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    The Fantasy Royal Rumble Shuffle Game!

    So I needed a little entertainment / background music earlier today while I was toiling away and hit upon an idea to whimsically indulge that nerdy fantasy booker in me while I laboured.

    The game was simple. Create a fantasy Royal Rumble in a random entry order, complete with random winner. How? That's even simpler.

    1. Select thirty characters for your fantasy Royal Rumble Match

    2. Any character from any Era is eligible - but no single performer can appear in the match more than once (so you can have Undertaker, but only ONE version of him)

    3. Compile a playlist featuring the entrance themes of all thirty participants (obviously using any theme more than once in the event of a stable's inclusion!) on your music player of choice - Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, Apple Music etc.

    4. Hit shuffle and let the randomiser determine the entry order for you! (In the event of stables, just pick whoever you want whenever their music hits!)

    5. Once the entry order is over, hit shuffle to begin the playlist over - whoever's theme plays first is the winner of the Rumble Match!

    6. Fill in the blanks by fantasy booking the details of your now complete fantasy Rumble!

    I picked my thirty guys, loaded up my playlist, hit shuffle and what followed was pure magic and completely down to how my iPod shuffled - WWE can't do a better job than my iPod apparently! It went...

    1. Mustafa Ali (c. 2018)
    2. Tommaso Ciampa (c. DIY)
    3. Seth Rollins (c. The Shield, 2018)
    4. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts (c. 1991)
    5. Shawn Michaels (c. DX, 1997)
    6. Batista (c. 2010)
    7. Bray Wyatt (c. 2014)
    8. Adam Cole (c. 2018)
    9. The Rock (c. 2012)
    10. Razor Ramon (c. 1995)
    11. Owen Hart (c. 1997)
    12. Johnny Gargano (c. DIY)
    13. Bobby Roode (c. 2016)
    14. Chris Jericho (c. 2016)
    15. Bret 'Hitman' Hart (c. 1996)
    16. Jason Jordan (c. American Alpha)
    17. Dean Ambrose (c. The Shield, 2018)
    18. Bobby Fish (c. 2018)
    19. Chad Gable (c. American Alpha)
    20. Kurt Angle (c. 2006)
    21. Goldust (c. 1996)
    22. Daniel Bryan (c. 2018)
    23. Undertaker (c. Big Evil 2002)
    24. Mark Henry (c. 2011)
    25. Roman Reigns (c. The Shield, 2018)
    26. Roderick Strong (c. Undisputed Era, 2018)
    27. Kyle O'Reilly (c. 2018)
    28. Andrade 'Cien' Almas (c. 2017)
    29. Kevin Owens (c. NXT, 2015)
    30. CM Punk (c. 2013)

    WINNER: Dean Ambrose

    I was gifted an incredible opening trio and an absolutely stacked back half of the match, with big names to support interest in the middle! I could easily see Ali putting in an underdog wire-to-wire effort, coming unstuck courtesy of fellow Chicagoan, being 2013 heel CM Punk. Both Seth and Cole would make it all the way to the end so that we could have some full on stable action, that's for certain, and I'd definitely be having an American Alpha / DIY confrontation somewhere in there too. No doubt Bret and Shawn would probably eliminate one another - after Bret eliminates Owen, in the tradition of their evergreen feud of course - and both Rocky and Angle would get red hot entrances and rack those first half eliminations up.

    Really, it's when we get to the final ten it all gets interesting here though. First, out comes Daniel Bryan - and I picked current heel 2018 Daniel Bryan, for the record. His exchanges with Rollins, Ambrose, Bret, Shawn and Angle would be phenomenal if there were any, and I love the concept of him going toe to toe with 2012 Rocky too - IGNORANT! More so, imagine this new deliberately disrespectful Bryan coming across Big Evil 2002 Biker 'Taker and his quest for respect. Dayumn!

    After him it gets really good though. Imagine Biker 'Taker entering and absolutely cleaning house, throwing all the big names out left and right. Angle gone, Rocky gone, Bryan gone, Jericho gone, and for those that survive elimination there'd be Chokeslams all round. And among the human wreckage, Hall of Pain Mark Henry's music turns Biker 'Taker's attention! What a showdown that would be! I could see Henry getting the better of 'Taker with a World's Strongest Slam ("THAT'S WHAT I DO!") before battering the remaining opposition. Only when he has Seth and Dean by the hair do things escalate yet again - out comes Reigns, nailing Henry straight with a Spear and a Shield at full strength Triple Powerbomb Henry to elimination! Only for UE's theme to hit, out comes Roddy Strong and suddenly it's three on three, the Undisputed Era against the Hounds of Justice; stalemate, one broken by the arrival of UE's fourth member, O'Reilly!

    The action would undoubtedly widen out from that faction on faction confrontation through to Punk's big entrance at #30 I'm sure. Among it all I love the notion of a fully threatening and unapologetic Owens coming face to face with Biker 'Taker in particular. Nonetheless, factions would dominate the closing minutes, getting the better of everyone in the ring - I can happily see UE teaming up to finally eliminate Undertaker, and a revisit of them vs. Shield in which Shield get the upper hand and eliminate NXT's answer to the nWo. A Shield Triple Threat closes out the final three, with Seth and Dean teaming up to throw out Roman before Dean gets the better of Seth and emerges the victor, as determined by the random reshuffle!

    It was a hell of a lot of fun, and so quick and easy, playing the game and so I thought I'd share the experience and the rules with you guys and see if anyone else will play along and, if so, what happens!

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    This looks like mad fun. I am going to give it a try with 30 of my own! I'm actually going to give myself an additional challenge, and try to pick 30 different wrestlers from the ones you've picked (because why not, right?).

    Your order worked out pretty well, with the likes of most of the Shield and UE entering around the same time. I also love CM Punk at #30 for some reason. I like the way you broke things down too, with Undertaker and Mark Henry going at it. Only thing that raised my eyebrows was a 2006 Kurt Angle getting chucked only a few minutes after entering?! I mean, I guess that's pretty similar to his actual appearance in 2005, and that's one of my favorite Rumbles, so I like the fresh take. Just was a little surprised coming from you!

    Off to pick 30 new guys and give this a shot of my own! Great idea, 'Plan.

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    Hey man, as my coming Rumble columns this year breaking down my favourite 60 non-winning performances will show, sometimes the shorter performances make the most impact!

    I can't wait to hear how it works out Skul, do be sure to share!

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    Actually, that's a great point!

    Alright, here's how mine worked out.

    1. John Cena (c. 2015)
    2. Kofi Kingston (c. 2015)
    3. Xavier Woods (c. 2015)
    4. Edge (c. 2006)
    5. Tucker Knight (c. 2018)
    6. Erick Rowan (c. 2014)
    7. Lashley (c. 2006)
    8. Ryback (c. 2012)
    9. Christian (c. 2004)
    10. Rey Mysterio (c. 2004)
    11. Luke Harper (c. 2014)
    12. The Miz (c. 2017)
    13. Ric Flair (c. 2004)
    14. Brock Lesnar (c. 2015)
    15. Sheamus (c. 2012)
    16. Booker T (c. 2005)
    17. Triple H (c. 2000)
    18. Shelton Benjamin (c. 2005)
    19. Tajiri (c. 2002)
    20. Aleister Black (c. 2018)
    21. Umaga (c. 2006)
    22. Eddie Guerrero (c. 2004)
    23. Simon Dean (c. 2005)
    24. Otis Dozovic (c. 2018)
    25. Billy Kidman (c. 2003)
    26. Stone Cold Steve Austin (c. 2002)
    27. Santino Marella (c. 2009)
    28. Kane (c. 2005)
    29. Big E (c. 2015)
    30. Randy Orton (c. 2008)

    Winner: Eddie Guerrero

    Overall, I think I got pretty lucky with the shuffler. Ideally, I would have hoped for some of the tag teams entering in closer proximity (Heavy Machinery, for instance, as well as Big E closer to his New Day brothers), and definitely more spacing between dominant heels Lesnar, Triple H, and Umaga - but other than that, things really worked well!

    2015 workhorse John Cena starting makes sense, and it was cool for a heel New Day Kofi to land at #2, seeing as how the two have been in WWE together forever and never had a 1-on-1 match! And what a gift for Xavier to draw #3 - New Day immediately double teams Cena to take the upper hand.

