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    This was my personal match of the year from any promotion. I spent the entire year comparing every classic encounter to this one. Nothing lived up to it.

    Easy choice for me here. Darby Allin is my favorite character of the year. My opinions on the guy are obvious at this point

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    WALTER vs. Timothy Thatcher – PROGRESS Atlas Championship
    PROGRESS Fear No More, Come To Dust, January 28th

    Couldn't find this match. I couldn't find one WALTER match on your list. I've seen other WALTER matches on YouTube though, so I'll have to check them out sooner or later to see what all the fuss is about.

    WALTER vs. Zack Sabre Jr, PROGRESS Championship 10/28/18 PROGRESS Pumpkin Spice

    I wasn't able to find this match. Although, I did find a match between them but it said Evolve 99. Not sure of it's the same match. Nonetheless, I watched the match and I liked what I saw. It seems like WALTER is all about the physicality and he brought the physicality here with a few nice slams/bombs/suplexes thrown in. Sabre wasn't able to be his beat self in this match because WALTER was just way too damn big for him, especially considering Sabre as no muscle. Even so, Zack also brought the physicality here. I've also noticed Zack has a penchant for slaps in his matches and these two guys slapped the shit out of each other. If the match on your list is anything like this one I would have enjoyed it.

    My favourite character ? None other than The Man, of course. She took the wrestling world by storm and judging from her reactions on RAW last night she is more over now than she ever was.

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    Spinny! As I said, I very nearly thought the same, and even now I second guess if I undersold this by not making it #1. It was really special. If you have time along with that SMASH column, I’d love to see a Darby Allin column! I feel like I barely know the guy!

    Donny! I’ve actually had the same problem when trying to turn people on to WALTER, very little of his stuff seems to be out there for free. Glad you found one edition of Sabre/WALTER, and if you can believe it that EVOLVE match is probably the least of their matches, great as it was! Loving that love for Becky Lynch, I am definitely feeling it as well. Thanks for the great feed!

    I am the mizfan, and I have watched 827 wrestling matches that took place in the year 2018 (only 4 of which involved The Miz). This is my favorite from Game Changer Wrestling.

    WALTER vs. PCO
    GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2, April 6th

    About the Promotion: GCW has been around since 1999, if you can believe it, but only in the last few years have they really started to become notable. Normally a deathmatch promotion, they decided to change things up and paired up with Joey Janela to start doing special branded shows, starting with the first “Joey Janela’s Spring Break” show in 2017 over Wrestlemania weekend. The show was a major hit and put them on the map, offering a really creative and fun product that didn’t look anything like the typical super-indy promotions that often dominate the weekend. This year they expanded with multiple Joey Janela events, and also branched out with more experimental ideas, like the shoot style themed “Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport” event, a highly enjoyable show in and of itself. I watched 14 GCW matches this year, and this was the one that stood out the most.

    The Match: If you want to watch along, you can find this match here. The video starts with the match in progress, but only a few short seconds of the match are lost. Enjoy!

    Once in a great while, you get a match that totally changes the narrative on a person’s career. Prior to this match, Pierre Carl Oullet’s return to the ring was looked at as a novelty, something strange and possibly interesting but not really worthy of buzz. But Joey Janela looked very closely and saw a golden opportunity, and paired the most physically destructive man in wrestling against a man too old and crazy to care about his own body, and pure magic was born. WALTER pounded PCO until he was literally black and blue, but PCO showed no concern for his own well being and threw everything he possibly could back at the Austrian Juggernaut. This is the match that turned PCO’s comeback into a full fledged force to be reckoned with and made him one of the most in demand names on the scene, and he earned every inch of it. Almost every WALTER match is about WALTER first and foremost because of how he effortlessly dominates the screen, but this time he shared the spotlight and had one of his finest matches to date, and one of my favorite experiences of the whole year was born.

