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    Kingzak presents: NXT UK, Takeover Blackpool Predictions

    Zakís Note: So it turns out that the 12th of January is a Saturday Ö who knew. I certainly didnít until yesterday, in the future I will make sure to check the date on them.

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another round of predictions, itís time for the first round of prediction of 2019 and the first ever predictions for Takeover: Blackpool. For those of you in America who donít know what a Blackpool is, itís some city in the north of England, they have a tower thatís a bit like a shit version of the Eiffel tower. And now you know about as much as half of the UK population do about Blackpool.

    I am excited for this event, if for no other reason than if it is successful there may be a Takeover near me one day and that would be fucking amazing to attend, but also these are my cultural kin, I want them to succeed as much as they can. Iím not expecting anything ground breaking yet, one thing my research on Takeoverís has taught me is that the early show arenít great compared to what we get now, so this is a foundation PPV, good wrestling but building to bigger things. So without further ado, letís dive in.

    Dad: Is the womenís match gonna be hen night themed, where theyíre both drunk and it takes place in a car park

    Travis Banks vs. Jordan Devlin

    So this was added on Thursday, and I donít think I have heard of these two before. Some of you may think this an appropriate time for puppies, but I prefer to reserve them for disappointments and disinterests over two unknown wrestlers, I wouldnít want to discredit either man without knowing anything about them, that seems unfair, I should wait for them to be boring and then Iíll bitch about them.

    Devlinís heads, Banks is tails
    Coin flip says heads

    Zak: Jordan Devlin
    Brother: Travis Banks
    Dad: Jordan Devlin
    Dog: Jordan De
    Mum: Travis Banks

    Dave Mastiff vs. Eddie Dennis
    No Disqualification match

    I am genuinely curious for this one. Only on the simple reason that I have seen Mastiff wrestle before. A couple years ago there was a new yearís special for World of Sport wrestling, since there was nothing better on at the time, me and the family all watched and it entertained us for a part of the evening. I watched in full reviewer mode and spotted several talents that I saw as good wrestlers at the time, one was a lady named Viper (who would compete as Piper Niven in the Mae Young Classic 2017), there was two guys who had a rather good match but I missed their names, all I know is one is a luchador. The fourth talent I saw on the show was Dave Mastiff, who looked a big bruiser character, and was current world champion. Honestly, I may have kept watching if they didnít ruin everything by ending the episode by putting their world title on Grado, who me and the family ended up giving the affectionate nickname ďUseless tub of shiteĒ

    So I am curious to see Mastiff in this match, he wasnít given much time in the WOS match, so Iím hoping this one gives a bit of time so we get a good showcase of the two as wrestlers. Itís a no DQ match so that should hopefully give us a couple decent spots.

    As for the winner, Iím gonna go with Mastiff since I have more of an interest in his progression, also because he was a solid heel big man, and one of the things I have noticed in the development brands, it is tough to have a good heel for long, we keep ruining it by cheering them. So best to use his heelness while you still can

    Zak: Dave Mastiff
    Brother: Dave Mastiff
    Dad: Dave Mastiff
    Dog: Eddie Dennis
    Mum: Dave Mastiff

    Rhea Ripley vs. Toni Storm
    NXT UK Women's Championship

    I really like the belt design. I think I may just be a sucker for a white strapped belt and how it stands out amongst the other generic black strapped belts.

    Onto the match and I am excited for this one, if you want to be technical, this match should have taken place at Evolution when it was announced that the inaugural UK Womenís champion was to be crowned, but makes sense, since Storm had the MYC to win instead, and then she uses her MYC win title shot guarantee (Apparently itís a thing) to get her rematch with Rhea. That is actually a great character move, she is confidenter in her abilities and wants the title. As a storyline this may be the strongest one running on the show, even if it is sort of an implied story.

    If I had to guess this is my pick for match of the night, youíve got solid characters who have some experience with each other and are both solid wrestlers, while the other two title matches feature top quality wrestlers on at least one side, the opponents are unknowns to me and that takes away from the matches, you canít quite enjoy someone thatís a blank slate, it just feels a bit off.

    As to the winner, I think the obvious choice would be to have Storm win the title here, Rhea may have worked as the inaugural champion but Storm has recognition from the MYC and currently is NXT UKís most over women, so put the title on her. Nothing against Ripley but this is just common sense.