    A couple of sequential numbers also caught my eye as fortunate - with a late 2012 Ryback entering at #8 to a raucous crowd and cleaning house, imagine the trepidation on a 2004 Christian entering next, only to see Ryback pumped up and having left the field astray? I can see Christian taking his time to get in that ring very easily. Santino entering right after Austin is gold, too - obviously I think you see Austin go on a Stunner spree, eliminate a number of people, check his watch, and then see a blustering, falsely bravado-laden Santino make his way to the ring.

    Other fun interactions I could see as plausible given the order - an Evolution Ric Flair feebly trying to beg off the dominant Brock Lesnar, before hitting him with a thumb to the eye, only to find out it doesn't have the usual effect. A present day Aleister Black tangling with the likes of '04 Mysterio, '02 Kidman, and '02 Tajiri is enticing. Even Otis Dozovic squaring up against Umaga (before ultimately being taken out by the Samoan Bulldozer) would be a fun visual.

    "Age of Orton" Randy Orton worked out nicely as the #30 entrant. I think at this point, the best way is to have had monster heels Lesnar and Umaga both gone thanks to multi-person efforts (though not before each scored 4-6 eliminations), leaving Attitude Era HHH and Orton as the key heel main event players. Eddie and Austin are going to have to be your key babyface main eventers at the end. A Final 4 of those guys, having Trips and Austin get the initial upper hand, beat the hell out of each other, and eventually getting Eddie and Orton in the Final 2 would be the best way to go. Eddie in 2004 was red-hot and beloved by the crowd, so the way it worked out with him getting the win was another nice treat - feel-good win 101.

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    Really love this Plan and what you came up with is classic. Your knowledge of Rumbles is far better than mine and I'm struggling to remember when a Rumble resulted in a massive stable v stable confrontation at the climax. I know that there have been huge runs by a number of factions who used their numbers to dominate but just can't think of one that ended up pitting two against each other. Boy did your shuffle know how to bring the drama as well with the order of entrants: Reigns being followed by the UE duo really would swing things around quickly. Crazy how things worked out for your number 30 surprise entrant (as it did for mine too).

    Love the winner as well and it fits with the entrance numbers too. Ambrose is exactly the kind of guy that could come out mid way through and still have plenty in the tank at the end. Perhaps it is that little bit of extra time out the back that would help him get the upper hand over Seth at the end.

    I wonder if this could be an exercise in human's ability to construct narrative out of just about anything. Anyway I ran two Rumbles like this a currently active wrestlers who's themes I could find on Spotify and a legends rumble full of past stars and a few currently active guys that also fit the bill.

    First up the current roster:
    1. Samoa Joe
    2. Sami Zayn
    3. Xavier Woods
    4. Chad Gable
    5. Pete Dunne
    6. Shinsuke Nakamura
    7. Andrade Cien Almas
    8. Bray Wyatt
    9. Bobby Roode
    10. Scott Dawson
    11. Chris Jericho
    12. Kofi Kingston
    13. AJ Styles
    14. Dash Wilder
    15. Finn Balor
    16. Dolph Ziggler
    17. Big E
    18. Braun Strowman
    19. Mustafa Ali
    20. Daniel Bryan
    21: Dean Ambrose
    22. Kassius Ohno
    23. Drew McIntyre
    24. Randy Orton
    25. Kevin Owens
    26. Tommaso Ciampa
    27. Aleister Black
    28. Seth Rollins
    29. Drew Gullack
    30. Cody Rhodes

    And final shuffle the winner is:


    Really cool Rumble here and an absolute star making performance from Gable coming out at 4 and going the distance. If I was to do this I'd play up how unexpected it is by giving him no real build towards the Rumble, just have in his current tag team and the fact he comes out at 4 would play into him not being a contender as the 'iron man' winners tend to come from the first 3 places. Slowly it would dawn on the audience that he could do it until he eliminates Dean Ambrose to take it to the surprise and delight of everyone including himself.

    Aside from the winner I really like Joe coming out first. He is exactly the kind of guy that would cut a promo on the way to the ring saying how the next person out is going to get choked out before he tosses their limp body over the ropes only fot it to be answered by Zayn, coming back in full fighting face mode ready to take the fight to Joe. There would be plenty of hard combat early as the likes of Nakamura, Joe, Dunne and Wyatt throw down.

    The next phase would start as Dash Wilder enters the ring to join Scott Dawson and the pair would start to make good on their promise of becoming the first tag team to win the Rumble by working together to eliminate some of the more tired combatants. They would then be met by Braun Strowman who would clear the ring somewhat ready for the next guy to come out.... I'ma go hard I'ma go hard Ali comes down to gamely confront the Monster Among Men, saying how he has fought bigger monsters than Strowman. Sadly his breif cameo is cut short by a Daniel Bryan cheapshot.

    Some real big names come in the final 10 to be topped off by a returning American Nightmare. Honestly if I had my pick I'd have him win however instead I'd have to be happy with using this as a launching point for a differnt feud for The American Nightmare who would turn heel by working with Dean Ambrose to eliminate Seth Rollins. I love the idea of having guys like Black squaring off against Orton and Gullack and Owens trying to work together all while Chad Gable holds on gamely while picking up some big names like McIntyre, Ambrose, Ciampa and Rhodes himself.

    So fun and I want to run this experiement a thousand times to see what happens.

    I have to go feed my youngster now but will post my legends rumble later today. Looking forward to seeing what other people come up with.

    EDIT: On second thought I would have no chance at turning Rhodes heel even if he went full American Nightmare (my favourite version of his character). Still gets a feature spot but just doesn't win.
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    Just saw yours Skull. Once again a very cool narrative especially the final 2.

    Otis v Umaga is pure gold too even just for the visual.

    Interesting having Kane come out so late but not survive to the final 4. The guy is a bit of a Rumble machine but given then other names I can completely understand not having him play too big of a role.

    Eddie winning is so good, it is a shame he doesn't run the full length as you just know he could.

    WWE can we just get this randomiser method at some point? Can't be worse than 2015.

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    Ok I was hoping someone else would jump in on the act before posting again but here is my legends rumble, this one made up of past stars and a few currently active guys that also fit the bill.

    1. Triple H
    2. Mic Foley
    3. Jake Roberts
    4. Ricky Steamboat
    5. Kane
    6. Hulk Hogan
    7. Randy Savage
    8. Brock Lesnar
    9. Edge
    10. Rey Mysterio
    11. William Regal
    12. The Big Show
    13. Kurt Angle
    14. The Rock
    15. Mark Henry
    16. Shawn Michaels
    17. CM Punk
    18. Steve Austin
    19. Sting
    20. Owen Hart
    21. Eddie Guereuro
    22. Vader
    23. The Undertaker
    24. Bret Hart
    25. Christian
    26. Batista
    27. Ric Flair
    28. Scott Hall
    29. Y2J
    30. Kevin Nash

    And the winner: Hulk Hogan - Not even Spotify makes him do jobs.

    Overall I like this and while Hulk wouldn't be my first pick given that his two NWO brethren come in at 28 & 30 I can certainly see them pulling him back into the action and helping him win it. In particular I absolutely love the first two with The Game coming to the ring only to be confronted by one of his most heated rivals from his early years. Those two are followed by another pair with a sordid history Jake and Steamboat. Vader followed by The Undertaker at 22 and 23 would be pure awesomeness as anyone who has seen their work in early 1997 with the Rumble then the Final Four match with Hart and Austin (who would also be floating around). The final 4 is awesome too and would completely flip the story with Flair first coming out only to be followed by the NWO duo. I think I would run with Hulk going in as 'classic hogan' only to tear his shirt off to reveal a black one at the end before going to work with Hall and Nash.

    Anyway, I would love to see some more of these, it is a lot of fun.
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    FINK: Let’s find out who drew Number One…

    BONG…. “Dead Man Walking….

    Heenan: See ya.

    Gorilla: Business is about to pick up!

    JR: Big Evil, Booger Red, the bah-gawd Undertaker!

    Heenan: Well we know one thing – whoever drew number two isn’t going to win this thing.

    Gorilla: Highly Unlikely!

