Inspired by Sam I thought I'd bring this to the Japanese scene. Same rules apply - we don't have any truck in this thread with the awful rumour that the sport of professional wrestling is anything less than legitimate. Hint at as much and don't be surprised if your post vanishes.

Anyway, I'm not sure we need specific threads for each company in here so a general puro one will do the trick, but we can reassess that if needed.

Wrestle Kingdom is right around the corner. Is there any chance that Tana can continue to roll back the years and beat Omega? I'd suggest it's not a complete foregone conclusion since Omega lost three in a row in the G1. But then again, many a champion has been able to raise their game for the big match, and it doesn't come much bigger than against the Ace in the Tokyo Dome.

On a personal note, I'm interested in where ZSJ is at right now. He's had a very up and down year, with a tremendous NJC win early on, but a more stuttering G1 tournament.

It also kinda feels like White and Okada have been on this collision course ever since he recruited him, a move that he'd doubtless take back if given the opportunity. Read bad blood there.

Anyway, Japanese wrestling fans - have at it.