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    The Unofficial Columns Forum Top Trumps ULTIMATE TOURNAMENT 2018

    If you don't understand the column, just be excited, it's all fine

    What’s up guys, Kingzak is back in action with big series number #2. In early 2018, I took up the mantle of providing us with the monthly stat rundown, collecting the details of the month to compile into a top list, a task that had in the past been done by Mizfan first and then JCool. I took mine a step further and would present these cards in the form of a pack of Top Trumps cards. The reaction was actually quite favourable, a lot of people enjoyed the series, however by WrestleMania I was starting to get behind on the series, and then the reset occurred and the series was laid to rest.

    Until now.

    I’m bringing back the LOP CF Top Trumps, for one big battle for the title of LOP’s best writer in 2018 … and I mean a literal title, I’ve (poorly) created a title belt for the winner.

    It’s beautiful isn’t it, I can feel your gaze on the title, well only one of you will be the one proud enough to raise that title. And that will be the one who comes out the winner of this tournament.

    This tournament is simple enough, the 32 best writers from all of 2018 will compete in a wrestling match (I’ll write one) and work their way up through the tournament. The loser of each match will have their card and their ranking unveiled and this will end up with the #1 card winning the belt.

    To decide where everyone goes in the tournament, you will be randomly assigned a slot in one of the four brackets, and then will work their way forward … I feel like I’m over explaining this. It’s a wrestling tournament, except with us instead of wrestlers. Don’t worry if this is confusing to you, it all makes sense in my head, just sit back and enjoy the show.

    And just so you know, I haven’t worked out the stats up to this point, everything beyond this paragraph is when I know the winner and am just prolonging it. As for my placement, I’m hoping to make it to the quarter finals; top 8 isn’t too much to ask for I don’t think. Where do you wanna end up?

    Here’s a quick look at the empty brackets

    I have a bigger version saved that I’ll be filling out as the tournament progresses.

    So who will be competing in this little tournament? Check out the big list below and see if you made the cut.

    1. 205Clive
    2. Anonymous
    3. Benjamin Button
    4. Burn1nMyLight
    5. Canadian Crippler
    6. Don Franc
    7. DynamiteBillington
    8. Eldandy
    9. Frozen Waffle
    10. JacobWrestledGod
    11. Kingzak13
    12. KleckMania
    13. Laith
    14. Mavsman
    15. Mazza
    16. Mizfan
    17. Mystic
    18. Oliver
    19. Pennycook Mills
    20. Prime Time
    21. SirSam
    22. Skitz
    23. Skulduggery
    24. Spinmaster
    25. Steve
    26. TheLAW
    27. Tim Rose
    28. TripleR/ Rob
    29. TypeItInMaan
    30. Von Wrestler
    31. Xanman
    32. zzzorf

    That is quite the blend of talent there; we got several Hall of fame calibre writers, a lot of current big names, a fair few main page call-ups and a fair few rookie talents getting their due.

    These names are in alphabetical order (you probably noticed that) but this little list will be how we find our spot in the tournament, these are just numbers we have been assigned for the RNG to place us by. Generating this by RNG does mean that being in the top 16 doesn’t guarantee you the next round, however by the latter round this should sort it self out

    So let’s start on that shall we. Each bracket contains eight writers and the winner of each goes to the finals. Each section is named in memory of a wrestler who passed on during 2018, because everyone does colour or something mundane, so why not do something different.

    Our first bracket is the Vader Bracket.

    And competing in slot one of match 1 is …
    Writer 31: Xanman

    And facing off against Xanman will be …
    Writer 1: 205 Clive

    Match two in the Vader bracket while see …
    Writer 21: SirSam

    And taking on the main pager will be …
    Writer 28: TripleR/Rob S

    On the other side of the bracket we have …
    Writer 26: TheLAW

    And facing him will be …
    Writer 20: Prime Time

    In the last match of the Vader bracket, we will see …
    Writer 12: KleckMania

    And rounding out the bracket we have …
    Writer 29: TypeItInMaan

    So this bracket looks like this going into the first round

    Our second bracket is the Jim Neidhart Bracket and kicking us off is …
    Writer 25: Steve

    And facing off against Steve will be
    Writer 13: Laith

    Our second match for the Neidhart bracket will see …
    Writer 6: Don Franc

    And he will be facing off against
    Writer 4: BurnInMyLight

    On the other half of the bracket we have
    Writer 17: Mystyic

    And their opponent
    Writer 32: Zzzorf

    Our Last match will see
    Writer 27: Tim Rose

    And they will be taking on
    Writer 16: Mizfan

    The Neidhart Bracket now looks like this

    The next bracket is the Dynamite Kid Bracket and our first contestant will be
    Writer 22: Skitz