    Fink: And the superstar who drew Number Two….


    Gorilla: Looks like you spoke too soon, Brain!

    OK, that was fun but I don’t know if I can keep the commentary going for the whole thing.

    So here’s what we’ve got.

    1. Undertaker
    2. The Rock
    3. Dusty Rhodes
    4. Christian
    5. Ted DiBiase

    So I think you’ve got to start this with a lot of high-intensity between Undertaker and Rocky and a lot of trading fists, and I think Dusty has to come in and raise that a notch. I’m thinking a lot of high-energy brawling between the three before Christian and DiBiase come in and slow the action down with a few cheap shots – and I think you might even start to see the beginning of an understanding between the two coming in at four and five, seeing how many heavy hitters are already in the ring to survive.

    6. Mr Perfect
    7. Goldust
    8. Chris Jericho
    9. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    10. Diesel

    Mr Perfect has the perfect strategy and immediately begins to join with Christian and DiBiase in working over The Rock, while Goldust comes in and starts to put the boots to one or the other of his fellow Texans. Chris Jericho comes in and breaks up the party by isolating DiBiase, before Steve Austin comes in like a house of fire and gives us our first, long overdue elimination by eliminating Christian. Next in at the end of the first ten is Big Daddy Cool, who throws out Goldust fairly quickly, and also causes a shock by ending The Rock’s night early.

    11. Owen Hart
    12. Vader
    13. Razor Ramon
    14. Daniel Bryan
    15. Shawn Michaels

    Owen Hart comes in and goes straight after Austin, while a number of the others who had been working over Undertaker leave him to go after the fresher Diesel. Vader comes in at twelve and after a brief showdown throws out Dusty Rhodes, while Undertaker catches a break. Razor comes in next, but the draw has thrown together Daniel Bryan and Shawn Michaels, and master and teacher immediately begin to work together – and Owen Hart is taken out by the alliance, with Shawn clearly not forgetting him taking the credit for his 1995 head injury.

    16. Triple H
    17. Jake Roberts
    18. Brock Lesnar
    19. The Miz
    20. Road Warrior Animal

    With Michaels and Bryan working together there’s a ripple of excitement as believe it or not, HBK’s best friend and Bryan’s famous enemy is out next – but clearly there’s a design of sorts, a temporary alliance at least, as you can tell from the off that Bryan and Hunter are temporarily on the same page, much to the surprise of the commentary team. Whether this Michaels-centred allegiance will hold when you get down to the end is anyone’s guess, but for now the three work as a unit. Jake Roberts is in next and removes Ted DiBiase from the match, but is quickly removed himself by Diesel. At this point there are ten men left in the ring, with the HBK/HHH/D-B trio proving effective as a unit in there with super-heavies like Vader, Undertaker, and Nash, who is clearly working alone rather than linking up with the other Kliq members. Jericho, Austin, Perfect and Ramon are doing what they can to survive – and for Ramon, it’s about all they wrote as Vader removes him from the bout just as the countdown is on – and that’s perhaps a mercy as the next man in is Brock Lesnar! He comes in like a house of fire and takes out Perfect and Jericho near-simultaneously, only to be grabbed from behind by Undertaker and eliminated cheaply. Brock takes this about as well as you’d expect and takes out Undertaker illegally, but the Deadman is gone none the less and the two brawl to the back. With that, Steve Austin is the man who has been in the longest. Miz is in next and he and Daniel Bryan immediately go at it, which ends the coherence of the trio as an attacking force for the moment. Road Warrior Animal is next in with all the power and pace of his 1980s heyday as the ring starts to fill back up again.

    21. John Cena
    22. Kurt Angle
    23. Rowdy Roddy Piper
    24. CM Punk
    25. Mankind

    John Cena flies in and it’s a quick elimination for Miz, and he also sends both HBK and HHH to the mat, all of which allows for a brief moment as Austin and Cena are stood opposite each other, recognising the history of the moment before tearing into each other with fists of fury. Angle is next in and goes after Shawn Michaels, before Roddy Piper comes tearing down like a madman… and like a madman, he immediately jumps on Vader. The ring is starting to get quite full as there are 11 people in the ring once CM Punk hits the ring, and 12 when Mankind comes down to make the Rumble that bit more deranged.

    26. Hulk Hogan
    27. Road Warrior Hawk
    28. Kane
    29. Bret “Hitman” Hart
    30. Edge

    Naturally Hogan and Piper immediately go at it, regardless of their general babyface allegiance here, but just as Hogan is getting the advantage as the fresher man Vader is able to launch an attack which devastates the Hulkster, and before long there are a mass of men on him. The mighty Hulkster is able fight most off but an opportunistic shot from Steve Austin puts him over the top rope and out of the match. Piper isn’t able to last much longer, as CM Punk wins a battle of the motor-mouths by eliminating him.

    Road Warrior Animal had largely looked to be doing no more than holding his own but the late arrival of Hawk turns the battle very much in his favour, and the two, working as a unit, are able to completely change the face of the match. Collectively they decimate the alliance between HBK/HHH/Bryan, with those three now tiring, and they are also able to combine forces to eliminate the massive Vader. With their alliance no longer effective, it’s at this point that Bryan goes into business for himself, and joins with CM Punk as the two younger, smaller men are able to opportunistically take HHH out of the match. There are recriminations between Bryan and HBK which leads to a major brawl before Austin, channelling all of his 1997 sneakiness, manages to eliminate both.

    The Road Warriors cause a surprise by removing Cena from the match earlier than anticipated, and are ganging up on Diesel who is still in it, when Kane’s music hits and they abandon Big Kev to greet the incoming threat. Kane, though, is able to remove the fresher Hawk while a recovering Diesel is then able to take out Animal almost at the same time. The two beasts then start trading blows while Austin picks his shot to eliminate Mankind… just as the buzzer sounds to bring out the Hitman, Bret Hart! Austin looks distraught as one of his biggest rivals is heading in so late and naturally the two start trading shots left and right, though it’s the intervention of Kurt Angle that stops this being fatal for Austin, who has now been in the match for forty minutes. Shortly after the buzzer goes to bring in the Rated-R Superstar, Edge, at number 30 and the match is set. Edge uses his fresh-man momentum to eliminate Kane.

    It’s going to be one of Austin, Diesel, Angle, CM Punk, Bret Hart, or Edge. With no natural alliances in the ring the thing descends into chaos. Edge starts the ball rolling by attacking Diesel, Punk goes after Austin, while Kurt Angle and Bret Hart mix it up. In one of his attacks, Edge gets too high up on the big man and Diesel is able to just leverage him over the top rope. Punk and Austin have both been picking their moment and they notice something happening in the Hart and Angle encounter, where Angle is putting Bret quite close to elimination using some of his classic wrestling skills, and it’s actually a very traditional reversal by Hart that leads to Angle’s elimination. This naturally embarrasses Angle and his upset means that when Austin and Punk jump on Hart, Kurt grabs Bret from the outside and gives the elimination an assist.

    And while Punk and Austin see to the freshest man left in the event, they forget about Big Diesel, and after Hart is removed they turn around into a huge double clothesline, which puts them both over the top rope. Big Daddy Cool is going to Wrestlemania!

    Winner: Diesel

    OK, so it’s not how I’d have had it finish and I imagine fans would shit on that ending, but the rules of the game are the rules and this is what Spotify decided…..

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    Really digging all of these, guys! I adore the fact that Eddie won Skul's Rumble - great uplifting booking there! And I think the nWo is definitely the steal in your legends one, Sam. The idea of inserting a Hogan turn to catalyse a victory is a pretty cool touch! Can you imagine that, exactly how it played out on TV, except for with a different victim and at the end of a 60 minute Rumble match? That'd be immortal in name and status I think!

    Gosh, I adore the level of detail Prime gives us! How did you not book the big Lesnar / Vader showdown though my friend?! There's an opportunity missed there. I'll go ahead and imagine it happens before Undertaker tosses Brock out, for the sake of my own glee! I also find it interesting that you let the ring get pretty full a couple of times over - telling, I wonder, of a personal preference in Rumble style? Love some of those character touches as well. A Bryan/H alliance is very nicely done there, and an Austin / Cena showdown induced a smile - but a bigger one came when Austin got the cheap shot to throw Hogan out! Although didn't Cena throw H and HBK out before LOD got together, or did I misunderstand?

