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    Kingzak Presents: Takeover-star Part 1

    It's the most wonderful time of the year … the time when I look at numbers

    What’s up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column series and it is a big one. As some of you may know, at the end of each year, I like to do a recap of the PPV year and find the best superstar in the PPV-Star of the year. However on the whole, the past couple years of PPV’s have been uninspiring, so I have taken to the past for PPV-Star inspiration. Last year I started the PPV-Star of WrestleMania, however I quickly got distracted by the LOP Top Trumps (also making their return very soon) and then decided to re-work the WrestleMania series. I still haven’t fully worked that one out so something else was needed for this year.

    Thankfully the perfect idea is always around, while WWE has been lacklustre, there is one place where that word doesn’t exist (or is a rare occurrence instead of the prevailing mood). Since its debut in 2014, NXT and the Takeover series have become the pinnacle of wrestling, it has its highs and lows but overall it just feels so different to WWE, like its own community, so I have decided to take a look back at the greatness of Takeover, and find out who is the Takeover-Star … that doesn’t sound as good NXT-Star … I’ll think of something.

    So as usual my system for working the series remains largely the same. Star ratings are collected for every Takeover match, a superstars stars are totalled up and averaged out. This becomes their score and will decide where they stand on the list. There are a couple ways to get ahead with a lesser score however.

    Firstly, more matches get you further on the list. Each match is converted into a bonus 0.1 stars for the superstar. IE Superstar A has an average of 3 stars across 3 matches, while Superstar B has ended up with 2.75 across 7 matches, so when compared, Superstar B gets an extra 0.4 added to their score, putting them ahead of Superstar A
    A new addition for this series, I am now including wins and losses to a superstars score, each win adds an additional 0.05 to a supertars score, while each loss subtracts 0.025 from a superstars score.
    Takeover’s included range from Arrival all the way to War-Games 2. Takeover Phoenix and New York will likely occur during the series, but will not be included in the list. However if the series goes well I can see an updated list being done later in the year.

    So now it is time to find out who the true king of NXT is, of course since it is NXT, it could also be a queen that we see reign supreme atop this list. Heck we may even see a tag team claim the top spot, this is a wide open field.

    So as is tradition, we’ll start things off with the superstars that only managed to appear for one edition of Takeover, the reason for this varies, but whatever it may be, they are all part of team One Hit Wonders, So without further ado, let’s begin

    Matt Riddle
    War Games 2: beat Kassius Ohno 0 Stars
    Total Stars = 0 Stars

    A rough beginning for Matt Riddle. Most will not consider this as a match, but it officially took place on a takeover, so as of this moment, Matt Riddle and his ten second match claim last place on the list. I fully expect for him to shoot up the list in the future, but this is gonna remain a stain on his record, dragging down whatever average he has. I reckon by the WrestleMania: Takeover he’ll have moved to the better half of the list.

    Sylvester LeFort
    Fatal Four Way: lost to Enzo Amore 1 Star
    Total Stars = 1 Star

    This is what I would consider the real last place superstar, seeing as he isn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. Those of you who have no idea about this guy or match, it isn’t something worth going to find. This is the only notable match in this guy’s career, honestly you can’t get much more jobber than this spot on the list.

    Tied #84/83
    Scotty 2 Hotty
    Grandmaster Sexay
    Arrival: lost to The Ascension 1.25 Stars
    Total Stars = 1.25 Stars

    For anyone looking to give out individual spots, Scotty took the pinfall, so theoretically he is 84 and Sexay is 83.

    I don’t think there needs to be much said about this one. The two were brought back as a nostalgia act to face off against the dominant tag team champion (Some of you guys are amazed to hear that The Ascension were dominant once), this match was never going to be good, especially considering the state of tag wrestling at the time (across all WWE, the titles were held by the Old Age Outlaws on the Main Roster). So this was a nice spoonful of filler for the debut card.

    El Local
    Takeover 1: with Kalisto, lost to The Ascension 1.5 Stars
    Total Stars = 1.5 Stars

    Another spot, another tag team from the early days. While I don’t expect you guys to immediately recognise this superstar, this is Ricardo Rodriguez, AKA the only good part of Alberto Del Rio’s gimmick. Rodriguez would team with Kalisto as part of Kalisto’s feud with The Ascension; Kalisto would later go on to dethrone them with another partner, while this was Local’s last match under the WWE banner.