    And he will be facing off against
    Writer 18: Oliver

    Match 2 of the bracket will see
    Writer 8: Eldandy

    Face off against
    Writer 5: CanadianCrippler

    On the other side of the brackets, we have
    Writer 24: SpinMaster

    And facing off against them we have
    Writer 7: DynamiteBillington

    In the last match of the bracket we have
    Writer 2: Anonymous

    Facing off against
    Writer 30: Von Wrestler

    This leaves the Dynamite Kid bracket looking like this

    And last but not least we have the Bruno Sammartino Bracket.
    Kicking off the bracket we have
    Writer 3: Benjamin Button

    And they will face off against
    Writer 14: Mavsman

    Match 2 of the Sammartino Bracket will see
    Writer 10: JacobWrestledGod

    Facing off against
    Writer 23: Skulduggery

    On the other half of the bracket we have
    Writer 11: Kingzak13 (hey I know that guy)

    Facing off against
    Writer 19: Pennycook Mills

    And in the last match of round one we will see
    Writer 15: Mazza

    And he’ll face off against
    Writer 9: Frozen Waffle

    And lastly that leaves the Sammartino Bracket looking like this heading into round one

    Well I am impressed with myself now, this started with some screenshots just after Midnight on New Year’s Eve (living that party lifestyle I know) and all the stats have been gathered, totalled and ranked and now the brackets are all sorted. Now all that is left is the cards and the matches, but for now it is time I bid you all a fond farewell.

    Before I go though, I am going to ask for you all to do something, since this is going to play out as an actual wrestling tournament, give me any details for your wrestling character, like what sort of style are they as wrestlers or even just attire wise, this will be a lot more fun to write if we all had our own colourful characters to be instead of 32 generic friendly wrestler people. Even just whether you want to play a heel or face is good for me. Fuck just copy the last created superstar you made on one of the games if you really can’t think of anything.

    And with that request it is time I bid you all a fond farewell, I’ll be back later this week with the predictions for NXT Takeover: Blackpool, but for now I hope you have enjoyed today’s column, or given it’s long and rambly intro-ness, are curious or excited for the upcoming tournament. I will see you all soon for the opening matches. Until then.
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    Dude, you always coming up with these interesting ideas and it's pretty awesome.

    I see you put Dyno in the Dynamite Kid bracket, I'm sure he will appreciate that lol.

    I also see you matched me up against Burn. Two guys from the famed () class of 2016 (including Imp). Although I think they possibly started in very late 2015 but they only made their names in 2016 dammit!

    Okay, here are some character traits for my character:

    P.S: This was actually a character I created...

    I am a tweener.
    I don't give a shit who I destroy but I destroy anyone in my way.
    I wear dark blue tights (never trunks!) and have black hair.
    My finisher is the PowerPlex (Suplex into a drop-down Powerbomb)
    The reason for my finisher is because my moveset mainly consists of different variations of Suplexes and Powerbombs.

    That's all I've got man. Hope it gives you somewhat of an idea what my character entails.

    Awesome idea bro. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

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    Trunks huh? The easier to hit you with a surprise roll-up FTW!

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    Yikes, against Rob first round. Unless somehow this includes main page work I will for sure be a first round casualty. Add in Type, 205, Kleck and PT and you have a bracket of heavy hitters. No chance I get past that murderers row. Vader bracket is STACKED.

    If I was putting bets down I'd say Mizfan would be the favourite with PT a close second.

    Love this idea though, will be interesting to see how the results match with the Official End of Year Awards.

    If you want a character for me:
    As I am a sir I am of course a knight who fights fairly and for honour and respect.
    I am a man of the people who loves to engage with everyone around.
    Ultimately though I am a knight of the main page not the columns forum so while I am happy to be here with the people that make LOP great it is somewhat of a novelty for me to be plying my trade in this competition.

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    Imagine someone with Brock Lesnar's untouchable record as a part timer.

    Add in some Paul Heyman style Spoiler alerts, giving the true story behind whatever I choose to discuss.

    Top it all off in the style of William Regal's aristocrat gimmick.

    I think that pretty much sums me up.

    FACT or FICTION: Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.
    PM me to get involved.

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    I’m essentially Rico with the ability to flirt with both sexes.

    I love the concept. I hope the execution works well.

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    SkitZ verses Oliver in the first round??? That sounds more like a semifinal matchup to me! Aside from the strong odds of getting bounced in the opening bracket, I'm very much looking forward to this tourney. Kudos for putting it all together, Zak. As far as offering some characteristics, I'm going to be a lazy bum and shamelessly plug my shit by saying you can find said info in Taste My Rainbow ~ If I Were a Wrestler... (< click link). Fingers crossed that Oli no-shows and I win by forfeit.

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    Feedback time

    @Don: I can't claim this as wholy my own concept, when I first joined it was being done by Mizfan as the monthly "State of the CF", this was then done by JCool for a few years. The Top Trumps thing is mine though (the idea to make it into top trumps, not the game as a whole)

    That Powerplex sounds awesome, finishers are definitely going to be something I struggle with for this, gotta work out 32 different finishing moves, fun.