    I dare say there were maybe a few too many shifting alliances going on, though that does remind me very much of the older Rumbles from the formative years of the event to be fair. It's a shame Diesel didn't get to do more as the eventual winner too! But having said that, all those small moments and all the character subtext made it right up my street. LOD collectively eliminating Cena was, I thought, an especially cool touch - I've always loved seeing the combined might of one of the world's best tag teams equate to the might of one of the world's best singles stars. That's how it should be! That's why I love Demolition vs. André in 1990 and LOD vs. Undertaker in 1991.

    I marked the hell out for Bret's entrance - that got placed very nicely by your shuffle for sure. And though your shuffle also did you out of a truly great winner I have to say it's nice to see one of the New Gen's biggest stars get the proverbial rub and you booked the ending very nicely indeed!

    May need to do another in the style of Prime....

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    Diesel didn't do enough? He eliminated The Rock, Steve Austin, CM Punk, Edge, Animal, Jake Roberts, and Goldust. That's not a bad night's work!

    Nah, the trouble with doing a loaded legends version is there's almost too much to try and fit in, so it was either load up Diesel even more or give him a fairly dominant role that still allowed room for the others.

    Good call on Lesnar and Vader. Just plain missed that. Would have been better to go that way rather than with the Undertaker and Lesnar going forward, in hindsight.

    You did misunderstand on the HBK/HHH Cena thing - they were knocked to the mat, rather than to floor, or simply put down, rather than put out. But yeah, not the clearest phrasing.

    As for the ring filling up, I like a Rumble that ebbs and flows. The only thing I don't like is if it artificially clears every so often so that people can 'get their shit in'. But to be honest a busy Rumble is great, as is one where you can convincingly clear out the ring.

    I do like a temporary allegiance though. I'm not sure there's a plausible way to do it without alliances and taking temporarily made alliances of convenience out is so limiting.

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    I mean, when you put Diesel's performance THAT way, suuure...

    I guess I just felt that way because of so much detailed description of a lot of the action and set-pieces! I would totally be up for watching Diesel throw those guys out. Presuming it would be Diesel, and not Kevin Nash?

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    Yeah, I don't think I really went into who was who in what era in too much idea, but in his case I kinda started with the 1994 Rumble showing and tried to imagine where he'd have been in 1996 had they decided to stick with him, if that makes any sense.

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    Dude that was awesome, I love the details you threw in and the commentary at the start was BANG on point. Fair call not doing it the whole way through but that little snippet is just what I imagine.

    I think the highlight is your usage of the existing rivalries and even subverting some to really tell the story of the Rumble and making sure those true big names who never got to face each other, Austin/Hogan & Cena/Austin were pivotal to each other's journey was really well done. I have to say I didn't mind the Taker/Lesnar thing, those guys have such a sordid rivalry that they really couldn't have done anything but make a beeline for one another, although Vader v Lesnar would be so hype.

    As for the winner, well it is a WWF match so it is booked by Vince and you know he loves some Big Daddy Cool. I can indeed see that exact ending playing out that way and having him real strong throughout really just makes sense for his character if he was going to win it.

    Great stuff man, makes me want to do another but really go in depth. Let's see when I have some time. Bring on more people this is so damn fun.

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    Ok, so I wanted to do this again but with the kind of detail Prime went into. I also decided to give it a bit of an underlying point too.

    New Gen Era Rumbles get totally overlooked, but 1993, 1994 and 1995 are all great in their own ways. '94 is a GOAT contender, in fact, as far as I'm concerned. But that said, they did seem to curiously waste opportunities to have a really impressive Era-defining version with their best talent of the day. I decided I wanted a roster of 30 to prove they could have done that, but one that uses real world continuity.

    So, picture...

    It's late December of 1995. Let's say the WWF are doing some overseas tour somewhere and have decided to create a supershow of sorts, equivalent to their company at the time. This show is headlined by a thirty-man 'Greatest' Royal Rumble Match that includes a host of major names – including all the company's champions: the reigning Tag Champs, the Smoking Gunns, the reigning Intercontinental Champ, Razor Ramon, and the recently crowned new WWF Champ Bret Hart.

    Some of the participants are sort of borderline, I accept. Bam Bam is in there and was basically on his way out of the company – let's call this his final appearance. Tatanka was suspended but came back in January of '96 I believe, so we'll just pretend it's already been lifted. So basically, I've allowed a very slight degree of liberty. But generally, this is a legitimately possible match to have happened let's say a week after In Your House 5: Season's Beatings – meaning it's December 27th, 1995.

    I loaded up the themes, hit shuffle...

    “And now, let's find out whoooo drewwww NUMBER one!”


    1. The Undertaker

    In an incredible opening, the first two entrants prove to be two of the favourites and a pair of old rivals – Undertaker and Yokozuna! The two have a stare down that electrifies the crowd before Undertaker opens up with his patented throat thrusts. Yoko wobbles momentarily against the ropes before coming back with a vengeance and flooring the Dead Man with a big belly to belly! In typical fashion, the Dead Man sits up and comes right back after the Japanese menace only for Jim Cornette to provide a momentary distraction that affords Yokozuna an advantage.

    3. Ahmed Johnson
    4. Shawn Michaels
    5. Jerry 'The King' Lawler

    It isn't long before the buzzer sounds – and the crowd pops for the emergence of the company's hottest new signing, Ahmed Johnson! Johnson surges to the ring and shows no hesitancy in taking the fight right to Yokozuna. He floors the big man with a clothesline...only to come face to face with the Dead Man. They exchange strikes until Yoko returns with a double clothesline of his own. Off goes the buzzer, and in a surprise entrance it's Shawn Michaels! The crowd goes wild as HBK uncharacteristically moves slowly to the ring still feeling the effects of his concussion at the hands of Owen Hart and British Bulldog! Camp Cornette put a beating on Michaels before tossing him into the ring and straight to elimination courtesy of a savant kick from their teammate Yokozuna. The crowd watches in horror as Michaels is once again carted away on a stretcher and McMahon asks if he will ever wrestle again on commentary. But the match proceeds, and it's a gloating Jerry Lawler, laughing his way past Michaels – and straight to immediate elimination by Ahmed Johnson!

    6. Marty Jannetty
    7. Savio Vega
    8. Billy Gunn
    9. Isaac Yankem DDS
    10. Fatu

    As Johnson and 'Taker forge a temporary alliance of sorts to lift the big man out, Marty Jannetty joins the fray and looks to help the others. Yoko begins to fight back against his three enemies, until it becomes four, then five on one as Savio Vega and Tag Team Champion Billy Gunn both join the fray. As they try lifting him over the ropes, Yoko suddenly explodes! Four men are launched backwards, Undertaker stumbling into the corner. Yoko crushes 'Taker with a splash and begins flooring the others with clotheslines and savant kicks – until Ahmed Johnson nails a ring-rattling body slam on Yokozuna to the raucous reaction of the fans! Yoko rolls from the ring under the bottom rope to the floor from the impact as Isaac Yankem DDS makes his way down. Yankem looks to get revenge for his client, Jerry Lawler, by attacking Johnson straight away as the remaining competitors begin to pair off in their own brawls. Fatu joins the match, seeking to make a change, and quickly eliminates Marty Jannetty.

    11. Kama
    12. Bart Gunn
    13. Owen Hart
    14. Hakushi
    15. Tatanka

    Kama is out after Fatu, representing the Million Dollar Corporation, Ted DiBiase by his side, and he immediately picks out the Dead Man. Johnson makes another impact with a big spinebuster and Yankem, followed by an elimination. At the same time Kama floors 'Taker with a superkick, only for Paul Bearer to lift the Urn and grant the Dead Man a second wind. He sits up! Chokeslam to Kama, and an elimination! Chokeslam to Vega, and an elimination! As he grabs Billy Gunn by the throat, the music hits and out comes Bart to the rescue! Together the Tag Team Champions begin to double team the Dead Man, eventuating in a double dropkick that sees 'Taker roll back over the top rope and land on his feet on the outside – the Tag Champs have eliminated the Dead Man!