    Also Watch From This Promotion: Mike Quackenbush vs. David Starr 4/6/18 GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2

    Another effort by Janela to produce something different that succeeded admirably! David Starr is a fantastic talent and has wrestled nearly everyone in the scene today, but there was one dream match he always wanted to have from the years of independent wrestling’s past, the semi-retired founder of CHIKARA Mike Quackenbush. With the help of Janela’s fantastic video making partner, Giancarlo Dittamo, Starr recorded an impassioned plea to Quackenbush to grant him one of his few remaining match. He traveled to Quackenbush’s home base, the Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia, and persuaded Mike to step into the ring with him. With that kind of build, I already knew I would love the match, but truly it surpassed even my expectations. Starr, despite his respectful attitude while getting the match, quickly showed he was willing to do anything necessary and not hold back to get the win, and Quackenbush had to bring his A game not just in terms of great technical wrestling but also busting out some of his high flying and striking skills to level the playing field. This one flew under the radar of many, I think, but I truly loved it and encourage everyone to give it a look!

    On the other end of the spectrum, this is my 2nd least favorite match of 2018:

    Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler – Iron Man Match, WWE Intercontinental Championship
    WWE Extreme Rules, July 15th

    The Verdict:

    So you may think you know why I hated this match. That damn crowd, right? Obnoxiously chanting for the countdown clock and not paying attention to the match. But honestly, as annoying as the crowd was, I couldn’t entirely blame them for losing interest in this match. Within a ten minute period, SEVEN falls occurred in this match. If you want to send a message to your fans that absolutely nothing happening in the ring matters, that’s the way to do it. Why not have 30 falls in a 30 minute match? Why not 50, or 100? Make no mistake, the crowd was interested in this at the start, but the moment Rollins started pinning Ziggler a couple minutes in with very basic moves, the crowd got the message that they should tune out, and tune out they did. And I’m sorry, I know some people are high on Drew McIntyre now, but nothing he did looked worth four easy falls, on a guy of Rollins’ stature no less. Didn’t just weeks before this these two have a match on Raw that went 30 minutes with only 1 fall? This just felt utterly ridiculous to me, and I know both guys, especially Rollins, are capable by a lot more. They got screwed by the way this match was put together, and while the fans were definitely annoying, I don’t think they would have lost interest if the match had done something worth keeping it.

    2018 Award For Character of the Year:
    Absolute Andy

    Recommended Matches:

    Bobby Gunns vs. Absolute Andy, wXw Shotgun Championship 2/9/18 wXw Dead End
    Absolute Andy vs. Zack Sabre Jr, wXw Championship 8/31/18 wXw Fans Appreciation Night Hamburg
    Absolute Andy vs. Ilja Dragunov, wXw Championship 9/1/18 wXw Fans Appreciation Night Oberhausen

    I’ve liked the big German, Absolute Andy, since I discovered him a couple years ago, but in 2018 he really took himself to the next level with a supremely self-obsessed heel turn. He kicked his longtime partner Marius Al-Ani to the curb, attacked Bobby Gunns’ injured brother just to win a match, and even tried to manipulate Ilja Dragunov’s dedication to his family in order to hold on to the wXw Championship. All the while he’s been cutting the most incredible delusional promos, including most recently telling a lengthy story about how he was invited by Odin and Zeus to join godhood with them. The fun of Absolute Andy is something I hope everyone can experience, he’s well worth checking out.

    Honorable Mention To: Zack Sabre Jr, David Starr, Bobby Gunns

    Question: Who was your all around wrestler of 2018? Who stood out above all others every time they stepped through the curtain?

    Thanks very much for joining me, mizfan fans, and I’ll see you again tomorrow for the next match in our series. Until then, stay awesome!

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    I could probably crank out a Darby Allin column this spring for sure!

    PCO vs WALTER is a great match. Not the same level as the Thatcher match but good nonetheless haha.

    WALTER is the obvious choice for this award as well haha.

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    WALTER vs. PCO
    GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2, April 6th

    PCO is one crazy old bastard. The high-risk manoeuvres that he pulls off are so ridiculous for a person of his age and body type that it's automatically entertaining. And holy shit, his chest was blue as hell from taking WALTERS chops! Honestly, I'm not 100% sold on WALTER just yet so I'm going to have to see more of him. I did enjoy this match though, just surprised that WALTER lost. Do you know if PCO was a high-flying wrestler in his heyday? Or is he just doing the crazy shit because he's old and needs to get spotlight on him?

