The Numbers

11 Time Winners

7 Time Winners

6 Time Winners
Pt2/Prime Time
TripleR/Rob S.

5 Time Winners
Uncle Joe*

4 Time Winners
Cult Icon

3 Time Winners
The Monkey
Benjamin Button

2 Time Winners
CMV1 (The Doc)

(* denotes at least one win via collaborative column)

A Complete History of Columnist of the Month


November – That Damn Good by The Cerebral Assassin
December – I Love It, I Hate It by I Are Jason


January – The Lyrical Fix by Chad Brown
February – Corner to Corner by Stan Grubb
March – The Bottom Line by Easy J
April – The Professor's Classroom by TheProfessor11
May – Stanman's Wrestling AfterThoughts by Stanman
June -Out Of The Ashes by BlazingPhoenix
July – All About The Game by YourAyatollah
August – Gimmicks Die Hard by Tom Guzik
September – The Wrestling Menu by DaveyBoy
October – The Fifth Column by Skorpio
November – Card Subject To Change by DropkickMarty
December – No Vote Due To Website & Board Change


January – My So-Called Column by Dredg
February – The Whole Damn Column by Eric Connors
March – Wrestling 101 by PSUNit1
April – Ridin' With The Bossman by Wevv Mang
May – The Forzese View by Jim Forzese
June – No Winner as Double Helix was ineligible due to not voting and the runner up, Pt2, refused the award
July – Catch A Bad One by Rick Stallion
August – Turnbuckle Tailgate by Dubzilla
September – The Hoss Report by Quadriceps
October – The XY Files by Tinaali
November – The Crazy Train by Stej
December – Let It Snow by Winter


January – Under The Fleece by Sheepster
February – Excuse The Aggravation by Xanman and Double Helix
March – Sports Entertainment Xplained (S.E.X.) by AdamG
April – The Nosebleed Section by Randomguy#5
May – All About The Game by YourAyatollah
June – The Sharpshooter by Cavalou
July – Flight Of The Phoenix by Julian Phoenix
August – All About The Game by YourAyatollah
September – The Eyes Of The Monkey by Monkey
October – Selective Memory v2 by Valleyboy
November – Enter The Dream Realm by Morpheus
December – Enter The Dream Realm by Morpheus


January – Enter The Dream Realm by Morpheus
February – The Northern Star by Xanman
March – The New Joint by Zuma
April – BC Does The WWE by 1,000,000BC
May – The New Joint by Zuma
June – On The Couch by Leviathan
July - The Northen Star by Xanman
August – Hardtime by RIPBossman
September - The Eyes Of The Monkey by Monkey
October – Legend Or Not, Here H Comes by Jigga The God
November – Write My Column by 1,000,000BC
December – Hardtime by RIPBossman


January – No Winner Due to Limited Eligible Columnists
February – Train Of Thought by J-Man
March – Pulp Wrestling by Jules
April – The World According To... by Rommel
May – Pulp Wrestling by Jules
June – Struggle For Power by Degenerate
July – Why I Watch by Benbeeach
August – No Vote Due to Board Reset
September – On The Couch by Leviathan
October – All About The Game by YourAyatollah
November - On The Couch by Leviathan
December - No Winner due to the vote leader, YourAyatollah, failing to cast a vote and all others only receiving one vote apiece


January - Pulp Wrestling by Jules
February - Supreme Xperience by X-FV1
March - Struggle For Power by Degenerate
April - On The Couch by Leviathan
May- Kwang The Column by Jigga The God
June - When In Rome by Romans_3:23
July - When In Rome by Romans_3:23
August - Shuffle Up and Deal by Jetsetpoker
September - The 16th Stop on the Road by The Letter P
October - BRING THA NOIZE!!! by Anthrax
November - Untitled by Uncle Joe
December - No Vote Held Due to Board Reset


January - aisce In Your Hole by aisce
February - Shuffle Up And Deal by Jetsetpoker
March - Taste My Rainbow by SkittleZ
April - Hardtime by RIPbossman
May - The Mega Column by aisce and Uncle Joe
June - Savana's Chamber of Pain by Andy Savana
July - The MadRanter by MadChuck
August - The MadRanter by MadChuck
September - The Spider's Web by CoLD
October - The 'History of' Series by Sean_Taylor
November - Two Dope Boy$ In A Cadillac by Seņor Brilliant and MissouriDragon
December - The Shinobi Series by JoeyShinobi


January - The Eyes Of A Monkey by Dr. Monkey
February - Classic Paper Review by Mazza
March - Nothing But Net by Mavsman
April - A View From The Rafters by Stinger
May - International Fun Slide by cicero
June - The Boomerang Prophecies by Johnny Boomerang
July - Uncle Joe
August - Box Car Rocco
September - Benjamin Button
October - Uncle Joe
November - Uncle Joe
December - Super Chrisss


January - Warchild
February - Barney
March - Shane
April - 'Plan
May - Dr. CMV1
June- Pringle
July - Missouri Dragon, Dr. CMV1, Stinger and ChrisBear (tied)
August - Morpheus
September - Shane
October - ChrisBear
November - priest
December - jovanbkt


January - fenixx
February - Mazza
March - Al Laiman
April - Freeman
May - mizfan
June - Mazza
July - ChrisBear
August - KingKErvin00
September - mizfan
October - Prime Time
November - mizfan
December - avery


January - Prime Time
February - TripelR
March - freeman
April - Prime Time
May - TripelR
June - Prime Time
July - Mazza
August - Sidgwick
September - 'Plan
October - 'Plan
November - Dannokaboom
December - Skulduggery


January - Shane
February - Shane
March - Cult Icon
April - maverick
May - mizfan
June - 'Plan
July - Prime Time
August - maverick
September - No Vote Due to Board Reset
October - 'Plan
November - Oliver
December - Maverick


January - Kleckamania
February - Sidgwick
March - Cult Icon
April - Maverick
May - JacobWrestledGod
June - Kleckamania
July - 'Plan
August - Cult Icon
September - SkitZ
October - Subho
November - Mizfan
December - Shinobi


January - Cult Icon (off tie-breaker against Subho)
February - Subho
March - mizfan
April - Mr. Chop
May - rayhagan1
June - mizfan
July - Al.pYro
August - JCool
September - 'Bear
October - JacobWrestledGod
November - Kleckamania
December - YourAyatollah


January - mizfan
February - Skitz and Shinobi (tie)
March - Burn1nMyLight and Oliver (tie)
April - theImplications and TripleR (tie)
May - Kleckamania
June - mizfan
July - TripleR
August - YourAyatollah
September - Degenerate
October - Degenerate
November - david.fenichel
December - david.fenichel and Burn1nMyLight (tie)


January - mizfan
February - JSR-13
March - JSR-13
April - Benjamin Button
May - Skitz
June - Skitz
July - Skitz
August - Rich Latta
September - SirSam
October - SirSam
November - TypeItInMaan
December - Steve


January - zzzorf
February - Kleckamania
March - Benjamin Button
April - mizfan
May - Rob S.
June - Prime Time
July - Rob S. and Mystic
August -
September -
October -
November -
December -