    The crowd only get more excited when the Gunns turn into a double clothesline from Johnson, and they too quickly find themselves on the floor. Johnson turns to Fatu, only to be pulled outside under the bottom rope from a vengeful Yokozuna. Camp Cornette gets another member in Owen Hart as Yoko beats Johnson down on the outside. After Hakushi makes his entrance, Yoko throws Johnson back into the ring and, with Hart's help, nails three separate Banzai Drops! Officials enter the ring and stretcher Johnson away as a returning Tatanka emerges, accompanied by Ted DiBiase.

    16. Henry O Godwinn
    17. Mabel
    18. Avatar
    19. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
    20. Goldust

    But it's no use. Camp Cornette team up and make short work of the remaining competitors in the ring, Yoko throwing out, Tatanka (much to the chagrin of an increasingly annoyed DiBiase), Hakushi and Fatu. The Hog Farmer is next, but stands little chance as he too is swiftly thrown out. Then down comes King Mabel! Mabel floors Hart easily before going toe to toe with the leviathan Yokozuna. They test strength, falling against the ropes. Owen slides out of the ring, and with Cornette's help the two begin to pull Mabel over from the outside – and King Mabel is eliminated just like that! He is followed by the mysterious Avatar, then Hunter Hearst Helmsley, both of whom are dominated by Camp Cornette and eliminated quickly.

    Next up is Goldust! Goldust refuses to get in the ring and instead begins his usual routine of homoerotic histrionics with Jim Cornette on the outside. Cornette quickly looks to escape, sliding into the ring with Goldust in pursuit – and he gets greeted with a huge belly to belly from Yokozuna! And Goldust makes nine eliminations for Yokozuna!

    21. Jeff Jarrett
    22. 123 Kid
    23. Bob Backlund
    24. Diesel
    25. Bret 'Hitman' Hart

    The recently returned Jeff Jarrett is next and tries to pick Hart out by going for the feet under the bottom ropes. But Yoko has Jarrett by the hair! He pulls Double J inside, floors him with a splash into the corner and that's it for the country music star. Ten eliminations for Yokozuna now – though Owen Hart seems happy to be taking all the credit. The former Tag Champions then welcome 1-2-3 Kid, again accompanied by DiBiase, to the ring. But the Kid is hesitant. He refuses to step inside. He bides time for two minutes until would-be President Bob Backlund enters. Fuelled by his insane need to beat respect into the New Gen, he doesn't care about who waits for him. He steamrollers past the Kid and immediately nails Yokozuna with a dropkick! Yoko staggers back against the ropes and Backlund hooks one of the big man's legs! But Owen suddenly grabs Backlund and, with a running charge, launches him over the top to elimination.

    It proves an error. As he turns, the Kid is charging the still unbalanced Yokozuna and nails a spinning heel kick that tips the big man over – and Yokozuna is eliminated! The crowd goes wild! Cornette throws a fit, DiBiase throws his head back in laughter and the Kid jumps up and down and up and down in celebration, right into a heel kick from Owen Hart – the kind of kick that put Shawn Michaels on the shelf! Owen picks the Kid up and eliminates him!

    But the action is relentless. No sooner is DiBiase ranting against the Kid on the outside, the buzzer sounds and the crowd pops big for Big Daddy Cool Diesel! Diesel lumbers to the ring as McMahon proclaims him “the newww oooodds on favourite to win the Rooooyal Rumble!” his cold expression set on revenge for his best friend Shawn Michaels. Owen, remembering his disqualification loss to Diesel on PPV a week earlier, shouts at a departing Yoko to intercede. Yoko is floored by a big boot from Diesel and Big Daddy Cool floors Owen.

    After ninety seconds of pure beat down, Hart gets nailed with the Jackknife and thrown to elimination to the glee of the fans! Thirty seconds of waiting later and WWF Champion Bret Hart's music sounds out. The roof comes off as the two rivals meet in an immediate fist fight in the middle of the ring!

    26. British Bulldog
    27. Razor Ramon
    28. Bam Bam Bigelow
    29. Jean-Pierre Lafitte
    30. Psycho Sid

    The match enters its final stretch as Hart and Diesel are locked in a relentless fist fight moving from corner to corner, back and forth. When the buzzer next sounds, it's bad news for the Hitman though – out comes his In Your House opponent British Bulldog! Diesel, blinded by his hatred for the Hitman, teams up with Bulldog in a vicious two-on-one beat down. Cornette even summons out his banished troops. Fans boo as Owen Hart and Yokozuna re-emerge, entering the ring once more as Diesel steps away, smiling in the corner, watching as the Hitman is horribly picked apart to the outrage of McMahon on commentary.

    Then Johnson's music hits! He was never eliminated! Ahmed Johnson surges to the ring. He throws Owen back out. He bodyslams Yokozuna not once but twice, revenge for the earlier attack, then clotheslines him out! He goes toe to toe with Bulldog before nailing a spinebuster and finally Diesel squashes the momentum, tying Johnson up in the corner.

    The Hitman squares off with Bulldog once recovered as Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon hits the ring, joined shortly afterwards by Bam Bam Bigelow. The ring starts to fill up once again as Jean-Pierre Lafitte makes his presence known (going straight for former rival, Hart) until finally out comes the thirtieth entrant, and sudden favourite, Psycho Sid!

    Sid immediately makes his presence known by grabbing former Million Dollar Corporation member Bam Bam Bigelow, nailing him with a Powerbomb and throwing him out to elimination. He's quickly intercepted by those hard rights from Ramon just as the Hitman is able to best Lafitte and tilt him over the top to elimination. Sid floors Ramon with a boot as Bulldog takes down Johnson and the two faction members are left to face off. They go at it in a fist fight, until Bulldog is able to floor Sid with a huge jumping clothesline! He goes for the Powerslam, impressively lifting Sid onto his shoulder, only for Sid to prove too big. He slides off behind the Bulldog, nails the big boot and the Hitman capitalises, intercepting with a clothesline that eliminates the Bulldog!

    Diesel spins Hart around and they face off once more.

    GONG! A blackout! GONG! The lights return and Undertaker – sending a signal to either Hart or Diesel about his title aspirations no doubt – is nowhere to be seen. But the distraction is enough. Hart and Diesel, near the ropes scanning for the Dead Man, are tipped up and over by Sid! Frustrated, Diesel quickly drops the champion with a Jackknife on the outside floor before departing to severe boos from the live audience.

    In the ring, three men remain. Razor now takes the fight to Sid. Right after right has the big man teetering! Razor body slams Sid! The IC Champ signals for the Razor's Edge and puts Sid in position – but the Psycho stumbles backwards, straightens up and eliminates Ramon! It's down to Psycho Sid and Ahmed Johnson!

    Johnson is up. Johnson is fighting, landing those rights to the jaw of the Psycho. He throws Sid off the ropes. Sid reverses. Big boot to Johnson! Sid screams trash at the baying crowd. DiBiase urges him to finish it. Sid gets Johnson in position for the Powerbomb. No; backdrop by Johnson! The crowd goes nuts. Spinebuster to a stumbling Sid! Sid stumbles up and gets a clothesline. He's up, and another clothesline! Johnson off the ropes and OH MY, WHAT A MANOUVRE! He dives and shoulder barges Sid to the mat. Johnson, building momentum now, pulls Sid in for the Pearl River Plunge. Sid's too big I would sugges...FORGET ABOUT IT! Pearl River Plunge connects!

    Johnson is on his feet, playing to the cheering throngs. DiBiase is on the apron losing his mind. Johnson grabs him, drags him in, pushes him to the opposite side and eliminates him with a clothesline! He turns, grabs a floored Sid, lifts him up and dumps him over!

    WINNER: Ahmed Johnson

    And there you have it. Ahmed Johnson ends his 1995 as he intends to begin his 1996 – as the hottest prospect in the company, a dominant and aggressive babyface mid carder on his way, surely, to big things in the future of the World Wrestling Federation!

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    Wow, that's even more detailed than I went into - I tried to combine the role of booker and agent in mine but this is practically play-by-play.

    The only thing I wasn't keen on was Goldust, who uses mind games to his advantage at this point. Just don't see him going after Cornette to the degree that he makes himself vulnerable like that.

