously that means that whoever loses is going to the main roster. It may seem a bit early but honestly, I donít think there is much either can do after this feud, so the obvious answer is main roster. I am actually really split on this one, both have the potential for a win here, usually when someone has just won a title I would side more with them but the title changing hands at Evolution made sense as a way to draw eyes to the future of womenís wrestling. I think the only way to work this one out is going to be to take a look at the next challengers and see which superstar is actually going to work best there.

    Honestly, looking at the challengers list, I can honestly say it is up in the air, Candice Le Rae, Bianca Belair, Lacey Evans and Dakota Kai are the ones I can see being challengers and that could apply to either women, so I am still split. Fuck this is actually really hard, but I get the feeling that Shayna retains, a strong heel champion is rare and isnít something that should be taken lightly, I can see her retaining in more scenarios than Kairi wins.

    Mum: I reckon Shaynaís from one of the southern American states
    (This prompts research from Zak, she is from South Dakota, which is like one state away from Canada)
    Zak: Itís not southern, itís one before Canada
    Brother: So I take it North Dakota touches Canada
    Dad: Appropriately or inappropriately?
    Zak: Geographically
    Dad: Never seen someone be touched geographically before.

    Zak: Shayna Baszler
    Brother: Shayna retains
    Dad: Shayna Baszler
    Dog: a Baszler
    Mum: Kairi Sane

    Tommaso Ciampa vs. Velveteen Dream
    NXT Championship

    After Brooklyn, this wasnít exactly what I was expecting; if anything I expected Gargano and Ciampa to have the others opponent. That said this isnít an unpleasant twist to the story, honestly the week to week drama is on point, this has been great to watch. Velveteen is a star in the making and this could be his moment, however, depending on the plan for the story I donít think right now is his time.

    This is going to be a phenomenal match, Velveteen seems incapable of a bad match and Tommaso may be the greatest heel in wrestling right now. I am curious to see how this one goes, Velveteen is going into this one as the face, a role he has yet to play. So this is going to be the real test for him, if he can work as a face then truly the sky is the limit for him.

    I donít think Velveteen is going to be walking out with the championship here, he has only just turned so I reckon this is a test run for that, The title is definitely in his future but I canít see him winning it here. I feel like the Gargano/Ciampa feud still has one last chapter to be written and the title is likely an integral part of it.

    Of course Gargano could cost Ciampa the title here, but I donít really see that happening, Iíll explain more below.

    Zak: Tommaso Ciampa
    Brother: Velveteen Dream
    Dad: Tomato distemper
    Dog: Tommaso Ciampa
    Mum: Tomato, Tommaso, Tonako whatever his name is

    Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano
    Ok so this is an interesting one. Gargano attacking Aleister is definitely the actions of a bad guy, however when you look at this rationally, his actions make a lot of sense, Gargano is the one that got the title on Ciampa (albeit by accident) so this is his mess to clean up, after the way he and Ciampa have fought, he canít let anyone else be the one to stop this monster, it is his demon to slay. So Aleister had to go.

    Gargano could have fixed the problem at Brooklyn, however his lust for revenge and to make Ciampa suffer would cost him, so he is now left in the worst case scenario. In all honesty, I am considering this match to be a number one contenderís match. Whichever superstar wins here is most likely to get the next title match, I mean that is kinda a given all things considered. So the big question, which one wins.

    This may be one of the hardest cards I have ever predicted, fuck. If there were ever a time for a match to go to non-contest this would be it, but NXT doesnít do that. If I had to guess I would go with Gargano as he is not really getting the wins lately and the heel turn should be enough to turn it around. But then again Aleister is on the return and I feel like this will still go on afterwards Ö actually that works with Gargano winning, he wins and Aleister continues after him into Takeover: Rumble, ok Iím going Gargano here

    Zak: Johnny Gargano
    Brother: Johnny Gargano (Aleister Black is too plain)
    Dad: Aleister Black
    Dog: Johnny Gargano
    Mum: Johnny Gargano

    Zakís Fantasy Booking

    Gargano vs Black vs Velveteen vs Ciampa in a fatal four way for the NXT Title at Takeover: Rumble

    Because why the fuck not, that sounds awesome.