    Mike Quackenbush vs. David Starr 4/6/18 GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2

    Couldn't find this match.

    I'm not his biggest fan, but I'd have to say Seth Rollins for wrestler of the year. He had a great year with alot of great moments and he was rewarded with the Rumble win because of that.

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    Spinny! Looking forward to hearing more of Darby, and hopefully seeing more of him as well! Thatcher/WALTER would probably be the more popular choice for wrestling fans, but I’m really compelled by PCO’s story and by just how important that match turned out for the indy scene, so put it down to different perspectives. WALTER is the choice for every award!!

    Donny! PCO is, indeed, a nutcase. He was always capable of big spots (check out his PPV match with Bret Hart for some evidence) but he’s definitely turned up the crazy offesnse to keep up. I’m with you on both, Rollins isn’t a favorite of mine exactly but he did accomplish. Love the feed as always.

    I am the mizfan, and I have watched 827 wrestling matches that took place in the year 2018 (only 4 of which involved The Miz). This is my favorite from wXw, and also my favorite match of the year.

    David Starr vs. Jurn Simmons – Last Man Standing
    wXw Fans Appreciation Night Oberhausen, September 1st

    About the Promotion: I was first turned on to wXw in 2017, and I must say my love for the German based promotion has grown exponentially ever since. Like my other favorite promotions, such as CHIKARA and Lucha Underground, the company is capable of telling layered, long running stories with dynamic, compelling characters that you can consistently invest in, but unlike those promotions they steer away from delving into the outlandish elements and keep things fairly realistic, making them even more accessible to fans who might not be willing to suspend their disbelief to time travel and demons. They also masterfully balance a very healthy homegrown roster with strategically booked big name talent from outside the company, and I can’t stress enough how much that benefits them. The biggest star in the world could come to wXw and they’d feel like a huge deal, but the top guys in wXw could still go toe to toe with them easily. The company has a real respect for what they’ve accomplished and they don’t let that be overshadowed. They have a great streaming service, including fantastic video packages before major matches, top notch English commentary, and pro-grade subtitles for any German dialogue, though a lot of the promos are done in English as well. Bottom line, if this series leads you to check out just one new promotion on a consistent basis, this is one of the best choices to start in on! I watched 115 wXw matches in 2018, and I plan to watch even more this year!

    The Match: If you want to watch along, you can find this match on

    One thing I love about wXw is they have a cinematic quality to a lot of their big matches. They isolate big feelings, big moments, big images, yet still remain organic and urgent. “Massive” Jurn Simmons and “The Product” David Starr had been close friends and frequent tag partners in wXw through all of 2017, but as the year drew to a close they lost the World Tag League, falling to Ringkampf in the finals, and though they tried to take it in stride, inevitably they started prickling at each other as things seemed to go consistently downhill for them after that. They agreed to a friendly match to work out their problems, but when David Starr took home the victory, Jurn suddenly lashed out at him and finished their friendship once and for all with a vicious beatdown.

    The match was originally scheduled to happen earlier in the year, but an injury to Jurn Simmons pushed it back. When Jurn reappeared as an entrant in the Shortcut the Top Match, a Royal Rumble style affair, he was immediately targeted by a still vengeful Starr, and every ounce of heat came pouring back into the feud. When they finally squared off in the Last Man Standing match, they held nothing back. This match was filled with violent and creative spots, including a waxing strip applied to the hairy chest of David Starr, which must have hurt like absolute hell and left Starr’s chest bloody. Now that’s true hatred! Jurn took the advantage with a long, black kendo stick specially made for him, systematically taking apart Starr’s limbs until he couldn’t stand up again. Jurn thought that would be the end of it, but Starr at the last second managed to roll to the floor, taking advantage of the fact that the bottom rope had earlier been removed to be used as a weapon. He landed on his feet with only a split second to spare, but it broke the count and came off brilliantly. An enraged Jurn followed Starr to the floor and hurled him bodily out into the seats of the fans, and once again it seemed Starr was done, but at the last moment a fan actually rushed in and helped Starr to his feet! I haven’t a clue if that was planned or not, but again it felt like a great moment. The match escalated further as the ring boards were exposed, but in the end both men crashed and burned on the bare wood. And it almost seemed that Jurn Simmons could have stood up if he had really wanted to, but made the choice to stay down along with Starr so that the match would end in a no contest and he’d be free of the risk to have to fight any further. Sometimes a draw will annoy me, but this was so perfectly character driven that I ended up loving it.