    But there's some very good stuff in here, for sure. Loved Owen calling to Yoko to intercept Diesel. Could really visualise a lot of those details.

    I think using the rules at the time, Kid would have eliminated himself by not entering the ring prior to Backlund no? Also it is a savate kick, not savant kick - as in savate boxing.

    Good read! Certainly killed some time on this train....

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    So I thought I'd have a go at a modern one.

    The condition - I've had control for a few weeks now, so I've been able to put a few things in place (such as unifying the tag titles) but I haven't been in control so long that I could, say, undo Bryan's heel turn or move to a single world title. Basically it's just long enough that I could get things lined up how I'd want them, but if that also means there aren't a lot of local details about things happening in storylines in December, well, that might be because they just didn't happen that way in this world.

    I'm also limiting myself to active roster people, so it's not like I can go out and spend money on filling the match with 'dream' participants. I can only use who is there already (and to be honest I took pretty much the first 30 that occurred to me). I'm kinda working on the premise that the rest of the Rumble card would look something like this.

    Brock Lesnar vs Baron Corbin for Universal
    Daniel Bryan vs Cien Almas for WWE Title
    The Revival vs The Usos for Unified Tag titles

    I wouldn't want to watch the Brock/Corbin match but at least it keeps stars free for my Rumble. Anyway, here's what the draw threw together.

    1. Chad Gable
    2. Braun Strowman
    3. Kevin Owens
    4. Randy Orton
    5. Bray Wyatt

    Ok then, interesting beginning here. So what are my notes to people coming in at this point? Well, I certainly don’t want Gable going out too early as he is in prime position for a solid ironman, but you’ve got to sell the fact that it’s Strowman coming in, so I think I’d be telling him to try and stick and move, but also just to try and keep away from Strowman a lot too – I can visualise him maybe luring Strowman in by backing into a corner and then kind of escaping out of it and getting around him. My gut is that you only have Strowman really land something big just before the buzzer goes for number three, and have it just wipe Gable out. Owens, naturally, has to come in and try and get an alliance going with Strowman by going after Gable, but I think the best thing is for Strowman to reject that overture and stay as a lone wolf. Orton comes in next and you’ve got to think he’s going to be similar to Owens – another one who tries to isolate Chad Gable, possibly without the attempt at ganging up with Strowman (he’s just seen how that worked out for Owens after all) but with a bit of respectful distance. Wyatt comes in and I think that this is where the intensity level has to pick up, with a bit of a brawl between Wyatt and Orton.

    6. Sheamus
    7. Dean Ambrose
    8. Dolph Ziggler
    9. Apollo Crews
    10. Kofi Kingston

    Sheamus next in and joins the fray, but Ambrose is the more interesting one – I think you want him to viciously go after Gable, both to build a bit more sympathy for Chad and to re-state the direction his character has gone in. Ziggler, Crews and Kingston are all-in, and the announcers start to note that we don’t have a single elimination yet.

    11. Rusev
    12. Zack Ryder
    13. Bobby Roode
    14. John Cena
    15. Finn Balor

    Rusev is the signal for those in the ring that people can start to go home, and you want to kick things off with a bang so Ambrose gets rid of Randy Orton. Rusev coming in also removes Wyatt. Zack Ryder comes in but is binned out almost immediately by Strowman. Ryder’s entry is also a cue for Owens and Ambrose to start double-teaming Gable and to get to the verge of putting him out, which allows for Roode to run in and make the save – both men live to fight another day and when Gable recovers enough to join his partner, the two eliminate Sheamus. Cena enters like a house of fire and then Balor joins to complete the first half of the field.

    16. Xavier Woods
    17. Samoa Joe
    18. Mustafa Ali
    19. Big E Langston
    20. The Big Show

    Woods is in to join Kofi and after helping him out and bringing him back to his feet, the two work as a unit which will inevitably bring them into conflict with the other unit in the ring, Gable and Roode, and I think the two teams will go at it. Just as New Day are getting the advantage, I’d see Strowman get back into it and put both Kofi and Xavier out – all of which just encourages everyone else to gang together to do a seven-man elimination of Strowman. Samoa Joe is in and that’s time for Crews to go home, eliminated by the new man. Ali joins the fray, Big E comes next and raises the tempo with some fast offence, before Big Show comes in. I’ve got a wonderful visual of Show pressing Balor above his head so let’s say that happens now, and he casually drops him over the top for an elimination.

    21. Shinsuke Nakamura
    22. Kalisto
    23. Bobby Lashley
    24. AJ Styles
    25. Jinder Mahal

    Nakamura runs in as Gable and Roode eliminate Ziggler. A brawl erupts between Joe and Rusev who go toe to toe but the fresher man has the advantage. Kalisto comes in but is removed quickly, and is followed by Lashley who hangs around a bit longer. Big E Langston eliminates Big Show with a running clothesline. Ambrose opportunistically eliminates Rusev. Styles enters to a big pop and he eliminates Mustafa Ali – though I want this exchange to look really like it’s a question of chance, and it could have easily have been Ali catching Styles and getting rid of him right away. Jinder Mahal is in and we’re up to 25. Of the first ten entrants, only three remain – Gable, who is working with Roode to good effect, Ambrose who is slinking around and attacking people’s backs when the opportunity presents itself, and Kevin Owens, who has done virtually nothing, and slinks around the corners and slides under the bottom rope at pretty much every opportunity. I’d have more than one wrestler chase him back into the ring at various points, so you can pull the same spot a few times.

    26. Heath Slater
    27. Seth Rollins
    28. Cesaro
    29. Drew McIntyre
    30. The Miz

    Heath Slater is next in and I’d let him last for a couple of minutes, for a change. But the crowd erupts as it’s a late draw for the Intercontinental champion! Rollins runs in and there’s an immediate brawl as Ambrose leaves what he is doing to wait for Seth, and the two go at it. Obviously though, Seth is so much fresher that he gets the upper hand and after a few punches in a row and a whip into the ropes Ambrose is gone!

    Cena removes Heath Slater as Cesaro runs in, and he’s quickly followed by McIntyre and Miz, which means we get to number thirty with almost half the field still capable of winning. I’d give the announcers some pre-thought out stats about this kind of thing that they can share, especially if it turns out that this is some kind of record. Anyway, this is where people need to start going home. Gable can take himself out as soon as we reach 30 (that’s a good enough stint for anyone) and Roode will go soon after, as his job is basically done with Gable’s elimination. Owens and Cena are now the only two from the first half of the field remaining. Big E removes Jinder Mahal, Samoa Joe gets rid of Cesaro, while a couple of the remaining guys (let’s say an unlikely pairing of Cena and Miz) combine to get rid of Lashley. Shinsuke, Drew and Big E go next, leaving you with a final six.

    Joe and Owens gather in one corner and work out a temporary alliance, both jumping on AJ Styles and dispensing a beatdown, but Owens again rolls out under the bottom rope. Joe turns to him and asks what he’s doing, Styles recovers and removes him. An irate Joe chases Owens around the ring, possibly even to the back if you can make it work.

    Elsewhere in the ring you have Cena, Rollins, and Miz, and this is balanced until Rollins gains an advantage, knocks Cena down, and eliminates Miz.

    We’re down to a final four: Cena, Styles, Rollins, and Kevin Owens.

    Styles, fresh from eliminating Joe, takes out the knee of Rollins, and as Cena gets up he turns to be face to face with Styles – intensity rises as people remember the rivalry between these two, and while I don’t think Styles gets to beat up John Cena you want him to get the elimination here. Rollins is back up and he’s at it against AJ next, and I think you can have a mini-match between the two with a few feints at elimination. Eventually, Rollins eliminates AJ – in my head I have him doing it with AJ on the apron and Seth hitting, out of desperation, something like the Pele kick, but it doesn’t have to be that.

    It’s at this point Owens runs back in with a chair and strikes Rollins from behind. He hits him again, and again, and again, punishing the back, and then there’s another barrage of chair shots. Finally, Owens, who has done virtually nothing all match except hide out and run, lifts up Seth and gets his first elimination to win the cheapest Rumbly victory since Vince McMahon in 1999. Ambrose runs back out to take a few additional shots at Seth on the outside before security can muscle their way in, while Owens celebrates like he’s king shit, while the announcers express disgust, and even the heels admit they can’t fully condone it while they try to take his part.

