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    Is he even on the card?

    I'm assuming since the IC title isn't being defended then they figured the US Title should get the same treatment. It doesn't make sense to me, but WWE tends to do that with respective titles.

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    It is weird that he beat Jeff Hardy for the title and seemed to be in a feud with him only for Orton to take his dance partner. It is a shame Roode isn’t still in the Smackdown midcard scene, they had such a good NXT feud.

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    Nope, he has no opponent at HIAC.

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    I'm wondering if they regret turning him heel. I mean, he has no one to feud with on SD unless its Hardy or Rusev. Bryan is too high on the card to feud for the US title.

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    Can't imagine they think putting him with Orton and Hardy is a great idea, given how interesting both of them are.....

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