    Zak: Toni Storm
    Brother: Toni Storm
    Dad: Toni Storm
    Dog: Toni Storm (Maybe)
    Mum: Toni thingy

    Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson)
    NXT UK Tag Team Championship

    As much as I want to believe this is an even match, I just canít. Moustache Mountainís time over in NXT actually saw them have several amazing matches and honestly, I canít see them not being rewarded for it. couple in the fact that they would be somewhat familiar names and could draw in additional viewers, I think it is a no brainer that the Moustache-o duo are walking out with the titles

    Zak: Moustache Mountain
    Brother: Moustache Mountain
    Dad: Freddie Mercuryís Moustache Mountain
    Dog: Gibson and Drake
    Mum: The people without a ridiculous name (Moustache Mountain)

    Pete Dunne vs. Joe Coffey
    United Kingdom Championship

    Iím very mixed on this one. Pete Dunne is an absolute beast in every regard, while Coffey is almost a complete unknown, I know that he has existed on the Indys for a while, and I know he is in a tag team with his brother. I have spent most of the time thinking ďSurely those two should be in the tag title matchĒ, that isnít a great mind set to have.

    I wish I could think of anything more to say on this, but I really canít. Dunne is going to win this one or at least he should. His title run has gone on so long that the person that ends it is going to get a lot of credit, gotta make sure that the right person ends the run or else itís all squandered. Couple in the fact that after the awesome feud in NXT h deserves to have the gold for a little while longer.

    Zak: Pete Dunne
    Brother: Pete Dunne
    Dad: doesnít like Coffey, prefers tea
    Dog: Pete Dunne
    Mum: that Coffey bloke

    Dog Predictions

    ē Bit Gibson and Drake in half while choosing them, I think this implies that while they win, he doesnít see the team lasting long
    ē Shortened Jordan Devlin to Jordan De
    ē Knocked Dunne and Coffey from my hand before taking Dunneís ham and his paper
    ē Tried to get both Mastiff and Dennis at once, took Dennis just a second before
    ē Went for Ripleyís ham but managed to grab Stormís paper at the same time. I think this either implies a dirty finish or that he would rather vote for Storm but the ham was too nice to resist.

    Zak: Right thatís everything, any final comments
    Dad: Bohemian Rhapsody is probably a shit film, if itís PG they have to have cut out about 99% of his life.

    Outside the main event I am actually quite interested for this card, Iím kinda sad that I had to write that this early in the year, but itís the unfortunate truth. That said, the rest of the card has me either interested or at least somewhat into it. like I said in the intro, this shouldnít be anything ground breaking, just a foundation for whatís to come, if we still have cards that lack a big hype match and is more of a B-PPV like this in three to four Takeovers then it is time to be concerned. But yeah for now it foundation time.

    And on that note, it is time that I bid you all a fond farewell. Iíll be back with the Royal Recap tomorrow and then Iíve got some more of Takeover-star near ready to go and the first few matches of the Top Trumps Tournament, all to come in the next week, and then weíve got the Rumble/Takeover combo on the horizon. But until then, I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you next time.

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    I have not yet watched an episode of NXT UK and because of that I will not be watching this show as I first want to catch up on the weekly shows before I tackle Blackpool.

    I only know four wrestlers on this entire card, which is Pete Dunne, Toni Storm and Moustache Mountain.

    I loved Toni Storms match at Evolution so I'm hoping her match with Ripley will either equal or top that.

    Ill be popping back in to get your thoughts on Storm and Ripley.

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    Royal Recap: Takeover: Blackpool

    Feedback time

    @Don: I'm not up to date on my NXT UK vieiwing, however that isn't too much of an issue in my opinion, with a lot of the NXT/UK stuff, there aren't many matches that contribute to the story and they are relatively simple and enjoyable stories, so being behind isn't a huge issue.

    I wasn't expecting Toni and Rhea to outdo Toni's Evolution match, but living up to it was my expectation and I'd have to say they definitely lived up to it.

    No Comment

    Whatís up guys, Kingzak is back in action and another PPV is in the books. I am surprised at the reaction being so glowingly positive considering how little attention the show actually received from fans, literally all week all I have seen on Twitter is ďAEW is gonna change wrestling foreverĒ meanwhile Takeover UK received comparatively little attention. Still, I must say I am glad to see so much positive reaction to the show. So without further ado, letís begin.