    The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong) vs. Pete Dunne, Ricochet, and War Raiders (Hanson and Rowe)
    WarGames match

    So, pretty much as soon as Roderick turned and the feud developed into Undisputed vs UK wrestling, I started expecting this to become War Games, I will say I was expecting it to end up with more UK wrestlers, but Ricochet and the War Raiders are equally valid partners. If Ricochet doesnít jump off the cage then we have had our time wasted and money.

    I am really looking forward to this one, I enjoyed last yearís cage, and I know this yearís is gonna be different, but even still it should be awesome, The Undisputed Era have won me over as a cocky heel unit while Pete and Ricochet have really gotten over despite a gimmick more around a fighting style than personality. The War Raiders are unproven to me, but I am optimistic.

    The disappointing thing here is the fact that no titles are on the line. If I had my way the tag, UK and NA titles would be up for grabs, winning team takes all, or make it quasi-elimination with a need to beat all the other team, but once someoneís eliminated they stay in the match because itís no DQ. That would probably be a bit complex, especially when the tag titles are up. But it is a theoretically sound idea in my opinion.

    Onto the winning team, and I think it is kinda obvious at this point, the feud here began with Roderick turning on Dunne and has had the Undisputed get the upper hand at most turns (aside from the UK and NA titles) so I think the good guys winning is the ultimate end for the feud (as it is for most feuds), I reckon after this it is gonna be farewell to Dunne as he comes home to main event the UK Division full time, but for the War Raiders theyíve got a title match to come. But here, the good guys are gonna win.

    Zak: Dunne, Ricochet and the War Raiders
    Brother: Ricochet, Pete Dunne and the War Raiders
    Dad: The Syntax Error
    Dog: The Undis
    Mum: Ricochet and the War Raiders and the other one

    Dog Predictions

    ē bit Undiputed Era in half, leaving only The Undis
    ē Took off most of Shayna too, leaving just the last a
    ē Instant pick for Ciampa

    Well, day one is in the bag, Takeover is looking great and as often I found this a challenge to predict, however this may have been the most even card yet, there is a logical reason to everyone winning their match, that is something of a rarity. While it does look a bit of a short card, I reckon this is gonna be a fantastic way to close the year for NXT.

    Before we finish, I do have a couple of announcements to make.

    Firstly, I will be posting a predictions column on the main page, ideally it will be Survivor Seriesí however if that is being done on too short a notice it will be Clash of Champions (or whatever Decembers PPV is), since predictions are the thing that got me the vote and is also something that is sorely missing from the main page.

    The second, is the announcement of one of my two end of year projects. This seems like the appropriate place to do it.

    Coming soon to the Columns Forum
    PPV-Star: Takeover
    Coming December 23rd

    And on that tease, I guess it is time that I bid you all a fond farewell. As always I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you either back here, or on the main page tomorrow. Until then.

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    I don't really follow NXT anymore but a 4 card PPV sounds a bit short to me. However, with that being said, the length of the PPV can allow more time for the matches to ascend to greatness. I'm pretty sure all 4 of those matches will be great and I'll make than likely check the out.

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    Royal Recap: Takeover: War Games 2

    Feedback time

    @Don: 4 matches is definitely a bit short, but NXT tend to have smaller 5 match cards most of the time. I think this did allow for a bit extra time for each of the matches, which I would say benefitted the matches.

    Thanks to everyone who has read the column.

    Anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to read my Survivor Series Predictions, you can find it here

    Say it again now
    War, huh, good god
    What is it good for
    Absolutely nothing, listen to me

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in the forums after a one night only trip to the Main Page with the Royal Recap for Takeover. I feel like I say this every couple of months Ö actually let me rephrase that. I say this every couple months but holy shit what a show. Once again, Takeover delivered a hell of a show. While on paper it looked short, the matches really benefited from this. WWE can learn from this and use that four/five hour show to actually showcase the talent instead of 100 backstage segments.

    So what happened in the various matches of the night and where are things going forward? I am so glad I asked, so without further ado, letís take a look back at WarGames.

    Matt Riddle beat Kassius Ohno

    I had the feeling we would be getting an impromptu match, I was not expecting a literal one hit wonder. Either Matt Riddle is being built up as Brock 2.0 or Kassius should probably start booking some indy dates.