    The feud did continue with a hair vs. hair match later in the year, which was also phenomenal, but this one truly blew me away. If you have a chance to see it, please, by all means check it out!

    Also Watch From This Promotion: WALTER vs. Zack Sabre Jr 5/18/18 wXw Das 20 Mal Markthalle

    As I mentioned, Sabre and WALTER tore each other to pieces all over the world in 2018, and in one case Sabre came to WALTER’s home promotion to take the fight to him. The result was yet another classic, fantastic yet different than their other matches. This was Sabre at his least suicidal and most strategic, as in this case he focused on not trying to walk through WALTER’s offense but carefully picking his moments to rip WALTER apart at the joints. It’s another wonderful match between them, and well worth your time to seek out.

    On the other end of the spectrum, this is my least favorite match of 2018:

    Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns – WWE Universal Championship
    Wrestlemania 34, April 8th

    The Verdict:

    This can’t be too big a surprise to anyone, right? A match few wanted to see, badly put together, and symbolic of all the problems fans have had with WWE in recent years. I don’t blame Reigns, and I don’t even really blame Brock (well, a bit, it did seem to be his preferred style that made it suck in particular). I blame WWE for putting this piece of junk in the top spot. We all deserved better, including the wrestlers.

    2018 Award For Overall Wrestler of the Year:

    Recommended Matches:

    WALTER & Timothy Thatcher vs. Matt Riddle & Jeff Cobb, PWG Tag Team Championships 1/12/18 PWG Mystery Vortex V
    WALTER vs. Timothy Thatcher, PROGRESS Atlas Championship 1/28/18 PROGRESS Fear No More, Come To Dust
    WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. John Klinger, wXw Championship 3/10/18 wXw 16 Carat Gold Day 2
    WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. David Starr vs. Travis Banks, wXw Championship 3/24/18 wXw We Love Wrestling Tour London
    WALTER vs. Pierre Carl Ouellet 4/6/18 GCW Joey Janel’s Spring Break 2
    WALTER vs. Zack Sabre Jr 4/7/18 PROGRESS Bourbon is Also a Biscuit
    WALTER vs. Zack Sabre Jr 5/18/18 wXw Das 20 Mal Markthalle
    WALTER & Low Ki vs. David Starr & Jordan Devlin 6/2/18 OTT Haven For Monsters
    WALTER & Timothy Thatcher vs. Ilja Dragunov & David Starr 8/31/18 wXw Fans Appreciation Night Hamburg
    WALTER vs. Zack Sabre Jr, PROGRESS Championship 10/28/18 PROGRESS Pumpkin Spice

    There’s nothing more I can say about WALTER, is there? I think he’s the greatest wrestler walking the earth today, and he’s certainly my favorite. Nobody makes an impression every time I see him like WALTER, he wrestles every match like he wants to commit a legal murder and has an aura which can’t be topped. Do yourself a favor and seek out WALTER wherever you can!

    Honorable Mention To: Fenix, Io Shirai, Timothy Thatcher, Absolute Andy, David Starr, Ilja Dragunov, Zack Sabre Jr, PCO, Pentagon Jr

    Question: What in wrestling are you looking forward to most in 2018?

    Thanks very much for joining me, mizfan fans, and I’ll see you again tomorrow for the next match in our series. Until then, stay awesome!

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    I've seen so much wXw this year that I'd have to check the spreadsheet to know the number. Such a great promotion and I'm happy that WALTER seems to be allowed to appear there while under NXT UK contract.

    Most looking forward to? Probably seeing if AEW can make the big splash that everyone thinks they will and I hope they will.

