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    I grew up on Dustin, but there's no nostalgia that makes me like this one. It's been a long time for Dustin at making news. And it seemed he was grasping for straws when coming up for the reasoning behind the match. I will say at least they're trying to make it emotional and the two should have a good match. I just think Dustin in a knock off Goldust attire is playing with fire. And to be honest, while he's in great shape and still puts on fine matches, it's been a long, long time since he's been relevant.

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    Just posted this over on the All About All Elite Page and thought this part probably belonged here.

    Now onto something awesome and litterally just as I was listening to your opening rants on the podcast (btw, FUCK those guys (those guys bieng those acting gleeful at AEW having to pay for TV time), who even cares who is paying for what if they have good wrestling on TV - and if their paying GOD is that a ballsy move that we will celebrate down the line if it pays off - talk about going ALL IN) I saw the latest Road To and BOY is that a story I can sink my teeth into.

    I had actually been planning a column for next week saying that Double or Nothing needs a proper story with some emotional stakes beyond the meta story of 'can these guys pull it off'. Up until now there has been some fun looking matches and some really interesting characters that I want to see more off but nothing that has truly grabbed me emotionally. That all changed immediately after watching the video.....

    Go and watch it if you haven't already cause I'm about to spoil it.

    FREAKIN' CODY RHODES! That guy was the heart of ALL IN and now him and Dustin are gona be the hearts of Double or Nothing. I got chills watching that video and the way they presented it was so damn good. I'm actually stoked we never got the pair of them in WWE, even though it was a missed opportunity then there is no way it would have been as engaging or heartfelt in that environment as it is now. With one video I went from starting to worry about AEW to jumping out of my seat excited.

    I guess I should have guessed they were keeping their powder somewhat dry over Mania season so their biggest announcements didn't get lost in the deluge of news from that week and now just as Raw & Smackdown are starting to drift again and NJPW is just moving along to its next big show they have come in hard with the biggest play they have left.

    Beyond this match that I'm so hyped to see build up having both Rhodes brothers backstage is huge.

    Damn such a great signing.

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