    Shayna Baszler beat Kairi Sane (2-1)

    So Kairi is the one on her way up. Her feud with Shayna is definitively over, though I think a match with the horsewomen is definitely on the card. I donít think she is getting the next title match, I reckon either Dakota or Io are going to be facing Shayna at Takeover: Rumble, before she ultimately loses the title at Takeover: WrestleMania.

    Fantasy Booking

    Kairi for the empty SmackDown women spot? Why the fuck not.

    Zak: 1-0 (Shayna Baszler)
    Brother: 1-0 (Shayna retains)
    Dad: 1-0 (Shayna Baszler)
    Dog: 1-0 (a Baszler)
    Mum: 0-1 (Kairi Sane)

    Aleister Black beat Johnny Gargano (Pinfall)

    I always seem to get Aleisterís wins wrong, I donít know why. As for the match, this was pretty much what I expected, Gargano going dark to try and win is a great bit of character work, and honestly had it worked I think that would have been way better for this particular part of the story. Aleister winning works because Ö well I donít know what is next (hopefully that fatal four way I pitched) but I have yet to see a bad Aleister Black match.

    I saw an analogy on Twitter that I liked, someone compared Gargano to Spiderman and this latest turn being him getting the venom suit that makes him somewhat eviler. After reading that, I canít stop trying to book NXT into being Spiderman 3. All the pieces are there, but Iíve not worked it out yet.

    Zak: 1-1 (Johnny Gargano)
    Brother: 1-1 (Johnny Gargano)
    Dad: 2-0 (Aleister Black)
    Dog: 1-1 (Johnny Gargano)
    Mum: 0-2 (Johnny Gargano)

    Tommaso Ciampa beat Velveteen Dream (Pinfall)

    Match of the night for me. Every match offered something different, but this definitely offered the best blend of the car crash style of the main event and the smarter wrestling of the previous two matches. If you give this some time, I can actually see this being a WrestleMania match in a few yearsí time. Tommaso is a great heel, and Velveteen as a face absolutely works.

    One thing I am going to question is some of the ultra-violent tactics, they made sense for Gargano/Ciampa as that was a blood feud, this is a title defence, but then again, maybe itís part of Ciampaís character to be a sadist who would DDT someone into concrete/metal. No idea what is next for either, but I donít think this is gonna be the last time we see these two in the same ring.

    Zak: 2-1 (Tommaso Ciampa)
    Brother: 1-2 (Velveteen Dream)
    Dad: 3-0 (Tomato distemper )
    Dog: 2-1 (Tommaso Ciampa)
    Mum: 1-2 (Tomato)

    Pete Dunne, Ricochet, and the War Raiders beat The Undisputed Era

    This pretty much went as expected for me. Ricochet jumped off the cage, the good guys won and it was just generally a big mess of anarchy. I am expecting a match between Ricochet and Dunne in the next couple weeks, not for a title of course, just as a mutual respect thing. After that I guess both are onto new pastures. Meanwhile The War Raiders are definitely getting a tag title match, and I can see them winning it.

    I would say The Undisputed Era are gonna go for the world title, but that is firmly locked onto a heel right now. So letís just have them run in on the men survivor series main event and claim NXT the winner of the battle of the brands.

    Zak: 3-1 (Dunne, Ricochet and the War Raiders)
    Brother: 2-2 (Ricochet, Pete Dunne and the War Raiders)
    Dad: 3-1 (The Syntax Error)
    Dog: 2-2 (The Undis)
    Mum: 2-2 (Ricochet and the War Raiders and the other one)

    Honestly, this show has something for everyone, if you like just normal wrestling, thereís a match for that, if you are more into the hard-core, there is plenty of that there for you too. Takeover has absolutely delivered once again and I doubt we will see Survivor Series top it, but that was never really an option, weíre just waiting to see how close it can get.

    But that is a topic for tomorrow, as for now it is time I bid you all a fond farewell. Iíll be back tomorrow for the Royal Recap of Survivor Series, but until then, I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you next time.

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    Just read your SS column on the main page. Nice work as always. Reading at work though, and the comments section gets blocked by my company firewalls, hope you're getting some good feedback over there?

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    Royal Recap: Survivor Series 2018

    Feedback time

    @Dynamite: Fair enough, glad you enjoyed the column.
    Not really getting much feedback, if I'm honest I'm more curious to how many views it gets.