    Owens is going to Wrestlemania – but he’s going to need another plan if he’s going to get out of Grandaddy of them all with the belt.

    Winner: Kevin Owens

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    Tried to do another one of these based on the 1995 Roster but the shuffle threw up a babyface Mabel as the winner and I just lost all heart to do it. Here's the order tho'...

    1. British Bulldog
    2. Bushwhacker Luke Williams
    3. Hakushi
    4. Razor Ramon
    5. Bob Holly

    6. Yokozuna
    7. 1-2-3 Kid
    8. Bushwhacker Butch Miller
    9. Fatu
    10. Doink the Clown

    11. Crush
    12. Billy Gunn
    13. Undertaker
    14. Mabel
    15. Sid

    16. Tatanka
    17. Bart Gunn
    18. IRS
    19. King Kong Bundy
    20. Kama

    21. Owen Hart
    22. Shawn Michaels
    23. Jeff Jarrett
    24. Lex Luger
    25. Bob Backlund

    26. Rick Martel
    27. Bam Bam Bigelow
    28. Jerry “The King” Lawler
    29. Koko B. Ware
    30. Adam Bomb

    Another long night for Bulldog and I'd obviously have to have worked in that ridiculous streak of Million Dollar Corporation guys coming in.

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    I dug both of these Prime! I read a while back but never found the time to drop the comment. It's funny the way you produce Owens because I remember back in 2016 basically predicting Owens maybe picking up a '97 style Austin victory. It just seems to suit him down to the ground doesn't it? So then seeing you take that and sort of dial it up to 100 was tremendous stuff!

    Disappointed you didn't go in for the '95 one, mind. I know it's something we'd all rather sooner forget but a babyface Mabel victory in 1995 really might not have been all that out of left field I suppose!

    Wanting to do another of these over the weekend. Still deliberating over a theme though.

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    Actually had the playlist saved so I ran it again to see how it would compare a second time. There are some interesting similarities but also I think it's worked out with a pretty different feel.

    1. Fatu
    2. Crush
    3. Hakushi
    4. 1-2-3 Kid
    5. Undertaker

    So at this point in time, Fatu is in The New Headshrinkers - but he's still a big, strong fella. Consequently I think he has to lose out in the initial brawl to Crush but you want to see them going at it, exchanging some big blows before he does. Hakushi is next in and you can see him immediately ganging up on Fatu, not least because this would effectively be his debut in the WWF. 1-2-3 Kid comes in next and he'll come in like a house of fire, striking everyone - which lets Fatu get up without making it look like he's just 'saved' the other babyface. And then Undertaker comes in, and what with it being 1995 and these fellas in the ring, I think he just clears the ring. Takes everyone out within about 90 seconds, and is the only man left standing. Maybe Crush can be the last one to give him some plaudits, but you want one man left alone.

    6. Billy Gunn
    7. Razor Ramon
    8. Tatanka
    9. Bushwhacker Luke
    10. Sid

    Billy runs in and goes straight out, as it's going to take more than that to affect Undertaker. Razor is the man to do that. You want him to try and gee the fans up to getting behind him and have an exchange. It's almost certainly not going to be enough to actually come out on top, but it's enough to survive. Tatanka is next in, followed by Luke, and Sid, and after the early chaos these three can survive for the time being.

    11. Yokozuna
    12. SparkPlugg Bob Holly
    13. Bushwhacker Butch
    14. British Bulldog
    15. Bart Gunn

    The big men keep on coming and Yokozuna is in next. Bob Holly pays only the briefest of visits to the match as one of the monsters can put him out quickly. Butch is in next. These two coming in together gives you the possibility to tease a major shock, and I'd have their 'unorthodox' double teaming threatening to put out Yokozuna! But of course you can't actually go through with it, and I'd Yoko hit back, eliminating both with a double clothesline or something like that. Bulldog is in next, followed by Bart Gunn, both of whom can hang around for a minute. Meanwhile Undertaker gets rid of Tatanka, leaving six in the ring.

    16. Bob Backlund
    17. Jerry “The King” Lawler
    18. Koko B. Ware
    19. Doink the Clown
    20. Owen Hart

    Backlund and Lawler coming in one after the other has to change the complexion of the match a bit, as you can't see either of them going head to head with the bigger guys. So I'd probably do the multi-man spot where they eliminate Yokozuna and start to see Sid and Undertaker focusing on either other, and then you want Backlund and Lawler to start focusing on Razor and Bart Gunn - with the latter being eliminated soon after helping getting rid of Yoko, so the other two can double team Razor. That'll also give Koko the chance to raise the energy when he runs in by breaking their momentum and giving Razor chance to get back up. Doink is in and eliminates Jerry Lawler, who is horrified to have been put out by a clown. But Doink doesn't last much longer either, it's really little more than a cameo. Owen Hart is next in, and we'll say he lasts longer than he does in the actual 1995 rumble.

    21. Adam Bomb
    22. King Kong Bundy
    23. Kama
    24. Shawn Michaels
    25. Bam Bam Bigelow

    Adam Bomb comes in and I think he's got to come in strong, so replace one monster with another - and Sid can hit the shower. But the draw has thrown together two members of the million dollar corporation, who both start working over Undertaker. Shawn Michaels is in and after quickly dumping out Koko he jumps on Razor, continuing their feud from 1994. Bulldog eliminates Backlund, and then Bigelow comes in. At this point the three huge members of the Million Dollar Corporation is just too much for Uundertaker, after he's been in there for so long, and they collectively eliminate his as the countdown for 26 is on.

    26. Rick Martel
    27. Lex Luger
    28. Jeff Jarrett
    29. IRS
    30. Mabel

    A late draw for Martel, but there's a huge pop for Luger as he runs in at 27. The newly formed Allied Powers join up to eliminate Owen. Jarrett is in next, and then IRS, who joins with his MDC teammates who continue to work together and remove Adam Bomb. Last in is Mabel, and the money team all work together to pounce on him. He's able to fight them off to begin with but the numbers game is too strong, Michaels joins in to help, and Mabel makes an impression in a short showing but is put out.

    So with all the wrestlers in the situation is this. Razor, Jarrett, Michaels, Martel, the two members of the Allied Powers, and the four members of the Million Dollar Corporation. Obviously the numbers game is with the MDC, and they jump all over the Allied Powers - Jarrett and Ramon resume their battle from the IC title match earlier in the night, though obviously the fresher Jarrett has the advantage, coming in 20 or so places later. Michaels and Martel are kind of left to themselves for the time being, so they'd kind of work together.

    So here's how I see it resolving. Looking in bad shape Luger/Bulldog are actually able to get a reversal and Luger scores a quick elimination on Kama. The two are then able to work together in the time they've bought themselves to combine and power-lift Bundy out for a big pop. But Bigelow shoots back, and Davey is gone, and then that side of the ring can settle back down into some tussle for advantage, though obviously it's still basically a 2-1 on Lex.

    On the other side an overconfident Jarrett gets caught by Ramon who's able to lift him out of the match, while Michaels eliminates Martel. So we're down to a final five of IRS, Bigelow, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, and Lex Luger. Michaels and Ramon, who've gravitated towards each other several times, come back together again, while the MDC continue to try and double-team Luger, but a mistake allows him to remove IRS. Bigelow uses his size to get the upper hand and starts to beat him down. On the other side of the ring Michaels, so much fresher, has Ramon in a puddle of jelly on the mat. That gives the opportunity for a bit of an alliance to form, as Bigelow beckons to Michaels. He takes Luger and holds him in position for the superkick - but Luger escapes, and Shawn hits Bigelow! Ramon makes a last ditch effort to attack Michaels while Luger comes off the ropes and uses his controversial forearm smash to knock Bigelow over the top rope, and out cold!