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    Spinny! WALTER appearing in as many places as possible is the best thing, especially if he can stay in wXw. I absolutely love his work there, he’s truly a master. AEW is exciting as hell! Thanks so much for all your loyal feedback my friend!

    Greetings mizfan fans, one final time in this series spectacular! It’s been a fantastic countdown, but there were a lot more amazing matches in 2018 than the 30 and change I’ve shared with you so far. If I started the list again from scratch, it might end up looking totally different! I would hate to let the countdown end without at least mentioning them a few of them, so please enjoy some honorable mentions for the year that was 2018:

    Titan vs. Mephisto – 2 out of 3 Falls, CMLL Welterweight Championship
    CMLL Martes Arena Mexico, January 23rd

    If you want to watch this match, and you should, you can find it HERE:

    The Verdict: Titles don’t mean as much in Mexico as they do elsewhere, but sometimes they do give luchadors a good excuse to throw down in a big match. Here you’ve got the veteran Mephisto, whom I am just realizing is freakin’ 50 years old and still looks awesome in between the ropes, and 28 year old Titan looking to unseat the highly experienced champion. This is just an example of great Lucha libre right here, so take the time to watch it already!

    WALTER vs. Mark Davis
    PROGRESS Take Me Underground, February 11th

    If you want to watch this match, and you should, you can find it on

    The Verdict: Another case of WALTER destroying a man’s chest in spectacular fashion. I joke with my brother that WALTER has a wall of chests at home, and every time he explodes a new one he gets to take it back to his living room. Mark Davis is a husky Australian who was very game to step up and take WALTER’s best shot and keep coming, and if nothing else really proved he’s got the guts to go the distance. More WALTER is always a great thing!

    WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. John Klinger – wXw Championship
    wXw 16 Carat Gold Day 2, March 10th

    If you want to watch this match, and you should, you can find it on

    The Verdict: A lot of wXw fans rated this as their MOTY the world over, and to be honest it was high in my own top 10. “Bad Bones” John Klinger had achieved a strangle hold on the wXw Championship with the help of his group RISE, and made some bitter enemies in the process. WALTER was especially keen to take Klinger apart, relishing the art of competition above all else and despising the dirty tactics being used to retain the title. They were scheduled to take each other on, one on one, but WALTER arranged at the last moment to include one of his fiercest rivals in the match as well, in the form of a returning Ilja Dragunov. Ilja had nearly won the title in 2017 but was screwed by Klinger’s cronies, and was forced to take time off after the match. The competition loving WALTER brought him in as a surprise, wanting more than anything for Klinger to finally lose that title. The ensuing pop was enormous, as Ilja was much loved by the crowd, and the match itself was just bonkers. Another great place to start if you want to check out wXw!

    Minoru Suzuki vs. Matt Riddle
    GCW Bloodsport, April 5th

    If you want to watch this match, and you should, you can find it on

    The Verdict: Originally Riddle was scheduled to wrestle Low Ki at this event, but when Ki pulled out they found a dynamite replacement in the form of the fearsome Minoru Suzuki. With a special emphasis during the event on shoot style wrestling, even featuring a ring with no ropes and specialized rules, both men were entirely prepared to tear the house down. And that’s exactly what they did!

    Fire Ant vs. Dasher Hatfield
    CHIKARA Go Eat Worms, June 23rd

    If you want to watch this match, and you should, you can find it on

    The Verdict: I’m a big fan of Fire Ant, as I’ve mentioned, and the baseball themed Dasher Hatfield is one hell of a great talent as well, so when they were set to clash, I knew it was going to be good. But I didn’t think it would be this good! The best thing I can say about this match is that my mom was in the room as I was watching it over a vacation, and it was so good she had to stop what she was doing and watch it through with me! This is another great one to check out, if you want to jump into CHIKARA!

    The Gentleman’s Club (Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor) vs. Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry) vs. The Beaver Boys (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) vs. Massage Force (Dorian Graves & VSK)
    Beyond Wrestling Americanrana, July 29th

    If you want to watch this match, and you should, you can find it HERE:

    The Verdict: There’s a load of great talent in this match. I’m a big fan in particular of John Silver, Bill Carr, and Chuck Taylor, but above and beyond I need to express my love for Orange Cassidy one more time. I was absolutely rolling with laughter during this match, it’s a tremendously good time and yet another match well worth taking the time to check out.