    Thanks to everyone who has read the columns through either here or the main page. Time to take a look at Survivor Series

    Initial Reaction: The fuck is this shit

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. Survivor Series is in the books and as a SmackDown fan, I am now depressed. Letís all go smoke and listen to The Cure, thatís what goths do right?

    Before we start that, letís take a look back at the night of Survivor Series, so without further ado.

    SmackDown Tag Division beat Raw Tag Division

    Thank fuck that SmackDown won this one, even if WWE wonít acknowledge it as a match. The Usos and New Day are tag wrestling. The rest arenít on their level. I like that WWE knew to use The Revival as the best team on the brand, I doubt we get it any time soon but Revival vs Authors of Pain is a match that would be a lot of fun. Though I doubt we get it because heel vs heel.

    Zak: 4-1 (SmackDown)
    Brother: 3-2 (SmackDown)
    Dad: 4-1 (Upper Colon and Premium Colon)
    Dog: 3-2 (SmackDown Tag)
    Mum: 3-2 (The team with Killian whatshisname)

    Raw Women beat SmackDown Women

    Iíll be honest, I was banking on someone important taking that TBD spot. Instead, we got Mandy Rose. I am ok with Nia winning, it makes sense, she is back to being the monster heel she was meant to be. She has been gifted an incredible amount of fan hate for the Becky incident. Honestly that whole thing may have accidentally provided us with the root of the best WrestleMania womens match in history. I know taking heat from a legit injury is a bit morally wrong, but it wouldnít happen if A) Becky was severely injured and B) if Becky werenít okay with it.

    I will say, I was moderately impressed by Sonya Deville here, Iíve had her down as a lower card heel, but she didnít do too badly here, she moderately impressed me, and with her taking out Bayley, I get the feeling there is a small push in her future (though I do imagine it is only to her and Mandy taking on Banks/Bayley for the new Womens tag titles at WrestleMania, still itís a WrestleMania match that isnít a battle royal, these days that is the best you can hope for)

    Zak: 4-2 (Smackdown Women)
    Brother: 3-3 (SmackDown)
    Dad: 4-2 (4+TBD)
    Dog: 4-2 (Raw Women)
    Mum: 4-2 (Raw)

    Seth Rollins beat Shinsuke Nakamura (Pinfall)

    Not much to discuss here, a great match, but that was expected. Seth is now going to face Dean, but that was expected. Shinsuke is gonna go back to barely showing up on SmackDown, but that was expected.

    Zak: 5-2 (Seth Rollins)
    Brother: 4-3 (Raw)
    Dad: 4-3 (Nakamura)
    Dog: 5-2 (Rollins)
    Mum: 4-3 (Shinsuke Nakamura)

    Authors of Pain beat Cesaro and Sheamus (Bladder weakness)

    You know, I have watched plenty of wrestling in my time, but never did I think I would watch a grown man piss himself in a match. This actively baffles my mind, I donít remember anything else about this match aside from ďDrake Maverick pissed himselfĒ itís funny how a little bit of urine is enough to overwrite the previous ten minutes.

    Zak: 6-2 (The Authors of Pain)
    Brother: 5-3 (The Authors of Pain)
    Dad: 5-3 (The Authors of Pain)
    Dog: 5-2 (no prediction)
    Mum: 4-4 (Cesaro and Sheamus)

    Hold on Ö

    Can I give myself a bonus point for predicting this match would be in the bathroom break spot?

    Buddy Murphy beat Mustafa Ali (Pinfall)

    Not much to comment on, I am not good at predicting these Cruiserweight matches, I think I may be 0-4 since WrestleMania with them.

    Zak: 6-3 (Mustafa Ali)
    Brother: 5-4 (Mustafa Ali)
    Dad: 6-3 (Buddy)
    Dog: 5-3 (Mustafa Ali)
    Mum: 4-5 (Mustafa Ali)

    Braun Strowman beat SmackDown men (while McIntyre and Lashley watched)

    Jesus fuck, I knew Braun would be going strong in this one, but he killed everyone in five minutes. And now, the heels that helped him now get to face him as a prize. Corbin maybe the dumbest person on the roster, he gets to keep his job, but Braun is going to destroy him. I was about to say that at TLC these two are so having a chairs match, then I remembered there is no TLC, we got whatever other PPV it is.