    You've now got three men left and Razor's fighting on instinct, Luger now has a score to settle with Shawn, and HBK both hates Razor and is fighting for his life, so it descends into a frenetic, chaotic three-way powered by a combination of hatred and survival instinct. Eventually, Ramon falls away into a corner, with his second wind spent, and Luger and Michaels trade for control of the match. Luger is bigger, and a few minutes fresher, and has the fans behind him, and all of that contributes to him getting the momentum. Luger lifts Michaels, aiming to put him in the torture rack, but Michaels fights while up on his shoulders, and in the tussle they stumble towards the ropes - Shawn hooked in them and Lex up against them - only for Razor to make a last, desperate lunge for Luger's legs, tipping them both over the top rope and to the floor! It's an emotional rollercoaster as Ramon goes from losing the IC title cheaply to going to the Wrestlemania main event in the same night, and he both survives the Undertaker and gets a measure of revenge on Jeff Jarrett.

    Winner: Razor Ramon

    Wow, I kinda got into that at the end, haha.

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    Tremendous again Prime! Love, love, LOVE Razor pretty much running the marathon there and getting past some of the biggest names of the Era. It was always curious how he never even entered a Rumble. I totally get him never winning one, but to not even have been in one?! Even as IC Champ that would've been totally plausible, and as you demonstrate here, he'd have been a major boon for the '95 match in particular.

    Hopefully will have some time later or tomorrow to do my next one. Time is flying past and I need my pre-Rumble nap! (I'm so cool.)

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    With the Rumble gone this thread might die off a bit but I wanted one last hurrah. So I decided to try and re-do that crazy 1999 one and see what would happen if I were in charge. The things that I would never have thought to have done, like putting Vince or Chyna in the match, aren't allowed. But other than that, I'm not really changing this beyond 1999 any more than is necessary. I'm certainly not allowing myself any liberties with the roster like guest run-ins or WCW acquisitions or anything like that.

    1. Kurrgan
    2. Essa Rios
    3. Ken Shamrock
    4. Al Snow
    5. Stone Cold Steve Austin

    So when the oddities music hits I’d have this be a pause, because they are all monsters and you want some anticipation to build for who is coming out first. Then it’s the huge Kurrgan. In ’99 I think this probably gets a much bigger pop than someone like Khali would get today, to be honest. Essa Rios is in next and he gets battered around and dumped out in about 90 seconds. And you want Jim Ross and Lawler to be speculating about if anyone will last long enough to actually have a normal rumble match, or will Kurrgan just win 30 brief singles matches.

    Anyway, Shamrock is out next so that puts that to bed. Obviously Shamrock is a heel by this point but I’d want to try and wind the clock back a little here and get the crowd behind him on his shootfight credentials, and have him rock Kurrgan back and take the advantage. It’s only when Snow gets in that the two put him out together though. Shamrock and Snow have some back and forth and I’d give Al the chance to show off his acrobatic skills as a way of avoiding getting battered by Shamrock, but obviously things are going to erupt when Austin comes in. I’m seeing it as he knocks them both about, does a number on Shamrock and then tosses out Snow for the third elimination, before getting into a more even fight with Shamrock.

    6. Roaddogg
    7. Bradshaw
    8. Val Venis
    9. Steve Blackman
    10. Faarooq

    Roaddogg is next in like a house of fire and starts going to work on them both, but I can imagine after an initial flurry he’d end up being a victim of one of the two more prominent names rather than the aggressor. Bradshaw from the Acolytes comes in with a far more measured pace and goes after Austin. Val Venis and Blackman both enter as the ring starts to fill up really for the first time. Faarooq heads down and having both Acolytes in there changes the dynamic – they both start going after Austin and working him over until he’s able to reverse with a double clothesline to keep himself alive. He falls to brawling with Shamrock again and when they are recovered, the Acolytes go after Roaddogg.

    11. Edge
    12. Big Boss Man
    13. Mark Henry
    14. Golga
    15. Billy Gunn

    Edge joins the fray, but the arrival of Boss Man is bad news for Austin, who has been largely holding his own with Shamrock but more corporation guys make things tough. Mark Henry comes in and joins Val Venis in eliminating Steve Blackman, and then turns on Val to remove him as well. Golga is in, and then Billy runs down to end the punishment that the Acolytes are inflicting on Roaddogg.

    16. D’Lo Brown
    17. Undertaker
    18. Marvellous Marc Mero
    19. Droz
    20. Test

    D’Lo is in and joins in with his buddy, Mark Henry. But next in is Undertaker, and with the Acolytes they make quite the formidable trio. Golga is out at their hands first, followed by Edge. They beat down on The Outlaws as Mero enters. Droz hits the ring next and with the Outlaws subdued by Faarooq and Bradshaw, Undertaker is free to take him by the neck and remove him from the match in near-record time. Test joins the match and though Austin is having his fair share of moments where he’s able to outbrawl Boss Man/Shamrock, the third member of the Corporate team entering make his odds even worse.

    21. Brian Christopher
    22. X-Pac
    23. Jeff Jarrett
    24. Hardcore Holly
    25. Owen Hart

    Brian Christopher runs in and immediately forms an alliance of convenience with Marc Mero, as the two try and hold their own with D’lo and Henry. There’s finally some relief for the Outlaws as X-Pac runs in and uses his educated feet to buy them some time, but an attack from behind by Jeff Jarrett allows him to throw X-Pac to the Undertaker, gesture ‘he’s all yours’, and then go after other people. The ring is getting very full at this point, so I’d say that Brown and Henry can combine to put out both Christopher and Mero – but their joy will be shortlived as Jarrett removes D’lo, while a brief alliance of several wrestlers combine to put out Henry. Hardcore Holly comes in and gets some offence in before being smothered by the corporate team and thrown out. Owen Hart has more savvy and is able to get into the ring and partnering off with Jarrett.

    26. Dan ‘The Beast’ Severn
    27. Triple H
    28. Goldust
    29. Gangrel
    30. The Godfather

    Now if it was entirely up to me Dan Severn this late would be getting big billing, but let’s play more into the idea that this is the real 1999 – he’s not going to get much out of the match, is he? So we’ll play off a big brawl with Shamrock and then the rest of Shamrock’s allies can end his night. In the few minutes before this I’d want to see people getting a lot of heat from beating up on The Outlaws and X-Pac, so that when the claxon goes for number 27 there’s got to be a huge pop for Hunter running in to save the babyfaces in peril – and let’s say he eliminates Bradshaw, and not only saves his own guys but in a flurry of activity is able to strike enough blows to buy Austin time to get back into it, and he bins out the Boss Man.

    The downside to this draw is that it kind of runs down with a bit of a whimper, though I can imagine Godfather getting a nice pop. But anyway, Goldust, Gangrel and Godfather all run in, though I can’t see Gangrel lasting a long time – let’s say Undertaker removes him, and Owen throws out Godfather.

    Twelve men in, and no one left to come. With Austin back down and the triple Alliance of the Ministry gone, the feuds that have held the thing together start to unravel and D-X and the Corporate team find themselves coming together. Test eliminates Roaddogg, while Owen and Jarrett get X-Pac. Hunter catches Test, Undertaker sacrifices Faarooq in a move that gets rid of both him and Goldust simultaneously (and thus removes the freshest man from the match) and puts the rookie out while Billy Gunn can break the last strong team that’s left by dumping Double J, but Owen revenges him before Billy can join in with Hunter to dominate the final stages.

    Undertaker throws a few sharp strikes and knocks people down and that causes everyone else but Austin to go after him for the elimination, all of which allows Austin to once again pull himself up from the canvas and, with renewed vigour, he finally gets the elimination of Shamrock, whose been in there since #3 and his been his tormentor for the whole match. Owen gets a cheap reversal on Hunter – and can you believe it, the final two in the 1999 Royal Rumble are Steve Austin and Owen Hart!

    So, this might be a bit far-fetched because there’s no guarantee Austin would go along with this, but let’s say he’s game. I’d let them have a little mini-match for the final, and for the finish I’d actually tease another tombstone finish. But this time Austin kicks his legs and forces Owen towards the ropes, he’ll fall backwards and they’ll go over the top – but Owen hooks them, while Austin falls to the floor! Vince McMahon comes out to celebrate with The Blackheart, while Austin stares daggers at the pair of them.

    Now there’s two ways this can play out, for me. You either switch it up, have Austin somehow find his way to the title before Wrestlemania, and then run Owen as the corporate challenger against Austin.

    Or the better option I think, have Austin vs Corporate Owen for the #1 Contender spot at St Valentine’s Day Massacre.

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