    WALTER vs. Jordan Devlin – OTT Championship
    OTT Wrestlerama 2, August 18th

    If you want to watch this match, and you should, you can find it HERE:

    The Verdict: WALTER strikes again! The best thing about this match is that WALTER was facing off against Devlin in Ireland, where he essentially the top wrestler in the entire country. But the best wrestler from one country can only do so much against the force of WALTER! The crowd was living and dying on every move as WALTER blasted Devlin down, attack after thunderous attack, as Devlin tried to hang on for dear life and not let his countrymen down. I’m not the biggest Devlin fan but in this he played his role perfectly, and I can’t stress enough how much I love WALTER!

    Natural Vibes (Punch Tominaga, Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka, & Genki Horiguchi) vs. RED (Takashi Yoshida, PAC, Big R Shimizu, & Eita)
    DG Gate of Victory Day 12, October 21st

    If you want to watch this match, and you should, you can find it on

    The Verdict: I’ve mentioned my appreciation for Dragon Gate and the faction wars that they like to put on, but I haven’t mentioned one important guy in the promotion, and that is PAC, perhaps better known as WWE’s Neville. When he came back home to Dragon Gate it was instantly awesome, as he quickly aligned with the biggest heel stable RED. This match against the Natural Vibes stable was full of great sequences, but perhaps none more exciting than the plain fact of seeing PAC back in the ring, doing what he does best.

    Mil Muertes vs. The Mack – Deathmatch
    Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part Dos, November 7th

    If you want to watch this match, and you should, you can find it HERE:

    The Verdict: I’ve got a deep appreciation for both Mil Muertes and the Mack, so I knew they had an awesome match just waiting to happen between them at the Lucha Underground season finale. And I was exactly right! A thunderous, dynamic, bloody brawl, I loved this one from start to finish. If you have the chance, check this one out right away!

    DoomFly (Eli Everfly & Delilah Doom) & Marko Stunt vs. Violence Unlimited (Brody King & Tyler Bateman) & Ethan Page
    Bar Wrestling TestleMania, November 15th

    If you want to watch this match, and you should, you can find it on

    The Verdict: Last but not least, one last time I gotta show my love for Bar Wrestling and DoomFly, and the wacky situations they get themselves into. Everfly and Doom are joined by the also very small Marko Stunt, going up against the relatively enormous and extremely violent Brody King, Tyler Bateman, and Ethan Page. Well, Page isn’t quite as violent, but he is large by comparison to the diminuitive trio on the other side of the ring. This was another case of small but fearless wrestlers risking their bodies and perhaps even their lives to turn the tables on seemingly insurmountable odds. This was one last great match that I just couldn’t end without mentioning!

    I could probably go on and on, but I think that’s where I’ll let the countdown rest. I’ve had a lot of fun writing this but it’s also been one of the busiest months of my life, with extra work responsibilities piling on top of an already heavy writing schedule! But I hope you’ve all enjoyed the series, and I especially hoped you’ve checked out some of the matches if you haven’t seen them before (you’re amazing for watching along, Don!). One thing I’m taking away from 2018 is that the wrestling scene is incredibly rich right now and only getting more and more competitive, a trend which I hope only grows stronger. I can’t get enough of great wrestling, so bring it all on! Once again I really you’ve all enjoyed the series, and I will most likely bring this back next year again. Before I go, I’ll leave you with one final questions…

    Question: What was YOUR favorite match of the year?

    And that does it for this particular series! I won’t be gone long, trust me, I’ve got a stack of Heenan notes that are going to start getting converted to entries any day now, so watch out! THE BRAIN SHALL RETURN ONCE AGAIN!!

    Until then, thanks for joining me mizfan fans. And as always, stay awesome!
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    I already stated my favorite match of the year earlier in the series so I guess I jumped the gun on that one haha. I love how even your honorable mentions could easily be someone's match of the year. This was great and can't wait to see your next columns.

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