    @Sam: Main Page work isn't included, but your time in the forums was damn solid, this could end up with a big upset.
    It being the first one drafted definitely led to a lot of big names didn't it. I may have to shuffle between the brackets next year (IE Match one for all, then the second ETC)
    A knight huh, I reckon that suit of armour is gonna be a nice advantage.

    @Dynamite: Just imagining a wrestler that is Brock in the ring and Heyman on the mic is literally terrifying, that would be amazing in real life.

    @Anonymous: I was hoping someone would take up a fun gimmick, kudos.

    @Skitz: I half read this comment when I first saw it and I read it as you wanted to be a lazy bum who plugs your stuff, and honestly that is not the worst gimmick.
    If Oli does no show, I do have 20+ replacements waiting in the wings, there will be no forfeit wins here.

    Thanks to everyone who's read so far and a extra big thanks to anyone that has got anything for their gimmick yet. You are a massive help and it is really appreciated.

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    Mystic is poetic motion -- he plays mind games, moves intentionally, wrestles like the whole match is one glorious Owen Hart spinning heel kick. But, his weakness is when it all starts to go poorly. Suddenly the Mystic mask is off, the grace is gone, and it's all Barney underneath. He becomes his own worst enemy.

    He is a magician. Happy and impressive when the tricks are in his hands. But when he loses that control...

    Looking forward to the show, Zak!
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    Very much looking forward to this. Very fun column series concept.

    Oh, and I'd like to think I'd be the product of Dean Malenko and Mankind having a baby. Resilient, calculated, creative, full of heart, and fucking fearless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingzak13 View Post
    @Dynamite: Just imagining a wrestler that is Brock in the ring and Heyman on the mic is literally terrifying, that would be amazing in real life.
    You mean someone who talks a good game, but then hardly ever shows up? My opinion may always be correct, when I actually do something it's obviously the main event, but you only see it a few times a year.

    FACT or FICTION: Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.
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    I would find it more amusing if they were Lesnar on the Mic and Heyman in the ring. But then that’s essentially Tamina’s role.

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    This is like LPW. If you don’t know what it is, it’s in the bottom part of the forums where we play wrestler characters and all that in a fantasy promotion. It’s a lot more than just that with lots of storylines and thousands of pages of promos and stories written, voted on, pay per views and events painstakingly booked and written, you certainly need to check it out.

    I will port my character over. Bane Izzah, ex-Israeli Defense Force veteran who suffered PTSD. The story was that his team crashed and burned in Gaza during the first Gaza war, and after the entire team was captured and tortured for months, he killed his interrogator in the midst of his torture session, rescuing his team from the facility on a getaway truck. After aimlessly driving for hours in the dark, the truck stalled. From afar they saw lights and knew that they must not allow the terrorists to recapture them. With only 4 bullets left in the pistol he stole from the interrogation, he was “forced” to mercy kill his entire team of 4 elite soldiers for fear of being recaptured by ISIS terrorist, leaving himself alive as he didn’t have enough rounds to kill himself.

    When the lights and heavy vehicles finally arrived, it was shown to be a rescue Israeli vehicle. This meant that he killed his team for nothing.

    Since then, he lost part of his memories due to the emotional trauma, and Had to leave the force. Skilled in combat training and very violent, Bane came to the wrestling industry in USA hoping to make a mark as an Israeli wrestler. Bane is also a devoted Jew who hears God’s voice in his head, and believes that he is doing God’s work when he spreads anti-Muslim rhetoric in his promos and actions, and wants to use wrestling fame as a platform to spread his Zionist View. Bane is a heel who doesn’t care about the fans.

    His current character arc is that he is in a faith crisis with Yahweh his God, and suddenly he’s been seeing doves and crows On the streets staring at him, and he realised they are trying to guide him in his Everyday life, what he calls signs from God. He followed the doves initially and found out that the doves have been helping to bring him to beneficial stuff like meeting people who will help him train better, etc. One day when he finally got the courage to follow the crows, however, he was put into a situation where he needed to save someone from jumping off a building. Bane realised that the dove brings him to where he wants to go, but crows bring him to where he is needed to go. To save someone, or do something for others.

    You can see it as Bane slowly turning from heel to face.
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    Feedback Part deux

    @Mystic: That is an interesting character, I can see each match being a risk of the mask fading against the tough competition.

    @KleckMania: Malenkind? That is a combination I have never really thought about.

    @Dynamite: I feel like the hypothetical hybrid would probably show up more than the current Lesnar does (not hard to do), because Heyman actually is on probably every Raw during the Brock months.

    @Anonymous: I would have gone with Mojo Rawley, but Tamina is an equally good choice for that role.

    @Jacob: Holy fuck that is a lot of detail, i'm genuinely impressed.

    Thanks to everyone for commenting thus far. I am glad to see so many people excited for this. There should be the first four matches and cards posted next week. Hope to see you all for that.

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    Yes, I'm always here to provide the comments. Me writing a column is like Lesnar wrestling a match though.

    FACT or FICTION: Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.
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