    Grizzled Young Veterans beat Moustache Mountain (Pinfall)
    New Champions

    I will say, Iím surprised that Moustache arenít getting a prize given their surprisingly great 2018 work, but honestly I shouldnít be too surprised. Both team gave a great match here, so as much as

    Zak: 0-1 (Moustache Mountain)
    Brother: 0-1 (Moustache Mountain)
    Dad: 0-1 (Freddie Mercuryís Moustache Mountain)
    Dog: 1-0 (Gibson and Drake)
    Mum: 0-1 (Moustache Mountain)

    Finn Balor hogged the spotlight for about fifteen minutes

    The one sour spot on an otherwise amazing night.

    Before you go commenting that he helped, I disagree. While he did give us a dream match with his ďprotťgťeĒ/lookalike, it did nothing for anyone else in the show aside from Balor and since he is not a part of the NXT UK roster, he can fuck off. Would it be okay if Bobby Lashley showed up at Takeover Phoenix to beat Velveteen Dream? No it fucking wouldnít, so this shouldnít get a pass either. Just because so many people are blind to Balorís blandness doesnít mean he should be given special treatment.

    Had he came in and put over Jordan I would have been fine with that, that is something that happens in the history of NXT multiple times (Tyson Kidd, Natalya, Cesaro) but a main roster superstar coming in and beating the rookie is not ok in any way shape or form, this match can fuck off.

    No score given for this one since it didnít happen.

    Zak: (Jordan Devlin)
    Brother: (Travis Banks)
    Dad: (Jordan Devlin)
    Dog: (Jordan De)
    Mum: (Travis Banks)

    Dave Mastiff beat Eddie Dennis (Pinfall)

    Onto a more pleasant subject, my excitement and curiosity for Mastiff was well founded as this match was plenty enjoyable. Iíve not got a lot to say here, this was an enjoyable match, both men excelled in their roles and Iím looking forward to seeing what is next.

    Zak: 1-1 (Dave Mastiff)
    Brother: 1-1 (Dave Mastiff)
    Dad: 1-1 (Dave Mastiff)
    Dog: 1-1 (Eddie Dennis)
    Mum: 1-1 (Dave Mastiff)

    Toni Storm beat Rhea Ripley (Pinfall)
    New UK Women's Champion

    This is definitely the match I have seen the least talk about the past twenty four or so hours. It was definitely not match of the night but it was still a quality match and is gonna see the division head towards either a big match in the near future in the form of Toni vs Rhea in a stipulation match or Toni as a champion going forwards, I donít actually know any of the other women on the roster, and I probably should look into sometime soon.

    Zak: 2-1 (Toni Storm)
    Brother: 2-1 (Toni Storm)
    Dad: 2-1 (Toni Storm)
    Dog: 2-1 (Toni Storm)
    Mum: 2-1 (Toni thingy)

    Pete Dunne beat Joe Coffey (Submission)

    Despite my initial trepidation, this match delivered in spades. I knew that Dunne wasnít losing the title and I kept that thought throughout, I was never in doubt but even when an outcome isnít in question, you can still enjoy a match. In the spoiler infused, sceptical, cynical world we live in, you need to be able to enjoy something even with an ending that is inevitable. Just because the hero kills the villain at the end of the film it doesnít mean that you canít enjoy the film.

    The big talking point for this one would come after the closing bell. When WALTER made his presence known. Iíve not seen a lot of WALTER outside of the various Mizfan columns where he is mentioned, however the buzz around him is insane. I am already expecting WALTER vs Pete Dunne for the title to be announced for whenever the next Takeover is.

    Zak: 3-1 (Pete Dunne)
    Brother: 3-1 (Pete Dunne)
    Dad: 2-2 (not Coffey)
    Dog: 3-1 (Pete Dunne)
    Mum: 2-2 (that Coffey bloke)

    So overall, aside from one part that pissed me off to no end, the show was absolutely top. Each match played itís role and has set up some potential for the future. I am really hoping that they announce the next Takeover to be nearby me. Iím like an hour or two away from a few of the bigger cities in UK and if the card is anywhere near as good as this one then I need to make sure I am there.

    For now though, it is time that I bid you all a fond farewell, as I mentioned in yesterdayís outro, we have some more Takeover-star and some of the Top Trumps Tournament coming this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that. But for now, I hope you have enjoyed todayís column and I will see you next time.

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    Got to say, I totally agree with you & your family about Grado. I started watching the first few episodes of the WOS series, it was fairly entertaining but any time he came on screen I was embarrassed to be a wrestling fan.

    That said, I doubt I will ever see this show. No matter how hard they push it, I doubt NXT UK (or any other country) will ever be anything more than a feeder show for the feeder show.
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