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    Tribute to The Troops

    I think it is time to change up the format of the Tribute to the Troops show. The show is a glorified house show and the WWE wants us to watch it. The concept and the show are amazing and it is an awesome way to support the troops....BUT, and a hue BUT, the show is terrible. Always is.

    It is time to change. Make the tribute to the troops a true PPV event every year. Who cares if it a smaller crowd? Let it be intimate, let it be a smaller crowd, but let it mean something as well. Let it be where titles change, story lines are progressed, and let it actually mean something to the WWE kayfabe, and to the audience they the WWE wants us to watch and give network ratings to.

    Also, let it be a FREE PPV event! Yes, I said it. I grew up during the Saturday Night's main Event era, where every few months we got a free PPV on Saturday Nights at 11:30 PM.

    The USA network would get more ratings. Let TTTP be a 3 hour show, but with commercials, and NO in-ring promos, and very few backstage segments, exactly like a true PPV event.

    This would truly be a Tribute to The Troops, where they would get a meaningful show AND the general fan would want to watch it. This can all begin next year, obviously, but it is time to change it up....

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    I see the event being cancelled more likely than your scenario, tbh.

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