    #81 and #80
    Camacho (81)
    Adam Rose (80)
    Takeover 1: Adam Rose Beat Camacho 1.75 Stars
    Total Stars = 1.75 Stars

    I have grouped these two because it is the same match, and I really don’t want to spend more time than I have to on this match. Believe it or not, this was the opening match for the show. Meanwhile the pre-show had Sasha Banks vs Bayley … somehow that match was better than this one and I haven’t even seen it.

    Can you imagine a match like this opening a PPV nowadays, and this was immediately followed by the tag title match mentioned above … makes you wonder how the fuck Takeover survived this first show with that abysmal an opening.

    Tied #79/78
    Nick Miller
    Shane Thorne
    Toronto: Lost to The Author of Pain 2.75 Stars
    Total Stars = 2.75 Stars

    Now we are getting to the higher scores, once all the initial issues in NXT were removed, all that was left was good wrestlers … though the personality is still hit or miss. And that brings me to this match, we had early days AOP who were just big smashy men, and The Mighty, or as they were back then, TM61.

    The two teams faced off in the finals of the Dusty Rhodes tag tourney. The Authors would come out victorious, and TM61 would be off to irrelevance. That said they have since turned heel and are still a part of the NXT tag scene (not near the top but not jobbers), honestly we could see them back on Takeover in the next year.

    A small part of me thinks that this match suffered from timing and placement. Takeover Toronto featured arguably the greatest tag match of all time when DIY took on the Revival, and that match took place immediately after this one. So by comparison this match is gonna suffer, would it be ranked better if not for that match? Quite possibly.

    Jushin Liger
    Brooklyn 1: beat Tyler Breeze 2.5 Stars
    Total Stars = 2.5 Stars

    Okay, so you may notice that Liger is 2.5 while TM61 are at 2.75. The simple rule I set for the One hit wonders, was that a win adds 0.26 onto your score when compared to someone with a loss, so technically, Jushin has 2.76 compared to TM61. Thus he is ahead.

    Jushin Liger was arguably the biggest Indy name that had never competed under the WWE banner, so this match was actually quite the big deal at the time. I don’t think it was ever going to come too much, considering that Jushin was in his fifties at this point. But we still got a good match and a one night only showcase of Jushin’s talent to the WWE audience against NXT’s Dolph Ziggler.

    We do have several more One hit Wonders to go through, however we are out of time for the day, the remaining ten One hitters will be coming in the next part in a couple of days, but for now it is time for me to bid you all a fond farewell. I hope you have enjoyed today’s column and I will see you next time.

    Royal Inquiry: Who do you think is going to top the list?

    The Royal Gallery: This section is gonna be a quick compilation of matches I want to highlight, I’ll keep them relevant to the part.

    Our first match entering the Royal Gallery is Tyler Breeze vs Jushin Liger. While not the best match of either man’s career, the match did have a once in a life time vibe. And thus far it has been once in a lifetime, Liger’s only WWE match and Tyler Breeze’s only significant push.

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    Wow, I'm looking forward to when it gets to the pointy end of this. No idea who will win as most nxt guys tend to have fairly short stints before going up to the main roster. Just randomly guessing I'll go with Finn Balor although I'm probably way off.


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    Lol @ Sylvester LeFort. Fuck that guy.

    Looking forward to the rest of this, Zak. Sam might be right about Balor topping the list. He had that lengthy title reign and only lost the one time to Joe if memory serves. My first thought was Gargano (since he's competed in more TakeOver matches than anyone) but then realized he's lost the majority of them so probably not. If losses cost them points, Johnny's score is gonna take a hit! My guess for now is uhhhhh Asuka.

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    Nice switch up to your tried and tested series.

    Shit, I didn't know almost half of the guys you mentioned here, but I wasn't as up to date as I am now with Takeover.

    My pick for the winner is Asuka, although that is the wildest of guesses as I have no idea who could top this.

    Looking forward to more, Zak.

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    Oh damn Skitz. Asuka is a good call.


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    Feedback time

    @SirSam: You'd be surprised, a lot of superstars have reached the 8 match mark, more than one would assume have anyway.

    @Skitz: I had similar thoughts regarding Gargano while gathering the stats, I was genuinely surprised with his win/loss ratio.

    @Don: One of the things I learnt in this series, Takeover's used to be a lot more like WWE PPVs, in the sense of crappy midcard filler matches. that is largely what we are gonna see at this end of the list.

    Thanks to everyone for reading. The second half of the One-hit wonders will be coming later this week.
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