    Zak: 7-3 (Team Raw)
    Brother: 6-4 (The First team)
    Dad: 6-4 (The team with the bossís son)
    Dog: 6-3 (Raw Men)
    Mum: 4-6 (The one with Samoa Joe)

    Ronda Rousey beat Charlotte Flair (DQ)

    Well Becky did say ďBeat her like I wouldĒ and that beatdown was something I could absolutely see Becky doing. Ronda is losing the fans, so Iíd go all out with this. she can get her good guy win over Nia but after that, she is turning heel. Iíve already wrote out how I would do it in my head.

    Fantasy Booking

    I would carry on with the Becky forced to vacate stuff I wrote about in the predictions. But for Ronda, after Nia Jax, she ends up defending against a face at the Royal Rumble, the obvious choice being Bayley.

    Ronda beats fuck into Bayley, and later that night Becky wins the Royal Rumble and immediately calls out Ronda, who comes out on stage to taunt, at which point the other MMA Horsewomen appear on stage behind her. They advance on the ring, but the WWE Horsewomen appear and they either fight them off, or just have a staredown to close the show (thatís right womenís match closes the rumble two years in a row)

    As filler, Banks faces Ronda for the title (because why the fuck not) while Becky and Charlotte are forced to reconcile against any combination of the other three.

    Then Becky wins at WrestleMania, probably not by pinfall, more likely submission KO or maybe just straight up knockout.

    Zak: 8-3 (Ronda Rousey)
    Brother: 7-4 (Ronda Rousey)
    Dad: 7-4 (Ronda Rousey)
    Dog: 6-4 (Charlotte Flair)
    Mum: 4-7 (Charlotte Flair)

    Brock Lesnar beat Daniel Bryan (quite literally)

    I repeat. Jesus fuck. If there was anyone that wasnít sure if Bryan was okay to wrestle still, this match is your answer. Fucking hell. This is the Brock that works, the cocky and violent one. Bryan playing the resilient underdog as is tradition, if only he hadnít turned heel, now I donít know what to cheer towards him.

    This wasnít as good as the match with AJ last year. Last year when AJ started his comeback I was optimistic, when Bryanís occurred I was like ďwait is this actually happeningĒ. Near the beginning of the match I was half expecting Brock to just beat fuck into Bryan before Bryan got a roll up win. I donít know where is next for either man, but letís just roll with it and start using #RollinsvsLesnarWM35 on every tweet. If it gets 100 retweets then WWE have to give us the match.

    Zak: 8-4 (Daniel Bryan)
    Brother: 7-5 (Daniel Bryan)
    Dad: 8-4 (Brock Lesnar)
    Dog: 6-5 (Daniel Bryan)
    Mum: 4-8 (Daniel Bryan)

    Ok, so aside from brand loyalty, Survivor Series wasnít a bad show. WWE has fallen into a rut since SummerSlam, where the actual PPVís are good, but the ultra-house shows piss on all momentum built. Good thing theres no more of those any time soon Ö

    *Flips computer*

    I donít think this one counts Ö either way Iím not doing predictions unless the crown prince of WCW is prepared to pay me for it. Iím done with ultra-house shows. From now on, just actual PPVís. and on that note, it is time that I bid you all a fond farewell. Iím mostly gonna go into hibernation to work on my end of year seriesí but weíve got one more actual PPV before the end of the year. Plus Iím in the mood for another bit of King of the RNG. But until then, I hope you have enjoyed this weekendís columns, and I will see you next time.

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    Drake pissing himself just seems too much like Vince giving his weird sense of humour an outlet.

    Watch out for it becoming Drake's gimmick from now on.

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    I didn't think the Rollins/Nakamura was was great but it was certainly good. From Ali/Murphy The show really picked up. Overall I'd say that I've really enjoyed this show. Charlotte and Rousey put on a damn good match too.

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    Feedback time

    @Dynamite: completely agree, it's absolutely a Vince thing, it may be the most Vince thing I have seen in wrestling. Based on what has happened so far, I don't think it's his gimmick yet, but the memory will remain.

    @Don: I think it may have been borderline between good and great, and since I'm an optimist I'd always fall on the lighter side.
    I'd definitely agree there, The Cruiserweight and Charlotte/Ronda matches were the best of the night, with honorable mention to Brock/Bryan, Shinsuke/Rollins and personally I enjoyed the tag elimination match.

    Thanks to everyone who has read any of the columns over the weekend, hope you enjoyed it.

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