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    Type's Fingertip Feelings: Seth doesn't need the title, the title needs Seth

    "Seth Doesn't need the title, the title needs Seth"


    There are countless times in history where a championship has made a superstar, or at the very least been the point in time to where we can say they arrived. John Cena and Batista come to mind both winning their first at Wrestlemania XXI in build ups designed to ensure that stage was their moment. The championship, at its core, serves as validation that your build to the top was justified. The hardware is, more often than not, a stamp of approval from management that says "you're the guy"

    But has a title itself ever needed a man more than the man needed the title? Perhaps in the case of the Universal championship, this might be one of those situations.

    A "Prize fighter" in Kevin Owens held it but spent most of his tenure as the heel chickenshit champion, the antithesis of everything he once stood for. A straight-from-NXT Finn Balor held it too as a way to add shock value to a new brand split and set a new precedent, later forfeiting due to injury.

    Roman Reigns was the polarizing company champion that was shoved down our throat, regurgitated, and forced fed to us again 4 months later than originally planned. The worst thing you can do to a fan is delay something we know is going to happen and can't stop. All signs pointed to Roman Reigns supplanting Brock Lesnar and taking the torch, but to delay the inevitable was like having a dentist take 4 hours to pull a tooth because he was checking his texts.

    By the time Wrestlemania 35 rolls around, the Universal title will have been in existence for 959 days, slightly over two and a half years. Of those days, only 253 of them will have been from full time competitors. On April 7, 2019 when the bell rings, full timers will have accounted for an underwhelming 26% of the Universal title lineage.

    That's a problem.

    Last year, the company told the right story in addressing the elephant in the room. Brock Lesnar's privileged position needed to be exposed by his opponent and it was. Roman Reigns did everything in his power to rally fans to his side and make the strong and needed declaration that the championship needed new ownership.

    The problem? Great story, wrong actor.

    If you've ever seen the movie 15:17 to Paris, it chronicles the true story of the 2015 Thalys train attack, which was ultimately stopped by three American men. Instead of using real authentic actors, director Clint Eastwood chose to go with the actual men who lived it: Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, and Alek Skarlatos. Choosing the 3 men who had no acting experience proved to be the downfall in an otherwise truly inspiring story.

    Even a good story can go sour with the wrong lead. I felt like Roman, who was himself in a privileged roster position, found out first hand that fans did not buy into him having to overcome any kind of adversity to get there. When we believe it's a formality for you to arrive at your destination because of decisions that go against the fans, you'd be hard pressed to win them over.

    The big red championship needs to be in the hands of a true people's champion. Its short history is defined by risks that didn't pay off and part time ownership that keeps the title away from television and irrelevant every Monday night. For the writers, trying to create a 3 hour weekly program with a world champion gone months at a time is challenging. It is time someone comes along and changes the perception of this championship. A cowardly heel is not needed, a polarizing face is not necessary, the part time thing has run its course, and a straight from NXT risk was never the right decision. What is painted as arguably the company's top title is in a real identity crisis. So who does this title need?

    It needs an architect.

    Seth Rollins is the clear and obvious choice to change the guard from part time complacency to full time "anything can happen" chaos on Monday nights. As fans, we gravitate to those who go through on screen adversity. Seth Rollins sold out and broke up the greatest faction in quite some time for individual gain. His journey was an easy sell to fans and something we all connected with. To be on top of the worth and greedy for more, only to find the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side, is a teachable moment. The natural progression of working under the king of kings to becoming the king slayer to eventually making amends with Dean was a privilege to see. Seth's on screen maturation, in the face of those who said he'd fail as a babyface, was a joy to watch.

    So what's next? Seth Rollins needs to make sure this Wrestlemania season counts. There may be eye balls on the product around this time that normally go away after the season is over. My advice to to him? Don't let them go away.

    This is his chance to deliver a message, not just to Brock Lesnar himself but to what I assume is still a large demographic of fans who are part time just like Lesnar is. Let them know there is changing of the guard and a fighting champion with a spirit to the likes of which the title has not seen yet. My hope for Wrestlemania season is that there is no * by this match up. My hope is that Brock Lesnar loses cleanly and perhaps never sees the championship again.

    With AEW coming out swinging for the fences, now is your chance to take a championship with an identity crisis and put it on an architect who will carefully craft every word and action during his tenure for the betterment of the company. We talk so often about the downfall of the WWE and what exactly makes people change the channel. My guess is that not everybody quite understands how counerproductive Brock Lesnar really is until we have a champion in his place who is in the right place at the right time- motivated to carry a company, who's perception is changing for the worse, on his back.

    King slayer sounds nice, but Beast slayer sounds even better. Nobody has really gotten the best of Brock since his 2012 return- not Roman, not Cena, not Braun, not Goldberg, and not even the Undertaker at a time where the streak looked like it could've continued. If a motivated Lesnar can be used to finally pay it forward, then Seth will have the opportunity of a lifetime to take the torch and burn down Brock's dynasty.

    Seth has grown up as a performer and found his rhythm as a face, without any world championship necessary to do so. The Universal title has been mostly idle and in the hands of a champion people are growing tired of. This title needs Seth a whole lot more than Seth needs this title. On April 7th, Seth might get what he wants and the title might get who it needs.
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    Frankly, I think anyone who actually brings the title to work on a regular basis will help rehabilitate fan reception of the belt at this point! But I agree overall, I think Seth is well positioned to really give meaning to the title. It's almost a shame he's been to the top of the mountain so often before, but perhaps WWE can still make it feel like something of a coronation.

    Unless Brock wins, of course! Don't count it out!

    Good piece here Type, love having you back around these parts.

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    Already not impressed with the start to this road to Wrestlemania with the mauling of Seth but they have 2 months to make me care. I'll just be happy to see Rollins take the title from Lesnar lol

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    I'm not a huge fan of the term "shoved down our throats," because it obviously sees results otherwise they'd stop. I don't think its a surprise that ratings and tickets took a slight dip once Roman went away. I do believe people loved hating Roman as much as some people just genuinely didn't like him. I digress.

    To be honest, I don't really like Seth. His voice is whiny. If he didn't have the curbstomp and that falcon arrow suplex, I just don't think I'd care for his matches at all. I'm noticing that the WWE is constantly cooling Seth's momentum by putting him in situations where his gimmick doesn't make any sense. There's only so many times you can throw a monster fit and yell "I'M GOING TO BURN THIS WHOLE PLACE DOWN!" then do nothing of the sort.

    My solution, and this is an obvious bias due to not caring for Seth, they need to push a new talent. Someone we're currently overlooking, or maybe someone we see but needs repackaged. Imagine Finn Balor as a heel. Or EC3 as someone who, you know, talks. Or... who's someone in NXT that seems like he's got star written all over him? I don't watch NXT but there has to be someone. Imagine if the WWE switched its business model to have TWO top babyfaces instead of pushing one at the expense of everyone else.

    I hope Seth wins. Then I hope they promptly build up a new heel that I feel like Ambrose COULD have been, then I hope we see the rise of a new babyface to take the title off either Seth or the new heel.

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    Seeing how Brock had competitive matches against Bryan and AJ Styles, Seth should be a great foil for Brock. I think it’s time to pass the torch to Seth, but at this juncture only Styles can match Seth’s popularity. I believe a Styles/Seth showndown next year will be amazing.

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    I am definitely in agreement with you. Seth has all the tools to lead the charge on RAW and a great supporting cast to help bring prestige back to the belt. God forbid Lesnar wins at 'Mania and that belt is practically done for.

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